Good Questions To Ask When Confusion Strikes

What are some good questions to ask? When we are facing challenges with coming up with solutions in different areas of our lives, the reason quite often is that we have not pinpointed the correct question to ask. This is most definitely an individual process where we look within ourselves to locate these questions.

Good Questions To Ask

Once discovered we are on the right path, it is only a matter of time to see our desired results show up. The answer to our problems or challenges lies in discovering good questions to ask.


” The art and science of asking questions is the source of all knowledge.”

— Thomas Berger —

What Are Some Good Questions To Ask?

As I mentioned above, this is a process each of us has to work out for ourselves on an individual basis. Any standard list of questions may get the juices flowing, but will not hit home for us by getting us in touch with “whom we really are”, and what we are meant to be doing (our Life Purpose).

So, as we go through this process there are many additional benefits that show up including gaining clarity on our life’s purpose as well as how we may best fulfill it.

To get the process started it is only necessary to ask One Question, and then let things flow from there. All additional questions will be surfacing from within yourself, based on your unique talents, skills, abilities, and goals. These will be the good questions for which we are looking.

An appreciation of the Present Moment leads us to this Question which gets things ignited:


Good Questions To Ask

“How can I be totally fulfilled right this moment?”


Not yesterday, tomorrow, or when I achieve my goals, but Right this Very Moment.

If It Sounds Too Simple, Ask a Good Question    

Yes, I realize that on the surface this sounds rather simplistic, but just keep asking yourself that question until your intuition provides you with a wealth of information, as well as additional questions that will serve to lead you down the path toward that fulfillment Now, rather than later.

There’s a lot that goes into asking good questions, not the least of which is discovering aspects of ourselves that we never would have suspected were there. This journey of self-discovery can get a little rocky at times, but hold on for dear life, because the prize at the end of the tunnel is worth it.

I can go on and explain more on why this works, but its true significance will only be revealed when you take this journey on your own.


All the Action is Happening Now! Ask a Good Question

Good Questions To Ask

Get this right and you will be truly Happy and Content.  At that point, anything else you choose to create for yourself will just be icing on the cake.

The realization which you will experience will top anything of which you have ever dreamed. Money, fame, toys, and all other things come and go, but not this. The Experience of Who We Truly Are stays with us, and unlocks all other doors.

Don’t delay; spend as much time as you require to uncover the only True Wealth there is within yourself. This is a journey you will cherish forever, as well as position yourself to bring so much additional value to the lives of others.

And this all starts by finding some good questions to ask.

Once received, this is a Gift that Keeps on Giving to yourself as well as to all those who are fortunate to cross your path.


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May you receive the answers which you desire,


Good Questions To Ask

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8 thoughts on “Good Questions To Ask When Confusion Strikes”

  1. Hi Joseph!
    I like your post which is kind of philosophical! As we know the life is our highest and most valuable value. We need to treat it with care, as our, so from others! The life is making us in front of many questions and lessons during its course! Having the right answers is not always easy, Finding the right balance and the right answers takes time, effort and skills.
    Thanks for sharing1

  2. Good questions have lead to many great answers that is the remedy for success, this is how successful people think and achieve there goals. With out good question many of success would still be in the dark but good question will shed light that is so important.

  3. Hi Joseph
    Thank you for writing a wonderful article onAsking questions.

    Asking questions is essential for the success of our business. I have a saying, NO question is a silly question. You only need to ask.


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