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Why Are Personal Values Important? –Let’s Check Our Results

When I ask myself why are personal values important, I find that there are several reasons. But all of these reasons revolve around these values being the core of how I am to function at high levels of performance. Why are personal values important -- core values

It is easy to say that I desire this or that for this or that reason, but once given a little deeper thought, much more is discovered. What is revealed is the essence or “core” to achieving maximum results in all areas of our lives. That being said, let’s dig a little more into this and see what we can find.

Getting to the “Core” — Why Are Personal Values Important

Our personal values can actually be aligned with our core values so that they guide us in determining what is best for ourselves and others. These are our internal beliefs on how we can best live our lives. They determine our behavior.

Now of course our values can be either positive or negative. When we are self-centered to the point of not caring about others and coming from fear and insecurity, we will display behaviors that coincide with that. We find very little meaning in life and are coming from a survival mindset.

But to me, these kinds of values are based on limiting and erroneous concepts of ourselves, others, and the world. They are not core values. Core values transcend how we perceive the world based on our experiences and conditioning. They are beyond this type of filter, as they reside at the essence of our being.

Our personal values can get out of sorts, and be developed along the lines of survival and greed. When this occurs our results will reflect this, and any seeming gains we achieve will only be temporary. They cannot be sustained because they are built on a faulty foundation.

In order to maximize our positive results in all areas of our lives, it is important to have our personal values in sync with our core values. Our core values transcend our personal values in that they are based on the unity of all life, and the goodness that resides within all life.

“I stopped living according to my core values. I knew what I was doing was wrong but thought only about myself and thought I could get away with whatever I wanted to.”

— Tiger Woods —


Can Core Values Change? 

This is the point that I have been stressing here. Core values do not change because they are part of Who We Are. This is beyond perception, illusion, and belief. We may think this or that, but that does not change our essence.

We may choose to believe things about ourselves and the world that are not true, and this will affect how we behave and the results we get. At the same time, our core values are below the surface desiring to emerge into full bloom. It is only our false concepts that keep us from recognizing these values.

So “no”, our core values do not change. But what can and does change are our personal values. They are based on how we think things are, even when they are not that way. We filter what we experience through our physical senses through these concepts that tend to limit our true view of things.

The whole process of getting more desirable results in our lives comes down to letting stuff go, and not adding stuff to the mix. We have enough misinformation as it is, without needing to add any more.

Core Values, Personal Values, and Beliefs

Core values are beyond our personal values and beliefs. In fact, when not aligned with core values our personal values are based on our beliefs. The only problem with beliefs is that some help us and others hinder us because we made them up during the course of our lives.  Why are personal values important -- philosophy and ethics

Our beliefs came into play as we were trying to figure out things as we were exploring our new environment into which we were born. “Why am I here?”, “What’s going on?”, “How do things work?”, “How do I stay safe?”, “Who can I trust?” are just some of the thoughts that develop both consciously and unconsciously within our minds after we are born. And then based on the quality of the experiences we have, we will judge, associate, and evaluate how we perceive the world.

Many of our personal values were formed early on in the process of avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. This has created a filter of how we now see “what’s out there”, regardless if it’s out there or not. It just makes sense to us based on how we have structured our thinking and our personal values.

Once again, let me state that our core values underly all of this, and are based on the Truth of our Being which is goodness and unconditional love. Just because we may not understand or perceive this does not make it untrue. Once we let go of some of our baggage of erroneous ideas and beliefs, we are able to see things a bit more clearly. How quickly this occurs depends on how much baggage we have.

This reminds me of a story of a business person visiting a third-world country and walking through the streets with his local contact. The business person remarked of how unfortunate it was that a young child was in such a dire state and lacked so much. The local person was quick to remark that in many ways that young child was much better off than the business person, as he did not possess all of the limiting ideas and beliefs that caused so much stress in the life of the business person.

I’m sure I did not remember this story exactly, but the main point is the young child, despite the poverty within his exterior circumstances, had much less baggage (false ideas and concepts) about how things should be, so that even though outwardly poor, he was inwardly richer.

Why Are Personal Values Important — Aligning Our Personal and Core Values

When we are able to align our personal values with our core values, we bring our core values to the surface. At this point, we are operating in a top efficiency mode. We are running on all cylinders so to speak.

It is at this point that much of our confusion dissipates. We have much more clarity as to what we most desire to do and achieve. When this occurs, we are able to set goals that actually mean something to us, and we are much more willing to take action and do what needs to be done to get the results that we desire.

It is this type of sustained activity that will get us to our chosen destination. We are not struggling to get this done, but actually want to do what we need to do to get our desired results. As a result, we build momentum fueled by the energy no longer caught up and trapped in resistance, and it is this momentum that speeds us to our objective.

This is such a critical step that it cannot be overemphasized. When our values (core and personal) are lined up with the results we want, it only makes sense for us to move forward, as now this is something we have to do. We are in the right mindset and heartset to proceed.

Our Personal Values “Are” Important

At this point, I look forward that you may agree with me that asking ourselves why are personal values important may just reveal the information we need to get the most important stuff done in our lives. This goes beyond trying or forcing things to happen, to actually “allowing” things to proceed in just the right way and in the right time.

So much power is generated and released in the directions of our heartfelt desires and goals when we have the feeling and assurance that what we value most is aligned with what we desire most. All confusion and conflict dissipate. There is no longer any hesitation to proceed. We actually welcome challenges and obstacles as we now see them as opportunities to extend our comfort zone and grow into stronger and more able individuals.

All of this is possible when we devote a bit of time to ourselves in order to obtain some clarity on what our core values really are, and to integrate them with our personal values on a daily basis. Now we are operating from strength, rather than confusion and weakness.

Just this type of clarity alone is well worth the effort to “pause and reflect” a bit. Then as we proceed, we accomplish things a lot easier as we are now in a state of “flow”. This state is stress-free as any fear or resistance is immediately transformed into the fuel that propels us to our destination or objective.

I strongly encourage you to spend a little time alone in deep contemplation of what is most important to you, with the understanding that you can achieve anything that is in alignment with your core and personal values. Find that inner key that connects your values with what you most desire. Allow your mind to connect with your heart, and feel the energy build within. Follow your inner insights and intuition as they surface to lead you along your journey to your goals.

And lastly, feel a deep sense of gratitude for all that you now possess, as well as all that is now on its way to you. Each moment is a blessing for the gifts it offers to us, and it just requires our appreciation of those gifts. May you live in Joy and Peace.

In Peace and Love with the Light of Your Essence,


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Why Are Personal Values Important -- Online Marketing

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  1. There are sometimes in life when we get to a state of confusion. and we need to re-evaluate our core values. there is so much to learn from in this article The fact that i have learnt something really tangible from this post is very satisfying. The build of your website is nice and the simplicity of the color selection makes it so beautiful. Thank you very much.

  2. Thank you for a very thought provoking post on the importance of personal values. Core values and personal values are interlinked and make up what an individual is all about. One will make decisions based on what your values are. And values do vary from one individual to the next. 

    I do think that the family and society that you grow up in, shape your values to a large extent. 

  3. Thank you for this post.

    I think that people make their decisions based on their values. People who are cruel and unethical probably have different or no values at all compared to others who are ethical and are more kind.

    A lot of what we learn of values we learn from our elders as children and from our environment.

  4. It is very important to be aware of our personal and core values. That way we can be very successful in our relationships, careers and life. You are fortunate that you have been working in areas you enjoy. I have not had that pleasure. But now that I am building my own websites, I feel that I am being true to my personal values. I value hard work as a core value which then builds into working diligently on those websites. I believe that this hard work will provide me with success.
    Thank you for this article.

    • Thanks for your thoughts and comments, Barbara. You are on the road to your”Bliss” and each obstacle or roadblock should be celebrated as a confirmation of your courage and commitment. All the Best. Joseph


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