How To Be Efficient In Life

When we are interested in getting stuff done productively, it is wise to ask how to be efficient in life. That one question can lead us to provide ourselves with a well organized and detailed plan of action. How To Be Efficient In Life -- Efficiency

When we know where we are going and we are organized in our thoughts and preparation, we have set ourselves up for a high probability of success. We have created a solid foundation from which to proceed.

Getting Stuff Done

Whether it is a project around the house such as spring cleaning, organizing our office space, or much more ambitious projects related to building a business, there are a few qualities that stay consistent in their need to be applied with diligence and care. One of these qualities is efficiency. It involves both rigor and depth.

This is a total commitment to completing each task to the very best of our ability, as well as the willingness and dedication to gain additional knowledge and skill when necessary. The men and women in the world who do great things accomplish their projects with the utmost dedication and care.

“Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things.”

— Peter Drucker —

In order to do this, we must increase our perception to such an extent that it becomes habitual to focus completely on each individual task and to keep our attention there until we obtain a satisfactory result. This is getting stuff done in a way that produces the pride of workmanship of world-class artisans.

It takes this type of efficiency to create the type of mindset necessary to obtain the daily results needed to set ourselves apart from the crowd, that unfortunately is most willing to settle for much less. In order to obtain extraordinary results, we must be willing to increase our attention to detail, insisting on greatness in all that we do.

The Alternative to Lazy

I created a short video to explain in more detail what I’m talking about here.

Instead of being satisfied with getting stuff done quickly by sacrificing quality, we begin to insist on greatness in all that we choose to do. We increase our awareness to such an extent that ordinary results are no longer acceptable. By raising our standards to such a high level, we have placed ourselves in the presence of the titans of all segments of society.

We get stuff done efficiently so that our results are at a consistently high level. This allows us to courageously encounter any obstacles or roadblocks with an enhanced sense of purpose, and a drive that is not inhibited by any type of temporary inconvenience.

This is an entirely different mindset than is satisfied with just getting by. Doing our best work and giving our best effort becomes our new standard of excellence. We refuse to accept anything less. There is no need for anyone to hold us accountable, as we are most willing to take on that responsibility ourselves. The second best no longer exists within our thought process.

No matter what our profession, being exceptional has become our new standard. Our SOP (standard operating procedure) of Excellence has replaced our lazy attitude of just doing enough to get by. It requires this type of honesty and accountability in order to obtain the results and dreams that we truly desire.

A New Standard of Excellence

There is no price tag that can be put on the feeling we get from a job well done. Just knowing we have given our best allows us to accept any errors or mistakes made in the process of creating our project with a sense of understanding and compassion. We no longer needlessly beat ourselves up for not living up to levels of accomplishment that are temporarily out of reach.

They are out of reach right now only because we are still developing our skills. We are increasing the level of efficiency beyond that of which we currently possess. We are operating at the highest efficiency possible for us at this moment in time, while also increasing our skills at a consistent rate of progress.

We are becoming the person we need to Be in order to obtain the results we desire that will create our dreams and objectives.

Our new standard of excellence involves accepting our current skill level with the intention on improving. This allows us to consciously choose to do our best each day without having any unrealistic expectations that can be used to beat ourselves up. Doing our best and improving each day has now become our new standard by which we operate.

It All Begins with Mindset

In order to obtain a high degree of efficiency in our lives, it is imperative to gain conscious control of our thought process. Just realizing that any endeavor that we pursue is creating our very own brand that is tied to our reputation should give us pause to reassess how we are currently operating in all areas of our lives.

When our self-image is in a space of feeling good and deserving of the best that life has to offer, we then operate from a much different framework. We dance to a different drummer so to speak and are much more willing to hold ourselves accountable to a very high standard of excellence. Without the proper mindset, it is easy to accept mediocrity or just getting by.

This is the very essence of life-changing choices. It goes far beyond merely being approved by and being held in high esteem by others for the work that we do, but it centers on the respect we have for ourselves. With this type of mindset, we would never consider producing anything of ordinary value, because we respect ourselves too much to take any shortcuts; we only produce the best.

With this type of mindset, we are willing to exhibit the courage to overcome any reticence to stepping out of our comfort zone or encountering any resistance or fear. It is a “bring it on” type of mindset, rather than letting the chips fall where they may. We refuse to behave like most others who are willing to mail it in and settle for less. We now hold ourselves to the highest of standards.

A New Sense of Efficiency

There is no secret on how to develop this new way of operating in life. There is a part of ourselves that already knows all this, and it is just a matter of allowing ourselves to remember. In the process of remembering we also allow ourselves to forget all the lies that we have been telling ourselves.

We will only do what is necessary to do to elevate our performance in every aspect of our lives when we have let go of many false ideas about ourselves that have contributed to a less than ideal self-image. When replaced by the truth that is comprised of self-enhancing ideas, we then see ourselves in the proper light that enables us to Be the person necessary to operate at this new level of excellence and actually deserve the improved and better results.

This is something we are all capable of achieving. It does require a consistent effort, and many reminders to stay focused and present, as the temptation is great to stay in our comfort zones. Creating new habits and routines takes time, but is well worth the effort.

Creating a new daily routine of doing things efficiently may require small steps at first in order to break our inertia of being stuck in our old conditioning, and create the momentum needed to fuel our efforts to our desired destination. Once these new habits and routines are in place the destination is a given. It is certain to arrive. By thinking and acting in a very specific way, we are guaranteeing our arrival at our objective or dreams.

So expect the beginning stages to be a bit shaky and tough to handle, but just begin and acknowledge yourself each step of the way. No matter how small the effort or step it is to be recognized and acknowledged for its successful completion because you are willing to do what most will not attempt at all.

To give you a bit of a boost in the right direction here are some Free Videos on “Getting Stuff Done”. This will give you an added impetus to get that momentum going.

Making Better Choices How To Be Efficient In Life -- Productivity & Efficiency

As we increase our awareness we will automatically begin to make better choices that will lead to better results. This is no mystery. We can trace back from any result we have to its actual cause that resides within our mindset. Our lives are merely the projected images of how we think and act.

When we make better choices we will get better results. It has to do with those laws that they talk about in science class related to how the universe operates. We don’t need to be an Albert Einstein to figure this stuff out, but we do need to desire new results badly enough to make the needed changes in how we think and act.

I encourage all to “pause and reflect” a bit about how happy you presently are with your current results, and then consciously decide if you are willing to do something about it. If you are, I am here to help. Start by checking out those free videos, and realize that anything is possible when you desire it enough.

May you be guided by your intuitive nature to spring forth into the greatness that you currently possess within.

All the very best,


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How To Be Efficient In Life -- Online Marketing


8 thoughts on “How To Be Efficient In Life”

  1. What ever we do in life good or bad it all begins in the mind. Being efficient begins with making desicion which all starts in the mind. A person that is efficient can go far in life and will achieve their goals because of this mindset, I believe that being efficient is one of the keys to having success. With a mindset like this you can accomplish whatever you set you mind on.

  2. Increasing self awareness as a way to exceed mediocrity, and do only your best.  Some inspirational advice in this post.  I’ll have to keep it in mind about what I do.  I have found myself that being self aware helps me look at things differently; it gives me insight and clarity.  If you do things just to do things, you’ll be stuck in mediocrity.  I would recommend this post to others.  Thank you.

  3. The past years I wanted to teach myself to become more efficient, and then I learn that to be efficient, we will need to focus on one thing.
    To be simple can be the hardest I believe.

    • I agree Jamie. Keeping it simple can be a challenge when part of our conditioning is to see the complex in things. It is a habit that we can develop over time by consistency in our efforts. Seeing the simplicity of each individual task allows us to generate the needed momentum to arrive at our destination whatever that may be. Thanks for your thoughts and comments; they are much appreciated.

  4. Becoming more efficient it’s some thing we must do, if we are going to compete in todays challenging market. We need to keep that momentum going. Your blog has lots of great ideas that challenge one to stay on top of their game, which is a good thing. thanks for the up lift.


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