What Is SEO Keyword Research?

What Is SEO Keyword Research

What is SEO keyword research? It is a valuable tool in creating a viable and productive SEO (search engine optimization) plan and strategy. In fact, learning how to do SEO Keyword Research will enable you to generate a good amount of Free traffic to your website, blog, or landing page.  It is important to get … Read more

Happy Retirement Poem

happy retirement poem

Here is a happy retirement poem to reinforce in each of us that retirement is meant to be a peaceful and happy experience no matter when one retires, or whether one chooses an un-retired or semi-retired lifestyle.  A Happy Retirement Poem from My Heart Happy Retirement Poem Comes True Happy or not Here we come … Read more

Green Retirement Communities

Green Retirement Communities

Green retirement communities are becoming much more popular. They are for people that are retired or coming close to retirement and have a sincere interest in environmental sustainability and want to be around others that share their passion and concerns. These communities provide the opportunity to make an active contribution to reducing the carbon footprint. … Read more

Satisfied With Retirement? — Yes or No?

satisfied with retirement

This question, are you satisfied with retirement, is not often asked enough. This is a stage of life looked forward to by many and quite often it is met with disillusionment and uncertainty. Let’s explore this topic a bit to discover some of the apparent and not-so-apparent reasons for this. Regardless of the exact age, … Read more

Choose Financial Advisor Now Not Later

Choose Financial Advisor

Spend the time to choose financial advisor to help with our financial and retirement planning. It pays big dividends to spend the time and to do the research in locating a competent investment advisor with whom we are comfortable and can trust. Choosing a financial advisor is extremely important to our financial future. I will present … Read more

Affordable Retirement Communities

Affordable Retirement Communities

When it comes to affordable retirement communities, there are some options available of which you may not be aware. This can include moving to a different area or downsizing to a smaller home.   Dependent on your specific desires and needs you can find something that fits the bill. Let’s investigate a few of these … Read more

Naturally Occurring Retirement Community (NORC)

Naturally Occurring Retirement Community

A naturally occurring retirement community (NORC) has many residents over sixty (60) years of age. These communities happen naturally without any prior planning to meet the needs of seniors who are living independently. Michael Hunt (a professor of Urban Planning at the University of Wisconsin-Madison) came up with this term in the 1980s. He defined … Read more

Retirement Ideas For Any Age –The Time Is Now

Retirement Ideas For Any Age

Here are some retirement ideas for any age that will inspire us to create the ideal retirement scenario. As I have previously mentioned in other articles on retirement and semi-retirement, it is never too early to begin the process of planning for retirement. In fact, these ideas will help a person at any stage of … Read more