Investing In Retirement — Basic Strategies

Investing In Retirement

Investing in retirement can be a challenging issue, but with the right support and advice, it can be made a lot easier. There are numerous books, workshops, and advisors who have plenty of answers. The key is to find an effective way to sort through all this large amount of information and obtain the data … Read more

The Retirement Nightmare

The retirement nightmare

The retirement nightmare can take many forms but the content is basically the same. It is a disillusionment of what retirement should be about and has not delivered.     It is a rather eye-opening experience for sure. It can manifest as fear, doubt, uncertainty, and boredom. These are not the qualities that we expected … Read more

How Divorce Affects People When They Are Approaching or Have Already Retired

How Divorce Affects People

How Divorce Affects People When They Are Approaching or Have Already Retired   Divorce marks the conclusion of a marriage’s journey. Some of these factors include the uniqueness of this period in the development of marriage, traditions, social perception, and regulatory systems, to name a few examples. Divorce as a concept has “sociological ambivalence” since … Read more

Happy Retirement Wishes

Happy retirement wishes

Happy retirement wishes are expressed whenever a person retires. These are expressed as happy retirement messages from friends, family, clients, and co-workers, and even strangers upon hearing about our new status. Although this type of expression is to be appreciated it is often accepted with mixed feelings by the person who receives them. Let’s explore … Read more

Making a Splash in E-commerce Marketing During Retirement

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire

E-commerce marketing is a viable choice for many to supplement their income during their retirement years. Finding your ideal retirement lifestyle begins at The Un-Retired Entrepreneur, where people of all ages are helped to prepare for, transition into, and maneuver through the challenges of retirement or un-retirement. Reach out to Joseph William today for more … Read more

The Best Retirement Planning Options You Never Thought About

Best Retirement Planning

Let’s discuss the best retirement planning alternatives currently available that you may never even considered before. We often limit ourselves, not so much by what we don’t know, but by the unyielding commitment to what we think we know that just may not be so. Granted there is much more to learn in all areas … Read more

Stress Free Retirement Living

Stress Free Retirement Living

This article on stress-free retirement living applies to People of All Ages. The reason for this is that it is never too early to set up your retirement plan and goals. This in itself has a lot of side benefits. On the other hand, it is never too late to improve your current situation no … Read more

Republic North Macedonia

Republic North Macedonia

This is an area of the world, Republic North Macedonia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. It acquired its independence in 1991. After a twenty-seven (27) year dispute between Greece and Macedonia, an agreement was reached in 2018, and its official name changed to North Macedonia or officially the Republic of North Macedonia in late … Read more