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Making a Splash in E-commerce Marketing During Retirement

E-commerce marketing is a viable choice for many to supplement their income during their retirement years.

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 E-commerce Marketing During Retirement

E-commerce marketing is growing at a breakneck pace. Chain Store Age notes that U.S. E-commerce retail sales grew 17.9% in 2021 with the top E-commerce retailers seeing a 25% growth in sales. While the industry is unlikely to maintain that rapid growth after the pandemic, E-commerce isn’t going anywhere.


For entrepreneurs in their retirement years, there’s no time to waste getting a piece of the E-commerce pie. Already highly competitive, the E-commerce sector will only grow more saturated as sales continue to shift online. Read on for more info from The Un-Retired Entrepreneur.

How to create a winning E-commerce marketing strategy in 2021

What does it take for a new business to stand out against established E-commerce brands?

  • Niches are the key to success for small eCommerce businesses. Niches capitalize on current trends and unique interests.
  • Shoppable content takes omnichannel E-commerce marketing to the next level. Now, brands can convert customers with targeted content in just one or two clicks.
  • It’s not enough to convert. To retain online consumers, businesses must deliver a first-rate customer experience with a user-friendly website, seamless checkout, and excellent customer service.

3 steps to a lean E-commerce marketing launch

Get your store up and running quickly with these simple E-commerce marketing startup steps.

  • Legally establish your business by choosing a business name and registering an LLC. Forming an LLC takes as little as 6-10 days but expedited services like do it even faster.
  • Choose an E-commerce marketing platform that matches your business needs.
  • Obtain seller’s permits in the states where you’ll do business and a general business license if required by your home state.

Tips for building a resilient E-commerce marketing brand

Launching your E-commerce business is the easy part. Now, how do you make it last?

  • Develop an authentic brand identity and weave it into visuals, messaging, and social media. Branding should distinguish your business from competitors and speak to your ideal customer.
  • Stay active on social media with a mixture of organic and paid strategies, using analytics and social listening to guide your marketing plan.
  • Create your own eye-catching graphics with Adobe’s free banner maker and logo creation tool and use them for everything from business cards to digital marketing.
  • Boost sales and drive repeat purchases with discounts, deals, and special offers.
  • Go above and beyond with E-commerce customer service by offering support on multiple channels and delivering it in real-time with live chat and self-help resources.


No matter what you’re selling, online shopping is the future. B2B and B2C customers alike crave the convenient, connected experience that E-commerce marketing offers. However, succeeding with online sales takes more than a great product. Master these tips and you’ll be on your way to the next level of success!


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