The Power Of Simplicity

Simplicity can take on a lot of different meanings. The power of simplicity can “simply” mean being able to rid ourselves of distractions and any unnecessary stuff in our lives.  The Power Of Simplicity

Much of this can be accomplished over a weekend or a few days of cleaning out closets and the garage, and then having a yard sale and/or selling a few things on eBay or Amazon. A good cleaning out of the excess stuff in our life does not only free up space in our homes but also in our minds.


The Power Of Simplicity — Uncluttering Our Mind

When we create space in any way, we free ourselves to think more clearly, as well as open up avenues to receive new things and ideas. Holding on to stuff restricts us while letting go empowers us to move forward and experience new things.

In order to think clearly and be more productive in the areas of our lives which we desire to improve, we must clear away old assumptions and beliefs which are no longer useful to us. This is how we create a viewpoint that empowers our goals, and ignores anything which distracts us.

Physically cleaning our house is not only a metaphor for cleaning our minds of limiting ideas but actually works to give us a much better outlook and a feeling of accomplishment. Once we have let enough stuff go both internally and externally, we actually “feel” free. We now have created the space from which to move forward toward our desired outcomes.


Too Simple to be Understood   The Power Of Simplicity

Many of life’s jewels of wisdom seem too simplistic, and we just take them for granted by saying stuff like, “I already know that”. It is at this very point where we can so easily be trapped by our minds. By saying we know something without getting the desired results through effective application of that knowledge, we doom ourselves to repeating the same mistakes over again and then wonder why we have not reached our desired destination.

The solution to this is also very simple but requires us to stay focused and present so that we not only understand but apply the solution. The solution is to complete each step of our journey before moving on to the next step, and then just rinse and repeat the process until we arrive where we desire.

This is much too simple to not only be understood but applied effectively. Our minds will “trick” us into believing we already know how to do this stuff and it will just work out by itself.

The problem with this is unless we have programmed ourselves correctly in the first place, we will just repeat our old thoughts and actions as before, and get the same less-than-desired results. This is such a subtle process and so easy to get trapped.

The key is to become Aware of what is going on and make new Conscious Choices. This takes a little work at the beginning to pay attention to what we are thinking and how we react, but over time, with consistent observation and staying alert and present, we can break free of this habitual state.


The Power Of Simplicity — Accepting the Challenge 

The Power Of Simplicity

Breaking free from habitual patterns of thought can really be a challenge at first because it is so easy to slip back into old patterns. It requires commitment and persistence to achieve.

Even though it will be a struggle for a while to create new thought patterns which bring your desired results, it is so very worth it, as once you break through the self-created barriers or self-constructed prison, the “very same energy” used to imprison ourselves is now used to create whatever we consciously desire.

I encourage all who desire to grow and expand in any or all areas of their lives to use Presence and Observation to carve out a new and rewarding life full of adventure and new experiences.


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May you Break Free from anything that limits you!



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8 thoughts on “The Power Of Simplicity”

  1. Ridding myself of all the distractions and unnecessary stuff is a major issue for me. It takes very little to distract me. Always has. When I sit at my desk to work I put on noise canceling headphones with white noise and close out unnecessary tabs (that is so hard to do) but if I don’t I can’t get much done.
    I don’t have much to get out of the way materially. My room is simple, bed, dressers, desk, laptop. Not much else. It’s best for me.
    There seems to be a natural pull for me to go back to old thought patterns in certain circumstances. As I get older I do seem to catch it sooner.
    I do like your attitude on life and self-awareness.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. It’s great how you utilize what you need to address your distractions. We all have our own specific challenges and it’s just how well we are willing to acknowledge them and do what is necessary to either eliminate them or find ways around them. All the best for your continued expansion, growth and success.

  2. I like this part in your article:- “By saying we know something without getting the desired results through the effective application of that knowledge, we doom ourselves to repeating the same mistakes over again”. I think I should take care of this action. Because sometimes I also leave something thinking I already know that. From now I will not ignore in that way.

    • Appreciate your comment Deraj. When we “know”, we have “certainty”, and we do not have the slightest doubt of its accomplishment.

  3. It is so true that you get restriced if you hold on to stuff from the past! But i do have to say, sometimes it is good to look back at what you did, learn from what you did before and change it. Wouldn’t recommend to always empty your mind. Sometimes it is the right thing to do, empty your mind and move on, but sometimes you got to look back, learn and adapt.

    I always try to learn new things, instead of saying ” i already know that” when someone tells me something, i ask myself, what is his of her point of view and what can i learn from it. Your mind is so powerfull, use it in the right way and you will get where you want.

    For me the power of simplicity is one question that brings me further. This question is; “how can i make it happen”, whenever i want to try something, buy something or make something but i don’t have the things i need for it at the moment, i ask myself that one question. This way i’m training my mind to find solutions instead of restrictons.

    • Thanks for your comment. I agree it is good to learn from past experiences and use those as guideposts as necessary, but not to dwell on or worry about past mistakes. Thanks so much for your insights on this. All the very Best to You!


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