What Is The Problem-Solving Process?

So what is the problem-solving process? When we have a challenge or problem how do we proceed? These are very good questions that can lead to an effective way to deal with such situations as they occur. What Is The Problem Solving Process

Finding reliable ways and sources to deal with everyday problems, whether large or small, can do much to reduce our stress and overwhelm. By developing the mindset of welcoming our challenges, we then can confidently get stuff done in an effective and efficient manner.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

— Soren Kierkegaard —




What Is The Problem-Solving Process — Let’s Explore a Bit

Before we try to solve any type of problem that we may face, it is important, to begin with an empowering mindset that sets the proper foundation from which to proceed. We are then able to move forward from a position of strength rather than weakness.

Before we outline any specific steps to solving problems let’s spend a few moments here discussing the importance of having a proper mindset as a foundation. This cannot be stressed too much, as it will not only determine the time frame in solving a problem but will also affect the quality of the solution as well. In some cases, it will even determine if we are able to resolve the issue at all.

Our mindset affects our expectations and when we are filled with doubt, fear, and uncertainty we are unable to locate viable solutions to any challenge. We often find ourselves in a vicious circle of repeating the same mistakes even though the form may be different the result is the same.

Our mindset is comprised of a set of beliefs that we have about ourselves, others, and the world. This is how we view the world and our experiences. Quite often we feel at the “effect” rather than the “cause” of these events and experiences. With this type of mindset, we are unable to acquire consistent solutions to our problems.

We have picked up these beliefs over time due to prior emotion-packed experiences that made a definite impression on ourselves and how we view the world, and most importantly, how to stay safe and avoid further pain. We then form beliefs about our capabilities and how the world works. Then based on these beliefs we project what we expect to occur.

This happens quite automatically once these core beliefs are set in place, and we are then convinced that this is just “how things are”, even when confronted with evidence to the contrary. We are using our creative energy and power to limit ourselves, instead of creating the life we desire based on truth, love, joy, and unlimited opportunity.

Let’s Extend rather than Project

We owe it to ourselves to be the creators of our lives rather than victims, whether knowingly or unknowingly. Rather than automatically having our lives run by default by projecting our limiting ideas and beliefs onto the screens of our lives, let us consciously “choose” to extend the truth of ourselves as conscious creators.

The key to this is realizing that our power exists in the present moment, and each moment is a virgin opportunity to create based on our heart-felt desires. Even though our projections are a form of creation or rather miscreation, they are done unconsciously on a default basis.

Instead, let us utilize our creative energies in a conscious way and direct our power toward our desires, goals, and objectives that mean something to us. This takes a bit of practice, consistency, and constant reminders of the truth, but we are quite capable of this with enough determination and endurance to proceed.

Our extension is based on our innate creativity, while when we project we are sacrificing our power to our default conditioning comprised of the limiting beliefs I previously mentioned. When we awaken just a bit, it comes down to a simple choice of how to proceed.

What Is The Problem-Solving Process — A Few Practical Steps

Let’s now outline a few simple steps we can take to organize and implement so that we effectively and efficiently solve any problems that arise.

  1. Relax — no matter how chaotic the situation or how enormous the problems seem to be, this too will pass. We can only be effective when we are focused and not distracted. Let the emotions flow without labeling them this or that. After a few moments, we can center ourselves and address the challenge.
  2. Identify the Problem — here we want to be as specific as possible so that we know with what we are dealing. Take the time to honestly address all aspects of the situation as unemotionally as possible. When we do this, we often discover that there are positive aspects of the situation that we initially ignored or were unaware.
  3. Due Diligence — based on the specifics of the problem we now do some research into how to best solve it. We gather as much information as possible without worrying about finding a solution. Letting go of having things work out a certain way allows us to be open to unexpected ideas and inevitable solutions. We think freely and don’t ignore any possibilities no matter how outlandish they may initially seem to be.
  4. Take a Break — this is an extremely important part of the process because once we have done our due diligence and we now let go and wait for our Marching Orders which will lead us in the proper direction to solve our problem. This may not be easy to do based on the severity of the challenge, but this allows for positive expectation that replaces any worry or fear.
  5. Deal with the Resistance — any resistance we have based on fear and worry just gets embraced and handled along the way. Just recognizing it and not denying it will often allow the resistance to dissolve. When it is more persistent we “replace” the worry/fear thoughts with the truth about ourselves which is we have the power within ourselves to handle any situation constructively. It’s the same energy; we are merely redirecting it to our advantage.
  6. Receive the Solution with Gratitude — the time that we receive a solution will vary, but it will most definitely come. At this point let us be grateful not only for the solution but for trusting ourselves enough to receive that solution.
  7. Repeat the Process as Needed — the more we use this process the easier it becomes as our confidence grows and we become a much stronger individual.

What Is The Problem-Solving Process — Keeping Things SimpleWhat Is The Problem-Solving Process

Problem-solving is basically spending the time to find solutions and being in that type of mindset rather than getting blown away by the problem no matter how severe it may be. When we do this we keep things simple and address the cause of the problem and not get distracted by the effects.

Once again let’s ignite our intuition and discover some additional information along these lines. Let’s ask a question and then use some intuitive poetry to gather some insight from behind the scenes.

“How can I most efficiently and effectively solve problems?”

Letting Go

— Letting go of any Fear

Is the best place to start

No need to worry

When we come from our heart


— The solutions exist

They will be revealed

Our vision is limited

To a partial view of the Field


— Maximize our strengths

Release what won’t work

There is a part of our Self

Where our wisdom does lurk


— In order to access

The miracles within

We must look behind the curtain

And locate the bin


— It is filled with many treasures

So very long ignored

We didn’t realize how simple

It was to open the Door


— A treasure cove of Wisdom

To solve any woe

Let us ask any question

And simply Let Go!

Joseph William Stasaitis 6/14/2022


Letting go is the simple way of solving any problem. It is more a process of undoing the tangled web of misperceptions into which we have bought so that the information we need can flow to us unimpeded. The answers are there, and always have been, and when asked what is the problem-solving process, we merely need to look within.

May your lives be filled with Joy & Happiness,

Joseph William

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  1. Hi there Joseph. This is quite an informative post I should say. I have been having problems with problem-solving and have been looking for ways to improve myself in this area. The formula you shared towards the end of the post on the problem-solving stages is just life-changing for me. I am going to give it a go and see how things work out for me.

    • Thanks, Dave for your thoughts and comments. Keep a solution mindset and the answer to any problem or challenge will surface in the right way and at the right time—all the very best. Joseph


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