Expand Your Comfort Zone

Much has been written about getting ourselves to “move out” of our comfort zone so that we can achieve and experience more in life. But that can be difficult, as often we resist doing things which are uncomfortable for us. It is much more preferable to expand your comfort zone by taking little baby steps beyond our current level of comfort.  Expand Comfortt Zone

Expanding our comfort zone is a way for us to not only experience more in life, but when we concentrate on building on our strengths, rather than compensating for our weaknesses, we are able to move forward effortlessly. There is a vast difference in this approach, as when we build upon things in which we are proficient to some degree, we do not have the resistance to taking the next step.


Expand Your Comfort Zone — The Journey Begins

The journey begins right where we are at this point in time. The truth is that we already have all that we need to succeed in whatever area of life we choose to pursue. We do not need more knowledge. We just need to get out of the way of ourselves. Then we are open to the wisdom which is within us.

“If you put yourself in a position where you have to stretch outside your comfort zone, then you are forced to expand your consciousness.”

— Les Brown —

Our memories hold us back by popping up and giving us false information about our potential and ability to succeed. Without this constant batter of misinformation, we would progress along just fine. If and when we need or desire more information or education in a specific area, we will be intuitively prompted to proceed and go get it.  Accessing our Intuition

At that point we are not going after more data or information to compensate for any inherent lack, but we will be inspired to learn more in an area of interest which will only embellish our core knowingness. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, there is nowhere to go and there is nothing to get. We “have” it all Now.


A Choice Between Love and Fear

When we are contemplating making any type of change in our lives, there will be some doubt and a feeling of apprehension and discomfort. This is to be expected, and not to be run away from. When we have those feelings come up, we should celebrate as we have found where to dig. The gold is buried here.

When we make a conscious decision to proceed, we are choosing Love over Fear. We care about and love ourselves enough to step out into the great unknown and experience what we need to grow and succeed.  Choose Love

The challenge is not so much handling things once we make that step, as it is overcoming the doubt, fear, and indecision to taking that first step. Once we engage, others steps will automatically show up to keep us moving in our desired direction, and we will handle what is in front of us then and there, or wait for to be intuitively led to when is the best time. Sometimes it’s important to wait for things to sort themselves out before proceeding. But the key is to make that decision based on intuition and not fear or memory of past failures.   

We can learn from the times when we were afraid and chose not to proceed, whether that was done consciously or as an automatic reaction based on our beliefs and habits. By reviewing those times we can let go of any regret, and realize our point of power is in this present moment where we can make a conscious decision.

When we are doing and pursuing things we love, we are energized to move through any obstacles and barriers which stand in the way. We spend the time effortlessly figuring out what to do next, and we are open to our intuitive messages.

When we are inspired by love, we are always headed in the right direction. Our decisions are not based on any old memories getting in our way.


Expand Your Comfort Zone — A Life of Expansion and Fulfillment

The whole purpose of having desires and goals is to become more of who we already are. We are perfect right at this moment. The challenge is to live that perfection by our conscious thoughts, choices, and actions.Fulfillment and Joy

Begin by becoming clear about what your strengths and weaknesses are, and make the decision to expand upon those strengths in order to speed yourself along the path to your goals and objectives. Your weaknesses may or may not improve as a result of building upon and expanding your strengths, but that is not an issue. Anything which needs to be done along the lines of your weaknesses can be delegated out to someone who enjoys and is good at that.

This makes life a lot simpler to deal with when confronted with various challenges. We are more inspired to proceed rather than procrastinate. So I encourage all to expand your comfort zones, and as a result, you will have expanded your Fulfillment Zones as well.


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18 thoughts on “Expand Your Comfort Zone”

  1. I think Eleanor Roosevelt hit the nail on the head when she said: “every day do something you are afraid of.” I think your article is a good refinement to this idea, because we should investigate into how we can take that fearful thing and turn it into a loving act. I cannot argue with the fact that memories from long ago can control our behavior now. I still remember the times I was nervous around girls in high school. But what’s the point in remaining uncomfortable all the time? In my yoga classes, we learn to let go of something on every exhale. So why not take the yoga off the mat and connect with those hot girls and allow all that fear to climb into my chest and radiate out as I make eye contact and speak with feeling?!

  2. Many people talk about stepping out of your comfort zone, so I really like your way of describing it as expanding your comfort zone. And why would you not want to – as you say, we already know so many things, so why would we not want to learn more?

    I completely agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to learn how to expand your Internet presence and how to build your own successful Online business, which is something that so many people would like to do in order to also expand their income!

    Very many thanks for your interesting post.

    Chrissie 🙂

  3. Wow! I love this, expanding our comfort zones and not just moving out of it. Well, it is interesting to see it from this perspective. When we want to take measure steps in life, there is always this fear of the unknown, whether we will succeed or not, like you rightly said, love conquers fear, especially when we are pursing things we have passion for. The zeal to succeed turns us into obstacle over-comers.Expanding our comfort zone by taking one step ahead of the other, will definitely help lots of folks who find it difficult getting out of their comfort zones.Thanks Joseph for this interesting piece.

  4. Hello Admin,Thanks for sharing this helpful guideline of writing an about Expand Our Comfort Zone.I am honestly telling I would not know more about this pages important before.I also thought  it was only about me information.But l have learned many things in your post.I am going to implement this for my about me page.I am going to read your other post soon.Thanks for sharing this informative article.                       

  5. Hello Joseph,

    What a great insight on the getting out of your comfort zone.  Me basically sometimes does not want to explore the possibility of other opportunities in my life.  I should listen to you on your mentioning to make decisions on the challenges that comes along and solve it by myself or find help to do proper delegation.

    This is a wonderful helpful subject.

  6. Thank you for sharing this post, I have been wondering on how I can develop new skills and methods to promote my site, but now having gone through your article I find it motivating and also giving hopes that I have to do more even if it means to go past my comforts, I believe you try the new methods I have learnt here.

    i have a single question, how to you link your Google tag and the Twitter, Facebook on every image you have highlighted in your post?.

    hoping to interact more in your posts as I have already subscribed to your newsfeed.

    thank you.

    from Joy gateru

  7. “In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take”

    Hi! I enjoyed reading your post so much. It’s a beautiful reminder that when we take a leap of faith, that’s when we discover lifes’ true treasures. You never know how brilliant you can be until you try. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. I think What makes some people not to go forward is fear , indecision,  and inconsistency.  Many are afraid to start something helpful because of fear. They have forgotten that life is all about risk  Some don’t even know what they want and as result of that, they suffer from indecision. To some, when finally decide, they won’t be diligent and consistent. I believe that making wealth most times is a choice.

    Show me a rich man that can’t take risks ifthere is any and I will show you millions of poor men that  never took risk

    • Totally agree.  You must know what you desire and then be willing to risk making mistakes.  Risk of inaction is much greater than action.

  9. The comfort zone is a dream killer and so many people are letting life go by and missing out on all they could of had only if they had gotten out of their comfort zone and taken a leap of faith. Success is on the other end of the comfort zone but it is in doing that we will reach this place called success so let’s take that leap of faith towards our success.


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