The Power Of Critical Thinking

The Power of Critical Thinking

The power of critical thinking is very much overlooked and underutilized in this day and age. There are many reasons for this which I would like to explore, as well as some possible ways to restore this valuable asset, which is a tremendous aid to our decision-making process.  By merely researching and reading some of … Read more The Power Of Critical Thinking

Learning To Succeed

So many people both now and down through the ages are succeeding, and have succeeded, in their given areas of expertise and vocation. These are not the majority of folks by any means, but their achievements are documented, or being documented as we communicate here. Since that is the case, why do so many find … Read more Learning To Succeed

Trust YourSelf More – Learning to Survive without the Easter Bunny Or Santa Claus!

Childhood myths are certainly fun, and I am most appreciative to have enjoyed the fun times on Christmas and Easter. But there does come a time to trust Yourself more, and let go of anything outside of yourself as the determiner of your fate or fortune.   Learning to survive without the Easter Bunny or Santa … Read more Trust YourSelf More – Learning to Survive without the Easter Bunny Or Santa Claus!

Creating Your Own Life

Things may appear to happen haphazardly under which you exert very little control, but with a little focused thought and reflection you will soon discover that you have been creating your own life all along.   This is not some metaphysical hogwash, but actually how life works. You can prove this to yourself by paying attention … Read more Creating Your Own Life