How To Adapt With Change — The Dance Of Life

How To Adapt With Change

How to adapt with change, rather than to change, makes it more of a cooperative venture that leads to much more pleasing experiences. Rather than fight change, let’s embrace it. Let’s remain at cause rather than effect. Learning to adapt has so many benefits in all areas of our lives. Let’s explore a few scenarios … Read more

Poetic Justice Meaning Not Really Apparent

Poetic Justice Meaning

Poetic justice meaning a reward/punishment scenario is far too simplistic a version. There is a much deeper meaning to be explored. Poetic justice far surpasses good deeds being rewarded and bad deeds being punished. Its true meaning reveals aspects about ourselves long forgotten but never lost. Let’s explore this a bit.   “Fables should be … Read more

A Creative Story — What Really Is It?

A Creative Story

A creative story needs no formal introduction when we are aligned with our Genius Selves. It flows naturally due to who we really are and our innate abilities. Let’s discuss how to access that part of ourselves that will generate a creative story as the basis or foundation of all that we do. There is … Read more

What Is Productivity? — That’s A Good Question

what is productivity

Asking what is productivity is an essential question in getting stuff done. We often beat ourselves up for not being productive enough without understanding what it truly means. This is not a play on words but an essential ingredient in maximizing our production and results. Without understanding the meaning of what we desire to attain, … Read more

What’s The Problem? Identify & Fix

What's The Problem

Asking what’s the problem is essential to getting it solved. We are not able to fix something unless we can identify exactly what it is that needs to be fixed. This may sound simplistic, but very few folks know what their main challenge is to discover who they are and what they desire. Until this … Read more

Brasov, Romania

Brasov, Romania

Brasov, Romania is located in the Transylvania region of the country surrounded by the Carpathian Mountains. It’s the seventh (7th) largest city in Romania. It is situated in the central part of Romania approximately 103 miles (166 Kilometers) north of Bucharest, and about 236 miles (380 kilometers) from the Black Sea. It’s known for its … Read more

Building Self-Respect — A Core Function

Building Self-Respect

Building self-respect is the foundation of creating the life that we most desire. When our self-respect or self-love is in place, we are empowered to express our unique and authentic Selves. Our talents and abilities then flow naturally into areas that benefit all involved. We become a magnet for all the good things life has … Read more