The Battle Of The Mind

The battle of the mind is a “daily challenge”.  Once we awaken a bit and actually realize we are not consciously in control of our minds, we are then in a position to make a decision to do something about it.  We quickly realize that there is some resistance going on.   It does not have to be a struggle if we are willing to dive in and get a bit down and dirty and battle with some very persistent ingrained thoughts and emotions.   Battle of the Mind

Actually, we can make it a fun game where we learn to experience each thought and emotion, no matter how uncomfortable we feel at the moment, and be willing to move through it.  At that point, we begin to realize that they are “mere thoughts and emotions” which do not have the power we may have previously thought they had.

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else – means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” — E.E. Cummings — 


Battle Of The Mind — Reclaiming Our Power

When we spend time observing thoughts and experiencing our emotions, we eventually come to realize that they do not control us unless we choose to let them.  A feeling is just a feeling.  What gives it apparent power over us is when we label that feeling good or bad.  By itself, it is merely a sensation experienced as body consciousness.

We can choose to experience the feeling and let it go at that, without making up a big story around it.  It is the same with thoughts.  Over time we have experienced conditioned thoughts popping up during the day, but we do have the power to recognize them and replace them with any other thought we choose.  But first, we must pause and reflect.  We need a little breathing space to make this happen. Battle Of The Mind

Through this consistent observation and letting go of any undesirable thoughts, and learning to just experience and not label our feelings, over time we break loose from our Imprisoned Mind.  At this point, we are free and happy for no particular reason at all.  We experience the moment fully, similar to young children and nature.  We have reclaimed our power.

But winning the battle of the mind does require lots of perseverance, determination, and a fair bit of courage.  At times we need to look at stuff that comes up that we may not like or feel very proud about.  Needless to say, getting brutally honest with ourselves may be uncomfortable at times, but the rewards greatly outweigh any temporary discomfort.


Fully Engaged In Life

When we let go of enough of the stuff that holds us back from fully expressing who we truly are, we find ourselves fully engaged in life and eager to experience new adventures and meet new people.  Life becomes a game of filling our days with as many events as possible which contribute to the growth and betterment of others, as well as our own well-being.

We come to realize that each and every moment is precious and filled with many gifts and lessons.  It’s all about being kind to ourselves and others by being sensitive to the challenges which we all experience.  Gratitude kicks in as we appreciate what we have and recognize how we may benefit the plight of others in our own unique way, by expressing our very own special talents and abilities. Battle Of The Mind

The mantra of the 1980s was something like, “he who has the most toys when he or she dies wins the game”.  A much better mantra would be, “he or she who has contributed the most by being their authentic selves and has had a lot of fun and joy in the process most definitely not only wins the game but sets a brilliant example for many others to follow”.

That’s what I call being fully Engaged in Life!


The Battle Of The Mind — A Few Strategies 

In order to win the battle of the mind and break free from the restriction of false assumptions and beliefs, it helps to have a few strategies and safeguards in place, especially when things get heated and we just want to surrender (give up and quit). These are very simple thought provokers that keep us focused on our overall objectives, and not stuck in the muck of past conditioning.

1) Wake Up Time — as soon as we awaken we want to be able to insert stuff in our head which takes us toward our objectives, rather than away from them, not to mention driving us crazy as well.  Read something uplifting when you awaken or memorize some cool inspiring statements which energize you as to what is possible.  Make this a habit each morning.

2) During the Day — have objects around the house, and even at work, which “remind” you to think (applied thought is so much more powerful in assisting us to our goals than old rehashed thinking).  No one has to know what these objects mean.  They are just there to jolt you back to present time consciousness.

3) Evening — dependent on your schedule you can set aside time just before bedtime to pause and reflect on what transpired during the day.  Reviewing our day before sleep makes us aware of our accomplishments, no matter the size, and also lets us review any mistakes and plan alternatives as we move forward.

There are also other things you can do to reprogram your mind to a state of peace, harmony, tranquility, health, and prosperity, but I will save that for another time.  Just come to terms with the moment of where you presently are, and your level of satisfaction, and implement a few strategies to turn around areas of your mindset with which you may not be totally satisfied.


Winning the Battle of the Mind   Battle Of The Mind

No matter what your present circumstances may be, things can improve and get better.  There are too many success stories out there from people on the streets down and out who have turned things around, to people with so-called un-curable diseases coming back to health.  If one person can experience something, we All can.

The timetable will vary per individual as to how long this battle will continue before we break through enemy lines and establish a Peace Treaty.  But this is a peace treaty that will not be broken, as once you obtain a certain level of consciousness there’s no turning back.  You would never want to.

Archaic thoughts and habit patterns simply dissolve away and you are left with a clean slate on which to create.  At that point, you have to decide exactly how to steer your ship in a way that brings benefit to all whom you meet and are able to touch in some way.  It is a glorious feeling, which also carries a large amount of responsibility as well.

I stand here on the sidelines cheering you all on in your individual journeys and battle for Directorship of your Mind.  It’s like jumping into the deep end of the swimming pool, as once you do, you’ll quickly figure some stuff out.  Go forward “knowing” you have a very special mission to complete by designing your lives in a way that brings Peace, Health, and Abundance to All.


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Peace and Love,

Joseph William

Battle Of The Mind

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8 thoughts on “The Battle Of The Mind”

  1. Joseph,
    Enjoyed your article immensely, I also talk and write about dis-empowering beliefs, how they are formed and how we can choose to either keep or throw them out. I also liked your blog on the imprisoned mind.
    I have been struggling with staying positive and will start using your wake up strategy. I wrote about the power of the mind in an article about the placebo effect, you might find it interesting. Another big problem for me and others is staying in the present, realizing that the ego loves the past and future and hates the present. Sounds like you have experienced Satori, and I’m over joyed to have found your site and to start following you on the WA platform.
    Thanks Dave

  2. I read your article titled Fighting The Good Fight and believe we all go through our own battlefield to get from point A to point B. Recognizing the process is half the battle.
    Like a physical battlefield, the terrain and its condition are going to add or subtract resistance and ultimately have a bearing on the outcome. The biggy is the weapons at our disposal and being able to relate to those weapons. Making those battle plans you spoke of can empower us to be prepared for what is around the corner and overcome adversary.

  3. Great article! I work from home full-time and often have a tough time shutting down. I love what I do, and as a result, it is very hard for me sometimes to get involved with things that are not work-related. For example, I almost talked my husband into us skipping a holiday party last night because I wanted to work. LOL. I ended up having a great time at the party and realized the break was just what I needed. I start my day reading motivational quotes on Twitter and end my day by writing a to-do list for the following day. Do you sometimes find it difficult to pull yourself away from your business?

    • Thanks for your comment Cher. There are times that I find it challenging to pull away from business, but for the most part I work in time segments (even set a timer) and then reward myself with some fun activity when I complete my work. It balances things out nicely.


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