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What Is Productivity? — That’s A Good Question

what is productivity

Asking what is productivity is an essential question in getting stuff done. We often beat ourselves up for not being productive enough without understanding what it truly means. This is not a play on words but an essential ingredient in maximizing our production and results. Without understanding the meaning of what we desire to attain, … Read more

Business Strategy: Protect Your Construction Business From a Financial Downturn

Construction business

By Cherie Mclaughlin from Every construction business across the country is feeling the financial pinch as inflation soars and recession looms. To protect your business, make sure you have a solid financial plan in place. Be proactive in managing your budget, and be aware of potential red flags that might signal a downturn in the … Read more

Business Networking At An Older Age

Business Networking At An Older Age

Business networking at an older age: many seniors are becoming entrepreneurs or freelancing these days, but re-entering the world of business after a hiatus or a career unrelated to your industry of interest can seem frustrating. However, if you attend networking events, participate in online spaces, and nurture the connections you do make, you can … Read more

How To Gain Clarity In Life

How To Gain Clarity In Life

It’s important to learn how to gain clarity in life so that we can slow down enough to assess if we are going in the direction we truly desire.   It has been shown through a few studies that with each advance in technology there is an increase in our stress levels.  Things move faster and … Read more

The Power Of Simplicity

the power of simplicity

Simplicity can take on a lot of different meanings. The power of simplicity can “simply” mean being able to rid ourselves of distractions and any unnecessary stuff in our lives.   Much of this can be accomplished over a weekend or a few days of cleaning out closets and the garage, and then having a yard … Read more

Good Questions To Ask When Confusion Strikes

Good Questions To Ask

What are some good questions to ask? When we are facing challenges with coming up with solutions in different areas of our lives, the reason quite often is that we have not pinpointed the correct question to ask. This is most definitely an individual process where we look within ourselves to locate these questions. Once … Read more

Get Organized Checklist


Getting organized properly in business or our personal life is critical to our overall success in life. Putting together a “Get Organized Checklist” enables you to stay focused on the most important tasks on a day-to-day basis.   When we are organized, we take care of our highest priority tasks first. We do this by putting … Read more

Can You Figure This Out?

Can You Figure This Out

It’s all too easy to think that there is a one size fits all remedy to all our challenges, whether business or personal. Planning things out is important, but it is also necessary to let go and “allow” answers and solutions to appear.  Can you figure this out just by practical research alone? Many of … Read more