How To Make Money Online Traveling — A Few Things To Consider

There are definitely numerous ways to make money online while traveling, and I will mention a few. I will also include a few ideas for earning money while traveling which are not online. When researching how to make money online traveling, keep your eyes open to a few of the nuances which can make a positive difference.Make Money While Traveling

This by no means is meant to be an all-inclusive list, but to give you enough info to stimulate your interest in doing the extensive research necessary to make this a reality if you so desire. Obviously, much of online marketing while traveling is no different that running your business while at home or anywhere else. But there are a few things you can combine with your online efforts while you are on the road.

Let’s Get Started

When you figure out ways to make money while traveling, both online and offline, it is like being on vacation all the time. You determine where you want to be, and how often you desire to be away from home. Generating income at this point is not an issue.

Obviously if you enjoy writing, monetizing a travel blog or a photography website makes sense. Using Google Adsense on your blogs will bring in some income, as well as creating digital guides of your travels and selling them as e-books. But there are ways to travel on a budget for less than one thousand ($1000) dollars per month. It is not as glamorous as staying at nice hotels but it is quite manageable for many.

If you are a capable chef you can earn extra income at restaurants at various locations as you travel, or get hired as a private chef on yachts sailing around the world.

One thing I should mention is that it is important to set up multiple types of income so that if a few dry up you have others to fall back on. Facebook and Google are always changing their policies and procedures so it pays to be flexible and ready to adapt.


Now when you build up a sufficient following on your blog and social media accounts you become attractive to advertisers. Companies will be willing to advertise on your social media accounts and blog in order to reach your audience in that specific niche. This can take the form of brand ambassadorship programs, Instagram features, or sponsored blog posts. Blogging for Profit

This is a form of “influencer marketing” which can be quite lucrative. Both large and small companies are interested in gaining access to a well-fined niche audience .

Also, whatever products and/or services are related to your specific niche can be offered on your blog through affiliate links. You can use affiliate networks such as Commission Junction and Affiliate Window, or offer products from ClickBank, Amazon, or various other suppliers.

Other Sources of Income

If you are into photography you can market your photos which you take while you travel to various locations. These include media outlets, magazines, book publishers, national tourism boards, outdoor brands, and tour companies. These potential sources of income can find you through social media as well as through your blog. Some direct marketing would be a plus as well.

Destination marketing can be lucrative once you get established. This is where you can be invited by a country’s tourism board to visit their country, and then write something up about your experiences. Similar to a media press visit, this can be paid or unpaid, but they will cover your accommodations, flights, and whatever activities are involved. You will be providing them content from a variety of sources such as photography, video content, blog posts, and social media.

Another way to earn some income is by organizing group tours or workshops related to the specific area and other topics of interest. In addition to showing people around the areas to various sights, you can also hold workshops on budget traveling, cooking, photography, writing, or whatever your particular skill may be. This pays well, but can be a lot of work so make sure this is something you will enjoy.

You can also do freelance travel writing where you write up about your travel experiences for other websites. These websites always need relevant content. You can also submit your work to places like the Travel Channel and National Geographic.

If you enjoy speaking, you can get some paid public speaking gigs related to your specific topic as you travel about. You can speak at conferences amd events related to your specialty. Once you establish your online brand, companies will be calling you to speak. Online Marketing

For display advertising on your website or blog top advertising networks such as MediaVine and Adthrive pay more than Google Adsense for displaying relevant ads. Dependent on your topic, these networks pay anywhere from two ($2) dollars to twenty-five ($25) dollars per one thousand (1000) views.

Another interesting way to make money while on the road is delivering packages. Since you’re moving about anyway, you might as well pick up a few extra bucks while doing so. When traveling internationally there is a company called Worldcraze, and in the United States check out Roadie. You can deliver anything from household products to even pets.

Let me finish off this section with a more common way for many to earn a few extra bucks while traveling which is to teach English. Many non-English speaking countries will pay generously for teaching English. Asia (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China) is a particularly good area for this type of work. A very good online resource to obtain accreditation is Premier TEFL. It takes a bit of commitment and work to get accredited, but once you do, this can be a long-term moneymaking vehicle, especially if you enjoy teaching.

Get Creative

As you travel you will notice a lot of possibilities of which you are not now considering. You will meet people from all over the world who will provide different opportunities and ideas on which to consider. Also, don’t overlook the skills you currently possess which may translate into a fun occupation and income.

Whether it is surfing, scuba diving, yoga, bodywork, hair styling, forms of customer service, cooking or many more types of valuable skills, there are ways to earn an income from them with a little thought and persistence. Part of the fun of traveling is networking with people and learning all the different cultures.

When considering what you want to do, it pays to be honest with yourself. Determine what you like best to do. Getting out and meeting people, doing something physical, or being at your computer. This helps determine the best direction to take. Just make sure your interests, talents, and abilities match up with whatever you choose to do. Creative Thinking

Technology has opened up many more options for us to operate a job or business anywhere in the world. If you enjoy freelance writing some good sites are PeoplePerHour, 99Designs, and Upwork.

But for those who prefer not to be online doing their thing, there are many offline options to consider as well. For example, you may enjoy working with kids and doing some tutoring, or you can become an aupair, do some housesitting, work on a yacht as a steward or stewardess, be a lifeguard, resort or summer camp work, a tour escort, construction work, or do some bartending or be a DJ if you enjoy the party scene.

An easy way to make a few extra bucks while moving about is the Pact app. You get paid for doing healthy things. It’s an extra motivation to exercise and eat a bit healthier.

There are also Work Exchanges where you can work in different parts of the world on a contract basis. WWOOF provides work on organic farms for those into the environment. For a more variety of work exchange opportunities check out HelpX.

Also, if you have an interest working on a cruise ship, here is a site to check called Cruise Ship Jobs. Most folks find it easiest to find their first job in the Caribbean. It gets easier to get jobs once you get experience and become known on the circuit. Working on a yacht or sailboat is also an option. To locate boat owners searching for a crew check out Find A Crew.

To find teaching jobs here is a website, Dave’s ESL Cafe, which will get you going in the right direction. If you’re interested in teaching music, Take Lessons is a site where your can register as a teacher.

Choosing Freedom Over Security

When working for yourself there are no guarantees. So the amount of money earned while traveling will most probably fluctuate from month to month. Not the most secure situation, but the benefits of seeing the world and calling your own shots along the way is most definitely worth it for many.

Embracing risk and uncertainty is just part of the process of getting out there and doing the things you love and find fun. It requires patience, persistence, hard work, and a total commitment.

But if you have the travel bug, there most definitely are viable ways to earn an income both online and offline. I encourage you to follow your heart and do what feels right. I look forward that you will find a few useful ideas from this information which will be helpful on your journey. All the very Best.

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Happy travels,


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How To Make Changes In Your Life…without all the stress

Change, change, change. Nothing ever seems to stay the same. That’s because it doesn’t. The one thing we can be sure of is that things constantly change. Now this can be good or bad dependent on how you view it. So learning how to make changes in your life without a lot of stress and resistance can be a very helpful strategy.  Possibilities

In this article I am going to share a few things I learned along the way as a result of being faced with numerous challenges from several directions. Being able to allow what is occurring to happen without tripping out about it is one of the keys to making sustained progress in our lives.

Victim or Hero

As I just mentioned above, change is going to happen whether we resist it or not. But we all want to initiate change in the areas of our lives where we are less than satisfied. This is where we can learn to take control of the reins and handle any situation which occurs or which we put into motion.

Just hanging out and getting beat up by all the changes which occur around us can be enormously frustrating and energy-delpleting. We do feel like victims at this point. It does seem so very real that this is the way things are, and they are probably not going to change much at all.

To be able to recognize this when it occurs is the first step to waking up, accepting what is, and then realizing we do have options. It’s okay if we totally don’t buy into this at first, we just need to stay awake. This is the beginning of breaking away from a victim consciousness, and paving the way to developing a hero consciousness.

We are all artists painting away on the canvass of our life. Having forgotten we are in charge and do have many choices, it is easy to fall “victim” to many false beliefs we have picked up along the way. These beliefs are responsible for creating a very real and scary scenario for ourselves.

Once we see that this is the case, we can make some progress even though we still may feel completely stuck and unable to emerge from the quicksand of our illusions. Let’s now see where we can go from here.

The Hero’s Journey   Hero's Journey

Beginning on the hero’s journey can be a profound and exciting experience. It’s also important to realize to keep things light. Finding some humor in what is going on in our lives really helps us to let go of the stress, resistance, and fear. This may not be easy to do, but it certainly helps.

There is a psychologist at Stanford University by the name of Kelly McGonigal, who has written a book called “The Upside of Stress” in which she points out that our reaction to stress has a greater effect on our attitude, health, and success than the actual stress itself.

We get what we believe and expect. So if we worry about stress doing this or that to us, it will. That’s just the way things work in this great big universe of ours. Stress is merely a signal pointing us in the direction of something which needs to be addressed. Take the hint, move forward, and come up with some possible solutions.

When we are on the hero’s journey we learn pretty quick to look for solutions and to ignore failure and mistakes along the way. We just keep on going making whatever adjustments are needed.

When our feeling of fear, anger or whatever hit home hard, what will get us through will be staying awake to these feelings without having them have to go away for us to stay centered and present. It is this presence which allows us to observe ourselves fully in the moment no matter what we are feeling and/or thinking.

This is a very subtle process for sure, but it is what it takes in order not to be swept up by a hoard of feelings and thoughts which will drop us right back into victim consciousness. But when and if this happens, it’s okay. Not all is lost. We are still able to get up, dust ourselves off, and continue on our hero’s journey.

Watching the Stress Diminish

By staying awake, aware, and embracing life fully we get to the point of actually watching quite a bit of this fear and stress just melt away. Things begin to flow, and situations which we previously resisted become easy to handle. We have expanded to the point of recognizing our Essence, and letting go of any false images of whom we may have thought we were.

Stress diminishes quickly when we plainly see and recognize that we have been living based on many false assumptions about ourselves, others, and the world. It is our Essence on which we can depend. It is not affected by any outside factors, and it returns us to focusing on the things which we value most.

Whether it is focusing on our friends, family, creative expressions, enjoyable music and hobbies, or just the satisfaction we gain from a job well done, these values do much to allow us to rise above any perceived threats. Our Essence cannot be compromised by any of this.  Internal Essence

We can find a way around any challenge once we identify with who we truly are. Victor Frankl, an Austrian psychiatrist and neurologist as well as Holocaust survivor, had a term for this which he called “tragic optimism”. Having spent three (3) years in concentration camps in World War II, he returned home and embraced the many changes brought about by his experience.

Although he had lost all that he loved, including his family during the war, he realized he had the power to respond in a way which allowed him to see beyond the limitations of any specific changes. Instead of succumbing to bitterness and despair, he chose to move on with life in a way where he was able to inspire and bring value to the lives of others.

The “Good Old Days” are Now

The key to making changes in our lives without all the stress is to not resist what is happening. We can initiate change, as well as respond positively to changes which are constantly occurring, when we don’t expect things to be stable and stay the same. Once we accept this, we can gradually let go of the resistance we have created in order to try to keep things the same. Resisting change is like trying to plug a hole in a dam with your finger.

When we are adaptable, we see things from an entirely different framework. We are able to view all changes, whether desired or not, as just part of the flow of life. We don’t see ourselves as unlucky or as victims; rather, we stay engaged in life and identify opportunities which move us forward toward our goals and objectives.

The “good old days” are here right now. The lessons and experiences of that prior time have simply been transformed into new opportunities to learn, grow, and serve in the present moment. Those days empower us today to accept things as they are so that we may advance in ways that are beneficial to all involved.

Lose the stress involved in any kind of change by immersing yourselves in acceptance, presence, and observation. Stay alert and be the “conscious observer” of all that is transpiring in the present moment. In this way we are able to accept what is happening, reduce and eventually eliminate the resistance, and benefit from all the constructive changes in our lives.

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May you embrace all Change in a Joyful way,


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Instant eCom Funnels Pro Review

Instant eCom Funnels Pro Review eCommerce

Name: Instant eCom Funnels Pro

Website: <

Price: $39.95 One time investment

Owners: Glynn Kosky + Ariel Sanders

Overall Rank: 70 out of 100

Product Overview

There’s a lot of interest these days in generating online income through eCommerce. That being said, Instant eComm Funnels provides a shortcut for those interested in this business model. It simplifies the process by enabling you to build funnels in a three (3) step process, saving you both time and money.

Instant eCom Funnels is essentially a cloud-based application which makes it much easier to create funnels for your eCommerce business. It’s ideal for marketers doing drop shipping. You can create basic funnels which makes it easy for you to upsell your customers after the initial purchase.

Since stores such as Shopify can be a bit pricey to set up, this product provides a less expensive option. Competitors out there such as ClickFunnels do an excellent job in creating simple funnels, but the advantage of Instant eCom Funnels is that there are no monthly fees or ongoing maintenance charges.

This product makes it easy to set up a two (2) page funnel with your PayPal info added in. There are two (2) types of funnels available: 1) Free plus shipping 2) Free shipping

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. User Friendly
  2. No monthly or annual fees
  3. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  4. Doesn’t require extensive tech skills
  5. No hosting needed
  6. No inventory required

The Not So Good:

  1. Too many upsells that are rather expensive
  2. Downsells as well that can be annoying
  3. All in all this is a very expensive product
  4. The training shows you how to set things up and then leaves you to figure out things on your own
  5. The traffic training is less than desired in actually enabling you to generate the type of traffic needed to produce a consistent profit
  6. Doesn’t quite work as well as advertised
  7. Can’t use a custom domain
  8. Can only use PayPal at checkout

Who is Instant eCom Funnels Pro For?

This product is well suited for eCommerce business owners and affiliate marketers. It allows experienced marketers to create simple eCom funnels, while also allowing newbies get their feet wet in the eCommerce world without a lot of initial expenses.

Tools & Training

Ste-by Step Training Videos

Drag-And-Drop Page and Funnel Builder

The funnel builder lets you upsell customers after the initial purchase on related or similar products.

Two (2) Master Funnels

There is available the Free + Shipping funnel which is ideal for up selling products or you also have the free Shipping funnel, which you will recognize as one of Amazon’s main strategies in building their business.

Instant PayPal Payments

The software is integrated with PayPal which allows you to get paid immediately after the purchase of a product.

Fully-designed Templates

You have a variety of eCom template from which to choose.

Social Share Buttons

On every page of your eCom funnels you will find social share buttons to help increase traffic.

Customers Added to Autoresponder Automatically

After purchase a buyer is automatically added to your autoresponder and becomes a vital part of your email list.

Four Steps to Creating Funnels

1: Log in and choose a template t

2: Select products from sites such as Amazon or eBay and then upload the products to your eCom Funnel.

3: Insert your PayPal payment details and then publish your funnel

4: Drive traffic to your funnel with the Instant Low-Cost Traffic System.


Email tickets to the support desk and a FAQ page.


Pro Version is $39.95

Lite Version is $34.95

Upgrades: The prices vary depending on which promotion they are offering.

1) Additional Done For You Funnels (Gold) — $27 to $47 — these funnels have been created with products already integrated with the funnels. These funnels have images, sales copy, landing pages, and buy buttons already integrated into the funnels. You just need to add your PayPal details and you’re ready to drive traffic. These funnels have been tested as to conversion rates. Also includes some additional training.

2) Product Vault (Platinum) — $27 to $47 — they do the work for you to locate products with a good probability of selling. They access these products through sites such as Amazon, eBay, and Ali Express. All you do is copy and paste. Detailed information is provided as to niche, product name, source, type of funnel recommended to use with specific product, your price, recommended sales price, upsell products, profit potential, target audience for ads, and some additional research which can be helpful to your promotional efforts.

3) Monthly Funnel Club (Titanium) — $27 to $47 — you gain access to additional funnels on a monthly basis. New funnels are added each month. Also access to additional products added to their product vault.

4) Licensing Rights — $197 to $297 — obtain rights to sell this product. You are provided with email swipes to promote this as your own product. You get a series of traffic videos to assist you in promoting this product. There is also personal support through Facebook and Skype when you have questions.

5) Agency Rights — $197 to $297 — this allows you to market these services to clients where you actually create the eCommerce funnels for local businesses, Shopify store owners, and other online marketers. You determine how much you want to charge for this service.


1) The Shoulder Series: a video of the product creator going through the process of building an actual funnel. You can watch as he searches for products, and then implements his traffic system.

2) Private Facebook Support Group: communicate with other people in the eCommerce niche who are building out their funnels. This is an opportunity to share ideas and get your questions answered by folks who have already been through the process.

3) Live Master Training Session: get some training from a person who has created many successful online training systems.

Final Thoughts

I have mixed feeling about this product. If you have an interest in eCom this is definitely a tool which can save you some time and money. But like any other tool, it does take time to get proficient with it, and it is never as easy to get results as the sales page indicates.

A good feature of this product is that there are no monthly fees. You have a choice to upgrade on some offers, but the main product is a one time investment.

You can create your own template from scratch or use one of the preexisting templates. It’s entirely up to you.

This product has many advantages and is certainly helpful to an extent to those in the eCommerce niche. One of my reservations is the large amount of upgrades, which definitely offer some additional value, but at least some of these additional features could just as easily been included in the initial offering. The upgrades make this a very expensive product in my opinion.

I also have some reservations about cloud-based apps because most of them don’t work as well as they are promoted to function. I don’t like the idea of “push button profits” as it makes it sound easier than it is actually is, which is usually the case.

All in all I consider this a product with some value, but at the same time does not live up to all the hype and promotion on its sales page. There are better alternatives out there.

Final Conclusion About Average

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Where Is Lubec, Maine? — I’m Not Exactly Sure

Now here is a town which I have never heard of. Another interesting thing is that although I was born in Connecticut, Maine is the only New England state of which I have never been. So I am actually as interested as you to discover where is Lubec, Maine.  Fishing Port

Actually, It is located in Washington County and has a population of approximately 1300 folks. Being the most eastern town in the entire United States, it also is the closest location on the North American continent to Africa.

A Little History about this Town

This settlement was formed in the late 18th century, and because of its extensive coastline and proximity to Canada, it has developed a strong trade and fishing economy. When the herring processing industry was prominent here, the town was prosperous. But today it is seeking to recover economically through tourism and aquaculture. It has close ties with New Brunswick, Canada in terms of commerce and friendship.

In the early days the Passamaquoddy tribe inhabited the area. Later there were settlers from Nova Scotia called the Acadians, as well as many veterans of the American Revolution. The town was incorporated in 1811.

In the 1850’s the smoked herring business was thriving so much that it has been said that it employed every male over the age of ten (10). The demand for herring was that great.

Plaster and grist mills were powered by Lubec’s twenty (20) foot tides. This provided cheap power for any manufacturer. Because of all the activity in fishing, fish processing, farming, and shipping, the population of Lubec was three thousand (3000) in 1850.

The Civil Was interrupted all this prosperity, and after the war there was a gradual decline in the smoked herring industry. It took until 1900 for this industry to revive.

The sardine industry brought economic growth to the area with the first sardine factory established in North Lubec in 1880. In the following two (2) decades twenty-three (23) sardine factories were built. Child labor laws did not kick in until the 1930s, so prior to that kids were able to use sharp instruments and knives to gut and clean the fish. Children and women were paid by the piece and earned about three ($3.00) dollars per day. Wage and working conditions improved as the industry grew.

The economy declined during the Depression, but was reignited with the start of World War II in order to supply the Army and Navy with goods. The sardine industry took a hit after the war. There were only two (2) factories operating by 1976. Because of this the population declined.    Ocean view

Today tourism and aquaculture are the main industries in Lubec. Even with these economic challenges the residents are a tight group, and have come together to provide important assets such as the Regional Medical Center, school improvements, a community playground, and a public library.

Tourism attracts many because of the natural beauty of the area. There are also many recreational activities to be enjoyed here, so many folks have bought second homes in the area, started businesses, and set up residency. Lubec had its bicentennial anniversary in 2011. This has always been an area where you find hard-working people who are very resilient and adaptable to the changing times. They have met every challenge and adversity which has come their way.

A Few Basic Facts about Lubec

  • It is the home to Quoddy Head State Park
  • The median family income is $38,750
  • The median house price is $120,600
  • The phone area code is 207
  • The time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST) — America/New_York
  • On average temperatures range from 14 degrees F (-10 C) to 75 degrees F (23.8 C) throughout the year with lower temperatures in surrounding areas
  • Annual precipitation is 44.8 inches
  • The town is thirty-seven (37) square miles
  • Over ninety (90) miles of coastline
  • The town was settled in 1785 and incorporated in 1811

Things to Do in Lubec  Scenic beauty

There is actually a lot of fun stuff to do in this most easterly town in the United States. Although there is nothing fancy here, you will find adequate accommodations with a few restaurants, fishing wharves, and shops. There’s a special kind of ambiance and character to this area.

For one thing the views are vast, and over the bridge from Lubec is the island of Campobello which is a part of New Brunswick, Canada, but you still feel like you are in Maine.

An interesting place to visit is Campobello International Park. Actually, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and his family spent summers here. In fact, you can tour Roosevelt Cottage which has been well-preserved. It has eighteen (18) bedrooms and six (6) bathrooms. This park is jointly owned and maintained by Canada and the United States. There is a daily event called “Tea with Eleanor” where her 3 p.m. daily ritual is still observed. You get to enjoy homemade cookies with your tea while hearing stories of Eleanor’s life.

There is plenty to do outdoors in this region. Campobello Park is 2800 acres. Take a drive along the eight (8) miles of carriage roads where you will find many gorgeous views and overlooks. There are areas called Liberty Point and Sugar Loaf to check out. Also, a hike up to Friar’s Head provides a stunning view of Lubec across the bay.

At Campobello’s Herrying Cove Provincial Park you will find a campground, several trails, a mile-long beach as well as a nine-hole golf course.

Another interesting place to check out is West Quoddy Head Lighthouse. It looks like a candy cane with its red and white stripes. You can explore the museum in the visitor’s center while checking out the surrounding area. There are plenty of hiking trails and sights to be seen.

It’s like entering another world when you stroll through the evergreen bordered inlet of Head Harbour Wharf with its array of various types of fishing boats. There are numerous marine mammals in these waters.

A very cozy place to stay while visiting Lubec is The Inn on the Wharf, which incidentally is a former sardine cannery. All apartments and rooms are twenty-five (25) feet from the ocean overlooking Cobscook Bay and a working wharf. At their restaurant, called Fisherman’s Wharf, you can enjoy a brew with your steamed lobster.

Finally, no trip to Lubec would be complete without a visit to Monica’s Chocolates. Monica Elliott, the owner, is originally from Peru, and she has a certain zest and passion for life which is evidenced by her generosity in giving out free samples. You can also shop for jewelry and products made from alpaca (wool of the South American mammal).

A Certain Type of Vibe

Lubec does have a very different feel to it. There are numerous stories of people being drawn to this area not only for its down home atmosphere and natural beauty, but for more mystical reasons as well. One woman had a dream in which her seven (7) year old deceased daughter urged her to move to Lubec as that would be best for her grief recovery and healing.

Others believe that the tides have a magical quality which draws people to Lubec. But whatever the reason, Lubec certainly is an attractive destination. During this season of change, Lubec is experiencing a balancing act of accepting new arrivals as well as preserving its essence and character.

Although you will find the folks of Lubec a gracious lot, you will quickly discover that it pays to keep most opinions to yourself. Having grown up in New England I am very familiar with this state of mind.  People tend to be very parochial or set in their ways. Actually newcomers to Lubec are called (PFAs) or People From Away. It does take a while to acclimate and become accepted by the local crowd.

The average resident has many jobs just to get by. Fishing is a challenging profession around here with eight (8) fisherman not surviving a violent storm about ten (10) years ago, which destroyed many boats.

This is a close-knit community and folks go the extra mile to help each other out. Also the locals realize that tourism and PFAs need to be supported and encouraged, especially due to the decline of fisheries.

This is quite an enchanting place, and well worth a visit when you are anywhere close to this area. With its magical qualities you may just find yourself mesmerized and actually dreaming of what it would be like to live in this easternmost village.

As a sidenote, I will be in New England in October for a high school reunion, and it is on my itinerary to visit Maine and most defintiely Lubec.

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May you enjoy your travels both near and far,


Niche Reaper v3.0 Review….

Niche Reaper v3.0 Review Niche and Keyword Research

Name: Niche Reaper v3.0

Price: $147 One Time Investment
Owners: Easy Pro Marketing LLC — Matt Garrett and Simon Harries

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a tool which allow you to automate your keyword research, and more easily zone in on profitable niches. This software helps you to identify and qualify keywords in niches which have a high probability for profit. The first version of Niche Reaper came out in 2008.

You are also able to analyze the competition for SEO factors. With this research tool you can discover keywords in real time, as well as locate available domains for those specific keywords.

It digs up 25,000 buyer related keywords each day, and analyzes their potential for profit. This allows you to become aware of niches of which you may have never thought to investigate.

The goal of this software tool is to give you a way to obtain keywords and niches which are pre-researched with low competition, high traffic, and high commercial value. You are able to find niches where people are spending money.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:
1) Easy to use — no advanced technical skills needed

2) Web-based – no need to download software so it works on any platform

3) Saves time in researching keywords and niches

4) Locates hard to find high profit niches

5) Allows you to spend more time on generating traffic and creating more web properties

6) Money Back Guarantee — Thirty Days

7) Updates automatically added at no cost

The Not So Good:
1) There are no obvious drawbacks to this software program which I could discover while using it

Who is Niche Reaper v3.0 For?

This product can be used by internet marketers of all kinds whether your are into affiliate marketing, eCommerce, Amazon sales, content marketers and bloggers, video marketers, domain and website flippers, list builders, SEO marketers, niche marketers, and social media marketers.

Tools & Training

Complete training on how the software works and access to a database of in excess of two million (2,000,000) buyer keywords. All updates are automatically added to the software at not cost.

Three (3) Step Process to generate desired keywords:

1) Create your online account and receive your login details

2) Set up search parameters in order to discover trending niches in different markets

3) Export your buyer keywords to CSV for use on your campaigns

Here are the catefories of data which are generated for each specific search:

  • Monthly Adsense Revenue — determines an estimate of the revenue that can be generated from Google Adsense with a page one (1) ranking.
  • Commercial Intent — the number of buyers in that specific niche.
  • Monthly Search Volume — locates keywords with more than a thousand (1000) monthly searches.
  • Cost Per Click (CPC) — this indicates what it costs to bid on this specific keyword on Google. A high CPC indicates money is being made in that niche.
  • Domain Availability (Facebook, .com, .net) — this indicates if this specific domain is available and if a Facebook page with this keyword is available on an exact match basis.
  • Average Backlinks for Page One (1) Competition — this gives you a good idea of how many backlinks you need to build to get on page one (1) based on the average number of backlinks of your competition.
  • Videos found on page one (1) — since ranking videos is quicker than ranking websites it’s good to know how many video results are on page one (1) of Google for that specific keyword.
  • Social Signals — here you see that average number of likes, tweets, etc. of your competition on page one (1) so you can determine the level of your competition.
  • Average on-page SEO strength — for the sites ranking on page one (1) this indicates the strength of their on-page SEO by analyzing keyword optimization of the headlines, page titles, images etc. to determine how well optimized these sites are.

After obtaining this data you then choose a few niches which you find interesting and do some in-depth analysis. The “Filter” feature allows you to narrow down your search to the keywords within your personal preferences. Then you can look at your top ten (10) competitors within that niche so you know exactly who your main competition is, and analyze their data in terms of backlinks, social signals, etc. (Ideally you are looking for inner pages which are ranking with low social signal and backlink counts. Sites which have their home pages ranked are stiffer competition).

Once you locate these niches and their associated keywords, it is time to build out and promote by setting up a blog, Facebook pages targeting these keywords, or create some pages on Weebly, Hubpages, or Squidoo to test the niche and keywords first. Then create some content and promote on social media sites and do some back linking as well.

At this point it is wise to build an email list in order to position yourself for recurring income. It helps to create review content around specific products and services within your niche as this will help you to build up your list.


Email ticket support available as well as a Knowledge Base which includes articles and a Word Press Toolkit.


$147 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts

I actually purchased an earlier version of this product a few years ago, and I found it very helpful. Because of my current projects at that time, I did not use it as consistently as I could have, but I did find it useful.

Since this software identifies the most profitable niches within different categories, you save time by only spending time  analyzing those niches with good profit potential. In addition to saving a lot of research time, you are also able to analyze the vital details of your competitors’ websites.

This software is based on advanced algorithms and paid search metrics which are built in.

Since research is so critical to a successful online business, this product most definitely saves you substantial time and energy. This helps you identify market opportunities while they are still trending and worth considering.

Final Conclusion  Good Rating

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May you enjoy your Success,


Products Baby Boomers Want

Baby Boomers are spending significant amounts of money everyday. Even though the Boomers are currently outnumbered by the millennials, the Baby Boomer crowd of approximately 75 million control the majority of the disposable income [about seventy (70%) percent].  Now let’s do a little digging and find out the products baby boomers want. Senior Shoppers

This group of folks, ranging from their 50’s to 70’s, also have or are about to inherit some significant amount of bucks as well.  Plus, many of these folks rather spend it now on pleasurable things as well as supporting their family and investing in their family’s future.  Many in this generation have the attitude of enjoying life while we are here, which includes taking care of family now and into the future.

So Where Is This Money Going?

For sure a good amount of this disposable income is going for travel.  I have a friend with whom I previously worked in the mental health area, and since she retired she has been constantly on the road visiting family and taking international trips to many exotic locations.  She is not shy about enjoying herself after a lifetime of dedicated service.

Actually Baby Boomers as a group spend in excess of one hundred and twenty billion dollars ($125 B) each year on traveling about the world.  Many have saved their entire lives to travel to their dream destinations.

Another area where much money is being spent is healthcare. Whether it is for medical care, prescription drugs, alternative treatments, natural remedies, or exercise devices or gym memberships, a significant amount of money is being directed to this area.

Baby Boomers love their pets.  They spend an estimated forty-five (45%) percent of all pet spending in the United States.  Due to this, many retail stores are expanding their pet offerings, and many online businesses, both large and small, are finding this to be a profitable niche.

Compared to any other age group, the Boomers spend more on home repairs and improvements.  When retired there is much more time spent around the house, and available for this type of stuff.

About forty (40%) percent of the Baby Boomers are currently spending more on satellite and cable television.  Not my preferred form of entertainment, although I do enjoy watching some sports and old flics on Roku.  Overall, many of this generation are more interested in staying fit, active, and traveling about.  Traveling

Fun Stuff to Do

Many iin the Baby Boomer age group have postponed many things until they retired, and a large proportion of these folks are determined to make this time count.  Whether it is a new hobby, creating a fun business, traveling here or there, or spending some quality time with their family, Baby Boomers are interested in adventure and fun.

In order to have the time to spend in areas of choice, the Boomers desire products and services which saves time and provvide convenience.  Spending time at home needs to be a pleasurable experience, so household items and entertainment products are high on their list, as well as cosmetics and anti-aging products to look and feel good.

Hobbies are also important whether it is gardening, crocheting/knitting, golf, tennis, or anything else which suits your fancy. Since travel is an important area for this group, any type of travel product or service which makes the trip more easy and convenient is most welcome.  Over one hundred and twenty billion dollars ($120 B) is spent by Baby Boomers on leisure travel.

How the Boomers Rate Some Products and Services

Contrary to what you may think, many companies are not aware of the buying habits of Baby Boomers.  They are so focused on finding ways into the Millennial market, that they ignore a virtual goldmine right in front of them.  Many Millennials don’t spend much in a lot of areas because of long-term debt.  So much of these big companies’ time would be much better spent wooing the Baby Boomer market.

But there defintiely are some companies who understand the value of this market.

Some companies like McCormick (specialize in spices) understand and cater to this group, so their approval rating is highest among this generation.  Reese’s peanut butter cups also rank high amongst the Boomers.

Other products and companies which get a high rating are WD-40, Johnson & Johnson (Band Aids), M&M’s, Clorox, Kleenex, Hershey’s Kisses, Ziploc, Planters, Betty Crocker, Windex, Chiquita bananas, Quaker, and Dawn.

It most defintiely pay dividents for companies large and small to recognize the importance of this segment of the market.  Otherwise, many of these companies will be leaving a significant amount of money on the table.

Recognizing Buying Habits  Baby Boomers

It is important for businesses to recognize the buying habits of this generation not only to capitalize on the profit, but to bring the greatest value to this group of folks.  As a result many businesses are becoming Baby Boomer Friendly.  More marketing is targeted specifically to this group. Just check out recent Super Bowl commercials.

Many ski resorts are catering to the senior crowd by retrofitting their facilities.  Many businesses are jumping on board this trend.  Family is extremely important to the Boomer crowd, so any products and services which cater to family relationships are a high priority.

Financial institutions are creating pension plans and retirement products which Boomers can pay into for their family members, and in the caregiving area there are now innovative personal communication systems which enable Boomers and their parents to stay in touch.

Obviously not all companies’s products and services fit within the needs and deisres of this specific market, but for those that do it is wise to pay attention and adapt accordingly.  This demographic definitely deserves the attention of many more businesses who may be ignoring or totally unaware of this potential.

A Significant Market to Serve

Just with this brief discussion of the products and services needed and desired by the Baby Boomer demographic, it is easy to see that small and large companies have a profitable niche to address.  The sheer size of this market should get any business’s attention.

Since many Baby Boomers are not even retired, and still at the peak of their earning years, there is much discretionary income to be spent.  It is important \to recognize the specific attitudes and beliefs of this segment of the population.

For anyone is the Baby Boomer age range, let me know what you think is important in terms of products and services.  There may be things available right now of which you are not aware.


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Have fun on your next shopping spree,


Living With The Uncertainty — Without Freaking Out

As most of us have probably figured out by now, there are no guarantees in life. No matter how much we may desire for things to stay the same, change is inevitable. Living with the uncertainty of life on a day-to-day basis is a challenge for many of us.Uncertainty

What is not so obvious is the treasure which can be mined or discovered within this mountain of stress, doubt, frustration, and fear. Meeting this challenge head on, brings so many rewards and benefits which are not visible without taking the plunge into the unknown.

Conditioned to Fail

The majority of people on the planet have been conditioned to fail. When we land here and open our eyes, we have no idea of what we are in for. Dependent on circumstances, we may thrive in our early years and be well-prepared for adulthood. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the majority of us. Our parents did not receive a manual of how to best prepare us for life when we were born.

Friends, family, the educational system, government interventions, religion, and other outside factors also have done their best to beat us down into conforming with the “way things are”. A few of us were able to bypass some of this and emerge relatively unfazed by this conditioning, and then were able to move forward in life with confidence and determination.

But for those of us which were not so fortunate were left with a mighty challenge on our hands, especially if it was our intention to succeed and make a difference in our lives and in the lives of others. Many times we were not even aware of our predicament until we had some “aha” moment which turned on the lights.

One thing I desire to make perfectly clear right now is that none of this is our fault, but it most certainly is our responsibility. Without owning up to where things stand, we have zero chance of making any significant changes in the direction we wish to go.

So just because we have been programmed to fail by many well-meaning, as well as not so well-meaning, folks and organizations throughout our lives, we now have the opportunity to change things up a bit. And the interesting thing about this is that in order to do this, we must embrace and live with the uncertainly which we most ernestly resist.

No Need to Freak Out Acceptance and Surrender

When we eventually jump in and deal with the uncertainty without resisting or running away, we discover that everything is okay. Actually, uncertainty about how things play out in different areas of our lives is what keeps things interesting and adds some spice to our journey.

The key here is that we do not need to have all the answers, and know exactly how to do this or that to meet any challenge or situation confronting us. When we allow things to be, we create the space for the answers to arrive. We do not have the energy of our resistance keeping our solutions and answers away. We stop fighting ourselves and others, and life begins to flow.

When we are in this state of mind and presence, we are able to stay focused on what is in front of ourselves to handle in the moment. Answers to our requests arrive as need be and not before. So many times in the past when we did not get an answer (we really did but did not recognize it for what it was), it was because of the wall of resistance which we constructed to keep it from us.

Uncertainty is our friend. There is no need to panic and freak out about how we are going to handle any problem or challenge. Even in extreme circumstances, we can only do our best given our current situation. When we do our best at all times, we never have any regrets about giving up or seeing things as hopeless.

There is Always a Solution

With the proper mindset we know that there is always a solution no matter what are problems happen to be. Sometimes that solution is to just surrender and allow things to be as they are. We stop fighting our circumstances and allow things to play out.

When we are in this state of mind we are open to intuitive insights, which will guide us along the way as long as we are listening, and not getting caught up in the current drama. It is what it is, and we only can do our best by trusting our inner self to provide the way.

In business for example, we are anxious at times to make things work, that we get in our own way. When we are not patient, we jump in and try to make things happen, instead of letting things happen. It’s the difference of being in our out of the flow of life.

Solutions are always there, and will appear in the right way and at the right time. We are the only ones that can stop them from arriving by our fears and doubts.

By staying focused only on our desired results and outcomes, we put ourselves way ahead of the field in any area of endeavor which we are pursuing. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, and do not get caught up with the day-to-day details which will naturally be taken care of. Solutions

In other words, we allow the solutions to appear at their own designated time. We don’t give up just before we were going to arrive at our destination, because we know we will arrive. Uncertainty can be a trap for us if we do not befriend it.

Ironically, it is this uncertainly which powers us through in order to discover what we need to know to accomplish our goals and objectives. When we learn that uncertainly is our friend, life becomes a much more enjoyable journey.

A Whole New Ballgame

When we accept oour uncertainty, we can then surrender to our present circumstances. We have now positioned ourselves in a way where we cannot fail. Whatever happens is for the best. We see things differently and experience the joy and excitement of the moment. Existence takes on a new way of Being. We are happy to be alive.

This becomes a whole new ballgame where we are not playing to win or lose, but just to enjoy the game. We are able to win or lose with the same level of enthusiasm for life. It’s living that matters, and we allow all the good stuff to just fall into place.

None of this is possible when we are so caught up with the stray distractions and dramas of life, and give them unnecessary meaning. Instead of dealing with our problems and challenges, we freak out about them, and in some cases make things worse. In any event, we are not handling things productively.

Let’s make a commitment to let go and choose to enjoy the challenges of life, and the uncertainty which life brings. Life is too short to freak out about all of this. When we open up a bit and allow this to occur, we discover an interesting fact. The uncertainty which we spent so much time resisting, has actually provided us with the Certainty which we were seeking. Our outcome has become certain, because of the adventure which our uncertainty has provided.

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Be Always open to what is Possible,


What Is In Panama? — Let’s Find Out

Over the past few months I have written about a few places around the world that you may find interesting to visit, live, or retire. Panama There really are many beautiful spots from which to choose depending on your preferences concerning cities, villages, mountains, beaches, lifestyle, safety and affordability. In this article let’s find out what is in Panama which may also be an attractive option.

In fact, what makes Panama a suitable alternative for people is a question currently being asked by the President of Panama, who desires to attract more business people. He desires to know how to make Panama more competitive with other possible locations. But in reality, Panama is competitive already.

So What’s in Panama Which is So Interesting?

Well to begin with, Panama offers many attractive residency and citizenship options. It has a Friendly Nation’s Visa Program which has a list of fifty (50) countries where a person can obtain residency and a work permit. All this requires is to either buy real estate, set-up a Panama corporation, or show a job offer.

For those not on the “friendly” list of countries, residency can also be accomplished by a real estate investment. The minimum investment is $300,000 USD. On the list of fifty (50) countries there is no minimum investment requirement.

Since there is a big demand for these options in Panama, it does take longer than in some other countries to move through this investment process. It also costs more for government and attorney fees. Since certain documents require to be signed off by an attorney, they will not provide these signatures without you retaining them for the entire residency process.

Since a good, qualified attorney makes this entire process more easy and efficient, it is good to use one in any country you are desiring to move and gain residency. You definitely want someone who understands the ropes in this location to handle these type of affairs, plus they speak the local language. City Life

In some countries where the process is much easier, like Colombia, it is possible to download the documents off of the country’s embassy website and do it yourself. Not so in Panama, as things are a bit more complicated.

The main challenge in Panama is the volume of applications which they receive. This results from people relocating for employment and retirement options, as well as immigrants from Venezuela and Colombia. Many young people who come for residency and a work permit only stay for a couple of years. These are people using the country’s Friendly Nations program to travel about and gain new experiences.

But the country is by no means overflowing with people. It is most definitely moving in the direction of a First World Country. Although other countries in the region compete for tourism and retirement destinations, they don’t have any viable competition in the area of business investment.

But Panama definitely needs to put some effort in cleaning up the corruption which exists in the business arena. Many banks from other countries still will not deal with businesses here because of the Panama Papers scandal of a few years ago. So they do need to go a ways to clean things up in order to gain First World status.

Some Basic Facts About Panama

  • It is an isthmus between Central and South America
  • It links the Pacific and Atlantic oceans
  • Its capital is Panama City which has a rain forest within its city limits
  • Population about 4.1 million
  • The President of Panama is Juan Carlos Varela
  • Gained independence from Spain in 1821
  • Gained complete independence on November 3, 1903 with assistance from the United States Panama Canal
  • The US Army Corps of Engineers constructed the Panama Canal between 1904 and 1914
  • Panama assumed full control of the Canal from the United States in 1999
  • The canal stretches fifty (50) miles) from Colon on the Atlantic side to Panama City on the Pacific side
  • The Panama railroad which opened in 1855, and runs alongside the Canal, is the oldest continually operating railroad in the world
  • The Canal contributes $1 billion to Panama’s economy each year
  • Due to its southern location they experience few hurricanes
  • There are over 1500 islands in Panama
  • The highest elevation is at the summit of Volcan Baru at 11,401 ft.
  • Home to species native to both South and North America, Panama has the most diverse wildlife in Central America
  • In addition to 10,000 different plant species, there are over 1200 varieties of orchids
  • The most popular sport is baseball
  • The official currency is the US Dollar
  • The national currency is the Balboa
  • Agriculture is a large sector of the economy (bananas, coffee, cocoa beans, beef, timber, coconuts, corn, shrimp, chicken, sugar cane, soybeans, rice, and potatoes) — 7.4% of GDP
  • The well known Panama hat is actually made in Ecuador
  • The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute was established in Panama in 1910
  • Edward Murphy, Jr., the inventor of Murphy’s Law, was born here
  • The Harpy Eagle is the national bird
  • Has more bird species than the entire United States
  • The first country outside of the USA to sell Coca Cola
  • The most popular food is fried plantain cakes (patacones de patano), chicken stew (sancocho), tamales, and ceviche (marinated raw fish).
  • The national alcoholic drink is seco which is distilled from sugar cane and often mixed with milk (very popular in the rural areas). Beer overall is the preferred beverage of choice.

If You Enjoy the Beach Life Beaches in Panama

About an hour outside of Panama City is the City Beaches, which is a string of resorts and developments. There are numerous restaurants, department stores, strip malls, hotels, and resorts. With a large amount of expats here, there is no need to know the Spanish language. It is a bit crowded though in this area.

Beyond these city beaches on the Pacific coast, you will discover many undeveloped areas to enjoy and explore. Here you will gain a more authentic Panamanian experience. The surfers will lead you to the best beaches along the coast. Ask any surfer and you will discover many beautiful and less populated shores.

Very few tourists inhabit Morrillo Beach. Travel down the Pan American Highway past the City Beaches just past the town of Santiago. Although the eastern coast of the Azuero Peninsula (Chitré, Las Tablas, and Pedasí) is more well established, its western coast is just beginning to develop. But there is affordable beach living on either side.

Since the western coast is more mountainous, it provides ocean views in all directions. Cerro Hoya National Park is in the area, so you are completely surrounded by nature. There are capuchins, howler monkeys, sea turtles, as well as dolphins and whales.

Most of the small towns in this area (Mariato, Malena, Morrillo Beach, Torio, and Quebro) are sparsely populated. In Torio an expat community of about three hundred (300) retirees has emerged, and there are now guesthouses, restaurants, and bars. Development is now increasing in this area.

In fact, in a country where education is lacking, the Mariato District (province of Veraguas) just got a new school serving a thousand (1000) students. The government is attempting to make education a priority.

Not a Bad Place to Check Out Wildlife in Panama

Panama is an interesting place whether you are looking for a vacation spot, or planning to relocate or retire. It has an intriguing history from its days as a Spanish colony as well as during the construction of the Panama Canal. With its great shopping spots and gorgeous beaches, it is most definitely a destination target for many.

With its above average healthcare, affordable costs, and beautiful beaches, many retirees find a home here. Panama was the first country to adopt the US dollar as its official currency.

In many areas of the country, especially in the areas inhabited by expats, you can get by without speaking Spanish. The country offers first world amenities and a solid infrastructure. There are parts of Panama where you can live for about $1000 USD. There are lots of friendly locals and beautiful scenery.

Panama’s climate is tropical maritime. May through December is rainy, hot and humid, and the dry season is January through May. These are the only two (2) distinct seasons, but regardless of the elevation, temperatures don’t vary by more than twenty (20) degrees.

In the remote areas you can get a home near the beach for around $60,000 USD. Of course, there are the upscale areas as well if that is your preference. Homes in other areas range between $100,000 to $150,000 USD. Depending on the area, rents range from $300 to $1500 USD per month. With reliable power, high-speed internet, and water drinkable from the tap, you are not missing much from any other place in the world.

Even with its flaws, the government in Panama is stable while supporting business, civil liberties, and foreign-friendly laws. No other country in this region has this type of track record.

Although a small country, it is quite diverse with its beaches, mountains, and cities. There is plenty of surfing, scuba diving, and fishing. And the healthcare is some of the best in Latin America. This just may be one destination you will want to put on your travel plans. So go check it out and see for yourself what is in Panama.

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Happy travels,


Allowing Ourselves To Succeed

There are so many ways which we sabotage ourselves in the process of pursuing our dreams. It is so very true that we are our own worst enemy. We don’t have to worry about any outside factors, as we do a good enough job ourselves of preventing our success. Why is allowing ourselves to succeed so difficult? Allowing Success

It seems we find it easier to find ways to block our progress, than we do to move forward with abandon toward our goals, “knowing” it is just a matter of time for things to play out in our favor.

Turning Simplicity into Complexity

When we want to achieve something, it is a rather simple process. Decide what we want, plan out a way to get there, be grateful for our progress, be flexible and adapt as necessary in making changes, and arrive at our destination.

Why is this any different from planning a vacation or business trip by getting our proverbial ducks in order as in packing, making reservations for flights and lodging, figuring out what time to leave, and anything else we might need to do to get where we want to go? This is a simple process which we have probably done numerous times over our lifetime with a good amount of success.

Although some people find traveling a bit stressful, this did not stop them from moving through this process of arriving at their destination. It was not difficult to visualize what needed to be done in order to get our desired result. Why is it so different when we are striving for success?

One thing is that any doubt and fear which arises, which didn’t stop us in our travel plans, somehow gets amplified to such a degree that it paralyzes our efforts in constructively moving forward toward our dreams and goals. But in a strange way, we have actually succeeded even with this, as we have taken a simple process and made it extremely complex. That in itself takes a bit of creative effort.

Redirecting That Energy Redirecting Energy

All that energy which was used to block our progress, can be redirected to move us consistently to whatever goals and dreams we have set forth for ourselves to achieve. With a little bit of awareness and presence, we can simplify what previously was made so difficult.

First we need to realize that all our power exists in the present moment where our choices are made. Then we can expand our awareness of where we are, what our thoughts and assumptions are toward success, and make any changes in those areas before implementing our plan to arrive at our goals.

When we set a goal, one of two things occurs. The first, we achieve it and we then can be grateful and say “thank you”. Secondly, we do not achieve it, and we then wonder why. Without blaming others or outside circumstances, we can look within and ask if this was what we really desired, do we need to give it more time for it to arrive in just the right way, or do we need to change things up a bit.

It is critical to be honest with ourselves, and acknowledge any fears we have about this, or any mistakes we have made in the process. This will allow us to redirect our energy in a way which will produce the results we are after.

Creating a Feasible Plan

When we are clear on what is holding us back, we can directly address it, and simplify the process of goal attainment greatly. We move forward knowing we will succeed at the right time and in the right way.

Just like planning a trip, we put the pieces of our plan into place (subject to change of course), see it clearing in our mind, and release any doubt of getting there. In breaking it down into doable steps, we ensure we are progressing on a consistent basis.

We just concentrate on the step which is in front of us before moving on. We may not even be totally clear what the next step is as things can change along the way, but once we accomplish that prior step, it will be utterly obvious what the next step is. This is how we Trust Ourselves to Succeed.

To get the hang of this, it helps to do a training run on some smaller goals you want, and observe how it all plays out. Then when you address your more ambitious goals, you will have the knowingness and confidence that this works.

Doing this not only simplifies the process, but puts your plans into effect effortlessly with much less apprehension and stress. Doubts, which previously got in the way, naturally dissolve as you see concrete results transpiring. With a feasible plan in hand, you will most willingly allow yourself to succeed.

Waking Up to Who We Are

Many of us spend more time with outside activities than spending a little bit of time in getting acquainted with ourselves. When we were young, we had a much clearer picture of ourselves in terms of our likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses, and how to remain present and enjoy what is right in front of us.

There was much less noise in our heads, which gets in the way of clear thinking. When we think clearly, minus the false data picked up along the way, we make good decisions based on what is best for ourselves and others. This is how we are truly of value to others by our beingness. Becoming Authentic

Our beingness in then expressed in ways which are aligned with our natural abilities and gifts, and this in itself makes life effortless and enjoyable. We get to the point of welcoming challenges which enable us to test ourselves in order to become stronger and more proficient.

Once we wake ourselves up, see who we really are, we will never settle for less again. We are no longer afraid to express our power, since we will channel it in constructive ways for the benefit of all. We don’t shortchange ourselves, or others, by pretending to be someone we are not. Fear really does make us do silly things, and think in silly ways.

Being Authentic

This whole process of allowing ourselves to succeed is about being authentic. When we are our true selves we don’t get in our own way, and we don’t blame others or outside circumstances for any failures or mishaps. We own what happens to us, so that we can then make appropriate changes as needed.

And most importantly, we contribute in ways that is most valuable to others, as we are expressing our true talents and abilities. We understand that success occurs whenever we make progress. The size of the success does not matter; it is the consistent progression in the direction of our goals, which is made up of many small wins.

When we are authentic we know our destination, and we go there. Our actions are aligned with our intentions. We eliminate all stray distractions which used to previously get in our way, because we gave them attention and value. Instead, everything around us is used to validate our improvements. We see things differently when we are being our true and authentic selves.

When we change our viewpoint, we change our lives. We see the good in others, and ignore the bad. We know our intentions make sense because they produce the results we desire. Instead of spending ninety-nine (99%) percent of our time preventing problems, we spend that time creating solutions and getting results.

Being authentic allows us to use our full potential. There is no holding back or playing safe. We understand how we give value to incidents in our lives, whether good or bad, and how we are in control of our thoughts and viewpoint. In order to help others, we understand we must be authentic and help ourselves first.

Allowing ourselves to succeed is not all that complicated at all. In fact, it is much simpler than spending the majority of our time being distracted by stray occurrences, which really don’t deserve our attention. When we value ourselves and others in our lives properly, we move forward with abandon, and with the intention of allowing ourselves to succeed.

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May you experience all the Success you truly Desire,


Baby Boomer Dating – Some Things To Be Aware Of

There are those folks who are in the baby boomer category (born between 1946 and 1964) who find themselves not in any romantic relationship for whatever reason. Thirty-three (33%) percent of baby boomers are single. Because of this niche, many online sites and services have sprung up to address this baby boomer dating niche. Baby Boomer Dating

As with any other type of dating services regardless of one’s stage of life, it is important to do your research, take a few precautions, and understand exactly what is going on. So let’s review a few tips to consider before entering the dating arena.

The Online Mystique

For people in the baby boomer category, dating consisted mostly of meeting people at school, social functions, clubs and bars, as well as through family and friends. There were no online options back in the day. Since this is new water to tread, it’s good to get familiar with the environment.  There are definitely a few sharks in these waters.

Research has shown that the numbers of baby boomers entering the dating game are increasing at a rapid pace. This may be because of divorce, separation, or a deceased spouse. There may be a long gap of many years since this transpired, so this whole process can be overwhelming and nerve-racking. But since we as human beings crave companionship, we are willing to take the leap.Online Dating

When younger it was easier to meet people at work, clubs, and bars, but as we age our options tend to narrow. That is why so many boomers have entered the online world of dating. Many have found this to be a very productive and fun way to meet new people.

At the same time, it is important to locate a trustworthy and reliable online dating service. And once registered, it is imperative to be specific about the type of person you desire.

For those who only want to initially dip their toe into the deep end of the online dating game, there are group dating clubs available as well. You get together with like-minded people for various activities of interest such as painting, cooking, fishing, pottery, chess, golf, tennis, bird watching, poetry readings, and other types of gatherings where you mix and get to know each other a bit better. You make friends in a group setting and go at your own pace.

Staying Safe

In this crazy world of ours it is important to stay on your game and put safety first, whether meeting someone online or at the local pub or dress shop. Unfortunately people are not always who they portray themselves to be.

I have spent some time in Asia where there are various services to attract seniors to meet locals for dating and marriage. While there are legitimate firms which provide valid dating services, there are many con artists as well. Many of these inscrutable people are very convincing and believable, and are not shy at all about taking advantage of foreigners with a few bucks in their pockets.

They are much more interested in your money and property than your companionship, so they are full of false promises. Especially if contemplating any type of long-term commitment, it is very wise to do some thorough investigating and obtaining a background check.

Your Time is Valuable

Life is short so it’s important not to waste time with trying to make this dating process work. Trust your intuition and have fun with this process. If you feel something is off with a potential match just move on.

Many of these web sites are fun for socializing, as well as finding people to engage in enjoyable activities including travel. It’s important to have fun with this, and not take this too seriously. If you find yourself getting a bit intense with the process, take a break and just let others approach you off of your profile.

Whatever your parameters are in finding a suitable companion do not deviate and settle for less. Be true to yourself and don’t waste time with people who do not fall within your parameters. Be as choosy as you would like to be as this is your life, and you want your time invested well.

Health and Wellness in a Happy Relationship

When we are happy and surrounded by people whom we like and trust, we feel good. Happy relationships lead to wellness and health. Living from our heart allows us to express our true essence and function at optimal levels. Happy Relationships

Because of this it is critical to be very selective with whom we spend our time. There are a lot of very good single men and women who use online dating, because they simply don’t know where to go or what to do to find a fulfilling relationship with a person with whom they can enjoy spending time.

For the longest time I thought all these online dating sites and personal ads were useless and only for desperate people. Now twelve and a half (12 1/2) years later I am still with the love of my life whom I met on an online site, and it took less than ninety (90) days. In fact I think we corresponded after only thirty (30) days, and met face-to-face a month or two later.

So from personal experience I can tell you that you can meet that special person for whom you are looking, but there are some things of which to be aware. In order to avoid turning your online experience into another version of the bar scene, here are a few ideas to consider.

It’s important to gather the correct knowledge and skills about the dating game, and have the right mindset going in. With these you greatly increase your odds in finding an appropriate person online.

One thing to consider is to create in your mind, and even on paper/word document if you prefer, a detailed description of your ideal mate. You need to know what you want to get what you want. Otherwise you will waste your valuable time chasing after false images. Define the qualities and characteristics in a person which are important to you, so that you will recognize the person who is right for you.

The next point relates back to the safety factor in that it is important to screen people thoroughly. With online dating you are presented with plenty of information to review. Their profile as well as how they interact online and on the phone will provide plenty of clues to discern if they are being authentic, or just trying to play you. When you take the time to do this, folks who misrepresent themselves and are lying will provide plenty of red flags which you will be obvious.

Don’t ignore any red flags because you are enamored by the person. You will be doing yourself a disservice and setting yourself up for much hardship in the long run. When you get real good at screening folks online, the dating game becomes a fun activity.

Finally, as I mentioned before it pays to be choosy. Don’t be afraid to say “next”. Your time and energy is too valuable to waste on people who are not a right fit. This becomes easier when you have a clear picture of the type of person for whom you are looking. Spend your time looking for the right person, and not wasting it on the wrong ones. Just like sales, online dating is a numbers game.

Have Fun and Enjoy the Process

As a baby boomer online dating may or may not be something you wish to pursue. But as there are more and more boomers who are jumping online to find their mates, I look forward that this article provides some insights for those who choose this avenue.

As my motto has been for many years, “if it isn’t fun, don’t do it”, this also applies to the online dating scene. If you are not going to enjoy this way of meeting people, don’t do it. But if you may be interested in other ways of expanding your social circle, this can be a viable alternative given the precautions and tips mentioned above.

No matter what our age, it can be a challenge meeting new people with whom to develop various types of relationships. As we age the social scene can seem even more challenging. I look forwar that if you do choose online dating that you have a very fun and worthwhile experience.

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Enjoy the Process,