What Is The Next Step In Life?

Since I write quite a bit about and speak on the subject of taking the next step, I thought it appropriate to ask what is the next step in life. This should stimulate some active thinking about where we are and where we are going, and more importantly if that is really where we want to go. What Is The Next Step In Life - Just One

It is so very easy to fall into habitual patterns of thought and continue to do things just because that is the way things have apparently always been done. With a little investigation, we can discover that this is not true at all.

What Is The Next Step In Life — An Abundance Of Myths

A good reality check is to research some of the myths that many of us have accepted as truth down through the years. I just read an article on this, that goes on to describe the falsity of many myths such as “you’re not fat just big-boned”, “sugar will rot your teeth”, “drink eight (8) glasses of water per day”, and on and on.

This is an example of not doing our own due diligence or research and just accepting what the so-called “experts” or “authorities” say, or even worse the media, at face value. This results in much confusion over time and less than desirable results.

When thinking about common myths, I am often reminded of the story of the mom who was preparing a holiday dinner for her family, and as she was getting ready to bake the ham, she cut off both ends prior to putting it into the oven. Her son questioned her about this, and she said she was not sure why, but it is the way her mom always did it. So they called grandma up, and it turns out she did it that way because she could not fit it into the cooking pan she had, so she cut off the ends, and it had nothing to do with the actual food preparation at all.

This is just a small example of taking things for granted. With discoveries in medicine, neuroscience, and quantum physics over the past several years, many scientific theories that were considered facts, are now only seen only as “accepted fiction”. This should give us pause to accept anything on face value without doing our own research, and trusting our intuition a bit as well.

       Determining Our Next Step

Here’s a short video that emphasizes the importance of completing our current step efficiently and effectively in order to recognize the next step when it shows up.

Whenever we are to begin a new project of any kind, it is important to do some research and determine the best way to approach our activity. Once we have an idea of where we are with our present resources that include our strengths and weaknesses, we can then determine the best way to proceed.

When wanting to get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way, it is important to have some idea of the steps to take to reach our destination, while being aware that these steps will most likely change as we proceed. Each step we take opens up new variables and opportunities of which we were not aware prior to taking that step.

This is why there are no insignificant moments or tasks. The smallest detail that we ignore or put off can have huge ramifications on our eventual results. Taking that small step and completing that little task can open up a new vista filled with an abundance of contacts and resources that we had no idea even existed. I can give you so many examples of this in my own life that occur each week and speed up the progress to my goals.

Once we understand and identify where we are and where we want to go, we are now ready to decide on what our next step is going to be. If this is a new area of endeavor we may experience some apprehension, and that is perfectly okay. It is just important to recognize it, and not deny it is there. It is actually a valuable gift, as it allows us to see what may be holding us back, and has held us back in previous endeavors. Now we can address the challenge directly.

No matter the degree of the resistance, we are able to deal with it as long as we address it head-on, and not ignore its presence. Let’s see what we can do about handling some of our hidden demons that have surfaced.

What Is The Next Step In Life — Dealing With The Resistance

What Is The Next Step In Life -- Resistance

In order to move forward without a lot of stress, struggle, and pain, it is important to handle the resistance that shows up almost immediately when we desire to do something that takes us out of our comfort zone. Dealing with any type of uncertainty will bring up this resistance. It is all based on fear.

When the resistance surfaces it will bring along many thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions with it. It is good to write this stuff down before we forget about it, as it has a tendency of disappearing as quickly as it showed up. This is valuable information to have because these ideas are responsible for how we feel, act, and ultimately for the results, we experience in life. We can trace back all our circumstances to these ideas that are running our lives on autopilot.

Once this stuff shows up and we feel any resistance to taking the next step, here is what we can do. First, write this stuff down on a piece of paper or in a journal. This objectifies these beliefs so that we can see them for what they are, and they are no longer hidden from our focus. Just by giving them this type of attention, many will simply dissolve. When they dissolve you can now use that energy that was tied up in the resistance in more productive ways.

For others that are more persistent and want to hang around, it is important for us to “forget to remember”. This is a term I coined in one of my programs to lead you through the process of rediscovering your true essence by forgetting what is not true. You do this by replacing the idea or belief that is of a limiting nature with a more life-enhancing thought that is the actual truth of Who You Really Are.

For example, “I can never do this”, becomes “of course I can do this as the truth is I have done many things well after learning how to do them”. This is a simple example of shifting the focus of your thought off the habitual automatic response to a more creative thought based on actual truth.

Doing this on a consistent basis will shift your thinking over time so that your thoughts support your efforts toward the realization of your objectives and goals. Anything is possible when we take the time to “pause and reflect” a bit on what is actually going on.

To help you along your journey a bit more here’s another article on taking the next step.

Let’s Take That Next Step

After we have released some of the resistance that may have come up in getting started on our new project, we are now ready to take the next step, which may be the first step in our journey toward this objective or goal. What we do here is determine the best way to get the momentum going.

If there is still resistance at this point, we can dissipate it by breaking that step down into smaller steps even to the point of being ridiculous. For example, if we are avoiding making a phone call, the next step may be just to pick up the phone and insert the number without actually hitting the call button. We are doing something by this to get the momentum started and then we acknowledge each small step as a success. Once the momentum builds we will move through many barriers automatically without giving it any more thought, or feeding the resistance.

As we proceed along the way and continue to build momentum, the nice thing is that all the energy previously caught up in the resistance mode gets added to our “emotional fuel” that transports us even faster to our goals. This is something that has to be experienced, and not just thought about.

The important thing to remember is that there is “always” something we can find that we are “willing” to do that gets us out of inertia and into the action stage that builds the momentum that will propel us to our destination. This same energy and momentum will be used to deal with any obstacles or roadblocks that we encounter as well.

Just understand that any true desire that you have can be accomplished. Never think differently about this, and never quit on your dreams. These are much more than words that I am expressing here. This is LIFE, and our lives are ALL meaningful in ways of which we are not even totally aware at this point in time. More will be revealed as we continue our journey in ways that express our true talents and abilities leading to the discovery of our Inner Genius.

Always honor your magnificence and excellence.


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What Is The Next Step In Life -- Online Marketing

10 thoughts on “What Is The Next Step In Life?”

  1. Thanks for your views and suggestions for making the next step.  Often we find the next step is a long one, and having some input is natural for you to search for.  Other times the next step is often in the matter of once you get the ball rolling, it pulls itself along.  The way we handle questions and adversities along the way is where we are individual.  Sometimes we get a little lost as we move from step to step.  I find that the log you suggested helps me know where I am, and what I haven’t gotten to yet. Other times reviewing the journal will answer my question, and other times I need someone else’s input.  

    The one idea that I lose sight of occasionally is this is my journey.  It won’t be just like anyone else’s, nor will the desired results over time be the same as others.  It is mine.  Thanks for your thought. 

  2. I find this article more motivating and educative, to the point of understanding the benefit of right myth decisions which at times we take, However, the only way we as a human can conquer our fear, is to confront it. And secondly, is the power of resistance, is the most powerful tools to overcome the tension and threat of life.. That was great

  3. There is a saying that “every mile begins with the first step” and if we are going to make it all the way to success then we must take it slowly and go step by step. Avoiding the next step will not go away no matter how we try to avoid it because like you said it will come back to us but in a different way.

    The next step as you pointed out can and do lead to more opportunities it opens up a new world where we can go even higher soaring where we have never been before so let’s take courage and take the next step because the next step and the next step and so on will bring us closer to achieving our goals and living our dreams.

  4. Joseph,

    Great article, and I could not agree with you more in regard to your home business recommendation of the WA platform. It is hands down the best platform for affiliate marketing tools and resources.

    All the best,

  5. Thanks for these great suggestions in finding the next step. If setting a goal is the first step, and becoming successful should be the last step. In between many “next steps” comes and you need to stay focused on your goal to achieve success in every “next step”.

    • THANKS SO MUCH for your comments on this article. I appreciate all your insights. Giving our best on what is in front of us to do this very moment is critical to our overall success. All the Best.


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