Living In The Past

Other than Jetro Tull’s song by the same name, “Living in the Past” does not have many advantages. Although we all have our cherished memories, focusing on the past will tend to inhibit our present progress.Living In The Past

Whether it is regrets or happy recollections, spending time in the past distracts us from becoming all that we can be right this very moment. That being said, there are also a few advantages to exploring the past as well.


“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

— Nelson Mandela —


Living in the Past — Restoring the Truth

Let’s begin by reviewing a few ways going back into the past can be helpful to us in our current lives. When done with intention and on a conscious basis it can be rewarding.

Over time, we have constructed a thought system that does not always serve us well. We find that we have accepted many concepts and ideas that may not be true or valid. These types of beliefs are responsible for the results we get in different parts of our lives.

In the areas that are working well, we have a solid foundation that is life-enhancing, while in those areas that are less than ideal we are making decisions based on misperceptions. In order to remedy this a brief sojourn into the past can be helpful.

By recognizing these ideas and the emotions experienced, as a result, we are able to identify areas where we have beliefs that are limiting our full potential. We grabbed onto many of these ideas due to past pain and trauma and held on to them for protection.

It is now time to let them go. Our past does not have to define our future when we make conscious choices in the present to change things around a bit. We are all capable of doing this.

It is a simple process, but not necessarily easy because of our current conditioning. We will resist change but we can move through this resistance by being aware of it and realizing the only power it has to influence us is the power we give it.

Once we remove enough of our past baggage, we will have freed ourselves up to recognize the truth of our full potential and all of which we are capable. Living without the blinders on allows us to make rational choices based on truth rather than miscreating our lives through fear.

Disadvantages of Living in the Past

“Live for each second without hesitation.”

— Elton John —

Now let’s discussed the disadvantages of living in the past. The main disadvantage is that we have diluted our power in the present moment.

All choices and decisions that we make, either consciously or unconsciously, occur in the now. When we are focused on the past we bring it into the present and that is what creates our future.

This is how our conditioning works. We are stuck in the past based on our previous pains and traumas, and we inadvertently allow this to run our lives day-to-day and determine our future. This is a self-fulfilling prophecy repeating the same mistakes over and over again. It can also be called insane thinking.

With this type of conditioning, it is no wonder that we do not get consistent results in certain areas of our lives. I can extend this article and add several more reasons why living in the past is not a good thing, but let’s move on to the solution so that we can get the things done we desire to get done to obtain the results that we really want.

An Alternative to Living in the PastLiving in the Past

By addressing this issue head-on we quickly discover that the fix is simple but not easy. Over ninety percent (90%) of our thoughts every day are the same or similar. We have created a mental prison for ourselves from which it is hard to find an escape because this is all we know.

In order to create a new paradigm based on our heartfelt desires, we must correct the errors in our minds so that we gain the increased awareness to choose freely. At this point, we do not even realize we are in prison and have alternatives.

As we identify and let go of limiting beliefs based on past experiences, we naturally spend more time in the present moment without forcing the issue. Our focus gradually changes from regrets from the past and worries about the future to the joy and magnificence of the present moment.

Let’s use some intuitive poetry on this subject and see what develops.

“How can I release my past traumas and live in joy in the present?”

Rejoice The Present Moment

– Living in the past

Provides no great return

Like swimming in quicksand

And expecting to learn


– How foolish we can be

When we seek not to find

We’ve programmed ourselves

To a life on rewind


– Rushing here and there

Through an endless maze

No wonder we find ourselves

A little bit dazed


– Release from these chains

Will not be a breeze

But each little step

Is an opportunity to seize


– So how will this transition

Really take place

The key is within

It’s time to keep pace


– Rejoice in what we find

Because the message is clear

Forget the past and future

For only the Present is Here.

Joseph William Stasaitis 6/22/2022


When gaining a little clarity it quickly becomes apparent that we have been doing ourselves a disservice by focusing on the past. As I mentioned above, the only time it is worthwhile to delve into the past is when seeking the root causes of our pain and/or trauma so that we can then let them go.

Otherwise, our time is best spent in the present moment where our power resides. By changing our focus we redirect our energy into areas that are beneficial to our happiness and peace of mind.

Since only the present exists, there is nowhere else to go. Right this moment is where all of the action is so let’s make the most of it. Let us regain our freedom and create the life we truly desire.

Enjoy the journey and keep smiling,

Joseph William

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