MailZingo Pro Plan Review

MailZingo Pro Plan Review

MailZingo Pro Plan Review MailZingo Pro Plan Review - email marketing

Name: MailZingo Pro Pan

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Price: $69 which is a One Time Investment
Owner: Dr. Amit Pareek
Overall Rank: 40 out of 100

Product Overview

This is an email marketing automation piece of software which is web-based and self-hosted. It is designed to improve email delivery, as well as increase opt-in and open rates while reducing bounce rates. It is promoted as an All-in-One self-hosted web based email marketing software.

It is basically a promotional tool to enhance your email marketing efforts. Set up as an All-in-One platform, it puts your marketing efforts on autopilot. As a marketing automation tool, it does have quite a few features, as well as being affordably priced.

You can send an unlimited number of emails, follow up automatically, and then track your results on a real time basis. This allows you to determine which of your campaigns are doing well, so that you can then focus your efforts on those, or make adjustments to the others.

Dr. Amit Pareek and his developers have sold a good amount of their previous products. A few of his prior products include WP SociXplode, Vidfly, WP Notify Wizard 2.0, InstaConsultant 2.0, FB Ads Biz in a Box, BigWigVideo, SEO Firesale, 2 Cent Traffic System, Exquisite Consultant Toolkit, and a few others.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Fully automated
  2. No monthly fee (One Time Investment)
  3. Step-by-step training
  4. Increase open and delivery rates
  5. Import unlimited amount of subscribers without restrictions
  6. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee

The Not So Good:

  1. Requires some basic technical skills as you have to configure your own STMP settings
  2. There are upgrades
  3. Some people have had a challenge with getting their money back promptly on the Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  4. Really need to upgrade to get the full impact of this system
  5. Product effectiveness more limited than what sales page leads you to believe

Who is the MailZingo Pro Plan For?

Internet marketing professionals or business owners who want to increase their results through email marketing.

Tools & Training

Three Step Process:

1) Upload your subscribers and set up a campaign

2) Send Out your Emails – can send unlimited emails to your subscribers

3) Monitor your Results from each campaign

Video Training is provided for each feature.


  • Import unlimited subscribers
  • The ability to schedule when you desire to send your emails out or send them out immediately
  • Use your own SMTP service by configuring your SMTP settings
  • Lead form is built within the system
  • Boost email delivery, click and open rates
  • Monitor your campaigns by tracking your open and click rates
  • Reduces bounce rate — automatically removes bounced and spam emails to keep your list clean
  • Text and Inline Editor provided to create emails — Create text or HTML emails
  • Integrates with most SMTP servers such as SendGrid and Amazon SES
  • Built-in SMTP is available — system sets up a SMTP on your host server
  • Can SPAM compliant
  • One-click unsubscribe feature
  • Ability to Manage Subscribers — locate, filter, and clean lists
  • You are able to Personalize your Emails in order to increase open rates
  • Create and send newsletter to your subscribers in order to build trust and establish long-term business

Here is a Video which briefly takes you through the Process:


24/7 support is provided with the link below which provides a KnowledgeBase and Support Tickets:


Pro Plan — $69 is a One Time Investment — Unlimited Campaigns per Month

Scale Plan — $47 is a One Time Investment — One Thousand (1000) campaigns per month

Starter Plan — $17 is a One Time Investment — One Hundred (100) campaigns per month


MailZingo Elite — $77 is a One Time Investment — additional features included

MailZingo Enterprise — $97 is a One Time Investment — even more features

Reseller Rights — $97 is a One Time Investment — this allows you to sell the product

Final Thoughts

Email marketing is definitely a good way to bring in revenue once you have created a good sized list. Recent data shows a 4,300 % return on investment with the use of email marketing with businesses around the world, with three (3) times the conversion rate of social media. When you have a good list there is definitely profit there.

That being said, it does depend on the quality of your list. This tool will only be effective when you are sending emails to a high quality list. It automates the process and saves you time. Also, you will save twenty (20%) to thirty (30%) of your leads when importing them, as you don’t have to deal with the double optin process of your more standard autoresponders.

This is a self-hosted email marketing platform which gives you more control over your email marketing process than dealing with third (3rd) party providers. According to the developers, once you get it set up you are good to go in managing your own platform.

Again this is just a tool to enhance your marketing efforts. It is not for everyone. Again, I am not a fan of upgrades. If you have a good product, include all the features and sell it at a fair price. That’s just the way I feel about it.

Also, there have been some users who have found the platform quite limiting with the top front-end option, which is the Pro version. Some folks have found it necessary to upgrade to at least the Elite version to get any decent functionality out of the software. As a result of this and some other limitations, there have been quite a few refund requests. Some people have found it hard to get a refund as well.

On the other hand, there have been people who have found this product useful. It all depends on your specific needs as to how well this software will assist your marketing efforts. Do keep in mind there are a lot of choices out there as to email marketing software options.

Even though I do find some value in this product, given the upgrades and some of the complaints, I cannot recommend this product wholeheartedly. Before purchasing, take the time to do some extensive research so that you have a very good understanding of its pros and cons, and how they relate to your specific situation.

Final Conclusion Mail Zingo Pro Plan Review

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MailZingo Pro Plan Review - Online Marketing

Stress Free Retirement Living

Stress Free Retirement Living

This article on stress free retirement living applies to People of All Ages. The reason for this is that it is never too early to set up your retirement plan and goals. This in itself has a lot of side benefits. On the other hand, it is never too late to improve your current situation no matter your age, Stree Free Retirement :Living - at the beach

Because many do not give the retirement issue much thought early in life, there is only a small percentage of people who retire in comfort. There are many reasons for this, and I outlined a few in a previous post called, When Do Baby Boomers Retire?. But in this article let’s see what we can do about creating a stress free retirement right now.

What are the Current Concerns?

Now for younger folks this is not as big consideration at this point of your lives, but I do encourage you to pay attention as then you just may be able to avoid a lot of this inconvenient stuff down the line. In any event, it is good to have some basic financial knowledge no matter where we fit among the generations.

In the financial area many people have concerns for a variety of reasons including job loss, rising costs in health care, insufficient savings, and a good amount of debt. While these issues can affect people of any age, it is especially distressing for those who are retired or approaching retirement. Studies have shown that more than half of the people who find themselves in this predicament have never spent any time planning for retirement, and thereby determining how much they would actually need to save for retirement.

Again, when we are young time seems to go on forever, and we have enough to deal with in the day-to-day activities without worrying about what is going to happen several years down the line, which seems like an eternity anyway. But believe it or not, those years do tend to fly by, and reality does set in at some point.

It’s not only about earning and saving money throughout the years. It is more about a level of awareness, which benefits us at each point of our lives. We increase our awareness by educating ourselves in several areas, so that we are naturally inclined to prepare ourselves for the future.

A Few Ideas on Planning

Here is something which will provide an increased awareness of your overall financial situation, and develop the habits which will carry you through your entire financial life. This does require a degree of persistence in developing these habits, but once you do, it is quite easy to track your spending and manage your funds. Stress Free Retirement Living - many questions

Many years ago a well-to-do friend told me it is not how much you make, but how much you save. It took quite awhile for me to realize the brilliance of that statement. It’s not about being so frugal you save every penny and are reluctant to spend. It’s about managing your money properly, and when you do you are able to spend freely and keep the money circulating. It is part of a Success and Prosperity Mindset where you have a balanced view of spending and saving.

Once you have your new mindset in place, it doesn’t matter what your age is, or what your present circumstances are. You have the confidence and certainty right this very moment that things are “Good Already”. It’s only when we are filled with uncertainty and doubt that we see things as hopeless, and are caught up in fear and desperation.

When we learn to think and do things practically which benefits ourselves and others, we are empowered moment-to-moment, and see each choice we make, and action we take as important. We develop a pride in what we do, and are inspired to complete even the most menial task efficiently.

Let’s Break Down a Few of These Ideas Practically

Here’s a brief outline on how to develop a workable Financial Plan which you can implement on a daily basis. The important part of all of this is increased awareness so that you make better choices, and then your improved results will fall naturally in place.

As we grow as a person we cannot help but get better results in all areas of our lives. The same laws and energy which make up this wonderful universe of ours are working all the time. Now it’s about time we get these things working in our favor on a conscious basis, instead of letting them work against us because we are not paying attention.

This is a shift from effect to cause, or from seeing ourselves as a victim of circumstances, to being the creator of our lives. Little by little the light turns on and gets brighter and brighter, and things naturally fall in place because we have turned things around by making more enlightened choices.

Steps to Creating a Financial Blueprint for Now and Later:

1) Track all of your spending (set up a daily tally of every penny you spend and keep your monthly totals)

2) Organize your incoming income into Spending Brackets (Daily and Monthly Essentials, Savings, Investments, Fun Money, Give Away/Donations, Education)

3) Every time money comes in from any source break it down and put money into each of these categories. Half will to your essential needs, and the other fifty (50%) percent will be divided equally among the other categories – ten (10%) percent each.

4) Every quarter or three (3) months do a balance sheet of your assets and liabilities to determine your Net Worth. (you can find sample balance sheets online).

This will get you started in the right direction, because no matter how bad or good your present financial situation may be, you want to know exactly where you stand so that you have a base from which to progress. “No news being good news” does not apply here.

The key thought with this is that if you are not able to manage a smaller amount of money, you will not manage money very well no matter how much you make. There is plenty of evidence of this with many famous people going broke and getting in debt after making many millions of dollars. There are statistics of lottery winners being in worse shape after five (5) years of winning the lottery, than they were before.

From a personal standpoint, I have done this type of recording and planning for quite some time now, and since I began, my net worth has increased every three (3) months. Not always by a lot, but it has increased. So I encourage you to take this seriously.

How Difficult is this to Do?

The tendency here is not to do it. It takes too much time and effort, and it may not matter anyway. There are many reasons and excuses not to do this, so if you decide not to do it, don’t spend a lot of time justifying why not or trying to find the perfect excuse. Actually anyone will do.

“Before you can become a millionaire, you must learn to think like one. You must learn how to motivate yourself to counter fear with courage. Making critical decisions about your career, business, investments and other resources conjures up fear, fear that is part of the process of becoming a financial success.” Thomas J. Stanley

The bottom line is that you want to avoid running out of money when you need it most. Take fifteen (15) minutes to do this, and set it up so it will be easy to fill in the blanks. Before you know it will be on autopilot, and a no-brainer as it becomes part of your daily routine. This is a great start to your retirement plan.

Too many of us have been brainwashed into being a victim. We have all this tremendous power within ourselves which is untapped and begging to surface, but unknowingly much of our time has been spent learning to be a victim instead.

In order to put the above recommendations into action, or any other type of life plan which will get us what we desire, it is necessary to grab the reins and Act Like the Creator of our Lives, which we are. The choice is simple: victim hood or freedom.

Allowing This to Happen Stress Free Retirement :Living - What's Next?

The biggest barrier to have a stress free retirement or stress free life is ourselves. Although we bought into many false beliefs about our power, abilities, and deservedness, it is our responsibility to take charge and make any desired changes. It doesn’t matter what our current circumstances are, or what obstacles we must overcome. It is a matter of choice. We must choose in our favor and see ourselves in our desired state regardless of our current perceptions.

The good thing is perceptions can be changed, and the truth revealed. We owe it to ourselves and others to make the commitment to get in life what we really want which are our heart felt desires. Life is short and is meant to be enjoyed.

One thing which will help tremendously on our new voyage to freedom is to surround ourselves with people, books, audios, and videos which support our vision. We must eliminate distractions of all kinds. If a loved one is not supportive, send them your love and continue on.

There is a brilliance within each and every one of us which is just so eager to emerge. When we do not recognize it, and fail to bring it forth, we are filled with much stress, pain, and eventual regret. By letting go of the resistance, and emerging into the unknown territory filled with wonder as well as plenty of uncertainty, we will be presented with opportunities which we cannot envision at this point.

“I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do. I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do.” — Robert A. Heinlein —

May we all enjoy the freedom which we possess within ourselves as our natural birthright. We all deserve to live the life we were meant to live, and share our unique gifts with the world. May we all be empowered to trust ourselves enough to do so.

Live with Passion,


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Stress Free Retirement Living - Online Marketing

Republic North Macedonia

Republic North Macedonia

This is an area of the world, Republic North Macedonia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. It acquired its independence in 1991. After a twenty-seven (27) year dispute between Greece and Macedonia, an agreement was reached in 2018, and its official name changed to North Macedonia or officially the Republic of North Macedonia in late 2018 and early 2019. Republic Macedonia -- Skopje

It is a Balkan country which is very mountainous and has an interesting variety of lakes, valleys, and peaks. Besides its utter beauty, it does have a long and quite fascinating history. In fact, its capital city, Skopje, actually dates back to around four thousand (4,000) BC.

A Little Bit of History

Located in the Balkan Peninsula in the Southeast part of Europe, it is one of the successor states of Yugoslavia. Skopje, the capital, is combination of both modern and ancient architecture. As evidence of its long history, you will find plenty of ancient fortresses, historical monuments, and archaeological sites.

The history of this area goes back to antiquity. Beginning with the Kingdom or Paeonia, it was merged with the Persian Archaemenid Empire in the sixth (6th) century BC. In the fourth (4th) century BC it was gathered up by the Kingdom of Macedonia. From the mid fourteenth (14th) century to the early twentieth (20th) century it was part of the Ottomon Empire.

The current area of North Macedonia was under Serbian rule after the 1912 to 1913 Balkan Wars. Although it was ruled by Bulgaria during the First World War (1915 to 1918), it returned to Serbia after the war. Bulgaria took it over again during World War II (1941 to 1944), but in 1945 it became part of communist Yugoslavia until its independence in 1991. The country is currently negotiating for entrance into the European Union.

A Few Interesting Facts

  • The capital of the country is Skopje
  • The currency of the country is the Macedonian Denar
  • Skopje is the birthplace of Mother Teresa
  • The country is bordered by Greece, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria, and Serbia
  • The population of the country is approximately two million (2,000,000) give or take
  • The population of Skopje is about six hundred and twenty-seven thousand (627,000)
  • The official language is Macedonian. Albanian is a co-official language.
  • There is a strong cultural heritage  here which is reflected in their poetry, architecture, art, and music. The National Opera opened in 1947. There are many festivals and cultural events each year such as the Skopje Jazz Festival, International Camera Festival, the Struga Poetry Evenings [poets from over fifty (50) countries], Open Youth Theater, and the Ohrid Summer Festival of Drama and Classical Music.
  • The country has a history in film making which exceeds one hundred (100) years.
  • The main sports in the country are handball and football (soccer). They also have a national basketball team and many swimming events.
  • It joined the United Nations in April of 1993
  • It is an upper middle income country with an open economy. Since its independence, there has been quite a bit of economic reform, and in 2009 the World Bank ranked it the fourth (4th) best reformatory state (this was out of 178 countries). Mining and construction contribute most to the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The remaining contributors are transportation, agriculture, trade, and the accommodation sectors. Because of the large amount of cultural and natural sites, tourism contributes greatly to the economy with approximately seven hundred thousand (700,000) tourists showing up each year.
  • Transportation consists of roads, railway, water transport on lakes, and air travel. There are seventeen (17) airports, two (2) of which are international [Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport, IATA Airport Code International Airport Skopje]
  • Its government is set up as a unitary parliamentary constitutional republic (parliamentary democracy)
  • The President is Stevo Pendarovski
  • The Prime Minister is Oliver Spasovski
  • There are three (3) national parks in the country — Pelister, Mavrovo, and Galicica
  • The climate transitions from Mediterranean to continental resulting in moderately cold winters and hot and dry summers. The warmest regions in July and August will reach one hundred and four (104 F) degrees (40 C). It’s colder in the spring than in the fall. Rainfall varies with a larger amount in the mountain areas.
  • There are two hundred and ten (210) families of flora in the country. This consists of ferns, mosses. and flowering plants.

Stuff to do Around Here

Skopje has a thriving work environment which contributes to a happening night scene with plenty of clubs, bars, and restaurants. For a much slower pace of life, there is Ohrid, which is a dramatically beautiful town on a lake with cobblestone streets, a boardwalk, medieval churches, and restaurants along the lake. All in all, this is a country rich in intriguing ruins, exceptional beauty, and a very friendly and hospitable group of folks.

Here is a video which will give you a very good taste of what life is like around there:

* Check Out the Food — the cuisine here is excellent. It has a strong Balkan influence which consists of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors and recipes. German, Eastern European (mostly Hungarian), and Italian also contribute to the country’s choices in cuisine. There are plenty of fruits, herbs, and vegetables within each meal, which provide a very diverse presentation. A side dish with most meals is Shopska salad (Bulgarian salad), combined with high quality dairy products, local alcoholic drinks such as rakija, and a variety of wines [there are eighty-four (84) wineries scattered about the country). The national dish is Tavče gravče, and the national drink is mastika. Also don’t forget about the coffee. Dating back to the Ottoman Empire, coffe has played an integral part in their cultural, social, and spiritual lives. Meeting for coffee is an everyday ritual where folks get together to share stories and bring each other up-to-date on what’s going on. It also plays a part in traditional activities such as christenings and weddings. With over five thousand (5,000) coffee establishments ranging from the local Balkan coffee shops, regional coffee bars called kafeanas, and more western chains, you will not be at a loss to get your day started with a shot of java.

* Lots of Great Hiking Areas — within all the beautiful scenery and abundant nature you will find many trails throughout the country on which to take an enjoyable stroll. One in particular is in the Sar Mountains in the northwestern part of the country. Here you will find plenty of wildlife, pristine landscapes, and some of the best trails on which to hike anywhere in Europe. For the more adventurous, you can hike to the summit of Mount Ljuboten which reaches eight thousand one hundred and ninety-six (8,196) feet (2498 meters) in elevation. It takes about five (5) hours to make this climb. You will see hawks and eagles flying around with wildflowers everywhere in the spring, summer, and fall, while it is full of snow in the winter. Wild goats and lynx will also be roaming about.

* Explore the Ruins — the best preserved ruins in the entire area are in Heraclea. These ruins go back to the time of the ancient Macedonian Empire. You will find bathhouses, churches, an amphitheater, and brilliant mosaics. The area of these ruins is located just south of Bitola below the village of Bukovo. There is also a museum there with a variety of artifacts. Republic North Macedonia - Lake Ohrid

* Lake Ohrid — this is a rather quite interesting part of this country. The lake is surrounded by nature with monasteries spread around as well. It has a huge spiritual significance for the people of this country. In fact, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The lake itself is simply gorgeous, and is one of the oldest lakes in the world going back over a million years. Ohrid itself is one of the oldest settlements in all of Europe, and is located right on the lake. The oldest Slavic monastery is there, St. Panteleimon, along with many other churches and monasteries.

* The National Parks — the three (3) national parks are Pelister, Mavrovo, and Galicica. The largest of the three (3) is Mavrovo, and many say it is also the most gorgeous of all. Here you will find a treasure chest of natural beauty with the many waterfalls, gorges, karst fields, and pine forests. Here you will find the best ski slopes in the country for lots of winter fun. The summertime is full of summer festivals, including traditional wedding festivals. There are one hundred and twenty-three (123) species of birds, wolves, bears, deer, and lynx scattered throughout the area.

* Kayaking — one of the best places to Kayak around here is through Matka Canyon. It is quite an experience for sure. You are surrounded by high cliffs. In fact, kayaks are the only mode of transportation allowed in these waters. A very nice trip is to paddle up and explore Vrelo Cave [takes approximately two (2) hours to go back and forth]. Don’t miss out on exploring the cave, as you will discover many underground lakes, wooden stairways, and trails throughout. Kayaks can be rented at the Canyon Matka Hotel.

* The Painted Mosque in Tetovo — this was built in the fifteenth (15th) century, and is a multi-colored treat, . It’s located on the south side of the Pena River. The interior is simply stunning, with a variety of colors with balconies and walls decorated with amazing frescoes created in a variety of patterns (geometric, floral, and arabesque). It was actually destroyed in the seventeenth (17th) century and rebuilt in the nineteenth (19th) century.

* Skopje — here in the capital city you will enjoy a nice combination of the ancient and new. Guarding the city from the sixth (6th) century you will find the Kale Fortress. And in Macedonia Square you will find a large stone statue of Alexander the Great. On the eastern bank of the Vardar River is the Old Bazaar (called Carsija) which has stayed pretty much the same since ancient times. You will find plenty of things to shop for as you meander through the cobblestone streets with numerous restaurants, cafes, wine bars, souvenir shops, markets, cobblers, and jewelers. In Macedonia Square itself you will find many Neoclassical and Baroque buildings. You can catch a cable car up to the top of Vodno Mountain for some great views of the city below.

Not a Bad Place to Spend Some Time Republic North Macedonia - footpath along river

There are numerous reasons for visiting this area of the world especially if you are into nature and ancient history. With some of the deepest and oldest lakes in Europe, small and quaint villages, excellent cuisine, and an old world culture, you will be amazed at what you will experience there.
You can really get a flavor of the Balkan experience there. While taking multi-day hikes, you get to bed down in small huts and nomadic shepherd encampments, and then when you return to the city you can spend the remainder of the day dancing all night in the many nightclubs of Skopje.

As you explore the various villages throughout the country, you will come upon many traditional festivals taking place. There you will find plenty of cheeses, breads, vegetables, and grilled meats with drums and horns playing in the background. And you can top it off with some really fantastic local wines.

There is most definitely a lot to explore in this part of the world, and I strongly encourage you to make this area of the globe a destination spot for your future travel plans.



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Republic North Macedonia - Online Marketing

Email Jeet 2 Elite Review

Email Jeet 2 Elite Review

Email Jeet 2 ELITE Review Email Jeet 2 Elite Review - Desktop Email Marketing

Name: Email Jeet 2 Elite

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Price: $37 One Time Investment
Owners: Cyril Gupta and Radu Hahaianu of Teknikforce

Overall Rank: 50 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a desktop autoresponder which allows you to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing and list building. What this does is allow you to automatically import your emails without a double opt-in process, and then send out your emails. There are no restrictions on importing your list (s). You can import your subscribers with a CSV file or a text file.

It is also promoted as being able to increase your delivery and open rates.

It connects to any SMTP such as SendGrid,, Mailgun, and Mailjet. In addition, it has its own built-in STMP server so you can send out your emails without any third party SMTP. It is easy to set up the SMTP connections, and you can quickly send out your emails. You can also use your host’s SMTP if you desire.

This is a one time fee without any monthly charges that you would normally get with your more standard autoresponders.  There are upgrades though.

Cyril Gupta is a well respected product developer and marketer. He has created several good software products over the years.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. No monthly fees
  2. Easy to install
  3. Avoid double optin process when importing your list( s)
  4. Send emails from your desktop
  5. More flexibility in your email marketing campaigns
  6. Able to test segments of your list
  7. Access to free SMTP and low cost SMTP services that charge per email sent

The Not So Good:

  1. There are upgrades
  2. Can’t add a single subscriber so you can only add emails by importing lists
  3. You cannot use your own templates. Templates are provided but the text you write doesn’t show up on the Preview. You need to create a HTML mail and upload it as a template for your text to show.
  4. Mail shows up as “sender” and not your name
  5. Unable to mail non-openers again
  6. You can only broadcast and not set up an autoresponder series which begins when people sign up on the optin form
  7. Unable to tag subscribers
  8. List management not as good as promoted
  9. Only SMTP is free. All other options are paid services

Who is Email Jeet 2 Elite For?

Internet marketers who promote their products and services through email marketing.

Tools & Training

There are a series of tutorial included with your purchase.

Here’s the set-up:

1) Install the product on your computer

2) Upload your list (s)

3) Begin mailing whenever you desire

Check out this video to get a visual view of what this is all about:

Import Lists — no need to the double opt-in process. Can immediately import any of your lists. You can mail to multiple lists as well as segments of lists.

List Building — code is provided for an optin form so that you can use it to build your list through social media, blogs, or other websites.

List Management — handles multiple lists, mail scheduling, mail personalization, unsubscribes, and has built-in optin forms.

Sending and Scheduling — you are able to send your emails immediately or schedule them for a later date, as well as schedule based on desired time zone. You can also monitor your sending speed and only send out on a limited basis so that you comply with different hosting servers that only allow so many emails per hour.

WYSIWYG Editor — this is a built-in editor which makes it simple to format your emails.

List Cleaning — easy process to remove bad email addresses and bounced emails. It also makes it easy for people to unsubscribe, and you can also unsubscribe emails as desired.

Reports on Click and Open Rates — reports are provided which detail your open and click rates.

Monitor your Spam Score Analysis — using the SpamAssassin algorithm you can monitor your spam score. The lower the better.


You can submit a Support Ticket here:


$37 One Time Payment — there are upgrades as well 

Final Thoughts

For beginners into the internet marketing realm, this product can most definitely simplify the email marketing process. It is a low price one time payment which enables a person to get started list building and sending out emails immediately. Once your business grows you are then able to export your list (s) to a more sophisticated autoresponder.

I doubt very much if experienced internet marketers are using this product in their email marketing campaigns. I would be interested to see if the creators of this product are using it for their own email promotions and campaigns. You will probably discover that your more successful marketers will promote this product, but not use it themselves. Most experienced marketers may use it as an emergency backup, if at all.

Also it is promoted as no monthly fees, no import restrictions, and no downtime. Well, only SMTP is free, as all others are paid services. This software itself does not send the emails. You get charged either per email or on a monthly basis. Dependent on how emails you send, you can end up paying more than by using a more standard autoresponder service. If you are sending emails to your list (s) on a consistent basis, you are then effectively paying a monthly fee.

The free option is to send through SMTP on your own host/server. The catch here is since this product operates on your desktop and not on the web, there is no unsubscribe function built-in. The only way the unsubscribe function kicks in is on a default basis through one of the paid services such as SendGrid. So in reality this free option is not Spam Compliant. This is definitely not a good way to go.

Now let’s discuss a bit the “no restrictions on importing” part of this. Since you are running this software on your own computer you can import any list you want with no restrictions. But this is the only way to get a list onto your software since there is no API integration. Since this software is desktop and not web-based, you have to use a third party software to save your sign ups. Also the list management with this software is not as good as stated, and when relying on third party integration there is no way you can guarantee no down time.

So although this product simplifies the process for beginners, it is important to be aware of its drawbacks, and what you are actually paying for if you decide to use it. I consider this product average at best, but I am going to go with “Not So Good” on this one and give it a 50% rating. The developers has made improvements with their latest version, but it is still not as good as promoted.

If building a business is something you really want to do check out my #1 Recommendation which takes you by the hand and teaches you the basic fundamentals to create a stable and scalable online business.

Final Conclusion Email Jeet 2 Elite Review

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Best Online Business Opportunities

Best Online Business Opportunities - targeted websites

How does one evaluate and determine which are the best online business opportunities? There are so very many choices, and it is all so easy to get lost in the maze of both good and bad programs, as well as some outright scams. Best Online Business Opportunities - maze

Let’s spend a few moments today to break down what goes into a good opportunity, as well as what is required to make it work. There are a few essential details to consider when evaluating any opportunity.

It’s Not Only About the Opportunity

There’s a lot which goes into evaluating a business opportunity whether online or offline. But one special ingredient which is so critical to our Success Recipe is ourselves. This reminds me when I was at a professional senior golf event several years ago, and new technology in golf equipment was just emerging. A spectator asked Lee Trevino several questions about how it all works, and finally Lee stopped him with a metaphor which pointed out that it’s not only about the equipment (business opportunity) but the golfer (marketer) has something to do with it as well.

Who are we as a person, and what are interests, strengths, and weaknesses? This is a good place to start, as it gives us an adequate jumping off point from which to progress. Without this info in our conscious awareness, we can spend quite a bit of time jumping from one program to another, and not making a lot of progress.

When we are clear on our purpose and what we really want, then we are in the right mindset to attract the right kind of opportunity. Not everything which comes our way will be appropriate, but we are now in a much better position to evaluate them properly. We have the faith and confidence in making good decisions.

Avoid the Hype

Needless to say there are plenty of marketers out there that spend a great deal of time and money in creating some great promotional pieces that would have Eskimos buying ice cubes. But no matter how good their copy writing skills may be, the essence of their product or service offer is often lacking.

After wasting a lot of time and money over the years, I picked up a few tips on how to spot and identify offers which do not meet the quality standards which we all desire in a business opportunity. Best Online Business Opportunities - avoid the hype

Just to name a few, any offer which promises overnight riches is a definite red flag. Any online or offline business opportunity requires proper planning, time, investment, commitment, and effort over a good period of time in order to bring the desired results. So many offers spend the majority of time showing off screenshots of thousands of dollars per day in earnings with just a few clicks of the mouse.

I really don’t care if they are making that type of money or not, but scaling a business to that level does take time. If it happens quicker than expected, then all well and good. But a legitimate program will not overemphasize the earnings, but will indicate the quality of the product and service, and why there is a current market for it right this moment.

Another red flag is the teary eyed rags-to-riches story meant to draw you in and show you that no matter what your current circumstances are, you can turn things around and get rich. Again, the individual’s story may be true or not, but that does not matter at all. Of course, we know we can turn things around given a good, ethical opportunity, so we do not need the over promotion of rags-to-riches.

Lastly, any program which overemphasizes how easy it is to do, whether it is pointing out that you don’t need much technical skills, or how simple it is to generate tons of traffic, this is another red flag. Even with systems that do not require a lot of technical skills, there is still a learning curve. And generating good qualified traffic to your website or capture page requires time, effort, and money. Free traffic takes longer to generate than many opportunity promoters lead you to believe, and even with paid traffic there is a learning curve and time spent in testing different offers and traffic sources.

So the bottom line is don’t get caught up in all the promotional hype. Get involved with a program which allows you to learn and apply the basics on a gradual basis, reinvest your earnings, and then scale your business to your desired level.

A Few Practical Ways to Evaluate Opportunities

The best way to check out business opportunities as well as evaluate whether your own product or service has value in the market, is to do some research to see whether there is a good amount of competition out there. Competition in this sense is a good thing, as it indicates that there is a desire and market for your product or service, and people are spending money on it.

Then you can ask yourself if this particular business opportunity positions you well in the market to compete effectively, or if it is your own product/service you can determine if you can make a better offer to capture a part of that market. Even when competing against more established businesses, you can still make a significant impact given that you have a quality product or service.

So is this particular opportunity different or better than what is currently out there? Or if it is your own product/service, does it have a unique twist which makes it stand out in the current market?

Much of this required research just involves spending some time on Google. Find out who the competition is. If you’re evaluating a business opportunity, also find out what others are saying by checking out several independent reviews.

When you look at a competitive product you can determine a lot. You can see just how they operate, and if they are making money how they are doing it. Then you can take your own idea and improve on it a bit. So while your are researching, you just want to find out if your competitors are generating good income, and then if you can find a way to make an improvement or two on what they are doing.

A good way to determine whether a business is profitable is by checking their income reports. Larger and more established businesses are more open to publish monthly income reports. Although most businesses, especially your everyday business opportunities, don’t issue these reports, there are a few ways to gauge whether a business is actually making money or not.

With businesses which don’t publish these reports, I would suggest checking reviews of their products or services. Less than ten (10%) percent of buyers leave reviews, so that the more reviews they get indicates that they may be profitable.

You can also use tools to gauge the traffic of their website. This will give an indication whether they are making money or not. One good tool for this is SimilarWeb.

So once you know that a competitor is profitable, you then find out how they solve problems for their customers. To do this read customer reviews, subscribe to their newsletter if they have one, and even purchase their product. Then use this information to create a product of higher value or at least at the same level. You may even redefine the niche by getting more specific in what you offer. This may allow you to be more targeted with your offer.

Now if there is no competition in the market, there is a very high probability that there is no money to be made. Even if you have a unique idea, it is an uphill challenge to break into the marketplace, although it is most certainly possible.

So whether you are evaluating an affiliate opportunity or creating your own product or service, checking out the competition to determine if there is a “buying” audience out there will save you tons of time, effort, and money.

Just keep in mind that not every group or sub-niche online is profitable. Ideally you want to focus on niches with a strong identity, where people are eager to learn or solve a problem. You are looking for groups who have interests which will last and are not just a fad. They should also have a large enough market to be worthy of your time and investment, and also make sure members of this group share the same ideas and perspectives so that your targeting is focused.

You Determine the Best Opportunities Best Online Business Opportunities - doing the research

By spending the time upfront in determining exactly what our main interests and strengths are, we are then able to be very selective in which opportunities we select, or what type of service or product we create. We are in charge of where we spend our time, effort, and money in creating a profitable stream of income for ourselves.

Once we do our research and find a profitable way to make some money, then it just becomes a matter of duplicating our efforts. Even with all this research, there will be many product launches or businesses we pursue which will not be profitable. But that is okay, since we will have found some that are, and these are the ones which we continue will to build.

There are no guarantees that any specific opportunity is going to work, no matter how much time, money, and effort we invest, or how much prior research we have done. But with the proper upfront work of a good business mindset, adequate research into the market, and a willingness to test out new ideas, we have greatly increased our chances of creating profitable businesses.

Without spending the initial time and effort in preparing ourselves, we easily fall prey to the “shiny object syndrome” and end up jumping from opportunity to opportunity, while spending a lot of time and money with no results. We then may get discouraged and quit.

It does not have to be that way. We all have something valuable to share, around which we can create a profitable business. We determine what our best opportunity is by not leaving things to chance, but by utilizing all the valuable information and tools today to plan our efforts and do the needed research before we begin.

I look forward that this inspired your thinking along these lines so that you can move forward productively in your business career. All the very Best.

To your Success,


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Where Is Andorra Located?

Where is Andorra located - skiing in Andorra

Okay, then where is Andorra located? I’m sure many of you may have heard of it, but may not know exactly where it is. In any event, that was the case with me. It is actually on the border of France and Spain near the Pyrenees. It is a micro-state, or in other words, a very small country. Andorra - Caldea Spa Complex

Being the only area of the world which has declared Catalan as its only official language, it is full of fairy tale villages and towns with green valleys and pastures surrounded by snow capped mountains. It has a mixture of French, Portuguese, and Spanish cultures.

A Little Bit of History

Andorra has a long and fascinating history. Originally of Catalan descent, the Andorrans are a Romance ethnic group. It is believed that Charlemagne created this country in the middle ages around the late eighth (8th) or early ninth (9th) century. Some have speculated that it was around 805 AD. If you go by official documents, Charles the Bald is the one who created it as a donation to the Council of Urgell. Its present principality goes back to the thirteenth (13th) century, having been formed by charter in 1278.

During World War I Andorra actually declared war against Germany, but did not participate in the fighting. A few Andorrans joined the French and participated in the conflict. Since Andorra was not part of the Treaty of Versailles, it officially stayed in a state of belligerency until 1958.

Andorra was occupied by France in 1933 due to social unrest. On July 6, 1934 the General Council supported Boris Mikhailovich Skossyreff, a Russian Nobleman and adventurer, as the Sovereign of Andorra. This was based on his promises to bring modernization and freedom to the country. Then on July 8, 1934 he proclaimed himself King of Andorra. He was eventually arrested and expelled.

Andorra was neutral during World War II. In the 1930s tourism and tax haven advantages contributed to the country’s beginning as a capitalist economy. Shopping and skiing became attractive to tourists in the late 1930s, which resulted in a renovation of the hotel industry. The tourist industry continues to thrive as well as developments in communications and transport.

In 1993 the political system was modernized, and a constitution was drafted. It then became a member of the Council of Europe and the United Nations. Diplomatic relations were established with the United States in 1996. Although not part of the European Union, a monetary agreement to use the Euro was set up with the European Union in 2006.

A Few Facts of Interest

  • The capital of Andorra is Andorra la Vella
  • Andorra is known as “El Pais dels Pirineus” or “country in the mountains”
  • The currency of Andorra is the Euro
  • Although Catalan is the only official language, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are widely spoken as well
  • It is the sixth (6th) smallest nation in all of Europe, the eleventh (11th) smallest in population in the world, and the sixteenth (16th) smallest country in the world
  • The population of the country is approximately seventy-seven thousand (77,000)
  • Its elevation is three thousand three hundred and fifty-six (3,356) feet (1,023 meters)
  • They are not a member of the European Union
  • They get around ten (10,000,000) million visitors each year
  • It is a member of the United Nations
  • At eighty-five (85) years of age, it has the highest life expectancy in the entire world because of its nutrition and diet
  • The current Prime Minister of the principality is Xavier Espot Zamora who has been acting as Chief Executive of the government since May 16, 2019. He was appointed by the General Council.
  • Its climate is a mixture of oceanic, continental, and alpine, which is dependent on the altitude. There is an abundance of rain and snow dependent on the time of year.
  • Tourism contributes eighty (80%) percent to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The banking area has tax haven status, and the skiing industry brings in millions of visitors each year.
  • The country has duty-free status
  • The majority of food is imported since agriculture is limited due to only five (5%) arable land. Some tobacco is grown, and sheep raising is the main livestock activity. Manufacturing consists of furniture, cigars, and cigarettes.
  • The unemployment rate is 2.9%.
  • Established in 1997, the Universitat d’Andorra (UdA) is the only university in the country. The two (2) graduate schools are the School of Computer Science and School of Nursing.
  • Transportation is by car and bus. There are no airports in the country, but there are commercial helicopter services. There is an airport at Alt Urgell in Spain, as well as airports in France and Spain which provide international flights.
  • The country is known for its folk music and traditional folk dances (marratza and contrapas)
  • The cuisine is primarily Catalan with Italian and French influences
  • Winter sports are popular as well as roller hockey, rugby, football (soccer), basketball, cricket, swimming, handball, cycling, judo, volleyball, tennis, motor sports, gymnastics, and Australian Rules football. Andorra first participated in the Olympics in 1976.
  • They also have a team of castellers or Catalan human tower builders.

Now check out this video to get a good idea what Andorra is really like:

Things to Do

* Let’s Go Shopping — its duty-free status makes this a popular destination for shoppers within Andorra as well as people from other countries. Even though it is not a Gucci paradise for you high fashion folks, it does provide plenty of choices at reduced prices. You can find all your major brands at the Pyrenees Department Store.

* Skiing and other Winter Sports — there are about one hundred and ten (110) ski lifts in this country. In addition to skiing you can snowboard, take a dog sledge or even ski raquettes. Gran Valira is one of the largest ski resorts in the world as a result of the merger of two (2) large resorts. If you want to get real adventurous you can take your skiing and snowboarding to remote parts of the mountains by hiring a helicopter for the day. Heli-skiing is certainly a rare treat.

* Visit the Churches — it is well worth the time to view the Romanesque architecture by checking out the over forty (40) churches in this country which date back to Medieval times. Take a road trip and explore the countryside as you go from church to church. Summer is the best time to do this as in the winter many of the smaller churches are closed to tourists. One of the oldest churches is the Church of Sant Climent de Pal. It dates back to the late eleventh (11th) or early twelfth (12th) century. Also, close by is the Romanesque Andorra Interpretation Center which is worth spending some time where you can learn much more about this architectural style.

* Enjoy the Mountain Food — the food in this part of the world is extremely delicious. The “old Mountain Barns” called “Bordas” are restaurants with unique architecture located in the northern part of Andorra and Catalunya. Here you will get meat-based meals consisting of large portions based on traditional recipes. The meats are grilled on an open fire and then served up with garlic allioli, vegetables and potatoes. Horse meat is also a traditional delicacy, as well as “a la llauna” or garlic snails.

* The Caldea Spa Complex — this is a natural spring complex located in Escaldes Engordany. It has numerous outdoor and indoor swimming pools, areas for hypnotherapy, and jacuzzis throughout the complex of eighteen (18) floors. It is the largest thermal spa complex in Europe as well as being the tallest building in Andorra. There are separate sections for families and children, and the adult section is called Inuu. Since the spa area is made of glass you can get great views of the stars at night. There are shows and activities going on all day and night since it doesn’t close until midnight. You can enjoy the natural springs, take a Turkish bath, or even get a massage.
* Hiking and Trekking — the Pyrenees provide much virgin nature and incredible scenery. It is the perfect place in which to hike around. There are numerous hiking trails marked with signs and maps. You’ll find quite a few trails around Incles and Canillo Valley and one particular hike takes you to the largest lake in Andorra, Lake of Juclar. You can have an enjoyable time in the winter hiking about in snow shoes. You can also hike around Andorra’s only UNESCO site, Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley, which is a glacier valley with strong spiritual roots to the locals, and plenty of endemic species wandering around. You have a number of trails from which to choose with different levels of difficulty.

* The Iglu Hotel — this is an ice hotel. Every year it is built from snow and has five (5) rooms that can hold up to thirty (30) people. The downside is that the temperature averages around zero degrees, so dress warmly. They do provide sleeping bags. All in all, I much prefer a more traditional heated dwelling. One alternative is in Borda Jaume (the parish of Ordino), where there are a few glamping (or glamurous camping) tents which provide all the comforts of a hotel, and heated by a wooden fire in the winter.

* The Viewpoint Roc del Quer — this viewpoint is on the mountainside suspended over the valley. You get some fantastic views, and it has bottom glass areas where you can see below. Right next to the bridge is The Ponderer by Miguel Ángel González, a bronze statue of a thinking man. This mountain range, Roc del Qur, was formed eighty-five (85,000,000) million years ago when the Pyrenees was created.

* Check Out the Villages and Towns — there are plenty of towns, villages, and hamlets to check out throughout the country. Many are not barely populated so you can explore things pretty much in solitude. For example, Auvinya is a very small village on top of a mountain with only a few residents. The stone and wood houses have a unique type of charm. One house is covered with iron keys, which is the oldest house in the village, built in 875 AD. While Santa Coloma is not really a small town, it is interesting to explore as its street dates back to the eighteenth (18th) century. There’s also an archaeological site with a rock shelter where the first people in the area lived twelve thousand (12,000) years ago. In the capital, Andorra La Vella, check out the Andorra sign, which is a strange looking fuschia pink sign which will definitely grab your attention. You will find plenty of places to shop along Avinguda Carlemany. After shopping, you can take a lift to Placa del Poble, which is a square where festivals and celebrations take place throughout the year. From the top you can some fantastic views of the city below. And finally you can catch a glimpse of La Noblesse du Temps which is a sculpture by Salvador Dali. Andorra - La noblesse du temps

* The Museums — there are several good museums to check out. The Tobacco Museum provides plenty of history of the country’s many years of growing tobacco. Actually, the museum itself is a former Reig tobacco factory which closed in 1957, and has a multimedia display to show the tobacco making process. The Arenys Plandolit House is an ethnographic museum in 1986 with many artifacts and furniture from when the Areny Plandolit family lived there. They were one of the most prominent families in Andorra for a few centuries. There is plenty of Andorran history here as well as beautiful gardens. The only contemporary art museum in the country is the Thyssen Museum. It has the private collection of Baroness Thyssen-Bornemisza.

* Naturlandia — this is the closest to a theme park you are going to get around here. It has two (2) sections and is located in

Sant Julia de Lloria
, about fifteen (15) minutes from Andorra La Vella. Since it is open year round, the activities vary by season. Don’t expect the normal roller coasters and rides of a more traditional theme park. Here you will find more active type of activities like trekking and hiking, as well as buggy tours, and snowmobiling. There is fun stuff to do for both kids and adults. There are bouncy castles, tobotronics and tubbing, zip lines, and trampolines. There’s an animal park with deer, wolves, bears, lynx, wild goats, and pigs.

* Engolasters Hydroelectric Plant — this is a former hydroelectric plant and dam high above sea level which was built in 1934. You can check out the old guard house and take in some spectacular views. During the summer months the Museum of Electricity is open. There is a restaurant here.  

So Why Visit?

The country is really a jewel in the midst of Europe. Although it does get ten (10,000,000) million visitors each year, these folks are mostly from surrounding countries. Other parts of the world, and even other parts of Europe, do not know much about this country.

Since its average elevation is six thousand five hundred and sixty-one (6,561) feet (2000 meters), some of the main activities are hiking and skiing. It is really an all year-round place to go. December to March is the ski season. Spring is a splendid time to show up as the plants begin to awaken from the long winter’s sleep. In the fall/autumn you can catch the changing of colors of the leaves.

If you are visiting the surrounding countries, allocate at least a few days to take in the sights and activities here. The mountains, churches, and overall culture is well worth it. And don’t forget about its duty-free and tax haven status.

Enjoy your Travels,


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ShopExpress Unlimited Store Review

ShopExpress- Affiliate stores

ShopExpress Unlimited Store Review Ecommerce Software

Name: ShopExpress Unlimited Store


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Price: $37.01 One Time Investment

Owner: Dr. Amit Pareek

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Product Overview

This product is an affiliate store builder that was created to allow you to set up affiliate stores containing Amazon products on an automatic basis. Visitors to your site are redirected to Amazon once they click on a product offering which they desire. Once they purchase an affiliate commission is registered to your account.

In order to access products from other platforms such as AliExpress and Ebay you have to upgrade in the ShopExpress system.

Although there have been several other store builder systems created and offered over the years, this particular system offers some unique advantages. The majority, if not all, of the previous offerings were all centered around Word Press. This is not a Word Press theme or plug-in. Being a stand-alone site, it is more functional in its features and designs.

The downside is that it does require some basic technical skills (like using FTP software such as FileZilla or FireFTP to install it, and then go into your cPanel of your hosting account to create a database, and finally set up a CRON job to get things working properly). But once set up you are not inhibited by any of the limits of Word Press. Your site will actually run faster since it is not part of another system, and you won’t have any plugin conflicts.

It also covers all major niches. The administrative area is very functional and easy to navigate. The system not only searches for and adds new products to your store, but with the upgrade you can automatically post to Facebook for the new products added to your store. This creates a source of free traffic through backlinks and grows your store automatically.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Saves you time and money in setting up affiliate sites
  2. The platform is SEO friendly
  3. Mobile friendly
  4. Everything is run on autopilot once you get the system set up

The Not So Good:

  1. upgrades to access additional platforms and other features
  2. need some basic tech skills to set up (you have to manually install it)
  3. there is a thirty (30) day money back guarantee but you have to provide a reason with proof that you gave the system a good try and it did not work for you. This does leave a lot up to the discretion up to the company whether you will get your money back or not. It definitely is not an unconditional money back guarantee.

Who is ShopExpress Unlimited Store For?

For people who are concentrated on eCommerce, Amazon sellers, and local marketers who want to save the time, money, and effort of creating their own digital stores.

Tools & Training

Here is a video which runs you through the process of creating a store and gives you some in-depth knowledge on this product:

Three Step Process

1) Create your account and get an Affiliate ID

2) Select the type of site you want with your desired keywords

3) Products are then automatically added to your site with free viral Facebook traffic and free review videos

  • Five (5) color themes from which to choose
  • An Artificial Intelligence (AI) feature that is self-updating which automatically adds more products, videos, and Facebook traffic. It also updates the product price as needed.
  • The latest HTML5 & CSS3 technology so that it is one hundred (100%) percent mobile responsive
  • Built-in Slider interacts with users to increase engagement and conversions
  • Product management for category, tags, and products makes editing and adding products a simple process
  • Social Sharing Buttons included on the product pages
  • Single Click Updates
  • Extensive video training for each feature is included


Their Help Desk to get questions answered or submit a ticket is below. This is available on a 24/7 basis.


1) Unlimited Store License — $37.01 — One Time Investment

2) Three (3) Store License — $27 — One Time Investment

3) One (1) Store License — $17 — One Time Investment

Auto-updater provides all updates and future versions automatically.

Upgrades are available.

Final Thoughts

This does seem like an effective product to save you both time and money in building your own eCommerce stores. I do not like the fact that you need to upgrade to get some additional function, features, and benefits. I much prefer it to be in all one package at one price so that anyone can maximize the results from this system. I personally don’t like upgrades and one time only offers.

Also it is unrealistic to think that you are going to generate significant amount of income from just one affiliate site. While reviewing this product I also learned that a seasoned affiliate marketer did contact the company and requested proof of income and a link to one of their Amazon sites, and they flatly refused. This is a red flag to me.

The bottom line is that there is money to be made from Amazon affiliate sites. AliExpress, Amazon, and Ebay are all legitimate ways to make a little or substantial income as they all have large affiliate networks. The people who are committed to this business model do well. In order to generate a good amount of income, it does require you to create multiple sites. That is why the front end offer for multiple sites is the way to go if you are interested in this product and business model.

Although it takes time, effort, and some technical know-how to get these sites initially set-up, once established they are pretty much on autopilot. The system will expand your product offerings, add posts and content to your sites as well as post to social networks. This does save tremendous time.

If you are willing to go through the set-up process, create multiple sites each in a different nice or different type of buyer, it is possible to create some good passive income. The software itself is very functional and well written, but it does require a commitment to this type of business model, and the time and effort to implement the features of this system.

Overall, considering both the pros and cons, I give this a just above average rating.

Final Conclusion Shop Express Unlimited Store

To your Success,


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How To Have A Growth Mindset — Prepare For An Awakening

Growth Mindset

There is definitely no lack of resources of every kind imaginable relating to mindset and gaining achievement in all aspects of our lives. This article on how to have a growth mindset is more oriented to areas of our lives which we can immediately change once we actually notice that it is possible to see some improvements. It’s all about awareness.Growth Mindset

I think we all would gladly spend the time and energy to do what is necessary to enhance different areas of our existence if we really believed it was possible. When we do not follow through on our inner cravings to improve things, it is basically because down deep we truly do not believe it can happen. Plus, this thought or belief is attached to a whole array of reasons and/or excuses why this is so.

Breaking Free from our Self-Imposed Prisons

When we are brutally honest with ourselves, we have to agree that if other people have succeeded in areas in which we desire success and growth, then it has to be possible for us as to achieve at least some of that success as well. We just don’t know how to get it done, or if we do know how, we are not willing to spend the time, energy, and resources to follow through on our desires.

We are all prisoners of our individual belief systems about how life works. We have ideas about ourselves, other people, and life in general which may or may not be true. Granted, some of these beliefs may have served us well as we were growing up acting as protection devices to keep us safe, but now they are no longer be useful based on our present knowledge, abilities, and circumstances. They are actually getting in our way to optimum success and achievement.

The problem is that we have bought into them to such a degree, that they are now part of our day-to-day functioning, and comprise a good part of how we evaluate and see things. We base our choices and decisions on these ideas and beliefs whether they serve us or not. We are then often left with the feeling that something is wrong, but we can’t put our finger on exactly what it is, so by failing to identify it we feel stuck.

Often we end up dealing with effects rather than identifying and changing the cause. We work harder, try to convince others, and look for clues on the outside, rather than looking within to discover what is causing all this stuff to occur.

Once we start looking within and stop blaming outside factors for our circumstances, we have begun the process of empowerment. We are then able to pay attention to more of our intuitive insights, and thereby discover how we really think, and what we really believe. This is a gradual process of discovery, but each new item which presents itself is another digit to the combination which will unlock the door to our prison.

Then at some point we have the realization that we have always been free to create the lives we most desire. Now we must be clear on what it is that we really want.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

A lot of the time we do not get the things we desire because we don’t ask for what we want. We erroneously assume that we would not get them anyway so what is the use of even trying. But that is definitely not true. It is only a trap which keeps us stuck.

If we were to spend just a few minutes a day by pausing and reflecting on our current lives, and jotting down a few things of what “exactly” we desire, we be amazed of the progress we would make. There is no limit to what we can achieve and obtain as long as it is something that we really want.

So Do This One Thing and make it into a habit. Spend five (5) to ten (10) minutes each day adding to your list of wants and desires, as well as reviewing your list at least twice each day. Morning and evening work for me, and if you have the time add another review around lunchtime.

This may seem like a silly process to some, but this One Habit can create the type of Growth Mindset which is based on positive belief and expectation. All leaders and successful folks write this stuff down, and some even create Dream Boards with photos and pictures of what they most desire to have. This saturates our subjective minds with words and pictures of our most “heartfelt” desires.

After doing this for a few months, you will find that you have hundreds of items on your list, and each day you will be adding things to it, as well as eliminating some which you now can clearly see are not really what you want. After a year of doing this you will be amazed at your progress, and how many things on your list have come true.

It’s All About Waking Up

Sometime it takes a dramatic event in our lives to inspire and motivate us to awaken from our “Sleep State” of routine and mediocrity. When I think about this it reminds me of the second movie with Paul Hogan in the Crockodile Dundee series. It is the scene where a hit man comes to Mick and Sue’s high rise apartment. Mick disarms the hit man, knocks him out, and then hangs him over the balcony, tied by a rope many stories above street level. Mick then says “wakey wakey to him, and when he opens his eyes he freaks out, and is in a much better frame of mind to be cooperative. He eventually spills the beans and tells Nick where they have taken the kidnapped Sue.

So we have to find a motivator within ourselves which will inspire us to change things around a bit. It is only when we are truly sick and tired of the status quo that we will do what is necessary to make viable changes.

“I sometimes think that so much of our life takes place inside our heads – in memory or imagination or interpretation or speculation – that if I really want to change my life, I might best begin by changing my mind.”

Pico Iyer

The key here is that it is just not possible not to see significant results when we do a bit of self-searching in some quiet times which we set aside, write out our heartfelt desires, and use the gift of “repetition” to instill these desires into our subconscious minds. All that we presently observe in our lives is the result of the same process, even though most of it took place without us being aware of what was actually taking place. We all have experienced a few extremely emotionally experiences where we chose to bury the pain deep inside.

Once we begin to see things for what they really are, and not what we think they are based on our perceptual view of things, we can then awaken to our innermost desires which are just begging to be expressed. We each have a specific and unique purpose to fulfill, and when we are not pursuing that purpose we experience pain to one degree of another. Sometimes this pain is buried so deep we merely act it out in ways that just don’t make sense to us.

Expanding our Lives with our Growth Mindset Growth Mindset

We were e meant to do great things in our lives because Who we really Are is great. It is no accident we are here at this very moment. Regardless of our present degree of awareness, we have what it takes to make a positive difference in the world in a very special way.

When we recognize this, we are then willing to do what it takes to establish our growth mindset, which will propel us forward toward our goals and objectives. We quickly discover that this will require dealing with a good degree of resistance to leaving our comfort zones, and extending beyond the ways things are and have been for quite some time.

At this point our attitude is “bring it on”, no matter how uncomfortable things may get. Because to be totally honest with ourselves, things are not all that comfortable now, no matter how much we may deny this or how many distractions we create in order to keep our pain hidden.

Within our growth mindset is the realization that we have accepted the notion that there are special people out there meant to be successful, and since we were not born with their abilities and gifts, success is not for us. This is a Major Lie which has been fed to us all of our lives by both well-intentioned and not so well-intentioned folks.

If we continue to operate our lives under this false premise we will continue to sell ourselves short, and not aspire to our greatness. There are so many examples of people in every walk of life who have exceeded expectations and surpassed the accomplishments of people who were born under more ideal circumstances and with many more advantages than us. These more talented folks were surpassed by individuals with greater drive and self-discipline.

“It’s the repetition of affirmations that leads to belief. And once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen.”

Muhammad Ali

We all have the ability to create the kind of life which we desire, by changing around a few ideas we currently possess, so that what we are thinking on a moment-to-moment basis generates the energy and deep conviction to be our best selves at all times. No matter our current job or profession, we are able to make a positive difference right this very moment, right where we are.

Let’s spend a little time each day with the intention of creating a strong growth mindset. It is just a matter of deciding to do so, and then sticking with it even when the ride gets a bit bumpy. The person we see when we look in the mirror, is the person who is in charge, and not other people or our present circumstances.

Let us decide to reach for greatness. By consistently embracing our growth mindset, we are able to deal with any issues which arise, and we will be flexible enough to make changes in our plans as necessary. Even when we see no visible progress, we are assured that things are working themselves out in a positive way, similar to the sprouting of a seed as it prepares to emerge into the sunlight. Let us embrace the sunlight “within” ourselves.

“Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

In Peace and Love, within the Light


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Tajikistan Tourism


This is a quite an interesting place in Central Asia. Tajikistan tourism is really taking off. For the last few years Uzbekistan was the place to be, but now Tajikistan has emerged as the main destination in this part of the world. Tajikistan

You will find many modern skyscrapers encompassing the downtown area of its capital city of Dushanbe. Even though there is plenty to do in the city, you will really appreciate this area once you head out into the countryside. Along the ancient Silk Road you will find many hidden treasures as you wander through the Pamir Mountains, Jisev Valley, and the gorgeous Lake Iskanderkul in the Fann Mountains.

A Little Background

This country is situated in Central Asis with China to the east, Uzbekistan to the west, Afghanistan to the south, and Kyrgyzstan to the north. Over the years this area was inhabited by several ancient cultures with many religions. Also, it was ruled by many dynasties and empires, including being taken over by the Soviet Union in 1929. It was not until September 9, 1991, when the Soviet Union was dissolved, that they became an independent sovereign nation.

Tajikistan is set up as a presidential republic. Mountains are stretched over ninety (90%) percent of the country, which consists of four (4) provinces. It is the smallest country in Central Asia. Transportation in the country is mainly by rail, air, and roads.

Mostly due to its Soviet-style of free education, there is a high literacy rate in this country. In fact, 99.8% of the entire population is able to read and write. It has a rich Zoroastrian and Muslim history as well.

Some Interesting Facts

  • the currency of Tajikistan is the somoni (Tajik: cомонӣ, ISO 4217 code: TJS)
  • the official language is Tajik. Russian is also widely spoken
  • the population is around nine (9,000,000) million people give or take. The majority are Tajiks, while there is a good number of Russians and Uzbeks as well.
  • it is a member of the United Nations
  • the economy is fueled by cotton and aluminum production and money sent back home from citizens working in other parts of the world such as Russia ( forty-nine percent of its economy is remittance based making it the world’s largest remittance-based economy). China and Russia are its major trade partners.
  • the president of the country is Emomali Rahmon
  • the country’s main airport is Dushanbe International Airport. Its airline is called Somon Air.
  • Gushtigiri is the national sport of the country. It is a form of traditional wrestling. Another popular sport is similar to polo and is called Buzkashi. It is played by tossing around a one hundred and ten (110) pound (50 kg) dead goat while on horseback. Cricket, rugby, and soccer are also popular sports.
  • Safed Dara is the one ski resort in the country near the town of Varzob
  • The Khorog Botanical Garden is the highest botanical garden in the entire world
  • The Bam I Dunya “Roof of the World” Festival celebrates local traditions in the Pamiri region with song and dance. It takes place at Khorog’s City Park each year, July 27th to 29th.
  • The only way to cross the border between Tajikistan and China at the Qolma Pass is by hitchhiking on trucks headed either to Dushanbe or Kashgar in China.
  • This is the home of Rudaki, an ancient poet born in the year 858 BC, who was the first master of the modern Persian language and is celebrated today as a cultural figure in Tajikistan and Iran.
  • The national drink is green tea

Plenty of Things to Do

You definitely won’t get bored here. Tajikistan tourism is booming because of its natural landscapes, mountains, and numerous (around 1,450 scattered throughout the country) pure alpine lakes. Some of the mountains are so high you are actually at the altitude of airplanes. The country also has a rich history of scientists, poets, and philosophers calling this home.

Here is a short video to acquaint you with this part of the world:

Here are a few things to keep you busy in this area of the world.

* Visit the Lakes — with over fourteen hundred (1400) to choose from it may be helpful to describe a few of the more interesting ones. For example, there is Sarez Lake which was created in 1911 when a part of the Pamir Mountains collapsed resulting in a blockage of the Murghab River. One of the most beautiful of the lakes is Lake Iskanderkul, located in the Fann Mountains in western Tajikistan, which was named after Alexander the Great. Home to many animals (bears, foxes, snow leopards, rabbits, mountain goats, and wolves), it is surrounded by forests and mountains. Here you will find the “Niagara of the Fann Mountains”, Iskanderdarya, a one hundred and twenty-five (125) foot (38 meters) waterfall. One other lake not to miss out on is Lake Karakul, which resides in a meteor crater said to have been created twenty-five (25,000,000) million years ago during the Pliocene Epoch. It is twelve thousand nine hundred and ninety (12,990) feet (3,960 meters) above sea level. You also can check out the Seven (7) Lakes of Marguzor which is filled with much local lore.

* Walk the Streets of Istaravshan — now this is really an ancient city as it goes back to Cyrus who was the Persian king in the sixth (6th) century BC. It has been rebuilt a few times over the centuries. The Islamic history is evident here with the many madrasas, minarets, mosques, and mausoleums. Check out the City Museum where you can pick up a variety of items such as ceramics, fine embroidered fabrics, traditional shoes, hand-made knives, and other traditional items.

* Hike through the Fann Mountains — this will be a pleasant experience as you hike through the mountains taking in the beautiful scenery and gemstoned colored lakes. There are trails for all levels of hikers. You can go on a day hike or a several day excursion.

* Experience the Cuisine — the national dish is qurutob. Although Tajik food is not well-known in other parts of the world or even in the country itself since many dishes originate in other parts of Central Asia, qurutob is the real deal. It is made up of a crisp, thin fatir bread and filled with a bunch of delicious veggies and spices topped off with “qurut” which is a type of yogurt ball. You will find an abundance of local produce, fresh fruits, and other cultural dishes including home-made breads, sweets, nuts, and layer cakes.

* Check out the Shipping Container Bazaar — in the city of Murghab, a small town situated within a gorgeous valley, you will find a bazaar filled with shops which were constructed within old shipping containers. You will find it a most interesting shopping experience.

* Spend some Time in the Capital CityDushanbe offers plenty of bazaars and beautiful parks such as Rudaki Park. You will also find the world’s second (2nd) largest flagpole here. Besides being a great place to relax between your many outdoor adventures in the high altitudes, there are plenty of things to do.

* Now for a bit of Isolation — the most isolated area of this country is the Yagnob Valley where the locals are the descendants of the very ancient Sogdian Empire. It is situated in the northwestern part of the country between the Gissar and Zarafshan ranges. The people here speak the Yagnobi language and have preserved their pre-islamic customs, beliefs, and lifestyle. There are about ten (10) villages throughout the valley. Another isolated area of the country is the Wakhan Valley. Off the Pamir Highway it goes along the River Panj which is the natural border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. The Wahki language is spoken in villages here as part of their unique culture. Also the scenery is fantastic with gorgeous pastures and meadows. The Fergana Valley is in the most northern part of the country in Sughd province. This is where Uzbekistan and Kyrgystan meet Tajikistan. Here you will find plenty of Silk Road architecture.

* Don’t forget about the Pamir Highway — this road is the second highest international highway (M41 highway) in the world. The highest is the Karakoram Highway in China and Pakistan. You will get spectacular views as you venture down Shurabad Pass and get a glimpse of the Panj River and Afghanistan. The highest parts of the Pamir Highway go over Ak-Baytal Pass at fifteen thousand two hundred and seventy (15,270) feet (4,655 meters) and the Khaburabad Pass at twelve thousand two hundred and five (12,205) feet (3720 meters). The highway also passes through the village of Murgab which is the highest community in the former Soviet Union at eleven thousand eight hundred and fifty (11,850) feet (3,612 meters). Don’t miss taking this road trip while in Tajikistan as if offers spectacular views of deep gorges and mountains while you are up above the clouds.

* The Buddhist Temple at Ajina-Tepe — the definition of Ajuna-Tepe is “hill of the evil forces”. In 1961 because of the curiosity of archaeologists, a Buddhist monastery was discovered which dates back to the seventh (7th) and eight (8th) centuries BC. Living quarters for monks as well as a temple were discovered with the surfaces covered by paintings and other decorative forms. Also, a forty (40) foot (12 meter) long statue of Buddha was found. The lower half below the waist was original and the rest of the body was recreated for display at the National Museum of Antiquities in Dushanbe.

* The Tigrovaya Balka Nature Reserve — this park covers one hundred and thirteen thousand six hundred and sixty-eight (113,668) acres (460 square kilometers) at the border between Afghanistan and Tajikistan. It is filled with large numbers of endangered species and habitats. It is primarily comprised of tugay, which is a wetland forest which gets its water from flooding and not from rain. Before hunting and agriculture drove it to extinction, this was the home of the Caspian tiger. The park was founded in 1953 and that is when the last tiger tracks were observed. It is believed that the tiger became extinct in the early 1970s.

* Another World Heritage Site — one of the oldest human communities in Central Asis is Sarazm. It dates back about five thousand (5,000) years. With its mines and mills and numerous artifacts, there is much evidence that this was a settlement of advanced development for its time. There are also clues of the people being very knowledgeable traders throughout the Asian continent. It is now a UNESCO Heritage site.

Why Visit Tajikistan? Tajikistan

Well it is certainly not for the big city life, as there isn’t a large variety of stuff to do in the capital of Dushanbe other than some interesting bazaars for shopping like the Dushanbe Bazaar where you can test your bargaining skills, the Dushanbe Flagpole, and the Tajikistan National Museum.

Now let me give you a few reasons why this may be an interesting adventure for you in your travels. The history and beauty of this country will most definitely keep you occupied for awhile. It is also such a diverse country with Tajiks, Kyrgyz, and Uzbeks making up the major ethnic groups in the area. You will find much hospitality everywhere you go, whether in a city or a remote village. As a guest you will be honored at all get togethers and feasts.

This is definitely a place for outdoor activities with plenty to do in this mountainous region of the world. You can go hiking, mountain climbing, rafting, trekking, camping, horseback riding, Yak riding, paragliding, or jeep touring.

With three thousand (3000) years of history, you will find much in cultural art, music, dance, literature, monuments, and craftsmanship to pique your interest. You can explore ancient settlements, Islamic shrines, medieval mosques, Buddhist relics, and spectacular fortresses. You can also spot some camel caravans at times. There are also many remnants of the  Soviet rule as well. For lovers of history and culture this is the place to be.

Here is a country filled with stunning sights as well as an opportunity to get lost in time among all of this history and culture. Experience the beauty of the sky and stars without any light pollution, and escape for awhile from your hectic day-to-day pace. This just may be a location to include in your current or future travel plans.

Enjoy your Travels,


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Designo Pro 2.0 Review…

Graphic Design

Designo Pro 2.0 Review Designopro 2.0

Name:Designo Pro 2.0



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Price: $29.95 Once Time Investment

Owners: Todd Gross and Radu Hahaianu

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This is a cloud-based graphics design tool (recommended browsers are Firefox and Chrome) that provides pre-made graphic templates with editing features. It uses vetor-based graphics which makes it easy to design banners, logos, or whatever you need. Your images can also be easily enlarged while maintaining the same quality. If you need the images printed for offline use they can be resized to any size, saved as RGB, and then converted at the printer shop to CMYK.

Todd Gross and Radu Hahaianu have several years of experience in the online marketing world. A few of their prior product launches include EZ Spokesperson Creator, OnmiXpress, Video Pal, Video Builder, Azon Store Hub, and EZ Review Videos. Because of the success of the original version of this product, they made the decision to create this updated version with additional features.

This new 2.0 version has several extra features. This includes the ability to export SVG, PNG, PDF, and JPG. There are now realistic mockups and 3D graphics. You can upload and edit your own graphics. You also have font importing so you can add custom font, layer locking, an extended color palette, and grid views. All this, as well as over two hundred (200) plug-and-play templates to be used for your designs. This has provided more versatility for you with these new categories and designs.

The main thing that the owners of this product are emphasizing is that just by changing your banners and logos on your site you can significantly increase conversions.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Cloud-based
  2. Thirty (30) day money back guarantee
  3. Graphics templates are built-in
  4. Can use for several types of projects
  5. Easy to Use
  6. Can integrate third party apps with the Web API

The Not So Good:

  1. It does take time and commitment in order to use this tool effectively
  2. There are upgrades

Who is Designo Pro 2.0 For?

It is for all types of internet marketers who have a need for graphics in their business. It is ideal for product sellers to add value to their offerings. Offline marketers can create business cards and flyers for their promotions. Website owners are able to design their sites with graphics which stand out and are impressive. Video marketers can create compelling videos. Affiliate marketers can create banners, logos, and other graphics to increase their click through rates (CTR).

Tools & Training

Here is a short video which will describe the essentials of this product:

Three Easy Steps

  1. You begin by choosing the most appropriate templates from over seven hundred (700) choices or you can upload your own images, SVG vectors, or graphics
  2. Then you are able to edit the template to your specific needs by using the drag and drop editing feature
  3. Export to any format you need for your video, offline business, website, or product/service offering


* Unique Design Architecturevectors instead of pixels are used to create attractive graphics of any size.

* Over Seven Hundred (700) Vector Templatesthis gives you plenty from which to choose with no monthly fee or additional software needed. There are twenty (20) different categories loaded with a variety of designs.

* Designs are Ready-Made you can choose from a variety of designs for flyers, book covers, banners, cartoon characters, logos, infographics, and social media covers.

* A Drag and Drop Editorall done with a simple click of your mouse.

* Integrates with Video Builderssince it has SVG vectors you can export designs in your video creators such as Sketch Pro, Viddyoze, and Explaindido.

A few other features are real mock-ups, layer locking, extender color palette, visual 3D clothing designs and graphics, grid ruler views, export to PDF or JPG, import your own font, web API access, and several others. The branding mock-ups allow you to put your design on one item or several at the same time, and all of them will be sized correctly. There is also an automatic image embedding in the mock-ups which allows you to simply drop your images into your template and you get a perfect fit.


Email Support is provided


Front-end price is $29.95 as a One Time Investment.


#1 The Elite Version provides additional features such as additional premium graphics ready to go, curation from Pixabay, and a Developers License. $47 One Time Investment

#2 Done For You (DFY) Graphics receive additional graphics each month. $69 per Year of $14 per month

#3 Agency License get a license for two hundred and fifty (250) Client Accounts. $67 One Time Investment

Final Thoughts

In any type of business, especially in the online world, graphics is an important element for success in gaining interest and attention from your audience. Graphics help to get your core message across. Graphic design takes time to learn effectively, and it can be costly to farm it out to professionals.

This product provides pre-made graphics with the ability to edit them to your specific needs. The vector templates are adaptable to several types of images. Other additional features enable you to create the type of image you desire. It does take some time to learn how to use all of these functions effectively.

You most defintely can save a lot of money from having to outsource this function of your business by being able to create videos, graphics, and websites that look good and have a higher probability of converting. According to the developers you get “print shop quality graphics” with this product.

You can create a logo and then place it on a mug, business card, T-shirt, letterhead, banner, or whatever you need and get a professional look. There are a lot of options with this including getting your graphic images printed offline at a print shop if you have the need.

All in all, this seems to be a decent product which can save you time and money in creating various images and designs for your business. It comes with a thirty (30) day money back guarantee, so if you have a need for this it is worth a try. All the Best in your marketing efforts.


Final Conclusion Designo Pro 2.0

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