Retiring In Colombia

Colombia is a place to which many are choosing to live, work, and/or retire. Retiring in Colombia certainly has its advantages. Prior to 2013 the majority of folks moving there were expats around retirement age or older. Now there is an influx of younger families and entrepreneurs. Retiring in Colombia

For many, Colombia still carries the stigma of Pablo Escobar and the Medellin Cartel in the drug trade. Escobar died about twenty-five (25) years ago, and today the city of Medellin is very safe and secure. If it wasn’t for this stigma though, Colombia would not have retained low property prices for so long, and although rising, still offer great value.

A Few Basic Facts

  • The capital and largest city is Bogota, D.C
  • Official language is Spanish
  • Gained independence from Spain on July 20, 1810
  • The population of Colombia is about 49,000,000 people
  • The government is a Presidential Republic
  • The President is Ivan Duque Marquez
  • It borders Panama, Ecuador, Brazil, Venezuela, and Peru
  • Only country in South America to have a coastline on the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea
  • Has a literacy rate of 94.2%
  • The climate is tropical along the coast and Eastern plains while in the highlands it is much cooler
  • The main industries are oil, food processing, textiles, chemicals, coal, gold, emeralds, cement, beverages, clothing and footwear
  • People drive on the Right Side of the road
  • Calling code is +57
  • Time zone is Colombian Standard Time (COT), UTC/GMT – 5 hours
  • Internet Country Code – .co
  • National colors – red, yellow, blue
  • National symbol – Andean condor

What’s Ideal About Medellin?

Once you realize that all the drama and craziness of the Pablo Escobar era is over, and Medellin is indeed a very safe and secure place to live, now it’s time to check out some specifics of the city and area. First, the climate is ideal. The average temperature is 82 degrees Fahrenheit (27.8 degrees C) and that varies by one (1) degree throughout the seasons.

In addition, it is just a beautiful place to be. It is the capital of the mountainous province of Antioquia and nicknamed the “City of Eternal Spring”. Its elevation is 4,905 feet (1495 meters). Surrounded by mountains with plenty of brooks and streams, the city is very lush and green with many tall trees. It’s easy to get around without a car as the public transportation is good, and depending on where you live, many supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, and shops are within walking distance.Retire in Colombia

There is plenty to do with a symphony orchestra, theater, museums, art galleries, high-end restaurants, as well as bistros and cafes. In addition to the good public transportation, the infrastructure is very solid and low cost. High-speed internet, cell/ phone service, and electricity are reliable, and the tap water is very clean and pure.

It is also the financial center of the country as well as being a major educational center with thirty-two (32) universities and colleges. You will also find an aquarium, botanical and sculpture gardens, and a planetarium within the city. Other than the lighting of the lights during Christmas season, the “Festival of Flowers” is the highlight of the year drawing people worldwide.

Retirement in Colombia is an Attractive Option

The residency process is not complicated at all as you can obtain a visa without the use of a lawyer. Just get all the requested and necessary documents together and go to the capital, Bogota, and in about an hour you will have a permanent resident’s visa.

The World Health Organization ranks Colombia higher than the United States and Canada for quality health care. It has some of the highest rated facilities in all of Latin America. Being able to obtain excellent medical care inexpensively has made Colombia a center for medical tourism with people coming there from many countries.

Many people have a second home in Colombia because of the cost of housing and the great returns on investments in the rental market. And since there is no off-season, people can come there any time of the year with barely any change in climate.

For less that two thousand ($2000) per month a couple can live in one of the better areas of the city and take advantage of all the amenities and entertainment. If you want to hang out and live “like a local” you can do that even more inexpensively. Retire to Colombia

Other Areas to Consider

Although Medellin has many outstanding features which makes it desirable ito live, there are many other places in the country to consider as well. For many years expats have been drawn to Cartagena, which is a walled city on the Northern coast of the Caribbean.

Also along the Caribbean coast is the town of Santa Marta, which is the oldest city in Colombia. There are plenty of beaches, world-class scuba diving, and a newly restored waterfront and historic center.

For a small town environment with a cool mountain climate, many folks find Popayan desirable. The weather is similar to Medellin with a lot of colonial history.

Expats have found another destination to which they are finding attractive and that is the city of Cali. With a reputation for its happening nightlife, Cali is actually the salsa-dancing capital of the world. Many retirees and second-home buyers are coming here now.

How to Retire in Colombia

A few years back it was a bit more challenging to do your due diligence in this area of the world, especially if you did not speak Spanish. You were really left to yourself to figure things out such as being able to read and understand real estate law and contracts in Spanish. It was also not easy in determining how to obtain medical care and how insurance plans worked there. And needless to say opening a bank account was a great adventure.

There were very few helpful resources only ten (10) years ago. Even to get a visa you had to figure out the regulations on the government’s website which was in Spanish.

Moving forward to 2019, things are a lot easier and simpler. Now you can find numerous real estate and investment professionals as well as property managers to assist you in the process. There are many English-speaking attorneys, residency experts, and bankers as well. Language schools are available to help you get up to speed with the local dialect, and there are plenty of expats around who have been there awhile from whom to pick their brain. Bogota

A Few More Interesting Facts

  • Officially called the Republic of Colombia, it is a sovereign state located in the Northwest of Sout America with territories in Central America as well
  • Futbol or soccer is the favorite sport
  • Dancing and listening to upbeat music is a favorite pastime here
  • Colombia is one of seventeen (17) mega-diverse countries in the world (inhabited by many species of plants and animals)
  • Ten (10%) of the Amazon rainforest is in Colombia
  • Nicknamed “gateway to South America”
  • Elders are respected here as age is an important factor
  • Bogota has many street artists
  • The favorite breakfast is Changua (under cooked egg in a milk soup)
  • The National Police, a branch of the Armed Forces, was formed in 1891
  • It is considered courteous to shake both hands when greeting or departing and look deeply into the person’s eyes
  • A man should wait for a woman to extend her hand prior to handshaking
  • Art is a large part of the culture
  • Building relationships here is important
  • Both maternal and paternal surnames are usually used and you are expected to use the correct title and surname when addressing people
  • The family is the center of social structure
  • The national meal of Colombia is Bandeja Paisa (red beans, ground meat, white rice, fried egg, plantain, arepa, black pudding, chorizo, lemon, and avocado)
  • The Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is one of the world’s highest coastal mountain ranges (18,700 ft or 5,700 m)
  • A river in the Serrania de la Macarena province of Meta, Cano Cristales, is called “Liquid Rainbow” or “River of Five Colors” because between the end of July through November it changes between yellow, green, blue, black and red

Retirement in Colombia — Summing Things Up

For many reasons, now is a good time to consider Colombia as a viable possible location for retirement or even investment. Within a few years many more people will recognize the advantages of living and investing here so the cost of living will  begin to rise. Currently many rentals are affordable, starting around five hundred ($500) dollars.

With its world-class health system, expat-friendly neighborhoods, flexible residency options, attractive real estate deals (both residential and commercial), and numerous business opportunities, Colombia is a place to consider when retiring.

Living, investing, and retiring in Colombia may be an ideal choice for some folks whether your preference is the ocean, mountains, or colonial cities. As with checking out any possible location, it is important for your due diligence to include gathering data from reliable sources such as professional legal experts, business contacts, fellow ex-pats, and reliable real estate sources.  Have fund and enjoy the process.

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Enjoy your travels,


Audience Toolkit Review

Audience Toolkit Review Facebook Social Engagement Tool

Name: Audience Toolkit
Website: — Click Here to View Website
Price: $37 per month or $197 per year with additional optional upsells
Owners: Simple Social Tools (Demetris Papadopulos, Micheal Reyes and Jacque Morris)

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a Google Chrome Extension tool which optimizes social engagement on Facebook in order to generate leads for your business. It saves you time by automating the process of messaging, likes, and adding friends. This can be used for any niche market.

It was created by Demetris Papadopulos, Micheal Reyes and Jacque Morris and launched on November 13, 2018.

This tool will work both on a Windows and Mac platform. It is specifically designed to automate repetitive tasks so that your time can be spent more effectively in other areas of promotion, product development/creation and marketing. One of the best time savers of this product is the “Requests Cancellations” feature which eliminates the need to spend many hours clicking away in order to cancel up to one thousand (1000) unresponsive and unproductive pending friend requests.

This product was designed to automate and model everyday human social activity so that you can scale your target audience without investing in paid advertising. By managing you social media, and engaging your niche correctly, you are able to build your brand and increase your business profit potential.


The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

    1. Automates lead generation and easily builds your Facebook audience
    2. Has a user-friendly interface and is fully automated
    3. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
    4. Able to target any niche market
    5. Saves you time and money through this automation process
    6. Step-by-Step training video guides
    7. Bulk messaging of new friends
    8. Auto-likes posts and deletes old friend requests in bulk

    The Not So Good

    1. Learning curve
    2. Updates necessary due to changes to Facebook Acceptable User Behavior Patterns
    3. Can only use with Chrome Browser
    4. If not used correctly, or if abused, can cause your Facebook account to get flagged and possibly shut down

    Who is the Audience Toolkit For?

    Internet marketers who use Facebook for lead generation and desire to save time by automating the social engagement process. This software saves online marketers much valuable time by automating repetitive social media tasks. This is a cost-efficient way for these marketers to increase business through social media.

Tools & Training

The product suite comes with a number of Step-by-Step training videos within the Members Area

  • Audience Toolkit Installation Guide — install on Google Chrome browser using authorization key
  • Keeping Your Account Safe — several tips provided in the members area
  • Add Facebook friends — this targets your specific niche in automating the friend request process. In Facebook you can have as many as five thousand (5,000) friends. This targets your niche audience in order to increase engagement and results in more leads.
  • Delete Pending Requests — this enables you to track and bulk delete any pending friend requests since there is a maximum of one thousand (1000) requests on Facebook and you cannot add additional friends without deleting
  • Automated Messages — this automates the process of scheduling targeted, personalized messages to be sent to your Facebook friends either through a broadcast to selected folks, or you can message new friends who you have on Facebook Messenger but have not started up a dialogue as yet.
  • Like Content — this automates up to a hundred (100) likes every two (2) to three (3) days in order to increase your social engagement and visibility
  • Send Fan Page Invites — for people who have engaged in your Fan/Group pages you can send invites to them


Email support tickets usually answered within twenty-four (24) to forty-eight (48) hours []


Either $37 per month or $197 per year


  1. Affiliate Blueprint ($27) – this enables you to gain access to the SimpleSocialTools affiliate training program to earn an additional source of income by promoting this product
  2. Marketing Boot Camps ($147) – this is additional training which is provided to increase your sales and marketing knowledge. It is broken down into two (2) areas: Social Media Boot Camp and Video Media Boot Camp
  3. Re-seller Partner Program ($297) – through this program you can brand and market this as your own product rather than just being an affiliate. With this re-seller program you can earn fifty (50%) percent commission for every Audience Toolkit sale and one hundred (100%) percent commission on the other digital up-sells in this sales funnel.

Final Thoughts

This product most definitely saves you time and energy in automating your social engagement process by making it much easier to target you niche market very efficiently. Since the average online entrepreneur spends at least four (4) hours on the same social media platform each day, this Audience Toolkit will reduce that to around one (1) hour while interacting with only  the most qualified potential customers/clients and prospects.

With over 2.2 Billion users on Facebook, ii is of utmost importance to have proper engagement and an effective social media presence. Natural social human activity gets automated using this software. It does it in a way which does not produce any less than desired behaviors, which can then trigger pattern detection filters which can cause your account to be flagged. For those using social media as a business model, this is an effective and safe tool.

This tool does give you a competitive advantage by gaining you access to a traffic gathering system using social media. Regardless of the size of your business, what matters most is your customers, clients, prospects, and fans. This product not only helps you generate new prospects, but also helps ensure your current client/customer list is satisfied and being properly served.

To sum things up, if you are looking to build a targeted Facebook audience in the least amount of time, this is most definitely a product to research and do some due diligence on. It just may be the solution which you are seeking to save time and energy, and increase your overall profits.

Final Conclusion Audience Toolkit

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To you Current and Future Success,


Red Pill Or Blue Pill — A Matter Of Choice

“The Matrix” is one of my favorite movies for a number of reasons. It is a metaphor for so much which we are currently experiencing and have experienced in this wonderful world of ours. In any event, when Morpheus offers Neo the choice between the red pill or blue pill, it is evident that our destiny is a matter of choice and within our own hands.  The Matrix

Agent Smith is there to balance things out and provide the challenges along the way. We all have a few Agent Smiths in our life who are there to get in our way, and it is just a matter of how we choose to handle those situations.

Wakie Wakie

Once we have experienced enough of the ups and downs in our current existence, we may decide to explore a little further in order to figure things out a bit.  Is there some meaning to all this or not?

Another of my favorite movies is the “Crocodile Dundee” series with Paul Hogen as Mick Dundee. In the second movie, Crocodile Dundee II, Luis Guzman, who plays Jose, is working as a hit man for the main drug dealer, is sent to take care of Dundee. It doesn’t actually work out as planned, as after a failed attempt to take out Dundee, Jose awakens hanging from his feet over a skyscraper balcony looking at the ground below from several hundred feet in the air.  Hanging Out

Now this would tend to give one a much different perspective on life and existence in general. Sometimes that’s what it takes to bring us to our senses so to speak, and awaken us to whom we truly are and why we are here in the first place. Because without discovering that, we will continue to go through the motions in life without any clear direction. And all the money, toys, and good times will not be able to sufficiently fill the void within ourselves.

So where do we go from here? Total honesty and one hundred (100%) percent responsibility of everything that has occurred and is occurring in our lives right now is a good place to start. The time for make believe is over, and the choice is ours where we go from here.

The Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Just getting to this point of making a conscious decision as to which way to go is a major accomplishment for many. Awareness is most definitely the key to set ourselves free from the enslavement of habitual thought.

Making a decision like this is not so much a matter of courage, as it is gaining enough knowledge and eliminating enough doubt. At that point we have all our cards on the table with which to view things as they really are, and also as we desire them to be. And maybe for the first time we realize that it is possible to break free from a prison which we did not even know existed until now.  Red or Blue

Without getting too esoteric with all of this, it is important to see what is possible once we eliminate the doubt which has been holding us back from who we really Are, and who we are capable of Being. This is way beyond all the” feel good” positive thinking stuff, and brings you face-to-face with how things really are so we can then acknowledge what works and what doesn’t work.

There is a difference in being tenacious in going after what we desire, and banging our head up against the wall getting the same results time and again. Learning to discern that difference makes the path more enjoyable to travel with less frustration and pain.

Taking the Blue Pill is choosing to stay within our comfort zone and let things play out as they may. On the other hand, taking the Red Pill is making a commitment to see how far that rabbit hole really does go. It is a never-ending journey into Self, and a willingness to make new discoveries regardless of the uncertainty of what we will encounter along the way.

The Train is Leaving

No choice is still a choice. Regardless, the train is leaving the depot. Of course, you can wait for another train, or just jump on board now. It’s like those first few fearful steps toward the edge of the pool or diving board. Although there may be apprehension and resistance, once that final step into the pool is taken, we want to get out and do it again.

All of us are awakening at our own individual pace, and our destination is a certainty. Nobody gets left behind in the long run. The only question is how long do you want it to take? These are words of encouragement to speed up the process.  Train Departing

So once you make the jump or take the Red Pill, now what? Well, be open to a lot of new experiences coming your way at a sometimes frantic pace. Even though it may not seem so at times, you can handle it. Each choice and decision opens up new horizons for you to embrace. You can handle each part of the journey because you are growing and expanding, and you are not the same person you were when you began.

You will begin to see all the ups and downs, successes and failures as part of the process and nothing to be feared. At some point you will even welcome them. Your new motto will be, “Bring it On”.

Let’s Begin

When doing something you have not done before, start slow. Small steps are the way to go. You need those small successes to keep you on track.

Even though you have jumped on board the train by taking the Red Pill, that does not mean you have to accomplish everything at once, or reach total enlightenment or anything like that. If you do, more power to you, but enjoy the journey wherever you are on the Path.

You will find yourself much less resistant to trying new things, and more open to different viewpoints. Being able to embrace all viewpoints doesn’t mean that you to agree or accept them, but you are willing to look for similarities and not only differences.

A part of this whole process is our ability to develop and maintain strong boundaries, which gives us the wherewithal to say “no” when we desire to do so. Nothing is more energy draining than doing things out of obligation or to avoid any negative reactions. Learning to say no will in itself tremendously speed up this whole process of self-discovery, and empower us to make conscious decisions which are win-win for all involved.

A Never Ending Journey

By taking the Red Pill we have chosen to travel down a path which is endless. We have now embraced the fullness of life with no guarantees, but many rewards and surprises. We have no need for certainty because we know that our journey entails discoveries that can only be made by letting go of all imaginary supports.

We have come to the realization that the only safeguards which exist are our ability to create and produce results. We are now in charge of our destiny, and not merely drifting about. Any fear which remains is embraced as part of the process of expansion and growth.

Where this will eventually take us no one knows for sure. Each day is a blessing with many adventures and learning experiences. We enjoy the fact of just being alive, and grateful for all we have. We have found the only true security there is, and that is the Security of the Present Moment.

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May you choose wisely,


Visiting And Living In Malta

Malta is on my radar because of a friend I met several years ago in San Francisco who worked in the same office building. He was born in Malta and shared many interesting stories about living in Malta. Visiting and Living in Malta

For those who are already familiar with this area, I look forward to sharing some additional insights. For others, this may be a new area of the world which you may choose to explore at some point in time.

Where the Heck is Malta?

Actually Malta (officially known as the Republic of Malta) is in Southern Europe. It is an archipelago, or group of islands, located between the North African coast and the island of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea. It has a long history as evidenced by many historical sites including temples, burial chambers and fortresses.

Maltese society is a mix of many cultures as a result of being ruled by many foreign entities down through the years. These include Greeks, Sicilians, Arabs, Aragonese, French, Swabians, Normans, Romans, Phoenicians, Hospitallers, and British.

The country consists of five (5) islands with Malta being the largest. The others are Comino, Gozo, the uninhabited islets of Kemmunett (Comminotto), and Filfla.

While its population is around 475,000, Maltese is its national language with English, also an official language, being widely spoken as well. Its capital is Valetta. In 1815 Malta became a British colony and was considered a strategic naval base. In 1964 Malta gained independence from the United Kingdom, and became a Republic in 1974. Since its independence it has been a member state of the United Nations and the Commonwealth of Nations. After joining the European Union in 2004, it became part of the Eurozone Monetary Union in 2008.

The climate is of the Mediterranean variety with summers which are hot and dry, in the fall it is warm with sporadic rain, and winters bring cooler weather with plenty of rain (majority of rainfall is between October and March). The average temperature throughout the year is in the mid-60s F (which is 19 C). Year round the temperatures will vary between mid 50s F (around 12 C) and mid 80s F (around 29 C). The humidity averages around forty (40%) percent, and it does get a bit windy throughout the year.

With all its architectural and historical sites, warm weather, and a plethora of recreational areas and activities, it is no surprise that it is a vacation destination for many folks. Add to that their golden sand beaches and absolutely gorgeous coastline, and you have many views and landscapes to occupy your time. Malta landscapes

A Few More Basic Facts

  • Valetta, the capital city, was the first ever planned city in Europe and is the most concentrated historic area worldwide
  • The population is mainly composed of ethnic Maltese with small segments of British, Greeks, Palestinians, and Sindhis
  • One (1) of the four (4) remaining countries where you drive on the left side of the road due to one hundred and sixty (160) years of British rule
  • Manufacturing, services, agriculture, ship building, tourism, and fishing are the main industries
  • Transportation includes taxis, cars, buses, and ferry services
  • One of its smallest islands, Comino, offers much relaxation and tranquility with many beautiful landscapes and a population of three (3). It is a nature reserve with a blue lagoon.
  • The summers are full of festivals or festas with each village having its own festival which lasts about a week
  • Great place for hikes to take in the stunning views and landscapes
  • With crystal clear waters and tons of caves, reefs, and ancient wrecks it is a diver’s dream spot
  • It has been the location for many films and television shows such as Troy, Gladiator, Pirates of the Caribbean, and the Game of Thrones
  • Malta is well-known for its cuisine with a variety of local dishes and a local soft drink called “Kinnie” made with a special blend of herbs and spices and chinotto bitter oranges

Things To Do Malta Nightlife

While most of the hustle and bustle and action can be found in the capital city of Valetta, there are other areas which provide plenty of sights and activities. For families, St. Paul’s Bay, Qawra, and Bugibba, located further North on the island, are a cluster of villages ideal for family holidays. Malta National Museum is in the area along with a number of water parks.

There is a resort in St. Paul’s Bay with plenty to do for folks of all ages, and Bugibba is a small town with a good selection of restaurants, bars, and cafes along the sea. Qawra is also popular with travelers with a good amount of restaurants and hotels.

If you’re looking for an active nightlife with lots of good food, music and drink Valetta is the place to be. There are many upscale wine bars such as Trabuxu, traditional Maltese restaurants like Palazzo Preca, and plenty of live music.

This is a city filled with very attractive baroque architecture whether it is the sixteenth-century Church of St. Paul’s Shipwreck, the National War Museum, or St. James Cavalier, a several hundred-year old fort transformed into a contemporary arts center.

There is plenty of state-of-the-art contemporary architecture as well in Valetta such as the new Parliament Building, City Gate, and an open-air theater built on the grounds of the Royal Opera House which was destroyed during World War II.

Life in Malta Life in Malta

Based on work-life balance, job security, and career options, Malta is rated very high. In fact, it is ranked as the best place to work in terms of overall job satisfaction in that part of the world. Previously Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, and Sweden ranked extremely high, but Malta has taken the lead. Ex-pats enjoy the working conditions, lifestyle, and climate of the area.

With its low cost of living, attractive lifestyle, friendly people, mild weather, and its natural beauty, Malta is on the radar of many professionals and retired folks from many countries. Leisure and entertainment is what attracts many to this island.

Information technology, online gaming, retail, and trade are some of the industries which attract expats. Other areas of employment are government, hospitality, finance and banking, telecommunications, entertainment, catering, recreation, diving, and translation.

Unemployment rates are low and privatization and free enterprise are stressed by the government. The pay scale is lower than other EU countries and the USA, but the tax rates are lower [fifteen (15%) to twenty-five (25%) percent for incomes up to $60,000. They also have double taxation treaties with several countries to offset taxes paid in one country.

There are people from many countries in Malta with diverse backgrounds with whom to interact. Folks from Australia, UK, Asia, USA, and Canada can be found here.

Healthcare is ranked very high in Malta, amongst the very highest in the world. They are ranked fifth (5th) worldwide on healthcare standards. Anyone paying into national insurance, including expats, receives free public medical services. It’s also been ranked as third (3rd) best place worldwide for seniors to retire.

The crime rate is low in Malta, and it is a very safe place to visit or live. There have been no terrorist attacks in Malta for many years. But as in any country, it is wise to always have your radar on especially in tourist areas as to guard against pick pocketing and other scams.

Overall, the Maltese people are very friendly, generous, and helpful. Some shops may be closed on Sunday due to Malta being a predominantly Roman Catholic country. Don’t be offended when it sounds like the locals are shouting at you as they tend to naturally speak loud. When visiting heritage sites and churches dress respectfully. Maltese also take politics seriously eager to discuss ways to improve democracy and ways to govern. Also use a person’s full name when introduced, as it is considered rude to shorten names .

A Place to Retire or Live

With its many interesting sites, comfortable climate, and friendly people, Malta may well be worth putting on your bucket list of destinations, or even an interesting place to live and/or retire.

Since English is predoninantly spoken, it is easy to communicate with locals as well as expats.  It provides a slower pace of life than many other areas of the world, but still has plenty to see and do.  Employment opportunities are available in many industries, which makes it an ideal location for folks in various stages of life.

Whether you are looking for an interesting place to visit, a change of lifestyle, or a retirement haven, Malta definitely deserves your due diligence.  My Maltese friend in San Francisco always said that “I left my heart in Malta”.

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Happy travels,


Review Of Inboxr

Inboxr Review Chat Bots

Name: Inboxr
Price: $47 One Time Investment
Owner: Luke Maguire

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an engagement tool to help your Facebook Page convert better and build your email list. It’s the first multi-social Chat Bot designed for social media management. A Chat Bot is a computer program where you can have a conversation either through text or audio.

The advantages of Chat Bots are many, including getting engagement within your own social media territory by designing your bots to meet the unique characteristics of your specific audience. Contrary to their “robotic” image, they can be quite versatile in a variety of settings, whether you are targeting customers, prospects, or employees. Finally, these chat bots do a great job at overcoming the redundancy of automation by being much more efficient by customizing your bots for different types of social media activity.

This product is entirely cloud-based and handles Facebook marketing and management. It can be integrated with your Twitter account so that it has the same features as your Facebook Page. It does all your marketing tasks on autopilot. You build your database by sending out automatic messages, and reaching both new and established clients/customers. It works impeccably with all your social media accounts.

Luke McGuire is the person who created this tool. He has a number of other digital products including Live Leap, Viral Autobots, Socialite Pro, InstantEasy, Octosuite, and Instamate 2.0. He is considered a leader in social media marketing. In fact, he is a professional programmer with tons of experience in software development, mergers and acquisitions, and business plan implementation.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) User friendly control panel
2) Easier to manage a multiple social media network and follow up

3) Increase conversions with follow up on past purchases and recommending new products and services

4) Integrate with apps through Zapier to create messages and links for upsells

5) Easy follow up with fans and users with link to sales or squeeze page, discount code, or opt-in form

6) Build relationships with your audience by being able to respond instantly to any questions or requests

7) Monetize fan pages

8) Build email list by acquiring email of each Facebook engagement

9) Build trust by drip feeding content

10) Runs on autopilot even with computer turned off

11) Saves time and money

The Not So Good:

1) Quite a few upsells

2) Need to spend the time to use it effectively  

Who is Inboxr For?

This is an ideal tool for online business owners, digital marketers, and social media marketers who desire to save time and effort by having their promotional and marketing social media work automated. This puts your tasks on autopilot. There is no need to do it yourself or spend money outsourcing. So it is for both those who already have a Facebook and social media presence, as well as for those who desire to get started and established in that area.

Tools & Training

1) Bot Training — consists of five (5) sections in this module: Welcome Message, Keywords, Sequence, Broadcasts, and Error Message

2) Lead Generation — this module has three (3) sections which include: website widget, comment response (automatically respond to comments), and Facebook posting (schedule and drip content)

3) Flow Builder — this encompasses all your messages created by Chat Box

4) Analytics — this consists of information related to your messages such as “engaged user” or “user dropped”, as well as the number of messages and from where.

5) Audience — this informs you of users engaged with your bot (identifies name, gender, country, and status)

6) Template Suite — this includes a number of “welcome messages” and “error messages” for you to use

7) Page Manager — this is to manage your current page settings as well as your Fan Page

8) Live Chat — Similar to Facebook Messenger, this allows you to chat with your fans and audience right inside the Members Area

9) Viral Content — this enables you to get free images from Flick and Pixabay as well as locate other content to share on your pages

10) Message Hub — all messages are displayed here and can be edited or new messages added. You can instantly message all your Facebook fans (both old and new)

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$47 One Time Investment


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White-Label Chat Bot and Resell License ($197 One Time Payment) — only needed if you plan to offer it as a service

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Final Thoughts

For those looking to establish or increase their social media presence, this tool will assist your marketing and promotional efforts through social media. While focusing on Facebook, it integrates with other platforms as well. In addition to increasing conversions with new prospects, it also follows up with prior customers to keep them in the loop by drip feeding content and making new recommendations. It enables you to connect multiple social media platforms and fan pages all in one area. This automates anywhere from fifty (50%) percent to ninety (90%) percent of your social media work.

Final Conclusion Good

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To your Continued Success,


Prepping And Creating A Happiness Recipe

For all you professional and amateur chefs out there, here is a new recipe to consider. While it may not be the standard cuisine to which you are acquainted, the happiness recipe, once properly prepared, will provide an experience which is not only fulfilling but also long-lasting.  Happiness Recipe

As I have mentioned in previous articles, and in which you undoubtedly have read elsewhere, happiness is not something to go searching for, or something we need to earn. All those sorts of ideas and thoughts contribute to keeping it out of our reach. So let’s spend a bit of time now exploring exactly what this recipe is so we can get on with our prep work.

What Exactly Are We Talking About?

Creating our very own recipe for happiness may seem far-fetched, but it is something which we had no problem creating as kids. Every day was a new adventure based on what would bring the most happiness and contentment to us. There was no settling for less or compromising our ideals. We learned that later as we grew up and become more “mature” and “politically correct”.

What we are talking about here is re-learning to think for ourselves. When we rediscover how to think, we can then make some progress. We must spend some dedicated time learning to “forget” much false data picked up along the way through many sources, some of which having the best of intentions, and others pursuing their own hidden agendas at our expense.

In order to create any type of recipe, we must use the correct ingredients which produce our desired effect. Whether we are creating a new French dish or one of our favorite desserts, without the proper mixture we will end up with a mess. Living our lives on false data also produces many results which are not conducive to our happiness.

Without beginning to question our viewpoint of how things work, and then sorting through our most cherished principles and beliefs, we can easily be led down many alley ways of life which bring us nothing but much distress and frustration.

So creating our happiness recipe has as much to do, and maybe even more, with eliminating many of the ingredients which just do not belong in our recipe. Once we do that, then the prep and creation work becomes a heck of a lot easier.

Letting Go of our Favorite Treats

Similar to changing our diet and eliminating some of the foods which we no longer wish to consume, there will be some resistance to letting go of some of our most cherished assumptions, beliefs, and principles. Do not expect to find this easy to do, especially when we have lived within this mental and emotional framework the majority of our lives, and have totally bought into the belief that this is just how things are.

That’s why there are certain subjects that are very challenging to discuss with others, as we each have grown up with our own unique set of circumstances with its many influences from a variety of sources. It’s not about being right or wrong; it simply is that we have learned to view the world in a different way than others.  Choosing Happiness

The only question we need to ask ourselves is, are we truly happy with the results we are getting. If not, it would pay us huge dividends to spend some time to question ourselves thoroughly, and not let ourselves off the hook when our feelings get quite intense as the resistance kicks in. By digging deep and examining what we really believe about ourselves, other people, and the world at large, we will discover much information about ourselves, which up to this point we have chosen to keep hidden away in the dusty corners of our minds.

For a long time we have chosen not to look into those corners where much valuable self-knowledge exists. Rather, we either pretended it wasn’t there or if we don’t look it will just go away. It is never quite that easy though.

So let’s bring some stuff to the surface by observing both our thoughts and emotions, and then asking “Why” we think and feel this way. Keep asking why until you get some answers no matter how long it takes, so that we can then flush away the false data, and hold on to the info which serves us.

By doing this, we will come to discover that some of our favorite treats really don’t taste that good at all. Then we will quite naturally let go of many of these, as we will no longer desire them. We will then pursue a diet of much more healthy alternatives which produce the results we most desire.

Creating Our Happiness Recipe

Once we have spent the valuable time discovering and eliminating the ingredients which make our recipe taste bad, we can then get busy adding items which not only are flavorful to our taste buds, but very healthy as well. Once we have this in place, the prep work is a no-brainer. Things just naturally fall into place and produce good results.

In preparing our recipe we must start with a premise which will guide our subsequent actions. That premise is that happiness is not dependent on any outside factors, and is only to be found in the present moment. Gratitude for the present moment and being content right now is the foundational basis of true happiness.   Being Happy Now

When we are dependent on any outside factors, whether it is a person, experience, or object, we have severely limited ourselves in so many ways. We have restricted the energy flow available to us, and we have settled for less by thinking we do not deserve happiness now.

When we believe that we must do something in order to earn some level of happiness or joy, we are barking up the wrong tree. We have blindfolded ourselves to our true potential which exists right this very moment. We have chosen to drive blindly through life bumping into all sorts of objects and barriers, and taking many unnecessary detours.

Lets Simplify Things

Here’s the Happiness Recipe in Four (4) simple Steps:

1) Prepare a Gratitude Journal

2) Remind yourself of what you are currently thinking and feeling

3) Replace the False Data with Life Enhancing thoughts

4) Choose to be happy Now

You will be amazed how much easier it is to choose happiness right now once you have consistently applied this process. The ever present noise in your head will begin to decrease, and you will find yourself “choosing” not to react to thoughts which come up. You will no longer feel an obligation to honor thoughts which Are Not You. You will simply allow them to flow through and go their merry way.

It still may be a daily challenge to keep focused on choosing happiness, but you will have accomplished much by increasing your level of presence and observation. This will fuel your efforts as you continue to grow and expand into a more conscious state.

A Happiness Recipe for Learning and Applying Online Marketing is this marvelous Internet Training Platform. Check it Out Here.

Much joy and happiness,


Living In Wyoming

WyomingSince I just did an article of living/retiring in Montana recently, I thought I would follow it up with some info on a neighboring state, Wyoming. While living in Wyoming may not be for everyone, it is definitely an interesting place to explore.  

Life in Wyoming can most definitely be a culture shock for many coming from more cosmopolitan areas, but it does offer some unique advantages which have attracted folks like Harrison Ford, Tiger Woods, Charles Schwab, Sandra Bullock, and Wyoming native Dick Cheney. At some point they all owned real estate in Jackson Hole, which is a ski playground for the wealthy jet-setters.


The “Equality State” has many reasons a person may decide to moe and/or retire in this area of the world. But before jumping to any conclusions one way or another, let me share a few thoughts. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the natural beauty of this state and the availability of a choice of many outdoor activities would be a major attraction.

Since Wyoming has the second-lowest population density of any state in the USA, you need to get used to wide open spaces, and neighbors living quite a distance away, unless you live in a city. Similar to Montana, the climate includes frigid winters and heavy snowfall with an average temperature of 17 degrees F or -8.3 C in December. This is another part of the country where it is vital to have a Winter Survival Kit in your home and vehicle. This would include a power source, first aid kit, water, flares and flashlights, tools and supplies, food, blankets, toiletries, radio, and a shovel. If you think of anything else include that too.

Also the air is extremely clean in Wyoming. Because of its low population density there is much less pollution in this area. In addition, there are many miles of preserved land that are off limits to development. Going along with this low population density is the small town atmosphere with neighbors helping neighbors.

For those used to more city life and what that provides, cities like Cheyenne have plenty of restaurants, bars/breweries, and stores to keep you busy. Also traffic is very light so this can be a welcome relief from high density traffic and wacked out drivers. With its famous “Big Sky” it is ideal for watching the stars as in the majority of the state you can get away from light pollution.

Wyoming happens to be very Tax Friendly to retired folks. There is no State Income Tax, and the sales and property taxes are among the lowest in the country. Social security income and withdrawals from retirement accounts are not taxed either.

There is definitely a cowboy culture which is alive and well in Wyoming. Trucks and cowboy boots are prevalent as well as ranching and rodeos.

While there are some challenges living in Wyoming with the cold winters and heavy snow, the natural beauty and the friendly neighbors definitely balance this out.

To help determine how your budget may be affected here is a Financial Tool from Smart Advisor which provides helpful resources and data. It helps you find a financial advisor if you have such a need.

A Few Basic Facts About The Area  Cold Wyoming Winter

— The first state to give women the right to vote

— The state capital is Cheyenne

— Yellowstone, the first official National Park (1872) has the majority of its land in Wyoming with smaller portions in Idaho and Montana

— The state flower is the Indian Paintbrush

— Wyoming has the lowest population of all fifty (50) states

— In 1906 Devils Tower was designated as the first National Monument

— The JC Penney stores originated in Kemmerer

— The word Wyoming means “at the big plains”, which is a contraction of the Native American word “mecheweamiing”

— The state bird is the Western Meadowlark

— Black Thunder is the largest coal mine in the USA located in Wright

— The Native American tribes Sioux, Shoshone, Ute, Cheyenne, and Crow have lived in this region

— The Eaton Ranch was the first Dude Ranch in Wyoming and the Eatons were the originators of the term “dude”

— “Old Steamboat” (a bronc that no one could ride) is the name of the horse on the Wyoming license plate

— The state mammal is the bison

— Yellowstone National Park has more geysers than any other geyser area in the world with “Old Faithful” being the most famous

— Wyoming in 1925 elected the country’s first woman governor, Nellie Tayloe Ross

— Although it is the ninth largest state it has the fewest people with a population of about 475,000

— Nicknames: Big Wyoming, The Equality State, The Cowboy State

— It has sixteen (16) State Parks, five (5) National Forests, and two (2) National Parks

— There are 700,000 pronghorns (the second fastest land mammal to the cheetah) that were nearly hunted to extinction in 1915

— With 810,000 sheep the state ranks second in wool production

— If you don’t close a fence in Wyoming you can be fined up to seven hundred and fifty ($750) dollars

— Having served a jail sentence in Sundance, Wyoming for horse stealing, Harry Longabaugh was named “the Sundance Kid”

— Flaming Gorge is nationally known for its trout fishing

— Over six hundred (600) species of wildlife live in the state

— Two hundred (200) wild horses roam through the Pryor Mountain Wild Horse Range

— The highest point is Gannett Peak (13,804 feet/4207 meters) while the lowest point is Belle Fourche River (3,099 feet/944 meters)

— Entered the Union July 10th, 1890 (44th)

A Few Places To Consider  Life in Wyoming

Laramie — Located near Cheyenne (50.6 miles) in the Southeastern part of the state, it is not far from the Colorado and Nebraska borders. With a population of 32,104 it has good schools, reasonable rental and housing prices, and a decent nightlife. Rents average around $750 per month while the medium house price is $210,600. The medium household income is $43,191. The elevation is 7,165 feet. It is also home to the University of Wyoming.

Cheyenne — The State Capital with a population of 62,986, it is the largest city in the state with many families and young professionals. It has above average schools and plenty of amenities in terms of shopping, stores, and nightlife. Rents go for about $873 per month and the average house costs $193,200. The medium household income is $60,878.

Casper — It is a small mountain town (elevation 5,118 feet) located in the Eastern Central part of the state. It has a population of 59,871. In addition to many outdoor activities and parks, it has plenty of shopping as well. They have good public schools and housing is affordable with rents around $874 per month and homes sell for about $196,200. The medium household income is $60,470.

Jackson — Here you will find highly educated, healthy, and wealthy folks. The population is 10,413 and is located in Teton County. This is your more upscale area offering great skiing and high-end bars and restaurants. They have above average schools, and many families and young professionals live here. Rents go on average for $1092 per month, and the medium price for a house is $524.400. Many people (63%) rent in this area. The medium household income is $75,406. By some it is considered the “California” of Wyoming.

Buffalo — With a population of 4,606 and a small town atmosphere, there is a great sense of family in this community. There are many locally-owned small shops and businesses, and it is located in Johnson County with above average schools and a more conservative bent. Houses average around $226,600 and the rents go for about $898 per month with household income averaging $50,090.

Cody — Located in Park County in the Northwestern part of the state. It has a population of 9,826 and it offers a variety of coffee shops, restaurants, and parks with a good public school system. While rents average $792, homes sell for approximately $214,500 on average. It has a suburban feel with a friendly atmosphere. The average income in this area is $56,356.

South Park — This small town has a population of 1579. It is located in Teton County which is in the Central Western part of the state near Jackson. Its above average public school system is attractive to many families. Real estate prices are on the higher end of the scale with the medium price for a house being $882,100 and rents about $1,161 per month. The household income averages around $103, 358.

An Interesting Place to Live  Wyoming Bison

With wide open spaces and snow-capped mountains, Wyoming provides an ideal setting to retire and/or relocate. It is quite affordable through the majority of the state (South Park and Jackson Hole being much higher priced), and has a variety of options to explore.

Yellowstone National Park will take your breath away, and pollution is practically nonexistent with Cheyenne and Casper being the third and fourth cleanest cities in the entire country.

The crime rate is low and families are attracted by the above average public school systems. It is one of the top states in terms of overall well-being. It is ranked high in financial health, physical health, sense of community, and social interactions. For example, people around here prefer their food natural, rather than processed whether it’s venison, fish, or berries.

Similar to Montana, Wyoming is a very beautifyl and sparsely populated state offering a wealth of outside activities and a more affordable lifestyle.  If you enjoy the four (4) seasons you will get plenty of diversity in terms of climate and weather patterns.  For those who are looking for a slower pace of life with friendly people and a strong sense of community, check this place out.

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Happy travels,


Seeking Happily Ever After

I think it has been a desire of ours since we were children to find some sort of contentment or happiness by locating some entry into a secret or hidden gateway. As we grew older we found ourselves more and more conditioned to look for satisfaction outside of ourselves, which resulted in turning over every rock and stone in seeking “happily every after”.  Happily Ever After

While this may have been fun at times, the ultimate result has been losing our sense of purpose and understanding of our true source of happiness. We run around in circles searching for something that is actually very close to home; right within ourselves.

Why All the Fuss?

Have we ever actually paused long enough to contemplate why we are not content with the present moment, and why we keep searching for something to make us more whole and complete? Is there anything missing right now? If there is, it is not something out there which we can acquire to alleviate the fear, discomfort, and uncertainty of being alive.

All the energy is flowing through us right this moment, and it is that energy which not only keeps us physically alive and functioning, but it is also the substance from which we create our every experience. With that much power within our grasp, does it not make sense to awaken to that realization, and learn how to properly utilize it to guide ourselves in the direction in which we truly desire to go?

We are like mini-power plants out of control. Instead of being channeled to light our cities and towns, and power our appliances and vehicles, the energy is dispersed in a haphazard way so we end up being in the dark. And the ironic thing is, we then have the audacity to blame others or fate for our circumstances.

We create a lot of fuss about not being able to accomplish or do this and that when it has always been within our power to do so. Let’s dig a little deeper into this.

There Must Be An Answer

If we can find only one person out there who has found happiness and contentment in the present, then it is possible for anyone to do so. And trust me, there are many folks out there who have discovered their inner source of power and joy.

Learn to welcome the noise in your head when it tells you that this is all a lot of nonsense and will never work. Don’t resist the fears and anxieties which arise when you confront your limiting beliefs and assumptions. It is all good, because this stuff is getting Exposed; maybe for the first time since we accepted it as real, and then promptly pushed it aside to go unnoticed in the corner of our minds.  Unfortunately, the results have not gone unnoticed.

Many of these ideas and beliefs served us well at one time in terms of physical and emotional safety and protection. But now many of them have outlived their purpose and are just getting in our way. It’s time to bring them to the surface, and replace them with more life-enhancing ideas about ourselves, other people, and the world in general.  In other words, it time to tell the truth.

Keeping things hidden while we play make believe just keeps us in the vicious circle of seeking “happily ever after”, and never quite getting there. This leads to more disappointment, frustration and regret.

The answer is plain to see once we get tired enough of running around in circles. We continue to use damaged thoughts, based on hurtful and painful experiences to guide our choices and decisions on a day-to-day basis. This is because we are caught up in a Web of Fear and do not know any better.

Actually there is a part of ourselves which we need to access that does know better and is willing to come to our aid. But this part of ourselves needs to be accessed right Here and Now, and not in some imaginary future when things supposedly may get better. When we recognize and realize this totally, we are then inspired to do what it takes to make any necessary changes.

Beyond The Face of Fear The Face of Fear

Once we make this decision to change, we set ourselves up to move beyond fear. Maybe for the very first time we experience the saying that “fear is only an illusion”. We realize that feelings are just that; something we feel. Without the various labels to which we attach to these feelings, we would not resist any of them.  Objects are just objects, and not a rocking chair with a story attached to it of how grandma rocked us to sleep when we were little.

Without this resistance, energy is allowed to flow through us freely, which not only results in the easier accomplishment of our goals and desires, but also ensures more physical and mental vitality. When energy in blocked because of fear and resistance, we expose ourselves to many ailments which could not exist in a free-flowing energy state. It is the blockage of energy which allows the bacteria and germs to adversely affect us. They exist within and around us all the time, and left alone they just do their thing, and actually provide some beneficial effects. 

Having grown up around the medical profession, I was fortunate to learn much at an early age from both traditional and non-traditional healers, which inspired me on a life-long pursuit of knowledge in this area. Our bodies are amazing mechanisms which do just fine without our conscious and unconscious interference. Thank God for our auto-immune system; it puts up with a lot and keeps on ticking.

Now it is pretty apparent that fear and resistance don’t do us any good. They contribute to a lot of unnecessary challenges in our lives. When we do break free, we experience a whole new level of existence. Let’s finish this up with a few more ideas about the “happily ever after” theme.  Going with the Flow

Guess What?

We as a civilization find ourselves rushing here and there in a frenzy, seeking this and that, when we can just relax and let things play out according to the intentions we set in motion. When our thoughts are in alignment with our goals and dreams, action at times isn’t even necessary. An interesting movie made back in 1980 called, “The Gods Must Be Crazy”, vividly displays the total insanity of the Rat Race of modern life. They made one or two sequels but the original movie is the best.

There really is nowhere to go and nothing to get. All our running around, unless we are in alignment with our intentions, just creates a lot of stress and tension in our lives. And here is the answer to all our striving and seeking for this and that:

“Happily Ever After” is Now!

No more need to fuss and worry about getting this or achieving that. It’s all happening Now. Don’t dismiss the apparent simplicity of this statement. Once it sinks in your life will never be the same. Why? Because there is an Essence within each of us which is striving to break free, similar to a butterfly emerging from its cocoon. We are that butterfly.

Let me leave you with one of my favorite sayings from Lao Tzu (Chinese philosopher born 601 B.C.} which will mess with your head a bit:

“In the study of the Way each day something is dropped.  Less and less do you have to force things, until finally you arrive at the place of non-action.  Where nothing is done and nothing remains to be done.”

Enjoy the process of awakening to your True Selves as each moment is valued for what it offers. Without judgment and expectation we allow ourselves to move beyond fear and grasp the Love within.  There is a Power within ourselves which is urging us to awaken.  Take the hint.

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Enjoy the journey of self discovery,


Review of The Internet Marketing Newsletter — PLR Membership

The Internet Marketing Newsletter — PLR Membership Review

Name:The Internet Marketing Newsletter with PLR Membership Private Label Rights

Price: A Fourteen (14) Day Trial for $1 then $29.99 per month with upgrades
Owners: Nick James
Overall Rank: 85 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a PLR (Private Label Rights) service for the internet marketing niche. What sets this apart from other similar programs is that all the content is created in-house. The products include E-Courses, videos, PDFs, articles etc.

The content is written, managed, and published by Nick James, a full-time internet marketer who started his first online business in 2001. Some of this content was originally written for his Internet Marketing Training Club which he started in 2004. Initially, he never intended to release the licensing rights to this content since it is of such high quality.

Nick James has a reputation of creating innovative web-based technologies. He also specializes in new media marketing. Product developers and online marketers have been members of his Internet Training Club. Being a full-time product developer, Nick has created a number of software programs, membership sites, and information products. He continues to host teaching webinars and has a radio project call My Social Radio.

So basically you are receiving good content from which to create your own publications. Each piece of monthly content is thirty-two (32) or more pages. It can be used As Is or adapted for your specific needs.

The product was released on June 14th, 2018. The program is all about content creation and list building.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Better than average quality products/content
2) User friendly

3) Includes PDF newsletters, autoresponder series, ebooks, blog posts, online/offline magazine

4) Audio recording/podcast

5) List building reports

The Not So Good:
1) Upsells

2) Not your original stuff

Who is The Internet Marketing Newsletter with PLR Membership For?

Internet marketers looking for high quality content to market or use as a bonus. For folks in the online business world who want to save time by not having to create their own content for promotional purposes.  They are able to use this content as it is, or edit it to make it more personal for their specific niche market.

Tools & Training

Each month a newsletter with at least thirty two (32) pages of good quality content is published with the following content/topics:

— Fifty (50+) plus niches: covers most any market you can think of

— Marketing tips and advice: in depth ideas and strategies to immediately apply to your online business

— Blogging: plenty of content for blog posts for your specific audience

— Joint Ventures (JVs): you are provided with twenty (20) ways to find profitable joint venture partners and contact them to initiate a profitable relationship

— Outsourcing: learn how to effectively scale your business by finding qualified talent in all areas of internet marketing and content creation

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— Conversions: learn how to increase conversions and increase profit from the same traffic

— Persuasion techniques: learn to turn prospects into buyers with twenty (20) techniques and strategies which have been porven effective by the author

— Five (5) services to offer offline/brick and mortar businesses who are in need of establishin an online presence so that they get noticed by their target market

— Podcasting: utilize twenty-five (25) techniques to generate increased revenues and profit

— Webinars: learn to host webinars with a step-by-step system designed to increase profits

— Facebook: learn to generate income on this social platform with a fifty ($50) budget to start and then scale from there

— Fiverr: learn how to generate a few hundred dollars per week in additional income completing simple tasks which do not require any large degree of skill

— Latest internet marketing news, techniques, and resources are provided on a monthly basis

— You get the .DOC file for each monthly newsletter so that you can edit it


Email support available when needed


$1 trial for Fourteen (14) days and then $29.99 per month with a One Time Offer of a $97 upsell for back issues which is followed up by a down sell of a two (2) payment option. Additional upsells are available during the course of membership. Actually, as far as upsells goes this is not bad as it provides access to additional quality content from the back issues which can be used in your marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Although I am not a fan of PLR because it is mostly written by ghostwriters who get paid by the number of words they write, and do not have real life marketing knowledge which they have applied and from which gotten results. You end up having to rewrite and fact check everything.

The difference here is that this content is written by a team of internet marketing professionals, which greatly increases the quality of what you receive. In addition, you have access to many resources and marketing techniques to increase your online knowledge and skills.

This program will certainly help you with your list building as well as establishing and nurturing client/customer relationships. The content is both educational and entertaining. It can be used in numerous ways.
Included is a PDF newsletter you can send to your Internet Marketing niche As IS, or you can re-purpose/rebrand it in many ways such as: eCourses, blog posts, products and services, Ebooks, articles, autoresponder series, newsletters, videos, emails, radio shows, podcasts, magazines (both online and offline), list building reports, membership sites, and anything else your imagination can come up with.

I suggest taking a look at the information to determine if it may be helpful to your specific situation.

Final Conclusion

About Average

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To your Continued Success,


The One Minute Miracle

Achieving a life of contentment and fulfillment is within our grasp right this moment if only we have the clear vision to see it.  the One Minute Miracle  When we are blind to our potential and possibilities, we are unable to tap into our inner source of power. It requires a much different approach to break through the cloud cover of our limiting beliefs and false perceptions. The One Minute Miracle is a tool which allows us to penetrate the fog and illusions holding us back, so that we can then experience what it is we truly desire.    

When we are able to stay present long enough to observe exactly what we are creating, and how we are creating it, we can then make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, we are operating in the fog of disillusionment and misperception.

Why One Minute?

One minute is a very important factor in this whole process for a few specific reasons. When change of any kind is involved, we experience a great deal of resistance. It all goes back to maintaing the status quo, where we feel safe and comfortable. Any time our comfort and/or safety is challenged, we will put up a very good fight to defend it.

It doesn’t matter if we are attempting to lose weight, get married, make more money, find a better job, start a business, or just increase our peace of mind; there will be much resistance to us making any changes. Therefore, in order to bypass these barriers we need to find a process that at least appears to be easy and not disruptive to our current state of affairs.

Even if our current situation is a mess, unless the pain is great enough we would rather stay in our familiar setting no matter how unpleasant. Given these circumstances, we have to find a way to get started in the direction a part of us wants to go.

Doing something for one minute during the day is a way to convince ourselves to begin. With enough preparation, we are able to obtain quite a bit of progress within that small time frame. If I was to say to do this or that for at least an hour or more, it is far too easy to procrastinate or not even start.

If we really desire to get some different results in any area of our life, it is hard to convince ourselves we cannot put aside one minute to get the process started. If we still don’t want to begin, we don’t have much of a burning desire.

Okay, How Does This Work? the magic process

First of all find something that you want to change or something you want to achieve as soon as possible. The time frame doesn’t matter; being on the Right Path does. If it isn’t something that is a nine (9) or ten (10) on a scale of one (1) to ten (10) then you might as well not even begin. Your reason to achieve would be too weak to create a strong enough purpose which will get you beyond any barriers.

Given a strong enough reason to proceed, we can now get down to business. For One Minute bring to mind whatever goal or objective you have, and state in clearly to yourself. Write it down if you want. Once you can see your dream or goal clearly in your mind, ask yourself how you can best achieve it?

If any limiting thoughts or feelings arise, ask “why” you cannot have it. Keep asking “why” to whatever comes up. Don’t force an answer or even worry about getting one. Just stay with the process for the entire minute. After a minute stop and let go of thinking about it anymore. If you have a strong urge to continue with the “why” process beyond a minute go right ahead, but don’t force it.

The time between doing your process and picking up on it the next day is very valuable, as there will be a part of ourselves working on this without any of our conscious involvement during the rest of the day and while we sleep.  We have planted the seed, and we just need to water it each day with our One Minute Miracle process.

My only caution here is not to be worrying about how all this is going to play out by trying to force an answer to arise. This is the same as planting a seed in our garden, and then going out and digging it up every few hours to see how it’s doing. Trust me, you will not get much of a result at harvest time.

Relinquishing Control

Letting go and trusting the process, which is the same as trusting ourselves to produce the answers, is quite challenging and difficult for some of us who have been trained over a lifetime to hold tightly to that steering wheel. This is the same as thinking that if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.  Often in business or our personal lives, we find it very hard to delegate tasks to others.

Here we are delegating the task to a part of ourselves who is quite capable of bringing about results effortlessly, without all the pain and struggle. But the question is will we let go. When we do, things get easier as we are then guided by our intuition in making decisions which align with our strengths and inner makeup.

Dependent on how much we are ingrained with the habits of running things our way, it will vary as to the amount of time it takes to break through our self-imposed barriers in order to achieve our desires and experience a new way of Being. But no matter how long it takes, the results will be worth it.

When we let go and relinquish control of the reins, we will experience some or a lot of discomfort. We will be dealing with much uncertainty and no guarantees. This is where the One Minute Miracle process comes into play to keep us on track, because the more we discover about ourselves, the easier this whole journey becomes. We keep questioning and asking “why”, and the cloud cover continues to dissolve.   the sun is shining bright

The sun is shining brightly whether or not we can see it. It is our job to penetrate that cover so that we may be warmed and brightened by the magnificence of Who We Really Are. We then realize that this is just a game to re-discover ourselves.

A Simple Choice

The One Minute Miracle process eventually leads us to a simple choice which affects all aspects of our lives. Just by becoming aware of this choice on a conscious basis we are able to automatically let go of much baggage which we have been carrying around which has caused us to struggle so much.

By questioning ourselves for merely a minute a day, we come face-to-face with many things which we have chosen to ignore and push to the corners of our mind. None of this is buried deep within our subconscious requiring many years of therapeutic intervention. All these memories and data are available right now as they are located right within our conscious mind; we merely need to refocus.

It’s like walking into a room in your home. You do not see all the objects all at once. You see the people and things at which you are looking. There is stuff located behind you and to the sides, as well as above. Even when we are looking in a certain direction, there are things that do not register unless we direct our focus. This is no different that the beliefs and thoughts which exist within our conscious minds.  We are just not focusing on them, even though they may be running our lives.

So what is the choice? Well, when we expand our vision and are willing to view and experience things as they are, it all come down to a simple choice between Love and Fear.

Bringing In The Miracle  Bringing in the Miracle

Here are a few simple steps you can take to activate your miracle. First, realize that the One Minute is your Zero Point. In other words, you commit to this on a daily basis. If you miss a day for whatever reason don’t beat yourself up; just keep going. The intention here is to make this a habit which brings results.

Second, it’s okay to spend more than a minute but don’t spend less. Third, this is a journey of self discovery of what may be holding you back from achieving all you desire. Take this very seriously, but at the same time have fun with it. Be like a kid on a treasure hunt.

Next, never relinquish your dream. There is a reason that you have these desires so honor them. Giving up is the Path of Fear, while staying in the game is the Path of Love which allows us to move through all fear and uncertainty in order to live a life of passion and freedom.

Finally, realize that within that minute you spend each day reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses, change is happening. This is the Miracle.

May you all experience the magnificence and brilliance of Who You really Are.

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Enjoy your Miracle,