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Enjoying The Process Of Life’s Journey

As I have mentioned previously in several of my articles about getting things done in life, enjoying the process of the journey we are on allows us to have fun and feel good about what we are doing, regardless of the end result.

In other Enjoying The Process words, if we are not enjoying ourselves now while moving toward our goal, we will not enjoy ourselves, other than a few brief moments of excitement, when we achieve our goal.

This is such a vitally important point in regard to your overall happiness and satisfaction with life, that I am going to spend some time here outlining various ways to enjoy the journey to your destination so that your time spent is both fulfilling and effortless.

There is no need to struggle with moving toward something you truly desire.


“No man is a failure who is enjoying life.”

— William Feather — 


Enjoying the Process is the Key to Our Destiny

The last few words of the previous sentence say it all. In order to enjoy the journey we need to be on the right path for US, and that entails knowing clearly and specifically what we desire most of all in a certain area of our life. Whether it is an improved relationship with a loved one or co-worker, an increase in pay at work, more energy and health, more peace of mind, becoming a published author, building a successful business, increasing our retirement income, or just gaining some clarity of what our overall purpose in life really is, it is imperative to know what we want or desire so that all of our efforts are focused and directed toward that destination.  Enjoying The Process

All of that may sound simple, but without knowing where we are going, we will not get there. Vague ideas of what would be nice to happen someday just don’t get it, and this type of thinking will continue to frustrate us and have us asking ourselves why things are not working out.

So the first step is to do some soul-searching of all of our talents, abilities, interests, hobbies, frustrations, and pains, and then determine out of all of this what is the most compelling area which will light a fire under us so that we are willing to go for it. At this point don’t worry about how we are going to get there, as once we have a strong reason for going, opportunities will show up along with the appropriate folks to support our endeavor.


Now Let’s Get Moving

Assuming we know where we desire to go, we will have formulated a plan to get there. Now when we execute this plan, we must be prepared for a few detours along the way, which will necessitate a re-evaluation of our plan at various points on our journey.

This is where we discover if what we are pursuing is something that we really enjoy and love. We may be doing it for other reasons which are not self-sustaining, such as to please or impress others or doing it just for the money. If it is for the latter reasons, we will not be inspired to continue when we hit a few rough spots along the road.

Actually, this is a good thing. We can then stop and re-evaluate our motives and get started in a new direction, which is more fulfilling to our true goals and who we are as a person. When we are on our true path, we resonate with all that is involved and effortlessly perform the tasks needed to achieve.

At this point we are doing this for the value we bring to the people in our marketplace, and the fulfillment of pursuing and achieving a heartfelt desire.


Enjoying the Process When the Journey Becomes the Goal

When we have achieved this state of mind, our work becomes effortless because we will naturally enjoy the journey; we are on the right path for us. Time is meaningless because we are inspired to achieve and bring value to what we are doing. Our physical rewards are a no-brainer as they flow naturally to us.

This is not about figuring out how to do this. When we are naturally inspired and on the right path, each step along the way is fulfilling even when we need to make adjustments in order to maximize our efforts and results. This becomes a fun game, rather than a struggle of existence. It is more play than work. This has become an endless journey.  Endless Journey

When we Let Go and Surrender to this process. our enjoyment is built in. We are able to feel secure within the knowingness that we are providing the best possible value to our clients or customers of which we are capable. If there are areas where we may want to serve the market better, we will eagerly seek out more specialized education to get that done or hire an expert in that area to provide that service.

At this point, there is no difference between the journey and the goal. This is the Process of our Life in which we are engaged. We make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the world at large. Needless to say, this is a very worthwhile endeavor to pursue.


Closing Thoughts on Enjoying the Process of Life

To bring this down to earth and set up a few practical steps, regardless of our present situation and the goals we have, we start by accepting where we are by taking one hundred percent (100%) responsibility for everything in our life. Don’t question this, do it. If you question it and try to figure it out, you will get stuck in the garbage (memories and data) and continue to spin your wheels.

How to enjoy life is a simple process so there is no need to complicate it.

Next, relax and take some time out for ourselves and be a little patient. The important thing is to get on the right path so that all our energy is taking you where you want to go.

Spending some time reflecting on exactly what will make us happy, and how we can best serve others given our unique set of skills and abilities is time very well spent.

Now we can set up a Plan of Action designed around our life and emphasize our strengths and the things we enjoy. The bottom line is if we are not content with who we are and where we are going, our audience will not be content with us.

It’s one of those Universal things about the energy and how we affect things. I just love how quantum physics has proven all this metaphysical stuff to be true.

Anyway, let me finish this up before I get on a thousand-and-one tangent, and this becomes an extended report instead of a blog post. Finding out what inspires us from within inspires us to go for it. We have everything we need within ourselves right this moment to Be the person Who we choose to Be.

All the very Best to You and enjoy the Adventure!

Joseph William


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  1. I see this article as a very motivational and an inspirational post for me. Enjoying the Process is the key and this article has explained it very well throughout the site. People has to understand how important is to enjoy the decisions and actions we make.

    It is an insightful article. Thank you for sharing this article.

  2. in my opinion, once you found the job that you really falling in love with it, you won’t feel tired or sick of something you will be more than happy and enjoy every single moment that you spend on that kind of job even you can’t wait till the next day come to go back to that place where you love to be doing the things you love to do, even you spend the whole life doing what you love to do you will never think of retirement 

  3. This post so true we should enjoy what we are doing. I believe that if our hearts are really into it despite the challenges that we face we will have new energy each day as we pursue our goals and dreams.

  4. It’s not always easy, but it’s worth it. Remember that the journey is what counts, and focus on the good things that happen along the way. When you’re able to enjoy the process, you’ll be able to get through anything life throws your way. Great post!


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