How To Trust IN YourSelf — Looking WithIn

We have so much power and potential within ourselves which is quite often wasted when we do not recognize it. We fail to give ourselves credit for what we inherently possess. How to trust in yourself is most definitely an inward journey, which leads to outward results in alignment with our desires and where we want to go. Trusting Ourselves

It becomes a challenge to look within for answers when we have been programmed throughout our lives to seek for knowledge and advice primarily outside ourselves. This is not to say that we shouldn’t research and locate information from outside sources, but it is vitally important what we do with this information as well as understanding that it is only one part of the process of discovery.

Logic and Reason Go a Long Way…

When we learn to analyze the information and data which we receive from various outside sources, we are in a much better position to make sound decisions which will benefit ourselves and others. By questioning all the information we receive by asking “why is this so?”, “what is this for?”, “how was this determined?”, “where did this information originate?”, “who is the source of this information?”, “when did this information get discovered?”, we then go a long way of applying some reason and logic to determine if what we are learning is fact or merely “accepted fiction”. Clear Thinking

No one can do this for us. Learning to trust ourselves involves taking the time to learn who we really are, and also learning “how” to think, and not just “what” to think.

“Through systematic exercising of our thinking faculties, we can train ourselves for exact clairvoyance. Imaginative Knowledge is the first step in supersensible perception, and through it we reach the first element of the supersensible it is possible to reach, namely, the supersensible body that we bear within our earthly body in physical space.”

Rudolf Steiner

When we employ logic and reason on a consistent basis we will approach what Rudolf is speaking about by accessing our inner faculties on a more consistent basis. What we have come to recognize as hunches and inspiration will occur more and more frequently. This is the beginning of intuitive insight.

How To Trust IN YourSelf — In Whom or What Should We Trust?

It can get rather confusing when we have been raised to believe in certain things, and not to question them. Whether it is parental advice, teachers at school, politicians, the clergy, friends, or family, there is no shortage of folks and institutions willing to offer us their advice or even do our thinking for us. It is easy to get blinded by the so called facts pretending to be the truth.

But fortunately all is not lost. There is light within the darkness and despair. No matter how many tunnels we go down which lead nowhere, there is always a Safe Space to which we can return. This is no outside location to which we need to travel, because it exists right within ourselves.

The only requirements to enter is an awareness it is there and a willingness to do so. This may appear easy to do on the surface, but simple tasks can often get very complicated when we are used to making decisions based on a weak foundation which is very hard to trust or in which to have faith.

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” 

 Aristotle —

Learning “how” to think based on Logic and Reason will lead us out of these dark tunnels and into the light. Very often when we first emerge, we will still have doubts as we will literally be “blinded by the light of knowledge”, and we will be tempted to return to the safe confines of our tunnels of “accepted fiction” and “borrowed knowledge”.

So do we take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill? Do we emerge from the darkness and risk uncertainty by taking the Red Pill, or do we stay safe within the confines of our tunnels of illusion where we feel safe and secure and take the Blue Pill? This is a choice that may not be that easy to make for many of us.

Just getting to this point of being aware of this choice is an accomplishment many do not reach for quite some time. Each step on this journey is important and should be acknowledged and celebrated.

Eventually our intuitive insight kicks in more and more and we are led to this point once again when we are more willing to opt for the Red Pill. There is actually no rush, as we are all on the path to waking up to Who We truly Are whether we realize it now or not.

Dancing in the Light Mind Expansion

As we progress through life and experience more of our true purpose for being here, we tend to lighten up quite a bit. All the seriousness and heaviness of everyday life starts to dissipate. Just doing simply daily tasks take on a feeling where things just begin to flow. This is actually our natural state kicking in.

Laughter, fun, and joy are all part of this process where we are actually dancing in the light of our very own Essence. We begin to trust in ourselves more and more because we are “listening” to our intuitive selves, rather than to the rehashed noise which has been playing in our heads for quite some time.

It is impossible to be defensive and resistant when we are enjoying our day-to-day existence. Feelings of joy and happiness naturally occur, and at this point we are most anxious to share our insights with others. We trust ourselves enough to Know that we have always had this knowledge and power, and that it is accessible right this very moment.

This is not unlike Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realizing that all she had to do was click her ruby slippers together to not only get back to Kansas, her home or intuitive Self, but to unleash all of her wishes and desires as well. This is the true meaning of waking up to our Essential Selves.

So let’s spend a little time learning to trust ourselves so that we are “dancing in the light” much more often and consistently.  There is nowhere to go and nothing to get in order to arrive at this state, as it all exists now. It is just a matter of becoming Aware of What Already Exists.

How To Trust IN YourSelf — Emerging from the Cocoon

Learning to trust our Real Selves requires persistence even when the going gets rough. It also requires brutal honesty with ourselves about our thoughts and feelings. This is no time for guilt or regret. It is about acceptance and surrender to What Is. And what is, not only reflects our current thoughts and beliefs but also our life situation which is much different from Who We Really Are.

The butterfly within us is buried within a cocoon of false perceptions and beliefs which leads to an illusionary existence. To break free, we only require the willingness and courage to be honest with ourselves, so we then know where we stand, and then can eliminate the parts of us which are holding us back.

This is a Process of Undoing, not learning more. We have actually learned enough to last us several lifetimes. Just as Ebenezer Scrooge in the movie Scrooge, based on the Charles Dickens novel A Christmas Carol, states as he is prancing about after his return from the Ghost of Christmas Future, that he now realizes he doesn’t know anything, and he is happy about not knowing anything.

When we can honestly admit to this, we are ready and open to receive much more than we ever realized. Once we awaken our Intuitive Self there is no going back. We are on the adventure of our lives.

So let’s decide to emerge from our cocoons. It really is only a decision away. There are no esoteric mysteries to solve. We just choose to let go of our false perceptions of ourselves and others, and allow the essence of who we really are to flow through. No matter how much inner work it takes, it is worth it.

There are No Shortcuts to Clear Thinking

This is a process of inner discovery which we all must take on our own. No matter how many courses we purchase or books we read, which by the way are very helpful to get us to the Starting Gate, it is up to us to decide on our own who is responsible for pulling the trigger and letting go.

We are basically faced with the choice between fear and love. Fear keeps us imprisoned, while love releases us to be Who We Really Are. It seems simple, and it is, but it is not easy.

This can happen in an instant or it can take some time. The only delay is motivated by our fears. It is much similar to jumping into the deep end of the pool when we are just learning to swim. Once accomplished, we progress from there and never look back. It is the same thing here. It is that first fearful step of letting go which is our challenge.

At some point, we get tired of the delay and just jump in. Our thinking will clear as we see things with an expanded vision beyond any illusionary perceptions. We realize our needs have always been met, and our only desire is to awaken others and rejoice in our freedom.

No matter where we are on our journey, there is always the Next Step. We are here to support each other in taking that next step. When I observe how so many folks are hesitant to do so, it brings me back to when I was faced with similar fears and uncertainties. Let’s progress together and support each other’s progress.

Taking that next step is so critical that I am currently writing a series of short books which address this issue with the intention of making this transition easier for others. We are all on a wonderful journey, and there is so much to explore and meaningful things to create. Let’s trust ourselves enough to emerge from our cocoons, and spend our valuable time on expanding our gifts so that we all become aware and awake to our very own Divine Essence.

In Peace and Love within the Light,


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10 thoughts on “How To Trust IN YourSelf — Looking WithIn”

  1. hello, i really want to first appreciate your effort in putting this great website together and writing this article. i am so inspired right now and elated. i am someone is is usually affected by my self esteem and it was always a problem trying to find strength from within and this article helps me more

    • Thank you Beeny. Your thoughts are most appreciated. I look forward that you continue to follow your inspiration.  All the very Best.

  2. Wow this is a very Nice and also very informative article and I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.for menu think there are better and greater potential in ones self the earlier you stop wasting time and look within the better things would get.

  3. Hi Joseph
    I love this article, so much truth! I recently watched a training around money mindsets and where our money blocks come from. Such an interesting thing to explore! If we grew up believing that it is hard to make money or were told regularly enough that “money doesn’t grow on trees”, guess what our reality as an adult will be. That’s right, it will be hard to make money and because money doesn’t grow on trees, it must be scarce – right? I am consciously working on this aspect of myself, it does take work, but it is so worthwhile.
    Blessings always

  4. Hi, this is a fantastic post. I have struggled my whole life with this area. I have never really started to trust myself until I have gotten into my 30’s. I was just hanging around the wrong people and following the wrong advice.

    It is amazing how much your friends and family will effect your ability to believe in yourself. It can be difficult to surround yourself with winners and admirable people because most people are going nowhere with there lives and they are fine with it. Nice work.

    • Thanks Jake. I appreciate your thoughts on this. When we trust ourselves we are more easily able to ignore the distractions and noise of others who do not have our best interest no matter what they say. We are then able to make better choices and decide in ways which are favorable to our well being as well as the well being of others as we are then an authentic example of living our lives in truth.

  5. We have to believe in ourselves and if not then who will. Every person that have had and is successful had or has a level of self-belief that they could do it and make a difference. It does not matter how many seminars we attend or books that we read on success if we don’t believe strongly that we can we won’t. Henry Ford once said” if you believe you can you can, If you believe you can’t then you can’t, either way, you are right” so let’s think strongly and be positive about our abilities to become whatever we want and then take action.


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