Retirement Ideas For Any Age –The Time Is Now

Here are some retirement ideas for any age that will inspire us to create the ideal retirement scenario. As I have previously mentioned in other articles on retirement and semi-retirement, it is never too early to begin the process of planning for retirement.Retirement Ideas

In fact, these ideas will help a person at any stage of life get organized and develop some high-quality habits that will serve them well at any stage of life. With enough clarity about our true strengths and weaknesses, we are able to be most effective and efficient in anything that we desire to do.


 Assessing Our Strengths and Weaknesses

It’s important that we be honest with ourselves and take the time to acknowledge in what ways we excel and in those areas that we either have no interest in or our skill level is low. We can then decide how to proceed.

We should never be held back by not knowing how to perform a task. We can either learn it to a sufficient degree or delegate it to someone who knows. A lot of this is related to starting a part-time business after retirement, but it can also apply to deciding what it is we really want to do with our lives regardless of our age.

By spending a few minutes a day over the next couple of weeks we can get a good handle on what it is we truly want to do to stay actively engaged in life whether we are in our 20s or 80s. Getting this type of clarity will serve us well our entire lives.

Retirement Ideas that We Can Implement Now

Here are a few retirement ideas we can implement immediately regardless of our age:

  • Get a clear picture of our finances — really understand where we are and how we can make improvements for the short and long term. A good place to start is determining our current net worth by subtracting our debts from our assets. Then it would be a good idea to speak to a Fiduciary Investment Advisor. Educating ourselves financially will pay big dividends over time. Again, the earlier we start the better, but it is never too late to learn and grow.
  • Travel a bit — no matter our age travel is an excellent way to not only see the world and learn about new cultures, but it enables us to get a better perspective on what is really important to us. Also, living overseas during retirement can substantially reduce expenses. Research a few areas of the world that may be of interest and then put together a plan to visit. A good way to consider seeing the world economically is by house sitting. Here’s an article on House Sitting Websites.
  • Get our legal stuff together — no matter our age it is good to get a will, healthcare power of attorney, durable power of attorney, and a living trust in place. With a living trust, you can avoid probate and lower your estate settlement costs. There’s no need to wait on this stuff.
  • Create a semi-retired lifestyle — as long as you are in good health consider working a bit to stay engaged socially as well as earning a few more bucks for your budget whether that is a necessity or not. If you want to apply your experience and skills online here is the Online Training Platform I recommend. This enables you to set up passive income streams to supplement your current income.
  • Have some fun — regardless of our age it is important not to take things too seriously and have some fun. Life is much shorter than we may imagine so putting things off isn’t advisable. What makes us happy and feel good? No regrets.
  • Don’t be afraid to spend money — saving is an important component to financial security and retirement planning, but at the same time having an abundant attitude allows us to manage our funds so that we enjoy the present moment while also saving money. A certain portion of our earnings (at least 10%) should be set aside for fun activities. A balanced life is extremely important (you can get my report on Life Balance on my main page). All work and no play do not make for a happy person or environment. Live your dreams with no regrets. Happily ever after is Now!
  • Enjoy your hobbies — this goes back to having some balance in your life. Whatever you enjoy doing fit it into your schedule now. Whether it is gardening, golf, tennis, playing cards, chess, or whatever, life is to be lived fully right this moment regardless of age or retirement status.
  • Give back to others — do some volunteer work or become a tutor and help others learn a skill in which you are experienced. Many years ago I did some work with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization and found it very worthwhile and rewarding. You can also create an online course to share your knowledge.

So Many Retirement Ideas — Making a ChoiceRetirement Ideas

Obviously, there are numerous directions in which we can go to keep ourselves actively engaged in life. So how do we choose what is the best direction for us? Let’s review a few ideas.

  • What did I enjoy most when I was a kid just having fun spontaneously?
  • What did I want to become when I grew up?
  • What does my ideal day look like?
  • What’s my favorite book or movie or category of books and movies (this will tell us a lot about what we really like)
  • What matters most to us, and who in life do we admire most?
  • Any regrets right now for not doing something?
  • Without money being an issue what would we be doing right this very moment?

The key here is to think like a child and keep this process simple. The simpler the better. Beyond all the distractions and any confusion, we really know what we most like to do, and when we want to do it badly enough we will find a way.


“Half our life is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.”

Will Rogers —


These retirement ideas apply to anyone at any age. If nothing else, I look forward that this may provoke some inner contemplation and thought about what is really important to us. As an added bonus this may even reveal our real purpose in this wonderful life of ours.

All the very Best,

Joseph William

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8 thoughts on “Retirement Ideas For Any Age –The Time Is Now”

  1. My semi-retired aunt, who was a cleaning nut, not only did house-sitting but also offered to do touch-up cleaning with her services. She did extremely well with this as she received a much higher clientele list than her own daughter did. Once my cousin realized her mother’s formula, she started doing the same thing. My aunt passed away in 2008 as dementia and other medical issues caught up with her, but her legacy remains as now it’s that same daughter who is now semi-retired herself who has followed in her footsteps with the house-sitting.

    When I used to travel that would take me away from home for up to two weeks, I preferred dealing with semi-retired individuals to watch my home rather than young whippersnappers as it was more than just my house that I wanted to make sure was kept safe. I also have a dog and three cats, so I’m ultra picky with whoever I trust enough to have access to my home. For nearly 20 years, I’ve relied on the same person who has since gone from a semi-retired electrician to a fully retired, refusing to slow down senior who has recently celebrated his 88th birthday.

  2. Wow, these are great ideas that make planning for retirement a fun exercise! I think too many people get caught up in worrying about their retirement years and forget to enjoy the ride along the way. There are lots of ways to save and to make sound financial choices that can help to ensure a comfortable retirement, but we should be able to enjoy our lives along the way to retirement as well. 

    • Thanks for your comments Aly. I totally agree that enjoying the present moment not only makes for a happier life but we are more productive as well. All the Best.

  3. Hi , although I am a good 20 years off retirement, this is definitely something I think about more often. Some really good advice in your post especially trying to help keep the balance around spending money and enjoying yourself. Thanks for the read.

  4. Hi Joseph
    I love your ideas for retirement or semi-retirement. I know I am heading in that direction, I’ll give it a couple of more years, then I’m done.


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