Ways To Welcome Wellness When You Work Remotely

Welcome Wellness

Millions of Americans found themselves suddenly working from home at the start of the pandemic. It is important to welcome wellness when you work remotely. Some of us have chosen to do so for much longer. But no matter when you began working from home, one thing is certain: it’s not always easy to prioritize … Read more

The One Thing To Focus On

The One Thing To Focus On

In this world of constant technological innovation, we often find ourselves distracted and pulled in multiple directions at once. While concentrating on a project we are interrupted by a text, call, or person insisting on our attention. Also, we often do ourselves a disservice by multitasking rather than determining the one thing to focus on, … Read more

Big Changes, Little Effort

Big Changes Little Effort

When it is mentioned that big changes, little effort is possible, this tends to get the attention of quite a few folks. We are all interested in making progress, but the stumbling block always seems to be the effort and perceived pain involved. So if it was possible to obtain big changes with little effort, … Read more

What Is A Personal Story? — It’s More Than You May Imagine

What is a personal story

So actually what is a personal story? It can mean many things to many people, and can even change around a bit dependent on the context we are describing. But for our purposes today, let’s stick with what we believe to be true about ourselves and our potential. This can get to be a very … Read more

How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs — Now & Forever

How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs

How to eliminate limiting beliefs is not difficult once we have identified a few of them. They are not hidden as some believe, but easily accessible to us once we redirect our focus, and pay a little more attention to our every present thoughts. With a little effort and a lot of persistence, even the … Read more