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How To Focus Better In…

How to focus better in any area of our life is of critical importance to the results we desire. Without a steady focus, our attention wavers without giving our current project sufficient emphasis to be effectively completed. How To Focus Better In -- Magnifying glass

On the surface, this may seem to be no big deal, but once we dig a bit deeper it reveals the exact reasons for our overall success in life. Leaving things undone to any degree has a great effect on how we operate in all areas of life.

Our Habits Control our Life

Once we develop a routine based on repetitive action, we then automatically think and act in a certain way. This certain way, when we look at our results, quite often is not the ideal way for us to operate in order to maximize our results.

The easier way to identify this is by examining the areas of our lives in which we are operating effectively, and in which we are satisfied. By comparing this to the areas in which we may feel stuck or unsatisfied with our overall results, will clearly point out the difference.

In the areas where we find it relatively easy to get good results, we have no resistance to getting stuff done. When there is resistance, it helps to discover why that is so. Once we identify what is holding us back, we have positioned ourselves to make a “conscious choice” based on our “increased awareness”.

Just as we formed our habits over time, most of which were put together unconsciously, we can take the time each day to change those habits. Once we make that decision, we can move forward and now focus our efforts in a way that will produce the results we actually want.

Changing Our Focus Up

One thing to mention here is that when we are making any constructive changes in our lives it important to realize upfront that this is a process and not an event. It will take time to restructure our thinking and actions that create our habits. Our current attitude is based on our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and actions. It is a thought system that is right now set in concrete so to speak. It is our current paradigm that controls the decisions we make, and the actions that we take.

Change is not easy but it is doable. When we desire something enough, it doesn’t matter if is easy or not. If we truly desire change, we will get change.

When we have some beliefs that contribute to low self-esteem or that tell us what we can’t do, it just of matter of time to restructure those false perceptions, so that we can then project the truth of our potential. Otherwise, buying into these limitations will discourage us from even trying to refocus our efforts. We are hardwired to act along the lines of our self-image.

The good news is the very fact that we are alive this moment means we have the power to refocus our efforts by a mere decision. That decision is all it takes to get the process started. We then realize that our perception of stuff is not reality. It is just the way we currently view things through the lens of our current belief system.

“Most people take the limits of their vision to be the limits of the world. A few do not. Join them.”

— Arthur Schopenhauer —

How To Focus Better In —  Moving Beyond Our Self-Imposed Limitations

Once we grasp this concept of having the power to refocus our efforts in any direction we desire to make a constructive change, we have set ourselves up to move from the competitive to the creative plane of existence. On the creative plane we are no longer the effect of stuff, but the creator of stuff.

We have now taken back control of our lives by “forgetting so that we can remember”. We let go of false beliefs and choose to remember the truth of who we really are. At that point, we have allowed ourselves to move forward with confidence in making constructive changes.

Now we can focus intently on what will produce the results we desire. We have let go of the excess baggage that has been holding us back. These false beliefs and perceptions have been projecting many false images on the screen of our lives that have held us back from knowing and expressing our true potential.

As more and more limiting beliefs surface, we simply let them dissolve as a result of our increased awareness. For those ideas that are persistent and will not dissolve, we then consciously replace them with the truth. For example, an idea like “people like me can’t excel” becomes “I can accomplish anything I truly desire”. Or “genius is just something I wasn’t born with” becomes “we all have genius within and I choose to develop and express mine now”.

Over time, with enough repetition, these new ideas, beliefs, and thoughts will take hold and be integrated into our new way of thinking and acting. When this occurs, what will be projected through our lens will be an entirely different landscape. We now have the conviction to succeed.

How To Focus Better In by Directing Our Attention Effectively

Once we have eliminated this excess baggage, we can now give our projects the focus and attention they deserve. This involves a bit of planning to keep us on track, and then the consistency to make it happen.

Here’s a short video I did on “focus” to provide some encouragement and help things along:

When working on projects in any area of our lives, here are a few ideas that will keep the intensity of our focus in place long enough to generate sufficient energy to get results.



How to Improve Focus and Concentration

  1. Plan out the day ahead of time
  2. Have three (3) to five (5) key tasks prioritized to be completed that day
  3. Taking the most important assignment first stay focused on that with full attention doing it effectively and efficiently with pride of workmanship
  4. Work in time segments of thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes, then take a break and do something enjoyable or just relax. (I use the timer on my phone and set it for forty (40) minutes and then take a break). This allows you to rejuvenate yourself and get more done within those time segments.
  5. After the break go back to work on the same project until complete before moving on to the next item on the list.
  6. It’s okay if all the items on the list are not completed. What is most important is to focus on the highest priority project and do it efficiently and effectively until complete.
  7. Make any adjustments along the way to this procedure based on common sense and any practical decisions that are necessary.

When we focus on the most important tasks each day in an efficient way, we cannot help but produce effective results. We actually guarantee our overall success. What is most important is what (prioritize) we are doing right this moment, and how efficiently (to the very best of our ability) we are doing it.

We are actually creating a whole new Paradigm of Success utilizing our creative abilities consistently. We have replaced the old paradigm of struggle on the competitive plane with the free-flowing nature of the momentum of the creative plane. This new way of thinking and acting structures our days in a way that we automatically make the choices necessary to ensure that we are progressing in the direction we desire to go. At this point, it is becoming apparent that our directed focus and attention produce big dividends.

How To Focus In on Your Goals How to Focus Better In -- Study Habits

The most important thing when progressing toward any objective is to stay focused on your goals on a consistent basis. What this does is make it a part of you now, so that you are thinking and acting just like the person you will be after attaining your goal.

This allows the process to happen naturally and for things to come together in just the right way, and at just the right time. All struggle and resistance dissipate as you build the momentum based on the energy that is now released to fuel your journey. All that energy tied up in resistance and struggle is now being used to get you to your destination.

It is your Emotional Fuel.

When we focus on our goals with this type of intensity and intent, it is just a matter of time for us to achieve them. The clarity of our goals and destination allows us to picture the results we want, and focus on each task along the way producing numerous small successes. Each success builds upon the other.

This type of focus not only completes each task efficiently but opens up other opportunities for us along the way. What we did to complete the individual task involved opening ourselves to other people and ideas. We are then naturally led in the direction that makes the most sense at that particular moment in time.

Although we continue to follow our plan, we also allow it to change as necessary based on our new contacts and information. This builds up a “magnifying glass” effect where every effort is intensified and more productive. It is now effortless to stay focused on our goals.

We Can All Focus Better

This is something we can all do to multiply the positive effects in our lives. When we plan things out ahead of time and prioritize our tasks, we are then ready to focus each day on our highest impact items that will get us to our destination quickest and in the best way possible.

It is all about breaking stuff down to simple steps and then taking that Next Step toward our dreams and goals. When we do this on a consistent basis, we will naturally arrive.

This is not rocket science, but it does take effort to break old habit patterns and create new routines. Moving from all the struggle and pain on the competitive plane to the ease and flow of the creative plane is a journey worth taking. Its benefits need to be experienced to be fully appreciated.

Let’s make the choice now for the dreams that we are so eager to attain, and for the inner genius within ourselves, that very much wants to emerge. We will not only benefit ourselves but will positively influence many others to wake up to their true brilliance as we all make a tremendous difference in our world.

Stay focused and alert,


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How to Focus Better In -- Online Marketing

8 thoughts on “How To Focus Better In…”

  1. Your focus on focus is a very helpful one.  Probably most of us could do better than we are doing.  It’s all a matter of training the mind to be more efficient and more successful.  The main obstacle is our routine.  If we don’t want to break our complacent routines, we never will.  The best way to achieve this is to set out a plan and stick to it, to prioritize our tasks, and then doing it.  Don’t beat yourself if change doesn’t come immediately.  Your post is very valuable.  I would recommend it.  

  2. Thank you so much for this post. Over the past few months I have changed my mindset to help improve my path to success. I no longer talk or think negatively about myself. Instead of “I can’t” it’s “I can”.
    I have started to write down my goals and break them down in to smaller steps. I then make a daily schedule for each of these steps and cross off what I get finished. I always start with the hardest or most important task first. I always make sure to take breaks. Not everything gets accomplished for the day, but things are getting done little by little.
    My old habits have been switched out with good/better ones. Doing all this has made me more focused and I feel much better mentally.

    • Thanks for your thoughts Vicki. I am happy that you have made a commitment to change your routine and thus your overall conditioning is changing from a competitive state to a creative way of doing things. This is a major improvement in your paradigm. All the very Best.

  3. One of the most important key ingrident is focus. No successful person had success without it.

    If we want to suceed then we must block out all distraction and focus on our goals this is the only way to stay the cause and have success. We must remain focus.

  4. Jo, you always write some of the best article, i really love them, learn so much from your articles that I can also share with others.
    There is so much encouragement and a lot we can focus on that we never really thought about, I certainly did.
    Thank you much for this, continue writing and posting.


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