Retirement Is A State Of Mind

Retirement is a State Of Mind

I haven’t written about retirement lately, and since I am the Un-Retired Entrepreneur I thought I would write about retirement. Retirement is a state of mind. Let’s discuss why. Especially in retirement, it is critical to have our mind focused correctly as too many folks seem lost and disengaged from life in retirement. It does … Read more

The Retirement Nightmare

The retirement nightmare

The retirement nightmare can take many forms but the content is basically the same. It is a disillusionment of what retirement should be about and has not delivered.     It is a rather eye-opening experience for sure. It can manifest as fear, doubt, uncertainty, and boredom. These are not the qualities that we expected … Read more

Baby Boomers Retirement Problems

Baby Boomers Retirement Problems

Although baby boomers (between 1946 and 1964) were born during the post-World War II years of prosperity, they now find themselves with many challenges today. Baby boomers retirement problems include the areas of economic, health, and financial. A few of these challenges are having enough savings for retirement, as well as caring for elderly parents. … Read more