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An answer to a question need not be difficult to find regardless of the importance of the issue and the level of challenge involved. Let’s explore how we can simplify this process quite a bit.Answer To A Question

Of course, doing our due diligence on a logical basis through research is important. But there are other sources that can be tapped once our research is completed that will unveil a whole new landscape filled with wisdom and understanding.


“Judge a man by his questions rather than his answers.”

— Voltaire —




The Question Leads to an Answer to a Question

To begin this process of finding viable answers it is extremely vital to ask good questions. The quality of the questions opens us up to our great reservoir of wisdom both within and without. We are able to do the proper research that creates the groundwork for more subtle knowledge and understanding.

It is how we frame the question that will set us on the proper course and direction. Being as specific as possible based on our current difficulty or challenge helps us to zero in on its resolution.

A good question always contains the seed of its answer. It triggers our intuitive self to seek within and without for the most rewarding answers.

At this point, we are learning to trust that part of ourselves that knows more than we think we know on a conscious level. It is beyond all stereotypes and “borrowed knowledge” passed down through the ages that may or may not be accurate.

When we ask quality questions we tap into our Genius Selves. This is our reservoir of knowledge that provides the answers to all problems and challenges.

We learn much as good listeners both without and within. A simple conversation with a friend or stranger can spark an idea that can help resolve an issue in our personal or business lives.

Spending time in nature or in a silent or meditative state can reveal much knowledge that was previously hidden. We soon realize that there is always a good answer to a question when we are ready to receive it.

Open to Receive an Answer to a Question

On the surface, it seems that we would always be willing to receive an answer to our questions, but this is not always the case. Resistance can occur when the answer may not be to our liking or may contradict one or more of our core beliefs.

Fear can be a stumbling block to our willingness to receive and accept answers to our questions whether we are willing to admit this or not. The first step is to acknowledge our fear so that we can then position ourselves to take the first step forward.

It is easy to identify our fears. When we are not happy and joyful in the present moment, there is something going on. We may try to fill the gap with all kinds of toys and relationships and other distractions, but all of this will have no long-term positive effect.

Developing the willingness to be vulnerable and to accept our mistakes allows us to move forward regardless of any apprehension or fear. We empower ourselves by being honest with ourselves.

Now we are positioned not only to ask good questions but to be open to receiving the answers. It is only at this point that we are able to extend beyond our comfort zone and grow.

Breaking the inertia of being ordinary and settling for less reveals a whole new landscape filled with potential and growth. At this point, we are fully engaged in life determined to discover how far we can go and how much we can accomplish.

The Easier Way to Discovering an Answer to a Question

Time is our most precious commodity. We can make and lose money and recover from that but wasting our time is a crime against ourselves.

We do waste time when we undervalue ourselves and do not realize who we really are and all of what we are capable. It is time to embrace the present moment and value ourselves and others.

This begins by asking ourselves good questions and saving time in discovering the answers by accessing the part of ourselves that truly knows. This is our intuitive nature that is the Genius within.

There are various ways to access this part of ourselves, and over time it becomes easier to trust the voice within. When starting out it is good to test our intuition on small challenges and as our confidence increases, we will be inspired to look within more often.Answer to a Question

We do the research and all that we can on a logical basis, and then listen for our Marching Orders from within. As I have mentioned in previous articles I use poetry to source my intuitive insights. It is much easier to move beyond the doubt and uncertainty and allow our inspiration to flow when I ask a question and receive the answer through a poem.

Let’s ask a question and see what develops.

“How can I discover my true purpose in life?”

This is something that many of us have asked at some point in our lives.

Aligning With Our Purpose

There was never a day

In my entire life

When I was not perfectly positioned

To eliminate the strife


All of the nonsense

That I had created

Has resulted in finding myself

Less than elated


Out of alignment

With who I really am

Is the true cause of my upset

No need to pretend


Breaking free

Can only occur

When I open my eyes

And see through the fear


My purpose in life

Has been staring me in the face

It only requires

For me to embrace


When my thinking has changed

And has done a full turn about

I will have discovered my purpose

Of this, there is no doubt.

Joseph William Stasaitis 5/4/2022


Discovering and aligning with our purpose in life does take a bit of work, but is so worth it. We then understand “why” we do what we do. There is now meaning in all of our thoughts and actions.

It is just a matter of “undoing” some misperceptions and erroneous thoughts, and “replacing” them with thoughts of value that lead to actions that make a significant positive difference in our lives. We have now become valuable not only to ourselves but also to all of the lives that we are honored to touch.

All the very best on your personal journey,

Joseph William

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4 thoughts on “Answer To A Question — The Easier Way”

  1. Hi Giuseppe, I agree with him that the answers to our questions are always very close but unfortunately we are not looking for them. We are so distracted at times by our ego that we live I could say it day by day. Let’s not think about what I will be like tomorrow, which I want to do in a month or ten years. And once we put the chains on ourselves, there is always someone pulling the clasp. We no longer ask questions, we do everything automatically and repetitively. We are no longer afraid to ask questions and to go out of that way because we are so into it that it scares us to change something in our life. Instead the answers or advice we are given are taken as threats, conspiracies or whatever to get us out of our habit. A very sad thing.

  2. This is quite inspiring and full of wisdom. The answers we seek often lie within us but we are too busy to discover them. I think the major cause of living a purposeless life with no clear path or direction is a lack of mentors and exemplary leaders. No matter how we try, we may not learn discipline by ourselves, we need someone to teach us with their own life as an example. There are people already placed over one’s life with a responsibility of channeling one in the right direction to fulfill one’s destiny. These may include parents, guardians, teachers, priests, etc. 

    I will keep coming back to this site to learn more wisdom.


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