The One Minute Miracle

Achieving a life of contentment and fulfillment is within our grasp right this moment if only we have the clear vision to see it.    When we are blind to our potential and possibilities, we are unable to tap into our inner source of power. It requires a much different approach to break through the … Read more

Enjoying The Process

As I have mentioned previously in several of my articles about getting things done in life, enjoying the journey allows you to have fun and feel good about what you are doing, regardless of the end result. In other words, if you are not enjoying yourself now while engaged in moving toward your goal, you … Read more

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Expand Your Comfort Zone

Much has been written about getting ourselves to “move out” of our comfort zone so that we can achieve and experience more in life. But that can be difficult, as often we resist doing things which are uncomfortable for us. It is much more preferable to expand your comfort zone by taking little baby steps … Read more

How To Gain Clarity In Life

It has been shown through a few studies that with each advance in technology there is an increase in our stress levels.  Things move faster and faster and we get caught up in a never-ending loop of activity.  It’s important to learn how to gain clarity in life so that we can slow down enough … Read more

The Power Of Simplicity

the power of simplicity

Simplicity can take on a lot of different meanings. The power of simplicity can “simply” mean being able to rid ourselves of distractions and any unnecessary stuff in our lives.   Much of this can be accomplished over a weekend or a few days of cleaning out closets and the garage, and then having a yard … Read more