Practical Weight Loss Secrets -They’re Not What You Think

There was only one time in my life when I needed to lose some weight, and that was when I was working a ridiculous schedule filled with long hours, little sleep, tons of stress, and an unbalanced outlook on life. After I came to terms with all that and dropped the pounds, I have consistently maintained a steady weight for my specific height and build. In this process, I learned a few practical weight loss secrets.   Practical Weight Loss Secrets

Actually, for my childhood and early adult life, I was plagued with the opposite challenge of being underweight and having difficulty putting weight on. Playing basketball in high school and college at six foot five (6′ 5″) and one hundred and seventy-five (175) pounds, I definitely had to use quickness and position to be effective, as most players were bigger and stronger.


Practical Weight Loss Secrets — What I Discovered

Having been underweight as well as slightly overweight in my lifetime, I found that those two extremes result from the same core problem, and this challenge is not what you might think it is.

Having done research into obesity not only for myself, but to help the children with whom I worked over the years in the human services area, I was overwhelmed by the number of diets out there, and also the amount of misinformation that pervades this subject.  Practical Weight Loss Secrets

A lot of the information seems valid and helpful such as drink plenty of water, don’t skip breakfast, plan your meals, read food labels, alcohol in moderation, don’t buy a lot of junk food, use a smaller plate, eat foods with high-fiber, don’t prohibit any foods (will only crave them more), eat regular meals, exercise more, increase fruits and vegetables, and on and on…

The only problem with these suggestions, and with diets in general, is that we resist doing them. Or we start doing at least some of them and don’t see immediate results, so we give it up as another lost cause.


So What Is The Answer To This Dilemma?

“Successful weight loss takes programming, not willpower.”

— Phil McGraw — 

It certainly isn’t beating ourselves up for any unsuccessful attempts at dropping a few or several pounds. That just adds to the intensity of the frustration. Without dragging this out, let’s get to the Core Solution.

The way to best address the weight loss issue in a way that enhances our ability and willingness to stay on course for the long haul, or at least until we see some of the results we desire, is to Communicate Properly With Our Body.

Now I can write a whole book on this, but that isn’t necessary in order to break down its core elements. Losing or gaining weight is no different from improving any other aspect of our lives, whether that be in relationships, financial well-being, or overall happiness and joy.

This is all based on learning to trust ourselves by accessing our intuition and discovering the answers within ourselves. That does not mean we don’t do the research and properly evaluate what we learn from the so-called experts (believe me that many are not). It is trusting ourselves to question all information until we “prove” its accuracy to ourselves.

At this point, we let go and allow our intuition to kick in on its own timetable. This is the essence of trusting ourselves, and not being overly dependent on outside sources. Our intuition may lead us to a specific outside source, but we do not blindly run around looking for solutions and answers outside of ourselves.

In other words, we allow our body to tell us what it needs.  Eventually, we get to the point of not wanting to do anything which distracts us from our purpose and goal.  At this point we are resistant-free.  We cooperate with our body, rather than fight against it.


How This Applies To Weight Loss  Practical Weight Loss Secrets

In order to communicate effectively with our body we must:

1) Accept where we are Now without any guilt or regret.

2) Define exactly how much weight we desire to lose.

3) Let go of that desire. (this “communicates” to our body that we trust it will do what it is most capable of doing to adjust itself to our ideal weight)

4) Listen closely to our intuition and trust its guidance even when it may seem not to make sense because of our current set of assumptions and beliefs.

5) Follow our intuition.

It will take a while to re-develop our intuition especially if it is has remained dormant for many years.  When we were young we didn’t have a problem trusting it. But we got conditioned not to trust it as we grew up and were affected by numerous outside influences.

Don’t do anything drastic, especially if you currently have some health challenges. Always check with your primary physician before making any changes to your medical program. That does not mean you can’t get a second, third, fourth, etc….opinion of what is best for you.

So I encourage you to challenge your current set of assumptions and beliefs and begin to trust your own Inner Wealth of Guidance and Information. You may just be surprised by what you find.


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May you trust yourself to Be the Best that you already Are,



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  1. Hello, I remembered as a child I had a weight problem it was not that I was fat but rather underweight and for me, this was a nightmare because I did not like how I looked compared to other kids in my class. So I believe that underweight or overweight we must not get upset or beat up ourselves up but stay the course and take each day one day at a time as we work on our weight problem. Thanks for sharing.


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