The Battle Of The Mind

Battle Of The Mind

The battle of the mind is a “daily challenge”.  Once we awaken a bit and actually realize we are not consciously in control of our minds, we are then in a position to make a decision to do something about it.  We quickly realize that there is some resistance going on.   It does not have … Read more

How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs — Now & Forever

How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

How to eliminate limiting beliefs is not difficult once we have identified a few of them. They are not hidden as some believe, but easily accessible to us once we redirect our focus, and pay a little more attention to our every present thoughts. With a little effort and a lot of persistence, even the … Read more

How To Discover Limiting Beliefs

How To Discover Limiting Beliefs

At some point, it pays to learn how to discover limiting beliefs.  As we move through our lives moment-to-moment, we take so much for granted. We replay much of what we have already thought and experienced. Through habit, we have developed routines, many of which do not serve us well. When we are chained to our … Read more