How To Gain Clarity In Life

It’s important to learn how to gain clarity in life so that we can slow down enough to assess if we are going in the direction we truly desire.   It has been shown through a few studies that with each advance in technology there is an increase in our stress levels.  Things move faster and faster and we get caught up in a never-ending loop of activity.  Need to Clear things Up

Slowing down involves presence and observation.  When we pay attention to what is going on now, we are alert enough to access our intuition, as well as observe what the heck is really going on in our lives, and be grateful for what we have.




“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend.”

— Melody Beattie —

How To Gain Clarity In Life — Taking So Much For Granted

When we are on this never-ending spiral of activity in our lives, we get so caught in our thoughts that we merely go through the motions in getting things done.  In this state, we are merely operating from habit without any conscious intention, and it is so easy to ignore what we truly desire.

We get caught up in Survival Mode instead of discovering ways to inspire ourselves and others.  Our unique gifts often get put aside to address the more “practical” aspects of life.  Humor and fun are distant memories.

In order to get more clear on what we really desire, and then take practical steps in that direction, it does require us to slow down a bit (which is not always easy), and spend a few minutes a day in quiet reflection.  Successful people from all fields of life do this for a couple of hours per day, so asking ourselves to devote five (5) minutes either in the early morning or evening is quite doable.   How To Gain Clarity In Life

When we get in this quiet mode the first thing is to assess our life and be grateful for all we have.  It important to be grateful for even the challenges and obstacles and the value which they bring to us by pointing out what areas we need to find solutions to move forward.

By doing this simple exercise we create a state of presence that drives us in the direction of our goals.  We become much more clear on what it takes to get where we desire to go.


Knowing That We Know

In order to gain clarity on our goals and objectives, it is vital to be able to conceive ways of arriving.  Once we can conceive that we can actually accomplish what we desire, we develop a “knowingness” that creates the certainty of attaining our desires.  At that point, we know that we know.

The easiest way to conceive ways of achieving our objectives is, to begin with, the final results and work backward to the first step we can take.  By setting up a series of steps we can practically envision ways of getting, there instead of viewing it as an insurmountable task.  How To Gain Clarity In Life

For sure the steps may change along the way as we progress toward our destination, but we will figure things out along the way.  No matter what barrier or obstacle presents itself, we will be able to find one small step which will keep us on track.

It is also important to take time to acknowledge the progress we have made by looking back on how far we have progressed.  This affirms for us that we are doing it, and it’s only a matter of time before we arrive.

By doing this process we have the “certainty” of arriving at our destination while learning to accept the uncertainty of the journey to get there.  Once we accept the uncertainty and see that it is no big deal, we then “know that we know” with perfect clarity and assurance,


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Enjoy the journey to your Success,


How To Gain Clarity In Life

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6 thoughts on “How To Gain Clarity In Life”

  1. I believe in life no matter what we must always have clarity in order to succeed at what we do. This is the way we have success by seeing a clear path in whatever we choose. Clarity is at the heart of every success story.

  2. I believe that you can achieve anything that you want to. A lot of people want everything for free nowadays, and I think it’s getting worse. I was a Technology Teacher for several years and forced to retire at 42yrs, but there was NO WAY that I was going to retire! Nothing is for free, if you want it bad enough, you have to work to get it! That’s my mentality towards this subject.
    I had 11 reconstructive surgeries on my right leg, and now my left knee has completely buckled; did I let it stop me, NO!
    I went back to work until I was forced to retire for liability reasons, but here I am at Wealthy Affiliate seeking a new path in life. Sometimes it just happens this way!

    • Thanks for your comment Lance. Much appreciated. You will do extrekely well here at WA not only because of your tech knowledge and understanding, but you have a wonderful attitued regardless of the challenges you have experienced. You are a great example and role model for others. All the Best to you and let me know whenever I can be of assistance.

  3. What a lovely and inspiring article! It is so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day “rush” the world seems to live in now that we miss the moments. And we need the moments for the clarity. I joined Wealthy Affiliate with a feeling it was the right thing to do and I remember having that “I know what I know” moment after joining. Thanks again for sharing!

    • Thanks for your comment Brenda. Living in the moment, winning or losing with the same level of enthusiasm, opens us up to our True Power Source in the Present Moment. All the very Best to you.


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