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Semi-Retirement Ideas — Something To Consider

Semi-Retirement Ideas

There are many semi-retirement ideas to consider when we no longer desire to work in a full-time career. Actually, several million people who are sixty-five (65+) and over will be employed in some way by 2024 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics here in the United States. Early semi-retirement is an option for those … Read more

What Is Your Retirement Mindset?

retirement mindset

Our retirement mindset is extremely important both as we approach retirement and when we do actually retire. This does not only affect our overall retirement picture but more importantly our ability to actually enjoy this stage of our lives. This is a major life change, and like any other major change in our lives, is … Read more

Right-Size Your Home to Meet Your Retirement Needs

Retirement Needs

Right-Size Your Home to Meet Your Retirement Needs The gig economy has grown steadily over the past few years. As a result, more and more workers have realized the benefits of working from home, especially retirees. The flexibility, time, and money saved when not commuting, as well as positive sustainability and environmental impacts, are factors … Read more

The Retirement Nightmare

The retirement nightmare

The retirement nightmare can take many forms but the content is basically the same. It is a disillusionment of what retirement should be about and has not delivered.     It is a rather eye-opening experience for sure. It can manifest as fear, doubt, uncertainty, and boredom. These are not the qualities that we expected … Read more

Retirement Journal Ideas

retirement journal ideas

Retirement journal ideas create the foundation for a rewarding retirement experience. Taking the time to create a journal to plan for retirement is a practical way to empower the retirement experience. This is a place to envision what our ideal retirement looks like. Also, it is a way to document our experiences throughout retirement, be … Read more

Happy Retirement Wishes

Happy retirement wishes

Happy retirement wishes are expressed whenever a person retires. These are expressed as happy retirement messages from friends, family, clients, and co-workers, and even strangers upon hearing about our new status. Although this type of expression is to be appreciated it is often accepted with mixed feelings by the person who receives them. Let’s explore … Read more

Independent Living Retirement Communities

Independent retirement communities

Independent living retirement communities are scattered about the world. Florida retirement communities are quite popular here in the United States, but there are many other areas that provide an ideal setting. Let’s discuss what comprises these communities, so you can determine if they may be a viable option. There are both pros and cons in … Read more

Happy Retirement Poem

happy retirement poem

Here is a happy retirement poem to reinforce in each of us that retirement is meant to be a peaceful and happy experience no matter when one retires, or whether one chooses an un-retired or semi-retired lifestyle.  A Happy Retirement Poem from My Heart Happy Retirement Poem Comes True Happy or not Here we come … Read more

Satisfied With Retirement? — Yes or No?

satisfied with retirement

This question, are you satisfied with retirement, is not often asked enough. This is a stage of life looked forward to by many and quite often it is met with disillusionment and uncertainty. Let’s explore this topic a bit to discover some of the apparent and not-so-apparent reasons for this. Regardless of the exact age, … Read more

Affordable Retirement Communities

Affordable Retirement Communities

When it comes to affordable retirement communities, there are some options available of which you may not be aware. This can include moving to a different area or downsizing to a smaller home.   Dependent on your specific desires and needs you can find something that fits the bill. Let’s investigate a few of these … Read more