GSD Quotient

The GSD (Getting Stuff Done) Quotient is a measure of your ability and willingness to get the things done that you both need and desire to accomplish but have been putting off. It shows you where you are now and measures your progress along the way.

It is based on a scale of One (1) to Ten (10) with 1 being in a state of pain and struggle to 10 where you are operating at a maximum level.

“Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and focused effort.”

Paul J. Meyer

This leads into my process of changing up your conditioning called the Next Step Paradigm. This is where you determine where you are now, and then begin the journey of self-discovery on the way to accomplishing your goals.

This involves identifying and accepting where you are now and getting specific about where you want to go. Forget timeframes as each person progresses in the right way and at the right time.

You will soon discover that the journey is the gift as it is who you are becoming along the way of discovering your Inner Genius. The end result is just a way of keeping score as you will always have more ambitious goals as you begin to achieve effortlessly by being In the Flow.

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