What Is Your Retirement Mindset?

Our retirement mindset is extremely important both as we approach retirement and when we do actually retire. This does not only affect our overall retirement picture but more importantly our ability to actually enjoy this stage of our lives.

This is a major life change, and like any other major change in our lives, is accompanied by a degree of anxiety and stress. Let’s see how we can create the type of mindset that leads to a more relaxed and fulfilling experience. Retirement Mindset

“If you can’t see anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror.” Shane Koyczan




Let’s Mentally Prepare for Retirement with a World-Class Retirement Mindset

I have said quite often in articles I have written that our lives are not a dress rehearsal. This is a nice-sounding cliche but beyond that, it is a real fact of life.

When this idea actually sinks in so that we attain more than a surface understanding, we are then able to realize that we deserve to be world-class performers in all areas of our lives. This is something that is not reserved for the few and advantaged.

A review of a few biographies of top-performers will immediately reveal that commitment and consistency were much more vital to their success than any in-born talent. Many weak and sickly people have transformed themselves into world-class athletes.

With the right retirement mindset, we can create the retirement experience that we most desire. First, we need to know what we most desire, and then we can create a way to get there.

Some practical ways to prepare for retirement are,

  • Stay actively involved socially and in the community
  • Consider some volunteer work in areas to which we are drawn
  • Find some new friends through clubs, associations, hobbies, senior centers, meetup groups, etc.
  • Consider learning some new skills or hobbies that may be of interest
  • Budget our time as well as our finances as we settle into a new daily routine
  • Above all, have some fun with this process and experiment a bit

A world-class retirement mindset involves having the previously mentioned commitment and consistency to live life on our own terms regardless of our age. Each day is a gift to be appreciated. It can offer much more than we may presently imagine.

Choose to Retire Gracefully

We can retire gracefully with a positive retirement mindset. This allows us to see possibilities rather than focus on problems. As our awareness increases, we then see this as a conscious choice and decision, rather than feeling lost or helpless.

We can adjust to retirement much more gracefully by expecting to have to process some emotions as we enter this new stage of life. It helps to structure our days in ways that we consider ideal. We then have a clear concept of what we desire our retirement to look like.

Start with small goals to achieve whatever you most desire to get done. This keeps us totally engaged in our lives. It also helps to spend time with family and friends, as well as making some new friendships.

Creating a new budget gives us a realistic view of where we stand financially, and then we can make any adjustments needed. Creating clarity by being honest with ourselves will allow us to experience the type of retirement we most desire.

Our purpose in life is far more important than any challenges we may have with our present circumstances. When we are aligned with our purpose we are naturally led to a truly fulfilling retirement.

Let’s choose to retire gracefully.

A Retirement Mindset that Empowers UsRetirement Mindset

At any stage of our lives, it is our mindset that empowers our decisions, actions, and subsequent results. With regard to retirement, this is no different.

It’s like the old saying, is the glass half full or half empty; it depends entirely on our perception. Our perceptions are based on what we believe, and our beliefs are based on what we have experienced in life.

By examining what we believe about ourselves, others, and life in general, we can pick up a few clues on how we view life, and what our expectations are. When we “pause and reflect”, and are open to opposing views, we can make a few comparisons and see what we come up with.

This is the type of inner work necessary not only to create a fulfilling retirement experience but to manage our lives in productive ways. Clarity of thought and critical thinking appear to be lost arts. But this does not have to be the case.

It is important to realize that we deserve the best.

A retirement mindset of possibility, positive expectation, and new adventures is only a decision away.

Creating an Empowering Retirement Mindset

Let’s take a few practical steps and create an empowering retirement mindset. It is not that complicated but it does require some effort and consistency. It is more a matter of “undoing” rather than “doing”.

  1. Accept and take responsibility for “everything” in our lives right this moment (this is our starting point)
  2. Acknowledge both the successes and failures in our lives
  3. Realize that those successes and failures have contributed to the inner strength that we now possess
  4. Recognize the resistance that surfaces from doing this process (it is a good thing as our beliefs are being exposed)
  5. Write down all of these beliefs (many will immediately dissolve by their exposure while others need to be “forgotten”)
  6. We forget a limiting belief by replacing it with the truth about ourselves (a more empowering thought)
  7. Now we set some empowering goals with a mindset of positive expectation

Just doing this will get us well on our way to creating a retirement experience that we will enjoy and cherish.

Whether it is clearing up some challenges with our finances or merely deciding how we can best spend our time, a retirement mindset focused on our inner purpose and enjoyment of the present moment will produce all the solutions we may need.

Clear logical thinking based on reality and not fear and illusion will allow us to source the information we need as we need it, while also opening us to intuitive insights that will maximize our progress.

No matter what the challenge, let’s look within for answers, and not be bothered by any circumstances that were the result of past decisions. Every moment is an opportunity to begin anew. We are safe within the present moment, as well as empowered to create the life that we most desire.

May we all choose to enjoy the journey,

Joseph William

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4 thoughts on “What Is Your Retirement Mindset?”

  1. What a great article.  Thanks Joseph for the insight.  I personally am at an age where retirement is creeping into the conversations I am having.  Staying active even after the working years is extremely important.  Love the way this article has the reader focus on the positives as someone is considering or actually retiring from their career.

    • Thanks, Mark for your comments. I look forward that you enjoy life now and see retirement as a new beginning of different adventures and growth. All the best.

  2. It’s a bit like financial asset allocation… deciding where your assets are best placed and in what proportion… time is our most valuable asset! What financial planning tools to you use?

    • Thanks for your comments and thoughts Hugh. Time is most definitely our most valuable asset. Personally, I have developed a relationship with a fiduciary investment advisor that handles my financial plan with my input.


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