The Good New Days — Much Better Than The Old

In the Present Moment

Quite often we hear ourselves and others talking about the “Good Old Days”, when times were simpler and maybe even less hectic. But what about “The Good New Days” where we have a clean slate on which to design our lives any way we most desire.   It is these good new days which I will … Read more

How To Remain In The Present Moment

Although I have previously written a few articles about the present moment, today I want to get clear on how to Remain in the present moment once you get there. Trust me, most of the time we are not there. In both previous posts, How To Be In The Present Moment and Lost In The Now, … Read more

Lost In The Now

It is a most wonderful experience to be Lost in the Now. We would have to travel back to our childhood to reconnect with how it feels to be constantly in the present moment.   When we were infants that is all that existed for us, but as time passed we lost more and more of … Read more