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Building Self-Respect — A Core Function

Building Self-Respect

Building self-respect is the foundation of creating the life that we most desire. When our self-respect or self-love is in place, we are empowered to express our unique and authentic Selves. Our talents and abilities then flow naturally into areas that benefit all involved. We become a magnet for all the good things life has … Read more

Self Actualization Definition

Self Actualization Definition

There is a standard self-actualization definition that we will review, but we will also go beyond that to explore ways to actually experience it. Book knowledge is all well and good as it sets the foundation from which to build, but the application of that knowledge is where the real benefits accrue.       … Read more

Fully Engaged In Life

fully engaged in life

Being fully engaged in life is a habit to develop regardless of our age. Our attention goes where our interests lie. Discovering our passion in life and true purpose for being will allow us to effortlessly stay engaged in our lives. This is not anything that is very complex to understand. In fact, it is … Read more

Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time? — A Perpetual Snooze

Why Am I Falling Asleep All The Time

When someone asks why am I falling asleep all the time, the first thing that comes to mind is some sort of sleep apnea or other sleep disorder. But that is that what I am referring to here.  What I am going to discuss in this article is the type of “waking sleep” that results … Read more

Living The Hero’s Journey — An Unforgettable Experience

Living the Hero's Journey

Many may already be familiar with the Hero’s Journey from the writings of Joseph Campbell who was an American professor of comparative religion and mythology. But what I would like to discuss here is the actual living the Hero’s Journey and not just an intellectual understanding of it. It has a classic storyline with a … Read more

What Is A Keystone Habit? — Don’t Have A Clue

What Is A Keystone Habit

In my personal development writing and speaking, I mention habits quite a bit in relation to making constructive changes in our lives. When I heard about keystone habits, I had to ask myself what is a keystone habit? In fact, in his book, “The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life … Read more

10 Reasons Why We Procrastinate — And Why It Doesn’t Matter


I was doing some research recently on the challenge of getting stuff done when I came across all these articles and books filled with information on why we don’t get things done. I found 10 reasons why we procrastinate, and after reviewing them, I came to the conclusion that it really doesn’t matter at all. … Read more