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The One Minute Miracle

The One Minute Miracle is a tool that allows us to penetrate the fog and illusions holding us back so that we can then experience what it is we truly desire.    Achieving a life of contentment and fulfillment is within our grasp right this moment if only we have the clear vision to see it.  the One Minute Miracle

When we are blind to our potential and possibilities, we are unable to tap into our inner source of power. It requires a much different approach to break through the cloud cover of our limiting beliefs and false perceptions.

When we are able to stay present long enough to observe exactly what we are creating, and how we are creating it, we can then make the necessary adjustments. Otherwise, we are operating in the fog of disillusionment and misperception.

“There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle.” 

— Albert Einstein —

The One Minute Miracle — Why One Minute?

One minute is a very important factor in this whole process for a few specific reasons. When a change of any kind is involved, we experience a great deal of resistance. It all goes back to maintaining the status quo, where we feel safe and comfortable. Any time our comfort and/or safety is challenged, we will put up a very good fight to defend it.

It doesn’t matter if we are attempting to lose weight, get married, make more money, find a better job, start a business, or just increase our peace of mind; there will be much resistance to us making any changes. Therefore, in order to bypass these barriers, we need to find a process that at least appears to be easy and not disruptive to our current state of affairs.

Even if our current situation is a mess, unless the pain is great enough we would rather stay in our familiar setting no matter how unpleasant. Given these circumstances, we have to find a way to get started in the direction a part of us wants to go.

Doing something for one minute during the day is a way to convince ourselves to begin. With enough preparation, we are able to obtain quite a bit of progress within that small time frame. If I was to say to do this or that for at least an hour or more, it is far too easy to procrastinate or not even start.

If we really desire to get different results in any area of our life, it is hard to convince ourselves we cannot put aside one minute to get the process started. If we still don’t want to begin, we don’t have much of a burning desire.

Okay, How Does The One Minute Miracle Work? The One Minute Miracle

First of all find something that you want to change or something you want to achieve as soon as possible. The time frame doesn’t matter; being on the Right Path does. If it isn’t something that is a nine (9) or ten (10) on a scale of one (1) to ten (10) then you might as well not even begin. Your reason to achieve would be too weak to create a strong enough purpose that will get you beyond any barriers.

Given a strong enough reason to proceed, we can now get down to business. For One Minute bring to mind whatever goal or objective you have and state it clearly to yourself. Write it down if you want. Once you can see your dream or goal clearly in your mind, ask yourself how you can best achieve it.

If any limiting thoughts or feelings arise, ask “why” you cannot have it. Keep asking “why” to whatever comes up. Don’t force an answer or even worry about getting one. Just stay with the process for the entire minute. After a minute stop and let go of thinking about it anymore. If you have a strong urge to continue with the “why” process beyond a minute go right ahead, but don’t force it.

The time between doing your process and picking up on it the next day is very valuable, as there will be a part of ourselves working on this without any of our conscious involvement during the rest of the day and while we sleep.  We have planted the seed, and we just need to water it each day with our One Minute Miracle process.

My only caution here is not to be worrying about how all this is going to play out by trying to force an answer to arise. This is the same as planting a seed in our garden, and then going out and digging it up every few hours to see how it’s doing. Trust me, you will not get much of a result at harvest time.

Relinquishing Control

Letting go and trusting the process, which is the same as trusting ourselves to produce the answers, is quite challenging and difficult for some of us who have been trained over a lifetime to hold tightly to that steering wheel. This is the same as thinking that if we don’t do it, it won’t get done.  Often in business or our personal lives, we find it very hard to delegate tasks to others.

Here we are delegating the task to a part of ourselves who is quite capable of bringing about results effortlessly, without all the pain and struggle. But the question is will we let go? When we do, things get easier as we are then guided by our intuition in making decisions that align with our strengths and inner makeup.

Dependent on how much we are ingrained with the habits of running things our way, will vary the amount of time it takes to break through our self-imposed barriers in order to achieve our desires and experience a new way of Being. But no matter how long it takes, the results will be worth it.

When we let go and relinquish control of the reins, we will experience some or a lot of discomforts. We will be dealing with much uncertainty and no guarantees. This is where the One Minute Miracle process comes into play to keep us on track, because the more we discover about ourselves, the easier this whole journey becomes. We keep questioning and asking “why”, and the cloud cover continues to dissolve.   The One Minute Miracle

The sun is shining brightly whether or not we can see it. It is our job to penetrate that cover so that we may be warmed and brightened by the magnificence of Who We Really Are. We then realize that this is just a game to re-discover ourselves.

The One Minute Miracle — A Simple Choice

The One Minute Miracle process eventually leads us to a simple choice that affects all aspects of our lives. Just by becoming aware of this choice on a conscious basis, we are able to automatically let go of much baggage which we have been carrying around which has caused us to struggle so much.

By questioning ourselves for merely a minute a day, we come face-to-face with many things which we have chosen to ignore and push to the corners of our minds. None of this is buried deep within our subconscious requiring many years of therapeutic intervention. All these memories and data are available right now as they are located right within our conscious mind; we merely need to refocus.

It’s like walking into a room in your home. You do not see all the objects all at once. You see the people and things at which you are looking. There is stuff located behind you and to the sides, as well as above. Even when we are looking in a certain direction, there are things that do not register unless we direct our focus. This is no different than the beliefs and thoughts which exist within our conscious minds.  We are just not focusing on them, even though they may be running our lives.

So what is the choice? Well, when we expand our vision and are willing to view and experience things as they are, it all come down to a simple choice between Love and Fear.

Bringing In The Miracle  The One Minute Miracle

Here are a few simple steps you can take to activate your miracle. First, realize that the One Minute is your Zero Point. In other words, you commit to this on a daily basis. If you miss a day for whatever reason don’t beat yourself up; just keep going. The intention here is to make this a habit that brings results.

Second, it’s okay to spend more than a minute but don’t spend less. Third, this is a journey of self-discovery of what may be holding you back from achieving all you desire. Take this very seriously, but at the same time have fun with it. Be like a kid on a treasure hunt.

Next, never relinquish your dream. There is a reason that you have these desires so honor them. Giving up is the Path of Fear while staying in the game is the Path of Love which allows us to move through all fear and uncertainty in order to live a life of passion and freedom.

Finally, realize that within that minute you spend each day reflecting on your strengths and weaknesses, change is happening. This is the Miracle.

May you all experience the magnificence and brilliance of Who You Really Are.

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Enjoy your Miracle,


The One Minute Miracle

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10 thoughts on “The One Minute Miracle”

  1. Hi

    It seems to be an interesting concept but I  must admit I find concentrating on something for a minute and then letting go does not seem logical. How can this bring clarity, as we are always bombarded with other imagines. Our thoughts can gets mixed up with many other things going on in our lives. 

    It seems interesting but I am a bit skeptical that it would help.

    Thank you for the article.


  2. The One Minute Miracle method is very similar to what I read the other day. Her method is called is 5 second rule, but we are not talking about that today. I find that I do need 1 time per day to spend on myself, never tried that 1 minute before usually it’s longer but I am willing to give it a try. I totally agree that setting priorities and do nit beat yourself up over our failure will help us let go with all of these unnecessary stress. What I usually do is to write down in bullets what has/have been bothering me. Then I go over them and see if any of that is the problem that I can solve. If I can I will set the priority, I will solve them accordingly. If they are something I cannot solve I will try to let go and spend sometimes with the activities that I love. Like waking in the park and playing with other people’s dogs.

    It is a journey to learn about yourself and learn how to cope with life. Once we master your method I am sure we can live a happy life and overcome anything. Great article.

  3. Hello Joseph and I really commend you taking some time and effort to write this great post about the one minute miracle, each and every single minute of our life pass without achieving nothing is a big waste, at any stage you take to try to improve yourself in certain thing the most important thing, is the first minute when you decided to do it, when this happen no matter how long you take to achieve your goal and your dream you’ll remember the first minute when you started to make a change in your life, then you’ll admire how important this minute was

  4. This is article makes me reflect on the things which I put off doing because of I was so comfortable in my comfort zone.

    The one-minute reflection is a good day to set me free from this trap, also one minute is a small but good period of time.

    It is not too long and not too short.

    Awesome article here, thanks for sharing

  5. It is just so amazing what one minute can do. I believe if we would listen to the many success stories whatever it may be we will hear persons talk about making a single decision and that decision could have been made base on what you are talking about from there they put a plan in place and went into action. Thanks so much for and informative post.


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