The Business Of Life

The business of life is all-encompassing since it affects all areas of our lives. Treating our lives as a business that is run efficiently and profitably is an easy way to simplify our problems and challenges.

The Business of Life

With a few simple strategies in place, we can eliminate much of the mystery and confusion. This is no one-and-done solution to all of our difficulties, but it does put a plan in place for us to follow daily and make changes as needed.

The Business of Life — Unraveling the Mystery

“Our work is the presentation of our capabilities.”

— Edward Gibbon —

So how do we begin treating our lives like a successful business that maximizes our strengths and abilities and eliminates our faults and errors? Like many things, it begins with a plan and proceeds on a step-by-step basis.

Traditionally, the business of life is defined as all of our daily activities such as hobbies, relationships, education, health regime, business, and other endeavors. Treating all of these aspects of our lives as a business will increase our effectiveness in all areas.

There is no mystery when it comes to getting stuff done. It is a simple decision to take the first step to break the inertia and eliminate resistance and procrastination.

Taking the First Step

  • Define what we desire
  • Make sure it is what we desire
  • Use this clarity to ignite the inspiration to begin
  • Start with the smallest step necessary to be willing to begin
  • Makes changes as needed along the way
  • Repeat this process until we arrive at the desired result or destination

This is a simple process that works once it is done enough to become a habit. At that point, the procrastination and resistance have dissipated enough to make it a “must do” rather than a “maybe”.

The Business of Life — Uncluttering the Mind

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

— Mark Twain —
It is extremely difficult to be effective and efficient in any area of our lives with constant noise within and without. We have so much noise in our head telling us about this or that without us taking the time to reflect on whether this information is correct.

The same with all the outside noise from the media, friends, family, and other supposedly trusted sources. Before we can trust any outside sources or even ourselves, we need to do a bit of housecleaning.

This is a critical step in running any area of our lives efficiently. It’s like learning a new skill; if we practice incorrectly we will not attain the desired results.

Ways to Unclutter the Mind

Let’s now discuss a few ways to clean house:

  • set aside some time to relax and contemplate
  • become the “observer” of your thoughts and feeling
  • take note of reoccurring thoughts and feelings
  • explore these thoughts and feelings a bit deeper and see where they lead
  • identify the core beliefs behind those thoughts and feelings.
  • meditate for at least a few minutes per day to reduce stress and increase focus
  • spend more time in the present moment with reminders such as “Am I present now?”
  • develop the habit of some daily physical exercise. Start small and increase over time. Consistency in developing a new habit is most important.
  • take notes in a journal or on a sheet of paper to monitor progress and to remember intuitive insights that pop up along the way
  • eliminate distractions when focused on projects
  • eat a balanced diet that improves over time
  • get enough sleep to feel energized and excited about life
  • de-clutter the physical space as that is merely an outward reflection of our cluttered thoughts and feelings
  • read inspiring literature as well as material related to our occupation
  • listen to music that inspires us to be our best
  • hobbies that use our focus and concentration
  • minimize multi-tasking so our mind is focused in the present moment on the task at hand

The Business of Life — The Power Plugs

The Business of Life

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

— Dale Carnegie —

All of these ideas are all well and good but at the same time useless if not applied. Our habits are so ingrained that taking that first step to break the inertia, no matter how small, seems like a gigantic endeavor.

Although it’s extremely important to be surrounded by encouraging, like-minded individuals who consistently provide positive support, no outside factors are going to get us to do what we aren’t willing to do. We may have good intentions, but it is still up to us to make the first move and then continue to progress.

Often a wake-up call in terms of some type of emergency will do the trick, but why wait for that? By taking action now we not only save a lot of time and stress but we can avoid many of these emergencies as well.

Here is a concept that I call the “Power Plugs”. We can plug into one socket or the other as it is our choice.

The difference is one socket uses our creative energy to enhance our lives, while the other keeps us stuck in inertia not moving forward at all. All of our dreams and desires remain on hold “for just the right time”, which by the way never comes because the right time is Now.

The point is that we have access to the creative power of the Universe right this very moment. We are using it now but are plugged into the wrong socket when our life gets complicated.

The choice is ours to redirect our energy so that it benefits us and gets us to accomplish what we came here to do: fulfill our destiny.

This all begins by taking that first step in the direction of our purpose in life. When we are clear on our purpose the means to accomplish it magically appears. We never have to worry about the “how” when the “why” is in place.

I encourage us all to embark on this journey of self-discovery and cherish each moment along the way. Never forget all the action takes place in the present moment; this is our gift to ourselves.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William

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The Business of Life

4 thoughts on “The Business Of Life”

  1. This article resonated with me deeply. I’ve always believed that the principles guiding successful business ventures can, and should, be applied to personal life management. The idea of viewing life as a series of strategic decisions, investments, and growth opportunities is incredibly empowering. It shifts the perspective from being passive recipients of life’s whims to active, engaged participants shaping our own destiny.

  2. Nice Post. I was reading a book on plane yesterday from Fuerteventura to Luton the Eureka Enigma can’t remember author’s name. Found book in charity shop. Got with 2 others for £1. Try to read books like this whenever I get the opportunity. There seems to be a similar narrative to success for me it seems. Anyone can achieve it with the right thoughts and actions. I have been thinking about what I want right now. Blogging I would like to be a bigger part of it but so much work to do – I have started a list of Ideas I think writing down each one is very important as so many are forgotten about and not acted upon.

    • I agree Alex. It’s important to write stuff down so that we see it to remind us that there was a reason we wrote it down. When that reason resonates enough with us we will get it done. Appreciate your thoughts.


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