10 Reasons Why We Procrastinate — And Why It Doesn’t Matter


I was doing some research recently on the challenge of getting stuff done, when I came across all these articles and books filled with information on why we don’t get things done. I found 10 reasons why we procrastinate, and after reviewing them, I came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter at all. Reasons to Procrastinate

On the surface this may seem life a defeatist attitude for sure, but stick with me a bit as we dig a little deeper into this. I think you will be surprised at what we uncover.

A Few Reasons to Delay

To get things started here let me go over some of the findings I discovered in my research. This will give us a better idea of how procrastination is viewed.

The first reason is fear. Actually there are two reasons here as we have the fear of success as well as the fear of failure. Third, we have the resistance factor. Fourth is a lack of any inspiration to move forward. Fifth, we have lack of confidence. For number six we can include no sustained interest in the project or endeavor.

All these reasons seem sufficient to keep us stuck in place for quite some time, but let’s go ahead and add a few more. Lets see now, where are we? Oh yes, number seven. For that, let’s mention not wanting to start until it is the perfect time when all things line up just right. For folks like this, let’s also include the planets being in such-and-such alignment as well. It may take a few thousand years for that to happen, but that’s okay.

Lets move on the number eight. Here we find our lack of discipline or of self-control kicking in. How can we expect to do anything when we can’t focus on something for more than a few seconds. Number nine brings us to being blown away by the magnitude of our task. Now let’s finish up with number ten with a lack of time. Actually, I can go on and on with this, but I think ten is sufficient to make my point that it really doesn’t matter anyway.

This reminds me of a time many years ago when a dear friend said to me, “Joe, when you need an excuse anyone will do. You don’t have to get fancy about it”. Oh so very true.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Now that we have outlined a few of the more common reasons why we have such a challenge in moving forward and making progress, what should we do about it? There is plenty of info online in articles and books to keep us busy for years trying to figure this stuff out, and hopefully get some better results.

Every positive thinking or self development type book or program will emphasize how we have so much potential which we are not tapping. We are also reminded of how little of our grey matter we actually employ in our day-to-day activities. But if we were to interview any of these success gurus, and ask them to give us an honest assessment of what percentage of people actually apply what is taught and make viable changes in their lives, the number would be pitifully low.

How can this be with all of this great knowledge being conveyed with the expectation of improved circumstances and greater success in all areas of our lives? Well stick with me a bit more, and we will see how deep this rabbit hole actually goes. One thing for sure, we will finally realize that there are one or more critical pieces missing from this Success Recipe.

Noticing What We Have Missed

The funny thing about beliefs is that they make perfect sense to us as we have the proof of our experiences, but they also act as “blinders” of other things which are actually right there for us to view and utilize to our advantage. This person had a good take on this.

“I assess the power of a will by how much resistance, pain, torture it endures and knows how to turn to its advantage.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

There is a tremendous amount of wisdom in these words for a number of reasons. And these reasons, unlike the other ones that we just mentioned about procrastinating, offer the key to our freedom from worry, stress, fear, and any lack which we may be experiencing. Lets proceed.

The power of our will is our ability to decide. Everything we have and are currently experiencing is a direct result of decisions which we have previously made. These decisions result in the out picturing of our current reality. Since we see it, we obviously believe it.

Since there are certain laws in place which govern all this stuff, just like the gravity thing on the physical level, it pays for us to be in alignment and harmony with these laws in order to maximize our desired results. In order to become aware of all the opportunity which we are missing because of our impaired visions, we have to find a way to remove those blinders so we can see clearly.

Now this is more easily said than done, not because it is complicated or hard to do, but because of its utter simplicity and the fact that it is challenging our entrenched view of life. We much rather be right and than be happy. Giving up our security blanket of our cherished beliefs is not something we are going to do easily. In fact, we will totally resist any help, and even be rather belligerent toward those offering it.

If we are totally honest with ourselves, we can find many examples in our past when this was so. It is now time to not only increase our awareness of what is going on, but to actually do something about it so that we can break free from our current paradigm of settling for less than we truly desire.

Lets “Undo” Some Stuff Next Step

As we get further into this it will be come absolutely clear that procrastination is not the issue at all. We can spend years trying to overcome all the reasons we think we procrastinate and not get anywhere at all. We are not afraid of uncertainty or any of the other reasons that are commonly attributed to procrastination. We are actually afraid of “certainty” and all that entails.

We have spent so much time, unconsciously for sure because we could not act this insane if we were aware of what we were doing, denying our power and who we truly Are, that we actually now believe it. We are lost within a web of illusions which we actually created ourselves.

The good news is that there is a way out. The bad news is we may not want to take it. Since this is the case, we may have to spend some time convincing ourselves it’s okay, and that we can let go of some of our cherished beliefs about how we imagine things are. When we are willing to do this, procrastination is not only NOT an issue, but we have just empowered ourselves to make the decision for Love over Fear.

At this point, when we feel any resistance to do anything which we want to do, we just let go and allow it to be. By not doing anything, what we will immediately experience is an inner drive and motivation to get going and get it done. This feeling will only increase until we take some action. At some point we will feel like we don’t have any other choice than to proceed. Now this will only works if this is a True Desire based on legitimate premises of improving our lives and the lives of others. Otherwise, the resistance will stay in place, and that is actually a good thing. It is protecting us from ourselves, and our faulty thinking. This is the positive aspect of procrastination. So procrastination either helps us out or is not an issue at all.

Discovering Who We Really Are

At some point we realize that things are “Good Already” and there is nowhere to Go and Nothing to Get. We have it All right this moment because of Who We Are. Our Beingness is what allows us to Have as long as we do not get in the way. Life at this point takes on a flow, and we are no longer afraid of the certainty of our Power and our True Self.

This is a process of discovery, but it is really not a journey at all. All that We Are exists this very moment just waiting on our awareness to kick in. We just bought into a few false ideas about ourselves and the world along the way, and once we undo a few things, it will be apparent that procrastination is not the issue at all. It is just a symptom of our Fear of Self Discovery.

In any event, we are here to make a difference, and we have the power to do that right this very moment. Lets now let go of some of the baggage and proceed on our way unfettered and free.

The Bottom Line

The critical component to making progress has nothing to do with procrastination or any of the numerous reasons for it. It goes much deeper in that we must confront some issues which we have been avoiding for quite some time. It is a matter of both forgetting and remembering.

First, we must forget all the nonsense beliefs and ideas which we picked up, and which are now running our lives in a chaotic fashion. On the other side, we must also let go so that we can remember who we really Are, and then act from that new vision of reality. Otherwise, we are just playing around with illusions and wondering why we are not making progress.

The one thing to keep in mind is that when we are in alignment with what we truly desire and know that it is beneficial for us and others, we will be naturally inspired to move forward. No matter how much we resist, we cannot stop from taking action. That is the ongoing test as to whether we are pursuing goals which are right for us or not.

I look forward to your progress and hearing about your thoughts in the comment section. All the Best.


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Easter Island Trips — Many Surprises Await

Easter Island

As a territory of Chile, Easter Island is a volcanic Polynesian land mass. It was originally called Rapa Nui, while its Spanish name is Isla de Pascua . Easter Island trips provide many exciting sights and adventures. For example, there are archaeological sites with hundreds of statues and monuments called moai, which originate in the thirteenth (13th) to sixteenth (16th) century time frame. Easter Island

These statues are figures of humans having over sized heads, and they are situated on pedestals called ahus. Let’s explore this most interesting part of the world located in Oceania in the southeastern part of the Pacific Ocean.

Some Basic History on this Area

Around 1200 AD we have the first record of inhabitance of this area by the Rapa Nui people. There is evidence throughout the island of a very productive and growing culture. With the arrival of the Europeans in 1722, there was a gradual reduction of the native population from around three thousand (3000) to one hundred and eleven (111) by 1877. This was for a number of reasons including disease and emigration.

The island was annexed by Chile in 1888. It became a “special territory” in 2007, and is part of the Valparaiso region. It is considered one of the remotest islands anywhere in the world.

The first settlement on the island according to oral tradition was in Anakena, but scientific findings have concluded other sites were settled prior to this, including Tahai.

The island originally had a strict class system in place. This was headed up by a high chief called an ariki. The people also had a relationship with the spirit world. Within their belief system the dead provided all things for the living folks including food, shelter, clothing, richness of the land, health, and fortunate circumstances. In return, the people provided the dead a more ideal place in the spirit world through their offerings.

The majority of the native population, Rapa Nui, resided in Hanga Roa until the 1960s, because the other parts of the island were leased to the Williamson-Balfour Company as a sheep farm until 1953. At this point private property came into existence on the island for the first time. Then the entire island was reopened and managed by the Chilean Navy until 1966. The Rapa Nui were given Chilean citizenship in 1966.

In order to preserve the history and integrity of the island, in 2018 the government reduced tourist visits from ninety (90) to thirty (30) days. This was to better address several social and environmental issues.

Here is a short video outlining a bit of the mystery of this most enchanting and captivating area:

A Few Interesting Facts to Consider

  • The population of Easter Island is close to eight thousand (8000) people with about three thousand five hundred (3500) being Rapa Nui
  • It was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995
  • The majority of the island is protected within the Rapa Nui National Park
  • The official language is Spanish although the traditional language is Rapa Nui, which is an Eastern Polynesian language
  • Mataveri International Airport is the main airport
  • The island is located two thousand four hundred and eighty-five (2,485) miles (4000 km) off the coast of Chile
  • The Chilean Peso is the currency
  • The island has a tropical rain forest climate. The temperatures vary during the year from fifty-nine (59 F) degrees (15 C) to eighty-two (82 F) degrees (28 C) with rather high humidity. Although it rains year round, the highest rainfall is in May.
  • An ancient script called rongorongo is a combination of geometric and pictographic shapes
  • Each February the local people celebrate a two (2) week festival called Tapati Rapa Nui to honor their culture. Various competitive events are set up between two (2) clans and the winning team is designated “queen” of the island for the following year. The activities include woodcarving, canoeing, cooking, and jewelry making.
  • The Birdman Cult called Tangata Manu was practiced until the 1860s. The Birdman Competition was held in Orongo where people from each village would compete in perilous swimming and climbing activities in order to acquire the first bird egg of the season. The tribe which won gained rulership of the island for a year.
  • Easter Island has one of the largest collections of petroglyphs (pictures carved into rock) in the entire area of Polynesia
  • Caves are plentiful throughout the island with evidence of past human habitation
  • The island has a national football (soccer) team
  • The culture has a strong musical tradition encompassing South American and Polynesian influences. In the town of Hanga Roa there are three (3) discos.
  • The island also hosts the Chilean part of the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

Now for Some Fun Things to Do

* Trips and Tours — for those who want to check out the island with a local guide there are several options. Some packages include accommodations, meals, beverages, side tours, and all transfers. A good resource for this is Hangaroa Eco Lodge. There are several ways you can structure your package. The Hangaroa Eco Lodge and Spa is a great place to stay offering wonderful accommodations, a spa and pool, great food at a reasonable price, as well as tours and activities. Plus the views are fantastic, and it is a short walk to the village of Hanga Roa, and a short drive from the airport. A tour is a good way to learn the culture and history of this area before renting a car and going off exploring on your own.

* Evening Stargazing is a Treat — because of its remote location this part of the world is great for taking in the starlit sky. The clearness of the sky and its extreme clarity is a pleasure to see, especially if you live in a large city and are not accustomed to this type of view.

* Drive Around the Island and Take In the Sights — one good way to see the island is to rent a car. A good source for tours and car rentals is Mahinatur. It is fun to just start driving and see where you end up. There are several outlooks all about the island that are great for snapping a few photos. Drive along the coast and experience the scenic beauty and the large waves crashing against the rocks. The other options are to rent a dirt bike, ATV, or bicycle. Since the island is small you do not need a lot of fuel to get around. A one-day rental for a car is about eighty ($80 USD) dollars. Also, check out Ahu Akahanga while tripping around the island. It has a good number of moai and platforms. And the only moais which face the ocean can be located at Ahu Akivi. Ahu Vinapu is also a great place to check out the stonework of this island. Because of its isolated location and volcanic activity, Easter Island has been known as the “Navel of the World”. At Te Pito Kura you will find some unique rocks and a large stone said to have been brought there by the first chief and founder of Easter Island, Hotu Matu’a. The rock is not native to the island. Also at this location you will find the tallest moai on the island.

* Check Out the Great Sunrises and Sunsets — just as stargazing is fun, you will also enjoy sunrise, and a good place to get a good view is at Arhu Tongariki, which has the best restored moais or statues on the island. The views of the ocean and mountains behind the moais are absolutely stunning. The sunset at Tahai is simply staggering. This is right next to Hanga Roa village with the moai overlooking the sea. Easter Island

* Explore the Botanical Gardens — this is a most delightful experience as you are surrounded by a variety of beautiful flora. When you call in advance the family who owns the gardens will come and pick you up.

* Enjoy the Slow Pace of Island Life — spend time learning the culture and interacting with the friendly locals. The Anthropological Museum is free, and you can find some very interesting artifacts including the only original Coral Eye which was used to decorate the moais. Attend a traditional dance show to learn more about the culture. Music and dance is very important to these people. Also, Polynesian art is gorgeous, and you may want to get a tattoo to take home with you. Andres ‘Panda’ Pakariti is the most respected and well-known artist on the island for tattoos.

* Take Plenty of Photos — there is no lack of natural beauty and unusual sights on this island. Check out the volcanoes, archaeological sites, the coastline, and the lush green pastures. The best times for photo taking is first and last light. Also, you can find ancient petroglyphs all over the island, especially near Te Pito Kura, and are well worth taking a few pictures.

* Fun at the Beach — there are numerous beaches to explore, take a leisurely walk, and relax. The waves are great for surfing, and spear fishing is a favorite activity as well. Since the waves can get a bit intense, if you are not an experienced surfer, you can get a gentler experience at the harbor at Hang Roa. The locals will be happy to take you to their favorite surfing spots. You can also go Scuba Diving and view some of the moai on the bottom of the sea (these were actually constructed for a movie years ago and left there so they are not originals). There are also some wall and cavern dives you can take. Due to the volcanic activity on the island, most of the coastline is rocky. But if you want a white sand beach with turquoise waters, check out Anakena Beach as well as Ovahe Beach.

* Let’s Do a Bit of Horseback Riding — one thing you will notice when you get there is the large number of horses which prance around freely through the pastures. Kinda reminds you of the Old West in the United States. If you are not an experienced rider, just alert your guide so that he will hook you up with a more gentle creature.

* Explore the Rano Raraku Quarry — on the north end of the island is Rano Raraku where the moai were carved by hand and then transported to other parts of the island. On the edge of the Terevaca Volcano, you will find the quarry with many remnants of moai in different stages of completion. Take a hike to the volcanic crater for tremendous views of the ocean. There is much mystery to be discovered here.

* The Ana Kakenga Cave — although there are plenty of caves on the island, this one is well worth checking out because it has two (2) openings with marvelous views of the Pacific Ocean. It requires a bit of dexterity to explore, as you have to climb down a very narrow entrance and through a small chamber to reach the openings. Bring a flashlight with you. Ana Te Pahu cave is also worth checking out.

* Swim with the Turtles — a great place to go snorkeling is Hanga Roa Harbor where there is plenty of sea life and you can swim with the turtles. It is best to go at high tide.

* The Volcanoes — there are actually three (3) volcanoes on the island as part of its most unusual and unique ecosystem. Right near the coast, on the southwest part of the island, Rano Kau is a very large crater offering amazing ocean views. The best light for this is in the early morning or late afternoon.

This is a Place Worth Seeing

Easter Island trips should be included in your travel plans if you are looking for a remote place to relax and take in some great sights, and a culture full of mystery and intrigue. Be sure to check out the video above which provides many interesting ideas about the history of this most fascinating part of the world.

As for accommodations, I mentioned above the Hangaroa Eco Lodge which provides a more luxurious setting. There are also other choices such as hostels, camping, and more modest hotels.

The food is very good here on the island. You can find a lot of Chilean-style fast food like empanadas, pizza, and burgers. Fish is the main staple of the island. The best place to eat happens to be at the Hangaroa Eco Lodge in a restaurant called the Kaloa. In addition to fabulous ocean views, the cuisine is excellent offering a variety of choices at reasonable prices. For a place like this ten ($10 USD) to fifteen ($15 USD) dollars for entrees can’t be beat, especially when they use the freshest ingredients. You can’t go wrong with the fish for the day, and ending your meal with some delicious mango desserts.

This just may be a place which you would like to add to your travel plans. It definitely is not your average cruise or Disneyland adventure.

All the Best in your Travels,


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SyndBuddy 2K Review…

Software Review of SyndBuddy

SyndBuddy 2K Review

Name: SyndBuddy 2K

Website: ZamuraiApproved.com


SyndBuddy Software Review

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Price: $19 One Time Investment

Owner: Joshua Zamora

Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

Product Overview

This web-based tool is designed to help you get increased targeted traffic from your keywords by increasing your rankings of your websites and videos. SynBuddy has a community of users who will syndicate your content throughout the internet.

This is a social exchange piece of software based on a credit system. You can either purchase credits or earn them by watching, sharing, bookmarking, and liking the content of other members. You drive traffic to your sites and videos by using those credits to increase the bookmarks, shares, and views of your content.

This is a group of people socially interacting and syndicating each other’s content on a day-by-day basis.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Easy to use — Works on PC and Mac
  3. Web-based
  4. Increased traffic

The Not So Good:

  1. Need to purchase more credits to get adequate exposure or spend quite a bit of time performing social actions on other members’ content
  2. Pricing doesn’t make sense to me. The choices seem contrived and not authentic. It’s called a summer time special.
  3. Sounds too much like a magic formula rather than just a functional tool
  4. Credits can expire in forty-five (45) days if you are not active enough
  5. Upsells

Who is SyndBuddy For?

Internet marketers and local businesses who are interested in increasing targeted traffic to their websites and videos.

Tools & Training

Here is a short video by Joshua Zamora which outlines the main features and benefits of this product. Some of the info is outdated as there is no longer the offer he speaks about and instead of three thousand (3000) there are now over five thousand (5000) members and users of this product.

Training videos are provided in the membership area.

  • Credit Based System — this automatically is set up for each member to get views from other members to increase rankings on Google and YouTube. Getting views from a variety of locations and IP addresses throughout the world gets Googles attention which results in higher rankings.
  • Real Google +1s — this function is built right into the platform which enables you to use Google’s social network to increase your rankings.
  • Real Twitter Tweets — organic growth and sharing is the result of social shares. Social syndication and backlinks are gained through generating actual tweets from numerous people to increase your social presence rather quickly.
  • Facebook Likes and Shares — social media shares greatly affect your rankings because of how Google’s algorithm works. More views and shares enhance your rankings.
  • Social Bookmarks — this is a very effective means of syndication for all of your marketing and promotional campaigns. Although bookmarking your own site definitely helps, but when large numbers bookmark your site you get noticed and bookmarked by the major authority sites as well such as Medium, Diigo, SkyRock, KiwiBox, and Plurk.
  • Web 2.0 Syndication — you will be able to locate people to link to your sites and post your content on Web 2.0 sites like Instapaper, Tumblr, Joomla, Blogger, and WordPress.com
  • Universal Access — no downloads or special equipment are needed to effectively use this web-based portal. You can log-in with any type of device using your private user ID.
  • Actual Video Views — with this software you get real views of your videos and websites from real people all over the world. These video boosting features make a difference in your overall exposure.
  • Step-by-Step Training — videos are provided which explain all the functions of the dashboard.
  • Reporting and Tracking System — this is built in order to make it easy to track your the specific kinds of social signals which your campaigns are generating as well as the specific URLs where your content is posted.

Three (3) Easy Steps:

  1. Login with your user ID
  2. Choose the specific type of social interaction you desire for your content. You can use a mixture of bookmarks, shares, and views.
  3. One click and then monitor your results with the reporting and tracking system


Live Online Training — this is to supplement the training videos and tutorials with a live training call where you can ask questions

Fifteen (15) Niches PDF — these niches have already been researched as to their potential for profitability and suggested products are also included as well

Replay of a Live Call about their $400K per month Strategy — this is a call hosted by Joshua Zamora interviewing a person who is said to be earning $400,000 per month in his SEO and consulting business.

Zamurai Video Bootcamp — Joshua held this four (4) week training bootcamp with a small group teaching them how to quickly rank on the first (1st) page of Google. He takes it from research to video creation to getting those videos ranked.


Email support is available from the company’s support staff.


Three Plans are available:

Lite Plan$77 One Time Investment (Membership in SynBuddy, One Hundred (100) credits to start, earn unlimited credits, Ten (10) Active URLs, Personal Rights)

Plus Plan$87 One Time Investment (Membership in SynBuddy, Five Hundred (500) starting credits, earn unlimited credits, Thirty (30) Active URLs, Personal Rights)

Fully-Loaded Plan $19 One Time Investment (Membership in SynBuddy, Two Thousand (2,000) credits to start, earn unlimited credits, Three Hundred Active URLs, Agency Rights)


# 1 — Lock in the discounted rate of the credits at $1 and then renew at the discounted rate in thirty (30) days. Credits are sold at double the price inside the members’ area or you can earn own credits.

# 2 — SyndLab, which is the platform on which SyndBuddy was built, allows you to share your content on your own networks and SyndBuddy allows you to leverage the exchange to get shares from other people’s accounts. They are integrated for maximum effect in Social Syndication.  $37 on a quarterly basis or $34.95 per month for agency license.

# 3 — Speed up results with X Ranker 360 products. This allows you to create video marketing campaigns to submit to SyndBuddy. SyndLab is integrated with X Ranker. $47 per quarter or $42/month.

Final Thoughts

It is definitely a challenge to get consistent traffic from Google to your websites and videos. It takes times to learn how to do effective keyword research, increase the effectiveness and quality of your content, and build up a number of high quality backlinks.

This software tool helps to speed up the process of getting your videos and websites ranked. It also enables you to use a variety of content such as blog posts, YouTube videos, client websites/videos, eCommerce sites, and niche affiliate sites to be syndicated.

One thing is that I do not like the pricing as the package with the most features and functions is priced the least by quite a bit. It is run as a summertime special, but it just leaves the wrong impression with me. If the product is really good, charge a fair amount for it without playing the pricing games. If the product works, it is worth the money charged. Also agency rights are included in the Fully-Loaded Plan, and then mentioned as one of the features of the upsells.

In any event, that is my rant about pricing and sales promotions. This does though seem like a decent product, and there is a thirty (30) money back guarantee. After many years in the internet world, I have found that nothing is as easy as it sounds. It may be a helpful tool, but it can never replace building on a strong foundation of quality content, excellent products and services, consistent marketing, and prompt customer support.

Final Conclusion SyndBuddy 2K Review

All the very Best to Your Success,


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Baby Boomers — Who Are They Really?

Baby Boomers

Technically the Baby Boomers are folks born between 1946 and 1964. Falling into this category myself, I do have a special affinity for this group of people. Baby Boomers

I recently discovered that the Baby Boomer demographic actually falls between the Silent Generation and Generation X. I never heard of the Silent Generation (born between 1928 and 1945) before. But as I explored further there is actually the Greatest Generation, which spans 1901 through 1927, and is also referred to as the World War II generation or G.I. generation (shaped by the Great Depression and participated in World War II).

Before we get too far off track, let’s get back to the Baby Boomers.

A Brief Background on the Baby Boomers

This is a rather unusual generation in that growing up, we were exposed to many opportunities which many of our parents did not experience, because of the World Wars and the Great Depression. Their experiences motivated them to make life better and easier for their children.

There was much optimism among the Baby Boomer folks as to what could be achieved and explored. Most parents were adamant in ensuring their kids were well-educated or at least had a good trade.

This was a time period of new beginnings in terms of space exploration, more accessible airline travel, and improved communications. Things were changing at a rapid pace. Add to this the Peace Movement which was fueled by the Vietnam War, the Civil Rights Movement, the ever present Cold War with the Soviet Union, and the Women’s Movement, and you have a rather complex scenario in which to grow up.

Surrounded by all of these evolving and transforming factors, this began a life of self exploration for many. Old beliefs and institutions were questioned, and pat answers were no longer accepted. Similar to what we are seeing today with the many differing viewpoints in society, back then social justice, war, and politics were in the limelight. There were major social, economic, and educational shifts occurring at a rapid pace to the dismay of our parents’ generation.

The baby boomers developed strong values, attributes, and work habits which have served them well as society transitioned into a more diverse setting with greater equal opportunities. Even with the challenges which still exist today, the generation of baby boomers experienced much of the intensity of major social change. The anti-establishment attitude of this generation of folks created the base for continued social change.

Much transpired in the early years of this generation which added to its thirst for change and equality. In addition to the political and social unrest from the civil rights, women’s, peace, and environmental movements, there were the Cuban Missle Crisis, the first person who walked on the moon, the challenge and anxiety of being drafted into the Vietnam War, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., John F. Kennedy, and Robert Kennedy, and then of course there was Woodstock.

As things evolved, we moved into other major events such as high inflation, gasoline shortages and rationing due to the oil embargo, the Cold War, Watergate and President Nixon resigning from office, the reinstatement of the draft by President Jimmy Carter, the Ronald Reagan presidency, and Live Aid. Is it any wonder that this Baby Boomer generation is a rather unique and unusual group of folks?

The Generation Gap

As I was growing up there was much talk about the generation gap, and there was no lack of evidence wherever you looked. Whether it was on the T.V. news, the newspapers, or within the family setting, the baby boomers were breaking away from their parents’ values, beliefs, and attitudes.

I have numerous stories in my personal life which confirm these differences. Since change is constant, we find this in every generation. But where I am going with this is to emphasize some of the similarities which can foster an environment and mindset based on cooperation rather than being adversarial and divisive.

In order to do this I am going to point out how baby boomers (1946 to 1964) and the millennials (1981 to 1996) can actually use their differences in a beneficial way. Especially their different styles of communication can be an asset when handled correctly.

It is both eye-opening and beneficial to consider how some of the major attributes of the baby boomers, such as wanting to make a difference, strong work ethic, focused and disciplined, and finding value working in a team, fit in well with the millennials’ desire to make an impact, working well with detailed goals and procedures, being transparent and willing to share, finding answers with technology, and preferring non-traditional work environments.

When we look for what we have in common, and how we can use our differences constructively, we can make a major impact in the world by working together. Beyond the many stereotypes of each generation, there is much value to be gained by creating the proper environment in which to work productively together.

The time could not be better to create positive alliances since many baby boomers will continue to work, some out of financial need, and others who basically love what they do and desire to continue to bring meaningful services and products to the market. Meaningful work is important regardless of age.

One excellent resource for those who are retired or approaching retirement is the organization Encore. There you will find many useful resources on discovering your purpose and in finding productive and purposeful ways to contribute.

There are approximately ninety (90,000,000) million millennials who are extremely tech-savy, and can team up well with the experience of the sixty-five (65,000,000+) million plus baby boomers. Based on the talents and desires of each group, much overlap and commonality can be found.

Couple the potential of the millennials with the experience of the baby boomers and you have a winning combination. The efforts of the millennials can be maximized by learning from the Baby Boomers in how to avoid many mistakes, so that they can more quickly make the world a better place for themselves and their families.

When aligned with a purpose in which they are attuned, millennials will work incredibly hard and utilize their intuitive grasp of technology in ways which will enhance the experience of the baby boomers. Much wisdom has been gained by the baby boomers in finding out what works and doesn’t. Also, wanting to ensure a better world for their children and grand kids, they most earnestly want to contribute and pass on what they learned.

Team Building is the Key Tream Building

Whether it is in relationships, business organizations, or working together across generations, finding ways to build teams based on cooperation and singleness of purpose will create the type of environment which will fuel success and an overall sense of satisfaction. To empower a team to move forward constructively, lines of open and honest communication are critical. It is much better to overdo this, than risk not sharing some vital data. This includes sharing differences, frustrations, and outright anger.

For this to work, all members of the team need to be transparent. It doesn’t matter if this is a small business, large corporate entity, government agency, or non-profit, the values of such a relationship need to be honored. This may not be easy, but it is necessary. When done properly, any confusion, anxiety, or impatience with the process can be effectively handled.

When the main purpose and overall goal is focused upon, then any differences the boomers and millennials may be experiencing can be dealt with constructively, because the “why we are doing this” takes precedence over “how” it gets done”. This shared identity and sense of purpose forms the foundation to move forward in spite of any differences of opinion.

One thing is for sure, everyone needs to work on a level playground. Hierarchy does not fit well into this kind of setting. Each person gets their opportunity to lead or follow at the appropriate time. Trust is built by gaining an understanding of each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how they can best be utilized for the benefit of the overall objective and each person involved.

In all aspects of life we are both teachers and students. It is no different here. We are never too old or too young to learn or teach. I learn so much by observing nature and children. There are many jewels of wisdom to be found there. The millennials can teach much about technology (web tools, software, models) and the boomers can contribute many ideas based on their years of experience.

When a team is built on these kind of sound principles, with total transparency and open communication paramount, much progress can be made as each team member is inspired and encouraged to contribute to the best of their ability. At this point any generation gaps are seen as useless and merely melt away.

Working Together for a Bright Future

There are so many archaic beliefs and mindsets that have outlived their usefulness. What now appears totally crazy and wacked out may have once served a purpose in terms of survival and maintenance of order and sanity. Those times are over. It’s now all about cooperation rather than competition.

Each one of us brings so much to be table based on our unique talents, abilities, and experiences. By working together we can find common goals where each person benefits, while contributing to viable solutions for worldwide challenges.

Needles to say, this type of effort crosses many generations. Any generation gap is an illusion when we focus on the big picture. Letting go of these outdated belief systems is not only ideal, but a necessity at this point in time.

The Baby Boomers have experienced much in their lives through times of chaos and major change. So who really are the baby boomers? They are a generation of folks who desire to continue to make a positive difference, and to join hands with people of all generations in creating the type of world which is based on trust, honesty, cooperation, integrity and most important of all, Unconditional Love.

May you All find your True Purpose and the Inspiration to Follow It,


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Visit Taos — It’s Quite An Experience

taos new mexico

Visit Taos if you want to experience the high desert of northern New Mexico with a wealth of historical sites and native beauty. Surrounded by the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, you will be taken aback by its exquisite beauty and mystical aura. Taos New Mexico

Native Americans have inhabited this area for centuries as evidenced by numerous adobe buildings and multistory complexes. It has bee a haven for artists for many years, and there are many museums and galleries where their work is displayed.

A Bit of History

Located in the north/central part of the state of New Mexico, it was established in 1795, and incorporated in 1934. As the county seat of Taos County it is its principal city. Originally a trading post for the Native American Taos Pueblo, it has taken on an identity of its own.

Bordering Taos’ northern boundary, Taos Pueblo was built between the eleventh (11th) and fifteenth (15th) centuries. Actually, it is one of the oldest communities in the United States which has been continuously inhabited. The population of the Taos Pueblo area is about 1,900. There you will find some of the most interesting architecture anywhere.

The pueblo is five (5) stories high in some places, consisting of individual homes with common walls. Many of the inhabitants have modern homes as well as staying within the pueblo structures during the colder months. About 150 folks live year round within the pueblo buildings.

In the early seventeenth (17th) century Spain took over the Indian Pueblo villages from the locals. Although they initially got along okay, it was not long before there was a revolt, called the Pueblo Revolt. After the Mexican-American War, Mexico ceded this area to the United States in 1848. New Mexico became a territory of the USA in 1850, and in 1912 became a state.

Artists began to inhabit the area as early as 1899. The Taos Society of Artists was established in 1915. Native Americans and the local natural habitat were often the objects of the paintings. Many of these art studios are still around and can be visited.

Some Interesting Facts

  • The name Taos originates from the native Taos language which means “place of red willows”
  • The population of Taos is about 5,668
  • In 1992 Taos Pueblo was made a UNESCO World Heritage site
  • The American flag is displayed twenty-four (24) hours per day in Taos Plaza
  • The median household income is approximately $25,016 while the median family income is $33,564
  • The elevation of the town is 6,967 feet or 2,124 meters
  • Due to low rainfall it is a semi-arid climate with summers being warm and a bit humid. Even when it is hot during the summer the evenings cool down to a pleasant level. In the winter there is plenty of opportunity for winter sports as the average snowfall is three hundred and five (305) inches (7.7 meters).
  • Wheeler Peak, just north of Taos, is the highest area in New Mexico at 13,161 feet (4011 meters)
  • The airports in New Mexico are Taos Regional Airport (SKK), Albuquerque National Sunport, and Santa Fe Municipal Airport
  • Waylon Jennings, a famous country music singer, sang the song “Taos New Mexico” on his 1967 album called “love of the Common People”
  • Just west of Taos, near Tres Orejas, there is a continuous low-frequency noise called the “Taos Hum”. It’s origin is unknown and it has been the subject of television programs such as Criminal Minds, The X-Files, and Unsolved Mysteries.
  • The Annual Celebration of the community takes place the third (3rd) weekend in July and is called Fiestas de Taos
  • In the 1920s the English novelist, D.H. Lawrence had a home about twenty (20) miles (32km) northwest of Taos. Formerly known as the Kiowa Ranch, the D.H. Lawrence Ranch is now owned and operated by the University of New Mexico. It is rumored that D.H.’s ashes reside there at the D.H. Lawrence Memorial.
  • A non-profit foundation called the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation provides free residency to eleven (11) artists each year

Plenty of Places to Check Out

Here’s a short video of the area to get us started:

* Check out the Architecture — spend some time viewing the amazing and fascinating architecture of this area. Some of these adobe structures are one thousand (1000) years old. These structures are constructed with clay which contains a micaceous mineral called mica, which actually glitters in the light. These buildings are mudded every year to maintain their integrity. These homes are usually passed down from one generation to another. The eldest son is usually the sole owner. The structures have a strong connection to their ancestors and way of life, and are still used for cultural and religious activities.

* Arts and Culture — Taos has three (3) museums: Millicent Rogers Museum, Taos Art Museum, and Harwood Museum of Art (site of many lectures and performances). You will find art from the Pueblo Native Americans here, and you will learn much about their culture. There are over eighty (80) art galleries in the town. A local venue for the Performing Arts is The Taos Center for the Arts (TCA) where local and nationally known performers display their talents in the Taos Community Auditorium. An independent film series is also shown here, and the Taos Chamber Music Group, Music from Angel Fire, and Taos School of Music also perform at the TCA. Local performances can also be found at the Town of Taos Convention Center. There are over twenty (20) artists who work exclusively with glass. You will find glass art displayed at several of the galleries, as well as at the Taos Institute for Glass Arts (TIGA).

* Visit the Studios and Homes of Artists — these homes and studios comprise some of the nicest historical sites in the town. There is the Doc Martin Restaurant in the Taos Inn, the Leon Gaspard House, the Ernest Martin Hennings House, the Mable Dodge Luhan House, the Nicolai Fechin House, the Harwood House, the Ernest L. Blumenschein House, the Eanger Irving Couse House–Joseph Henry Sharp Studios also known as the Couse/Sharp Historic Site. There are more than enough places to keep you busy taking in the art, architecture, and culture of this area.

* Winter Fun — a great place for some skiing is Wheeler Peak with its high elevation. There are four ski resorts in the Taos area: Sipapu, Red River, Angel Fire, and Taos Ski Valley. Other things to do in the winter include snow shoeing, horseback riding, ski skating, cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing, snowmobiling, ice-skating, and hot air ballooning.

* Summers are Fun Too — when the weather is warmer there are a variety of activities such as llama trekking (or llama hiking/caravanning where llamas come along on your hikes from a few hours to up to a few days — check out Wild Earth Llama Adventures), hot air ballooning (Pueblo Balloon), fly-fishing (Taos Fly Shop), horseback riding, golfing, mountain biking, and rafting (New Mexico River Adventures). The best mountain bike trail in New Mexico is the South Boundary trail which is east of Taos. Along the Taos Mountains and the Rio Grande River you will find plenty of hot springs to enjoy. In this area you will find a historical site called the Stage Coach, which was also used as a brothel in the Old West. You can take a ride through the Toltec Gorge and Rocky Mountain passes on the Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad.

* Shopping — there are plenty of small shops which will easily put you into a shopping trance. For example, there is the Moby Dickens Bookshop where you will find works from many local writers, and you can relax in a comfortable chair with the company of the two family cats. For leather products, you will enjoy browsing around Letherwerks where the owner, Kristian Moore, works on creating some custom items. For sophisticated designer clothes, there is the Substance of Taos which is loaded with fine fabrics such as organic cotton, cashmere, linen, and silk. For gifts, home goods, and teas, Wabi-Sabi is the place to be. The kids will love Twirl Toystore and Playspace which is the place where the artist Agnes Martin once lived. Within the Playspace there is a magical garden where kids can explore and have fun with the enormous climbing structure. You will find plenty of games and educational toys here as well as free activities all during the week.

There are Many Reasons to Visit Taos

Taos New Mexico

Traveling through this area you will be totally captivated by the stunning landscapes and animated sunsets. It is no secret why so many artists, musicians, and artists call this home. Add to this the hospitality of the local folks, and you have found a place to spend some quality time.

The locals are a combination of families who have lived here for several centuries, as well as transplants from large cities seeking solitude and a connection to nature. This combination of cultural traditions keeps Taos vibrant with change, which is reflected in the food and creative arts. As far as food is concerned, you will find family-owned cantinas as well as upscale fine dining. One place to check out is Graham’s Grille which has many world-class dishes, some even gluten-free.

There are also plenty of places for you to get your java fix such as Michael’s Kitchen Cafe and Bakery, World Cup Café, and at Black Diamond Espresso’s cabin kiosks in Taos Ski Valley.

All year long there are plenty of art festivals as well as the Taos Pueblo Pow Wow, Taos Lilac Festival, Taos Mountain Balloon Rally, and Yuletide in Taos. Add to this the numerous microbreweries scattered about, and you have the makings of a year long party.

The home of writer Mabel Dodge Luhan in the 1920s has now been transformed into a beautiful bed and breakfast called Hacienda del Sol B&B. This inn, which is adjacent to Taos Pueblo land, offers magnificent views in a cozy atmosphere. At the Taos Inn you have comfortable accommodations including the Adobe Bar and Doc Martin’s Restaurant.

All in all this is an area of the world worth exploring. Especially for those who have never been to the Southwest part of the United States, it will be a special treat.

Happy travels to All,


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Video Induction System Review —

Video Induction System

Video Induction System Review Video Marketing

Name: Video Induction System

Website: TheVideoInductionSystem.com

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Price: $47 — One Time Payment

Owner: Joey Xoto

Overall Rank: 90 out of 100

Product Overview

This product will help internet marketers and business owners create sales videos which are designed to convert up to thirty (30%) percent higher using the very same sales techniques and promotions which you currently have in place.

It uses screen capture software and powerpoint technology. You take your current sales letters and convert them into sales videos which are more likely to convert.

This is a package of twenty-four videos which instruct you with marketing tips for creating persuasive videos which convert well. This is an affordable way to create your own videos without the high cost (up to $3000 or more according to Joey) or taking the time to learn all the intricate detail on your own.

Joey Zoto took from his own experience in creating his own videos as well as videos for others in putting this package together. Joey has created videos for some big time internet marketers such as Peter Roszak (he created VideoMakerFX), Mark Thompson, and Frank Kern.

Here is a brief video which will take you through the process and give you a good idea of how this all works:

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
  2. Saves money from outsourcing the creation of your videos
  3. Saves time from learning all the detail on how to create these type of professional looking and high converting videos on your own
  4. Works on PCs and Mac

The Bad:

  1. Requires some basic technical skills in using Powerpoint, Word, and screen capture software
  2. There is software of which you need to learn and use (free or paid versions)

Who is The Video Induction System For?

This is primarily for business owners and internet marketers who are currently selling products and services who desire to add video to their promotional campaigns in order to increase traffic and sales.

Tools & Training

The training is comprised of video lessons with PDF downloads as well as forms and training bonuses.

Here is a brief description of the videos and worksheets:

Part One (1): Video Persuasion Profits

  1. How To Script Your Videos in Sixty (60) Minutes — design your videos to motivate your audience to take action whether it is to comment, subscribe, opt-in, or purchase. This is a much quicker and efficient process than writing traditional sales letters.
  2. How To Motivate Your Buyers to Buy Long-Term — learn to structure your script in a way which increases the likelihood of repeat sales.
  3. The Four (4) Pillars of a Profitable Video — use these four principles in every video you create in order to ensure that conversions are maximized. Joey explains that in most videos one or more of these pillars are left out.
  4. The Secret Ingredient Behind the World’s Most Powerful Closing Tactics — this one strategy will increase sales and opt-ins by making it very compelling to take action.
  5. Easy Cheatsheets — these help you to learn and apply the information as you watch the videos.
  6. Fill in the Blank Video Scripts — use these worksheets to more easily compose your sales promotions. You simply answer a few questions which allow you to write a very compelling video script.
  7. Tapping into your Audience’s Subliminal Mind — use these seven (7) questions to get to know your audience better so that you create irresistible sales promotions by instilling confidence and trust.
  8. Mistakes to Avoid — save time and money by being aware of common mistakes which are easy to overcome or avoid in the first place.

Part Two (2): Fast Production Secrets:

  1. How to Create Your Video — this gives you detail on how to save time creating professional looking videos which convert.
  2. Freebie-Lovers’ Toolkit — a list of tools for both PC and Mac which will allow you to create your videos. These include the free versions of editing and screen capture software.
  3. The Pros Tip on Editing — this is information on how to reduce or even eliminate your editing time by getting your videos created correctly on your initial try.
  4. Making Fancy Easy — this describes ways to eliminate mistakes and add background images, music, and other effects as well as optimizing your videos.


  1. How to Get a Pro Corporate or Whiteboard Animation Video — this describes how to get these created for fifty ($50) dollars or less. This saves you money on creating your own videos and allows you to earn money by creating them for others.
  2. Free Access to Eighty-Six (86) page Report: Video Persuasion Manifesto — this report is a written format of a scripting formula which is highly persuasive in attracting clients and customers.


Email Support provided


Forty-Seven ($47) is a One Time Payment

Final Thoughts

In the internet marketing world video marketing promotions are a very effective way to build successful campaigns. It has been shown to increase sales and conversions over the everyday text sales letter.

There are several reasons for this, including the way they are produced. In order to determine what the offer and price of the item or service is you have to watch the whole video. There are no play or pause or rewind buttons. With sales letters you can just scroll to the bottom to find out what is going on with the offer and price.

In addition, since video is still relatively new in the marketing game, it presents the same information in different ways which is attractive to people, so they are more likely to take your requested action. Also, on sales video you can provide greater details in a variety of ways with a real person explaining things to your target market. This type of presence increases trust in your audience.

With videos you have an opportunity to demonstrate your product or service to provide a more realistic view of things. When you are aware of what a product will do, and how easy it is to operate, you are much more likely to purchase.

According to Joey, sales videos can increase conversions over regular text letters by as much as eighty-five (85) times. This may or may not be true, but with his experience in this area, it does indicate that there is a significant difference whatever the exact figures may be. One example he gives is text converting at 4.6% and video at 17.58% for the same sales presentation.

With this product you have the tools to transform your text sales promotions into sales videos. The training videos are detailed but also concise in their explanations. You can also use templates in order to structure your text correctly before making the video.

All in all if video is something you desire to add to your sales campaigns, given the thirty (30) day money back guarantee, this is worth giving a try.

To your Success,


Final Conclusion Video Sales Letters

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Stepping Out — Where Do We Desire To Go…

Steeping Out

This is a most interesting topic as it lays the foundation for all we do and desire to accomplish in life. Stepping out in any area of our lives requires a specific intention in order for us to arrive at our destination. It sounds simple, but it can be a roadblock for many of us.  Stepping Out

Let’s delve into this a bit so that we can be more aware of our thought process around this, which will enable us to decide if we are heading in the right direction or not. Taking steps to succeed will not benefit us unless they are being taken in the right direction.

Defining Our Intention

Without a specific purpose in mind we can spend a lot of time running around in circles. The key word here is “specific”. Sometime we think we know what we want, only to find out later we were chasing false images. It all begins with uncovering our underlying desires.

When we define our intentions, we tell ourselves and others that we are ready to move forward and accept the things we most desire. This type of clarity is responsible for all the synchronicity in life, when things just happen to show up, and we often erroneously label them a coincidence. We have set the intention to succeed. We are ready for new discoveries.

“No one undertakes research in physics with the intention of winning a prize. It is the joy of discovering something no one knew before.” Stephen Hawking

They are far from coincidences as we have actually sent out a request and it is being answered. This is all about being in the right mental and emotional space to recognize opportunities when they are presented to us. When our intentions are misaligned and our thought process is off a bit, we can be surrounded by wealth and abundance and not even recognize it.
This reminds me of the story about two little boys. One was put in a room with all the toys he could ever desire, and after a while he was bored, unhappy, and unappreciative of all the good stuff surrounding him. The other boy was put in a room with horse manure, and later when checked on he was happily digging through the manure saying “there must be a pony in here somewhere”. Just a matter of one’s state of mind.

What is It That We Truly Desire?

Once we have set the intention to succeed, we can then define a few things in different areas of our lives which we truly desire. Again, the key word here is being “specific”. When we are specific, we have the clarity which it takes to step out and take some action with confidence. Our desires are then backed with power and energy.

Since we have focused our thoughts and emotions on what we want, it is only a matter of time for them to show up. Regardless of what roadblocks we encounter, we would never think of ever giving up.

Now a big part of this is accepting where we are now, so that we have a good starting point. This requires us to be open and willing to see things as they are, and not how we wish they are or how we are pretending them to be. Facing our strengths and weaknesses, as well as our successes and failures in the present moment, give us the impetus to move forward. If we are not totally accepting of the good and the not so good now, we will not be very accepting of our circumstances when  challenges inevitably crop up along the way.

When we assess our present circumstances honestly, we are able to see what we like and for which we are grateful, and also observe areas in which we wish to improve. Again, just this simple process of giving ourselves an honest evaluation, sets the stage for our progress. We now have the fuel to move forward.

Breaking It Down Into Specific Steps The Next Step

Once we are clear on “what” we desire, and also “why” we desire it (this is part of the honest assessment I just mentioned), we can then set a few goals for “how” we are going to get there. This is the practical phase of the process where we plan a few things out, and then implement them. Of course, all is subject to change once we begin and get some real life feedback.

When we make mistakes, this is just the feedback we require to make any needed corrections. Just like flying a plane, which requires continuous adjustments to stay on course, the journey toward our dreams and goals also require constant monitoring and making changes as necessary.

It all starts with the first step.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible. — Tony Robbins

Once we have our goals in place, which are meaningful to us to the extent that when we even think about them we get excited and passionate, we can then move forward and take some action. We are enlivened not only by the thought of achieving of them, but for the enjoyment of the process of getting there. At this point, we “know” that these are meaningful goals.

With our goals in place we then plan out a strategy of how to arrive. Similar to planning a trip and arranging for our travel and accommodations along the way, we also see our completed objective or destination which is where we desire to go, and then work out what is needed to get there.

Once we have done this, the next step will naturally follow and actually be pretty obvious. It may involve ordering some supplies, making a phone call, or establishing an online hosting account for our website. Whatever it is, we now know how to proceed. Once that step is completed the next step will be apparent and so on. It may not be what we originally planned out, as in the achievement of the previous step, things may have changed up a bit, and we may see a better and different way to approach things.

That’s why it’s so important that our plan is not set in concrete, which allows us the flexibility to mix and match along the way. Each completed step opens up many new opportunities not thought of before.

What About the Resistance that Comes Up?

There isn’t any doubt when we do new things we will be “stepping out” of our comfort zones which may cause us to hesitate.  We cannot achieve anything new without learning and doing new things. Some of these will most probably involve a degree of discomfort. As we move along ,we quickly realize that it is not the “doing” of the tasks which creates the discomfort, but it is the overthinking about the details and what we have to do. We set ourselves up for overwhelm and stress.

Resistance will certainly come up, and just as we were brutally honest with ourselves in our prior assessments, we need to allow the resistance to be there so we can “pause and reflect” a moment and feel the resistance, so that it flows through unhindered and dissipates on its own. The worst thing we can do is to resist the resistance.   This is when we focus so much of it that we keep it there.Resistance

Now the resistance is comprised of fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Once these feelings are confronted, and not ignored by pretending they are not there, we can “feel” them until we realize the only power which they have is what we supply. Once we cut off that supply of energy they disappear. The energy gets cut off when we let go and allow them to be, without focusing on them as if they actually mean something. They are just thoughts and feelings which constantly change.

The thing is not to get so caught up with them that we end up quitting on our dreams and desires. This is using them as an excuse to quit because it seems to make sense to do so at the time. When in fact, we are just focusing in the wrong area, and by changing our focus to our original goals for which we are passionate, we immediately get right back on track.

All of our fear and doubt can be turned around and used in our favor to actually fuel our passions and desires. Every time we move through and accomplish our next step, in spite of any fear or uncertainty, we are further empowered to proceed. That’s why its critical to concentrate on just one step at a time, and build up momentum at our very own speed. Each person is different, and it doesn’t matter how long it takes, just so we get to where we want to go.

When we factor resistance in as part of the journey, it eventually becomes a non factor, because at some point we stop thinking about it and giving it any energy. We just don’t care if it is there or not as we proceed along our path.

Getting Started

Now all we need to do is begin. It doesn’t matter where we are in life in terms of our level of achievement. We begin where we are.

Sometimes when we get stuck, we have to break the next step down to smaller steps until we find one we are “willing” to do. This will help us move through any fears or emotional blocks. Once we find that smaller step and complete it, we have more confidence and energy to keep going. As our momentum builds, things we previously were reluctant to do, get completed quickly and efficiently.

While it may seem overwhelming to complete our entire project, getting one simple step done is doable, and deserves our focus, attention, and acknowledgment when completed. Each step along the way is necessary to our overall objective, and staying present in the moment ensures that we are effective in completing each step to the very best of our ability.

As our journey continues our abilities and confidence grow and expand, so that what earlier may have been quite challenging is now merely a simple task, or as we may refer to as a “no-brainer”.

Whatever our dreams and goals may be, we all have something very special and unique to share. We owe it to ourselves and others to do so. Let’s hold nothing back as we move forward toward our objectives. Stepping out with confidence can only happen when we know what it is we truly desire.

“Show off your own style and uniqueness to stand out. That’s the advice I’d give to people getting started online now.”

— Conor Maynard —

Once we get started our own style and uniqueness will lead the way. Do whatever is necessary to take that first step and build up some momentum toward your goals. This is a journey you do not want to miss.

All the very Best to You on your own Individual Journeys to Self Discovery,


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Bissagos Archipelago — Where It Is & What To Do When You Get There

Bissagos Islands

This is a group of islands of which I had never previously heard. After doing some research, I thought you may have some interest in learning about them, as well as the folks who inhabit this area. Bissagos Archipelago are islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, which is in West Africa between Senegal and Guinea. Bissagos Archipelago

The name is also spelled Bijagós. There are about eighty-eight (88) islands and islets. These islands were originally created from the delta of the Rio Geba and the Rio Grande many years ago. Only about twenty (20) of these islands are populated on a year round basis. These include Bubaque, Uno, Joao Vieira, Bolama, Uracane, Soga, Unhacomo, Carache, Rubenhe, Caravela, Roxa, Enu, Ponta, Formosa, Orangozinho, Galinhas, Orango, Maio, and Meneque. Each island has normally a single village with its own specific ceremonies and traditions.


Some Basic Facts to Consider

  • The most populated island is Bubaque
  • The capital city is Bissagos on the island of Bubaque
  • The islands were annexed by Portugal in 1936. They gained their independence on September 10, 1974.
  • The islands were made a UNESCO Bioshere Reserve in 1996. There are hippopotamus, marine turtles, and other animals in the Boloma Bissagos Biosphere Reserve.
  • The southern islands are a nature reserve
  • The archipelago consists of diverse ecosystems such as dry and semi dry forests, aquatic zones, secondary and degraded forests, sand banks, inter tidal zones, coastal savanna, and palm forests
  • The population of the islands is approximately thirty thousand (30,000)
  • The local ethnic group is called Bissago
  • It is a matriarchal society. Women initiate courtship, manage the household, and are the main influence in law and economy.
  • Religious ceremonies are conducted by priestesses who are called baloberas
  • The kapok tree is where islanders go to commune with the spirits
  • Fishing and sustenance farming are predominant. Tourism exists only at a small level because of the lack of infrastructure and communication links.
  • The currency here is the West African CFA franc
  • The main language is Bidyogo or Bijago (Portuguese version). Creole and Portuguese are also spoken.

An Interesting Culture

They had a very strong navy in pre-European colonial times, as they were a main influence in trade along the West Coast of Africa. In fact, in 1535 they defeated the Portuguese in a naval battle.

Daily life among the Bidyogo people was actually documented by Austrian anthropologist, Hugo Bernatzik in the early 1930s. The population is very autonomous due to its isolated location and lack of up-to-date communication links. This has also served to preserve their ancestry and culture from the influences of the outside world.

According to their beliefs, the majority of the islands are inhabited by spirits. People come there to perform ancient ceremonies, but don’t live there so as not to disrupt the spirits. During their secret traditional initiation rites, called fanado, the young Bijagos will spend months in the forest while the elders pass on environmental wisdom to them. Ceremonies on the inhabited islands include the blessing of the villages and the harvest by masked dancers.

Although this is a matriarchal society, patriarchal influences are still strong as evidenced by the inequality of women to men in many areas of society, although the woman’s influence is very evident. The society is also animistic, where they believe that every natural things in the universe has a soul.

Age-grade progression ceremonies are called fanados and take place every several years and require much planning and preparation around these rights of passage.

The people here have a traditional iconography where they produce numerous artifacts for daily use. Unique to their culture, the iconography does vary a bit among the different islands in the archipelago. The iran are portable ancestral shrines and are very distinctive art pieces. The zoomorphic masks are also quite remarkable in that they characterize various animals such as stingrays, sharks, cows (vaca-bruta), and other local animals.

These traditionally decorated artifacts are also created for personal use such as the storing of food, basketry, and stools. Some are also produced for the coming of age ceremonies (fanados) such as spears, headgear, shields, wooden masks, and bracelets.

Here is a short video to give you a glimpse of these islands:

Now for some Things to Do

This is a rather unique place where you will find such a diverse landscape, biodiversity, interesting people, and many rare species of animals, which actually coexist in a harmonious way. You will find Bissago tradition quite fascinating where there is deep respect, as well as worship of all the species of animals.

As part of this ancient tradition is the natural and knowledgeable management of the natural resources on the islands in order to preserve the survival of the environmental and its people. The people here are centuries ahead of the rest of the world in terms of environmental awareness which is evidenced in their way of life. Visitors are exposed to a wide variety of sea and land wildlife in a natural setting.

Spending time here is very relaxing as there is not a huge tourist trade by any means. Here are a few ideas of things to do.

* Explore the Islands — there is much to see on both the inhabited and uninhabited islands. This area is the most acclaimed green sea turtle breeding site anywhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The time to catch these turtles laying their eggs into the deserted beaches is between July and October. There are four other species of turtles which also show up which are the hawksbills, olive ridleys, loggerhead musks, and leatherbacks. The uninhabited islands, such as Poilao, offer these turtles a  haven where they can live undisturbed. In fact, you need permission to visit this island from the local tribes which own the island. You will also find pelicans and flamingos here.

* An Underwater Experience — over one hundred and seventy (170) species of fish converge near the mouth of the Geba River. Along the coast you will find rock fish, snapper, and numerous bottom feeders. This is a huge aquarium for divers to explore the treasures beneath the sea, as well as for fishermen. You will also run into some Atlantic tarpons, also called the ‘silver king”, as well as some barracudas. The manatees are endangered because of over fishing. They are found in the lagoons under the masses of sea grass. In the shallow waters you will find one of the largest sea cow colonies anywhere in the world. It is a treat to view these mammals. In addition, you will find a variety of sharks (hammerheads, tigers, grey reefs), dolphins, guitarfish, and blue spotted ribbontail rays in these waters.

* Learn about the Bijago Arts and Crafts — a wide variety of items are created which are for personal use as well as rites and ceremonies. These include masks, shields, and spears for their fanado ceremonies, as well as items such as baskets and stools for everyday use. All of these items are unique and distinctive from other African tribal arts, although they do slightly vary a bit from island to island. Portable ancestor shrines are called iran, and there are masks which represent different animals such as sharks, stingrays, and bulls (vaca bruto ceremonies). Bissagos Islands

* Bubaque Island — this is the main island where its administrative capital, Bissagos, is located. It is the largest village in the entire archipelago. It is the only island connected to the continent by a ferry which runs on a weekly basis. It takes about four (4) to five (5) hours to make the trip. Within the village you will find bars, restaurants, and a local market. There is also a small museum where you can learn about the local culture, customs, and habits of these people.

* Check Out the Saltwater Hippos — on Orango Island from October to early February you can see these interesting creatures. The island is covered by savanna and it is here where you will find these hippos moving about looking for lagoons and saltwater ponds. Also, on this island is the grave of the last queen-priestess of the Bijagos.

So Why Visit this Part of the World

Although the activities and facilities throughout the archipelago are meager compared to other vacation spots, there is much to be experienced here in terms of a unique culture based on ancestral traditions. The area is most pristine with a wealth of nature and wildlife. While most lodging and camping is quite modest, there is an Eco hotel on Rubane Island. It is the Hotel Ponta Anchaca and the rates are between two hundred ($200 USD) and two hundred and fifty ($250 USD) dollars per night. The Bubaque Island Hotel runs around ninety ($90 USD) dollars per night. There are also family run guesthouses and other hotels on Burbaque. One of the most popular is the Hotel Casa Dora.

A good way to check out the islands is through a small group tour, which spends about three (3) to four (4) days visiting the different islands with a guide to lead the way and explain about all the cultural sites and idiosyncrasies of this area. They also visit Guinea-Bissau on the mainland.

Since these islands are some of the least visited areas in West Africa, it is a great place to relax on the beach and take in the pristine nature and the wildlife. You can relax and walk the beaches alone, meeting up with an occasional fisherman. The country is safe to travel about, and the people are friendly and there is always a party atmosphere.

Although this is not your place for the most activities, just being here is a delight. The culture and the immaculate natural environment will keep you quite engaged and satisfied.

Enjoy your journeys,


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SocialRobot Pro Review…

Social Bookmarking

SocialRobot Pro Review Social Bookmarking

Name: SocialRobot Pro

Website: ZamuraiApproved.com

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Product Overview

This is software used for video marketing and social bookmarking. It is designed to get your videos ranked higher and faster. You are able to build hundreds of social bookmarking backlinks to the URL of your choice. There is a module within SocialRobot gives you access to over one thousand (1000) bookmarking sites which get updated on a weekly basis.

By doing this you will increase your organic rankings as well as receive more referral traffic as well as saving time and money from having to create your own list of these sites or to buy lists. You can get your YouTube videos ranked a lot faster.

Joshua Zamora has a number of products which he has created over the years and marketed through sites such as JV Zoo. A few of them are Tube Sniper, Zamurai PBN Blueprint, Samurai BluePrint, and Seamless SEO.

This software, once set up, has the advantage of performing all tasks on auto pilot such as posting content, account creation, verifying links, and indexing your links. The Pro Version has a built-in drip feeding feature which produces a very flowing and natural feel to your campaigns.

The Good & the Not So Good

The Good:

  1. Thirty (30) Day Money Back Guarantee
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  3. Once set up it works on autopilot
  4. Saves time from doing it yourself
  5. Saves money from having to outsource this task
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The Not So Good:

  1. There are upsells
  2. This is a Windows application so to run on other operating systems it requires virtualization software like VMware or Parallels.

Who is SocialRobot Pro For?

This product is designed for internet marketers of all types who desire to increase their search engine rankings especially through video marketing.

Tools & Training

There are step-by-step training videos which explain the process.

Here are some of the main features of this product:

* One-Click Posting — to begin you will get your project configured to your specifications then click the button which puts the whole process on auto pilot from social bookmarking account creation, email verification, posting, and link verification.

* Multiple CMS Support — the following platforms are supported with this product: Pligg, PHPDug, Scuttle and ScuttlePlus etc. There are new additions on a continual basis.

* Local Database Storage — everything which you add to your sites are stored in a local database.

* Multithreaded — you can use up to twenty (20) threads at the same time (this is similar to having multiple browsers open simultaneously)

* Proxy Support — there is a proxy handling interface which provides anonymous and private HTTP proxies. The interface will measure response time as well as check if proxies are alive and working.

* Spinning — several spinners are supported with this software such as WordAI, Spinner Chief, The Best Spinner, and Spin Rewriters. This allows for content rewriting, and nested spinning is also supported with this product.

* Captcha Support — there is a built in captcha solving engine in this software. It will figure out the simpler types of captcha such as GSA Captcha Breaker, Captcha Sniper, Death ByCaptcha, ImageTyperz, and DepCaptcha. You are also able to enter the text manually as well.

* Links Indexing — within this software product is a built in pinger to assist in your link building work. It is also integrated with LikPipeline, Linklicious, and Indexification.

* Export Links — you are able to export both posted and already verified links in a TXT file or Excel format.

* Live Links Checker — the software will check for the presence of your links in your posted articles so that your are able to export live links.

* Automatic Updates — updates are provided on a regular basis as well as requests and ideas from customers are most welcome and often implemented within future versions. Any bugs which are discovered are given immediate attention and fixed promptly.

* Blacklists — you can add bad sites to a Black List which excludes them from your link building in order to protect your rankings.

* Scheduler — this is a function which schedules tasks such as posting, registration, email verification, and link verification. You can schedule your tasks and jobs either hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly while indicating the number of sites for each task.

* Logging Facility — every action is logged and reviewed so that you can fix any problems which occur.

* SocialBase — this is the large database of social bookmarking sites to which you have access. These sites are monitored on a consistent basis and updated as needed. (This is an Upsell with a Monthly Subscription)

* Site Filtration — you are able to target your desired sites by filtering your projects and specified social bookmarking sites. A few of the filters include Captchua Filter, Edu and Gov Filter, Platform Filter, Do-Follow Filter, and PageRank Filter.

For additional insights here is a video which Demos the product:


Email Support is available to get help as needed from the development team. There is also a Community Forum as well as a detailed User’s Manual.


One Time Payment — No Free Trial

Pro Version$47 [Six (6) platforms, two hundred (200) threads, No limit on projects, Unlimited sites per project, Scheduler for Drip Feeding, two (2) computer installs, one hundred (100) sites loaded]

Lite Version $17 [Two (2) platforms, twenty (20) threads, two (2) projects, three hundred (300) sites per project, one (1) computer install, fifty (50) sites loads, No Scheduler for Drip Feeding]

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2) Zamurai Video Blueprint — training on how to rank videos including best affiliate networks, how to optimize videos, and keyword suggestions

3) Gold Digging Video — shows you exactly how to locate the best keywords for highest conversions. Covers the entire keyword process.

4) Q & A with Additional Training — advanced video rankings strategies are covered in this live session with an opportunity to ask questions.

Final Thoughts

For those into video marketing and want to rank their videos quicker, this product can be of help since it is a social bookmarking tool which is specifically designed to employ video marketing techniques. It assists in creating backlinks without the need to do all that time-consuming work manually.

Although good, none of these tools are a panacea to bring about instant success. Time spent in creating good content and building your brand so that you have an authority site is what will pay big dividends down the line, and enable you to scale your business to any extent that you so desire.

This product does have a thirty (30) day money back guarantee so if this fits in with your marketing strategy it is worth checking out.

Final Conclusion Social Bookmarking Softwared

All the Best in your Online Marketing Efforts,


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Ways To Be Happy In Life — The Simple Things Count

Happiness Is Now

I have been thinking about the subject of happiness quite a bit lately, and decided to write down a few thoughts about it. Everyone has their own notion of what it means to be happy, and happiness is the objective of most, if not all. Be Happy

Regardless how we define happiness for ourselves, it is what we “feel” that counts. We can accumulate an enormous amount of money and not feel good. You have only to observe many of the prominent people in the world who seem to have it all, only to have very chaotic lives. Let’s explore this subject a bit more.

How Do We Actually Know When We Are Happy?

Let’s begin this discussion about this most seemingly elusive state with a quote from one of my favorite folks of all time.

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.”

— Mahatma Gandhi —

Now this should get us started properly down the road to exploring this subject. If nothing else, when we are in alignment with how we act and respond on a moment-to-moment basis, we are displaying the traits of an authentic person. This type of honesty and genuineness not only reflects in all that we say and do, but we give off a type of aura which attracts people to us effortlessly.

This is actually our natural state. The one thing of which to be aware is that this has nothing at all to do with what we have, how we look, or what others think about us. In other words, it is an internal state which is reflected in our outside world. Our outside world does not determine how we feel, but we determine how we feel.

When we recognize and employ our inner power in this way, we feel good, which then naturally allows us to share that goodness with others. In other words, we are happy and we know that we are. We are not trying to make ourselves happy by adding stuff to us. Instead, we have let go of some of the needless clutter in our lives so that our natural joy and happiness is able to shine through. At this point there is no doubt that we are happy, as we cannot deny our true feelings.

Let’s Dig a Little Deeper

I would like to get into this a bit more as far as exploring how we can best attain this state, and just as importantly, maintain it. In order to start this discussion off I would like to drop another quote from a well-known thinker from the past. More specifically he was a stoic philosopher.

“The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts: therefore, guard accordingly, and take care that you entertain no notions unsuitable to virtue and reasonable nature.”

— Marcus Aurelius —

What he is talking about here is much easier said than done for one main reason, and that is the stubbornness of our habitual thought patterns. It is easier to go with the flow of what we are used to thinking and doing, than spend the time to pause and reflect, which leads to genuine choice. We can choose to change our thoughts.

The thing is that we are mentally lazy. Obviously, there are different degrees of mental laziness, but they all add up to the same thing, which is being stuck in life and not seeing any way out. We may go to seminars and read tons of books but we still remain stuck within the quicksand of our limiting beliefs, most of which we are not even aware. When we are experiencing this type of mental and emotional imprisonment, there does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel.

As our friend Marcus so generously has pointed out to us, life does “depend on the quality of our thoughts”, and there is no way to get around this regardless of how much we resist.

It’s Time to Get Brutally Honest with Ourselves

Wakey, Wakey…It’s time to wake up and take off the blinders. The days of pretending and blaming others and outside circumstances for our results in life are over. Just this one decision to be brutally honest with ourselves will set up on a course, which will most definitely be rocky and painful at times, but will absolutely guarantee our success in all areas of our lives, and more importantly, our happiness.

Without assessing our strengths and weaknesses in a truthful way, we will continue running around in circles with only bursts of progress here and there, only to slip right back when we thought we were getting somewhere.

As we dig below the surface of our made-up selves, we will discover many things of which we may not be proud or like very much, but we will also recognize strengths of character which previously of which we were either unaware or for which we did not give ourselves sufficient credit.

Spending some time alone either at home or outdoors in nature will allow us the opportunity to relax into this exploration of ourselves gently, and actually welcome what we discover. We will then position ourselves to consciously choose what is best for ourselves based on truth and not illusion.

When we stop lying to ourselves, we will break the inertia and create a type of momentum in our lives which will never stop or even slow down. This is the way to be happy and joyful in the present moment.

Keeping Things Simple

This is not a complicated process. The simpler the better. But it does take some courage to begin. Find the Next Step whatever it is. What are we willing to do in order to move forward?

Even if it is just writing out a To Do List, regardless of when you decide to begin, is enough. This one simple step will lead you to the next step. It is the intention that counts and which will break the inertia so that we can begin creating some momentum in our desired direction. Here a few thoughts from the founder of Success Magazine.

“When we are sure that we are on the right road there is no need to plan our journey too far ahead. No need to burden ourselves with doubts and fears as to the obstacles that may bar our progress. We cannot take more than one step at a time.”

Orison Swett Marden

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the present moment. And that is a good thing since that is the only place of choice where we decide our fate. One “simple” step toward our intended objective is an integral part of the journey. Without that one small step, we cannot proceed, because the process is incomplete.

If we were to view our entire completed journey from above, so that we can see what it would take to get there, it would be very apparent that all those small steps add up to get us to where we desire to go resulting in the achievement of our goals. Do not every underestimate the Power that you possess right this very moment.  Choose Happiness and Joy

Keeping things simple on a daily basis allows us to celebrate our small victories along the way. By doing this, we give ourselves reasons to be happy now. Happiness then becomes our decision.

One more thing about keeping things simple is that we can find so much joy in ordinary occurrences when we are aware and grateful for all we currently possess. Family, friends, our jobs, our businesses, our possessions, and all the other opportunities which come our way on a regular basis are to be appreciated and enjoyed.

This whole idea of simplicity was expressed magnificently by a remarkable woman who walked the highways of North America for nearly thirty years without a penny in her pockets to spread the word for world peace.

“Some people seem to think that my life dedicated to simplicity and service is austere and joyless, but they do not know the freedom of simplicity, I am thankful to God every moment of my life for the great riches that have been showered upon me. My life is full and good but never overcrowded. If life is overcrowded then you are doing more than is required for you to do.”

— Peace Pilgrim — “Her Life and Work In Her Own Words, page 51

The Ultimate in Happiness

Once we choose to be happy, and have ingrained the “Happiness Habit”, the only thing left to do is share it. The ultimate gift we can give someone is our happiness, which is actually an extension of love.

“Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.”

— Buddha —

Happiness is a constant state and when we are not experiencing it there is resistance to what is going on in this present moment. Underlying this resistance is fear. We are denying what is naturally there by our lack of awareness. Our focus is directed to buying into the false images and ideas which we think are true. We are at effect rather than cause. We think what is happening “out there” is determining what we are experiencing within.

This upside down approach is not uncommon based on all the chaos and uncertainty which is prevalent in the world. It is up to us to take charge of our thoughts, recognize our power to create, and then simply focus on what we most desire. By keeping our focus on what we most desire, we will discover that what we want most, Happiness, has always been there and always will be.

We are then able to fulfill our function in life which is to share this happiness with others, as well as provide a little forgiveness along the way. When we do that it will become quite apparent that there wasn’t anything to forgive in the first place as we are seeing with a pair of “New Eyes”.  Happiness

When our vision clears, we have opened the door to a whole new world which was always there. The cloud cover has receded and the sun shines brightly. At this point we are inspired and led by an “inner Guide” which is the part of us which never doubted a thing.

We discover that our happiness only increases by being shared, as we assist in awakening others to Who They Really Are. It becomes quickly apparent that the more we give, the more we have. Scarcity does not exist within this type of framework and mindset. There is nothing there to attract it.

The ways to be happy in life are not that difficult to understand. It is a childlike approach to life where we are open to new and wonderful experiences while seeing the best in others. We anticipate things working out just fine, and when we have some problem or challenge arise, we just dig in and deal with it.

There is no mystery at all to this type of simplicity. We have eliminated many of the false idols which we have worshiped on the altar of the “this is the way things are, have to be, and cannot change”. We have allowed our awareness to clear as we observe many of our former limiting thoughts, ideas, and beliefs retreat to the junkyard from which they originated. The Junkyard of Fear is no longer our friend and companion.

We have moved beyond all of this by rediscovering what was always there. Our happiness was merely waiting for our recognition and acceptance. Now that we have formed the “Happiness Habit”, we gladly share it with others because happiness is something that cannot be contained. Its constant state inspires us to Be the person we were always meant to Be, and to Be a Beacon of Light for other to see and emulate.

Peace and Love within the Light,


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