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What Is My Next Step?– It Will Be Revealed…

There are times in our lives when we are unable to decide exactly what we want to do, or how exactly we want to do it. It is at these times when it is especially important for us to take a ‘step’ back, allow things to just be as they are, and then ask ourselves “what is my next step?”. What Is My Next Step

When we are able to relax a bit and not force things, we will be surprised how effortlessly we will receive an intuitive urge. This bit of insight will be all that we need to fuel our pump and get things moving in our desired direction.

What Is My Next Step – It Can’t Be That Easy

A common thought which we have when we hear something like this is that it just can’t be that easy. When we are confused about something, we often feel like we are trapped in quicksand unable to move or think clearly. It is just a matter of time for panic to set in.

It is exactly at these times which we need to stop, allow things to just be as they are, and embrace the present moment to the best of our ability. When we truly get ourselves in the “nowness” of the moment, we eventually realize that things are okay Right Now. No matter what is going on around us or in our lives, right this second things are “Good Already”. There is nowhere to go and nothing to get to have this experience. It is here right this very moment.

Regardless of common opinion, things do not have to be difficult or complex in order to get resolved. Simplicity is the key to resolving many of our issues once we are able to remove much of the debris which crowds our mind when we are faced with critical decisions. Yes, it may not be easy but it is not complicated at all.

A Series of Steps

Once we determine what our next or first step is to be, the following one will be revealed based on a new set of circumstances. When we get the ball rolling, we lose any inertia we may have experienced, and we suddenly discover many new avenues which we can pursue. These are things we may never have thought of or discovered without taking that previous step(s).

Also, we realize that this process works on any objectives which we wish to accomplish. The only thing that changes is the content of the situation. There are always a series of steps that take us where we desire to go.

Of course, there may be some detours along the way. These should be expected and not avoided. As we begin any journey we need to have the feedback from our previous actions in order to self-correct. It is no different from flying an airplane and needing to make constant adjustments to keep it on course.

What Is My Next Step — Allowing Things To Be

One of the keys to all of this is being able to relax and just allows things to be as they are. And I do agree that this is something easier said than done when faced with some dramatic occurrences in our lives. But regardless of the challenge, it is a necessary component to making steady progress in life, and in learning to enjoy the process of getting things done.

We allow things to be because that is the way they are. We can observe all of our resistance, fear, and anger and recognize that it is coming from within ourselves. Another person in the very same set of circumstances will often act much differently. This is a significant realization. At this point, we have regained our power by taking responsibility for our past decisions and the results which have shown up.

When we are able to do this, we have transformed ourselves from being run by lots of fear, guilt, and blaming others and circumstances for our problems, to being the self-determining creator of our lives who we really are. At this point, many illusions and false images of “the way things should be” merely fall by the wayside. We have begun the Clean-Up Process of eliminating many false beliefs and assumptions which we so dearly hold, but which project a distorted view of reality.

A Few Practical Steps to Take Along the Way

Let’s break this down even further so that it becomes quite apparent what we can accomplish once we empty our minds of some of the debris, which we have picked up along the way of our journey through life. It is much more of a clearing out process which gets us to our desired destination, rather than adding more “recycled knowledge and data”.

When we are able to relax a bit and just observe what’s going on, this type of Presence and Observation serves to unearth many of our fears and outdated assumptions and beliefs. These often come to the surface, but we are so distracted by other things going on, that we fail to recognize some of these beliefs which are responsible for much of our distress and apprehension.

By paying more attention to what is actually there, we will more and more recognize them when they surface, and once we do we will see them for what they really are, powerless illusions and false data seeming real. When we address these ideas and thoughts straight on, they lose their effectiveness to influence us in any way. Their only power was fueled by our fears of the unknown. This is similar to the man behind the curtain pretending to be the Wizard of Oz; once exposed all the imagery is revealed for what it really is, nothing at all.

Another realization we will have is that all the meaning which exists within our life experience is just the meaning which we give to people and things. Nothing more than this. What Is My Next Step

With a few of these realizations, our fears and apprehensions will begin to dissipate, and we will be much more effective in recognizing the steps which we need to take to get where we desire to go. Complexity will turn into simplicity.

What Is My Next Step — Decision Time

It is time now to make a few simple choices. Nothing too complicated. This will be different for each of us. What do we truly desire? The answer to this question will fuel all of our choices which will lead to the steps which we will then effortlessly take.

The majority of the work is in the preparation where we are paving the way for ourselves to move forward with conviction and confidence. The only way to get to this point is by clearing the way in order to recognize and then eliminate the garbage and debris in our minds that get in our way of being the fully-functioning powerhouses whom we truly are.

Spend the time to get to know yourself a little better, and you will be surprised what you will find, and what will be revealed. You then will have no difficulty at all in answering the question of “What is my Next Step?”,

Enjoy the journey within, which is full of surprises and wonder. Although a bit disconcerting at times, it is most worth the time spent to discover what makes us tick, or who we really are.

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8 thoughts on “What Is My Next Step?– It Will Be Revealed…”

  1. These are excellent things to ponder when arriving at a new phase in life. It’s time to really answer and understand who you are and what direction you want to travel. When you really start to pay more attention to the things that naturally grab your attention, you may find that “working” on these things is effortless and time flies right by. These times, you just have to take the first step and trust that the rest of the path will soon be visible.

    • Thanks for your wonderful insights Aly.  I appreciate them very much.  It’s amazing of how when we ‘trust’ ourselves enough to take that first step, how things naturally unfold from there, and most of the time not at all as we may have anticipated.  All the Best.

  2. Good topic and post. Being at a point in life where I’m questioning what I’m doing and what value I’m adding this really resonated with me. 

    Its easy to sit back and blame, feel frustrated and demotivated, but reflection is a real art that is seldom practiced. This article has served as a great reminder to me the importance of reflection. 

    Despite my feelings of frustration and exasperation things really are okay, instead of trying to force something to happen, focus on the process and the outcomes will take care of themselves.

    • Thanks for your insights.  They are much appreciated. There is always so much we are capable of sharing.  Also, your user name, golftechguy, was a good reminder for myself to get out on the links a bit more.  I used to play several times a week, and now barely once a month and I live in San Diego.  Have so many other projects I enjoy, but it’s time to make some room for golf as well.  All the Best.

  3. This is right up my alley! I retired 3 years ago and I don’t want to just sit around doing nothing.
    I’ve thought about many things and started to plan what I wanted to do.
    I chose building a website on the internet about my passion of helping others with natural ways to lower blood sugar.
    Since I have diabetes, I wanted to help others with diabetes try and avoid medications.
    Your article should raise some eyebrows with folks on the fence about what to do when they retire.
    When do you think is the best time to plan for unretiring?

    • Thanks Rob for your comments.  I considered myself being “un-retired” the moment I made the decision to continue to do what I enjoy in order to bring value to others.  The form of service may change, but the content is the same.  In that respect, I have never retired.  

      As for your work in addressing diabetes and alternatives to medication, I have a client who was able to get off meds by diet and exercise.  He also was able to lose 70 lbs of weight.  What you are doing is so important as the side effects of standard meds are so devastating to one’s health.  What happens is that you address one issue, and then end up dealing with two or more other health issues.  I encourage you to continue to reach out and expand your audience, as what you are doing is so worthwhile.

      All the Best to you.  Let me know if you ever want a guest post related to your work, as I have been immersed in natural health since a youngster.  My uncle was a naturopathic doctor and I learned a lot of practical stuff early on.

  4. Dear Joseph,
    Thanks for your inspiration. Reading this article I’m now inspired to take any decision for me. Before this, I was afraid of the people around me. It once I determined something to do, after a meanwhile, I feel ashamed to take decision and seemed to be very difficult and complex. But now there is no fear, shame or complexity in my mind. You have broken all of my negative sides from my mind.
    Thank you so much for such an article.

    • Thank you so much for kind and thoughful comments.  They are much appreciated.  I am glad that I was able to inspire you to look “within” and make a few discoveries.  All the very Best to You.


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