Today Is The Day…To Awaken

Today is the day for us to create the life that we most desire. We are creating our lives anyway, so we may as well spend a few moments of reflection in determining our true purpose for being here.Today Is The Day

This will most definitely be time well spent, as it will not only set the foundation for our desired future, but it will enable us to escape a past that we most likely did not realize we created in the first place.

“The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.”

— H. Jackson Brown, Jr. —




Today is the Day — Discovering the Cause of It All

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows.”

— Ralph Marston —

Things can get a bit confusing when we mix up the cause and effect principle in life. It is a rather simple principle in that what initiates an event is the cause of that event, with the event or occurrence being the effect.

We see this constantly in everyday life with numerous examples, but when it comes to our own lives, for some reason we get a bit confused. We actually think that we have no control over what is happening out there. We are actually hypnotized by all the glamour and distractions that are ever-present in everyday life.

Today is the day to turn things around and prove to ourselves that we are actually the creators of our lives, and we are responsible for “everything” that occurs. We are no longer the victim but the author of our lives.

This does take a bit of inner work and observation. As we become the “conscious witness” of our lives we are able to see for ourselves how what we think and do actually creates our lives. By thinking in a specific way, we do things in a specific way and get specific results.

This is not rocket science but it is a bit confusing because we have bought into a lot of “borrowed knowledge” over the years that we accepted at face value because of the supposed authority of the source. A little research and investigation will reveal that much of this is not actually true.

Rather than picking up additional knowledge our job is letting go of much of what we have already acquired once we determine its validity. We keep what proves to be true, and let go of the false.

This process of undoing has now created the space for us to use that same power that has designed our lives to this point for the creation of our heart-based desires. We now fuel our existence with love, joy, and fulfillment.

Easier Said than Done

This all sounds good but in practical terms, it is not that easy to bring about because of inner resistance to change. We rather keep things the same, even though it is not fulfilling or what we want, because it is familiar and we don’t want things to get worse.

It all begins with a “decision” to change and then one small step supporting that decision to break the inertia. From there it is a matter of creating a new “routine” that supports that decision on a daily basis.

With enough determination and faith, it is possible to break free from the limiting beliefs that we have accepted and create a whole new vision for our lives. From this vision, we will build our destiny and achieve our dreams.

Depending on how resistant we are to change, creating new habits can take anywhere from fifty (50) to over two hundred and fifty (250) days. How committed are we? Are we “willing” to do what we really don’t want to do to change.

This takes being extremely honest with ourselves about how content we are with our present situation and how much we really want to change things up. If we are happy where we are all well and good, and if we decide we just don’t want to make the effort to change that’s okay as well, but at least we are making a “conscious” decision based on honesty and not lying to ourselves. This in itself is growth.



Wakey Wakey — Today Is The Day

“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

— Albert Einstein —

For those who desire to awaken to their greatness today is the day. Living an authentic life is more precious than all the physical wealth in the world.Today Is The Day

It all starts with a simple decision.

The only thing that holds us back from pursuing and achieving our goals and dreams is fear. Addressed head-on fear disappears into the nothingness of which it is made.

Let’s explore how we can break the inertia and move forward with determination and have the endurance to continue even when we most want to quit. Here’s a simple question for us to ask ourselves:

” How can I be my Best Self on a day-to-day basis?

Now let’s put our intuition to work on this and bypass all the logical reasons and discover what is in our hearts. Personally, I use poetry to source my intuition and get things flowing. This not only gives me an immediate answer to my question but encourages my intuitive self to show up more often and when I least expect it.

Learning to Trust Ourselves

Learning to trust ourselves

Is not very hard

When we let go of the foolishness

And turn over the card


The card to awaken

From our very silly dreams

Where we pretend not to know

What our lives really mean


Forget the excuses

And all the past hurts

When we live in the moment

We begin to assert


No longer do we settle

For less than we Are

We see through the illusions

And reveal our Star


Our Star is within

And shines brightly indeed

Let’s open our hearts

We can only succeed.

Joseph William Stasaitis 5/18/2022


Today is the Day for Sure

We can be our best when we learn to trust ourselves enough to let go of all the lies that we constantly tell ourselves, and make the decision to live an authentic life no matter how uncomfortable it may initially be. It is all so worth it and it is something we will never regret.

Today is the day to awaken to our true selves and to have the courage to live the life that represents our true essence; it’s the very self that will not only bring joy and contentment but also bring authentic value to the lives of others and to the world itself.

May we all awaken to our greatness, and today is the day.

Live in peace and joy,

Joseph William

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4 thoughts on “Today Is The Day…To Awaken”

  1. Wow thanks a lot for all this information!

    You don’t know how inspiring as well as motivating it is for me! I was just feeling quite down and useless thinking why should I bother trying if it ain’t working however going through this today has certainly awoken my inner strength to not give up hope and to believe in myself. I can’t thank you enough!

    • You are most welcome, Sariyah. I very much appreciate your comments. Never give up because with each step you take you are becoming stronger and more competent even though it may not be immediately apparent. Do your best to have fun and enjoy the journey. All the best, Joseph

  2. Hi Joseph

    What a beautifully written article. We really do create our own realities.  I must admit when things have gone wrong in my life, it was far easier to blame others. As opposed to looking at how I contributed to the situation by the things I attract to myself. These days I am far more conscious of what I think, do and say. I want to create my life on purpose and in my terms and with the outcomes I chose. When you haphazardly create, the results are like a winter thunder storm!

    Like you say Joseph, the outcomes are far greater when we learn to trust ourselves and let go of the lies we endlessly tell ourselves. A great read, Arigato 😉 

    Kind Regards


    • Thanks, Shelley. I appreciate your comments and thoughts. When we learn to trust the “Self” who we really Are, things naturally fall into place. All the very best.


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