Inspired To Action – And To Do More

Inspired To Action

Motivation is a poor second place to inspire. It requires constant attention and energy to maintain. When we are inspired to action we do more effortlessly and we are guided by our intuition.    Our intuition provides a never-ending fuel to our dreams and aspirations. When we are truly inspired we “want” to do things, … Read more

The Art Of Procrastination – The “If Only” Syndrome

The art of procrastination

Procrastination is most definitely an art.  Especially when we review some of the excuses that we and others have come up with over time, it is quite apparent that it is a well-developed and thought-out art form. The one thing which the art of procrastination proves is how creative we can be. The key to … Read more

How To Make Money Online While Traveling – Combining Fun & Profit

How To Make Money Online While Traveling

In an earlier post I discussed numerous ways to make money offline while traveling. In this article I will cover a few ideas on making some, or maybe even a lot of bucks online, regardless where you may be hanging out in the world. How to make money online while traveling may just be what … Read more

Lymphatic System Facts – Bouncing Your Way To Health

Lymphatic System Facts

As part of the vascular system, the lymphatic system is a critical component of our immune system. These lymphatic system facts will increase your knowledge and enable you to learn ways to detoxify your system.    In the 17th century, Thomas Bartholin and Olaus Rudbeck were the first to independently give an overall description of … Read more

Places To See In Switzerland – Even Beyond The Beauty

Places To See in Switzerland

There are many interesting places to see in Switzerland.  Switzerland is a very interesting place to visit and live. The largest city is Zurich and its capital is Bern. It is such a beautiful place that we can tend to ignore some of its other highlights. Let’s explore these a bit.   Places To See In … Read more

The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis

The Baby Boomer Retirement Crisis

Baby boomers, people born between 1946 and 1964, are heading into retirement at an average of about 10,000 per day.  Many are poorly prepared as they lack sufficient financial resources without at least part-time employment. The baby boomer retirement crisis is real.  Although thirty-one (31%) percent of people 65+ years old have $200,000 or more … Read more

How To Make Money While Traveling The World

How To Make Money While Traveling The World

I am going to review ways to earn an income while also being able to enjoy the benefits of travel and exploring different parts of our planet. In this article, I am concentrating on non-online opportunities, but I will devote a separate post on reviewing ways to earn money online while traveling as well.  Here … Read more