What Is A Keystone Habit? — Don’t Have A Clue

What Is A Keystone Habit

In my personal development writing and speaking, I mention habits quite a bit in relation to making constructive changes in our lives. When I heard about keystone habits, I had to ask myself what is a keystone habit? In fact, in his book, “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life … Read more

Why Are Personal Values Important –Check Your Results

Why Are Personal Values Important

When I ask myself why are personal values important, I find that there are several reasons. But all of these reasons revolve around these values being the core of how I am to function at high levels of performance.  It is easy to say that I desire this or that for this or that reason, … Read more

What Is A Personal Story? — It’s More Than You May Imagine

What is a personal story

So actually what is a personal story? It can mean many things to many people, and can even change around a bit dependent on the context we are describing. But for our purposes today, let’s stick with what we believe to be true about ourselves and our potential. This can get to be a very … Read more

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur

In so many ways we inhibit our progress in life by not extending ourselves beyond what is routine and comfortable. As a result, we do not maximize our potential. The unstoppable entrepreneur is a person of a different make-up who is not willing to settle for less than is possible.  A possibility thinker for sure, … Read more

Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life

Transform Your Thinking, Transform Your Life

In this article on transform your thinking, transform your life, I am going to review some of the more practical aspects of being able to make significant changes in the areas you most desire. Much has been written on this topic over the years, but in comparison, very little has been applied on a consistent, … Read more

How To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

how to relieve stress and anxiety

This is a good topic to cover regardless of what may be going on in the world at the present moment. It is good to have a mental and emotional toolkit available on how to relieve stress and anxiety. Wherever you look, it is not hard to find a few, and sometimes many folks, who … Read more

How To Have A Growth Mindset — Prepare For An Awakening

Growth Mindset

There is definitely no lack of resources of every kind imaginable relating to mindset and gaining achievement in all aspects of our lives. This article on how to have a growth mindset is more oriented to areas of our lives which we can immediately change once we actually notice that it is possible to see … Read more