Traits Of An Intuitive Person

There are many traits of an intuitive person, but we will only concentrate on a few. Basically, we are all intuitive, but this gift is more developed in some than others.Traits Of An Intuitive Person

With a bit of practice, we can all develop our intuitive side so that we can benefit from its rewarding nature. Spending just a little bit of time daily on this can produce tremendous rewards in a relatively short period of time.

“True intuitive expertise is learned from prolonged experience with good feedback on mistakes.”

— Daniel Kahneman —


Traits of an Intuitive Person that are Most Surprising

What we may envision an intuitive person to be may not always be the case, and many times is not. For example, intuitive people make a lot of mistakes.

The difference is that they are not afraid of making them, and most importantly they learn from them. This type of knowledge is invaluable in obtaining the results they desire in any given situation.

An intuitive person who is afraid of this gift can quite often manifest a chronic illness due to resistance and pent-up energy. It is the fear of embracing our power and true gifts that can produce these symptoms. Also, this fear and resistance can make the person prone to addictive behavior whether it is drugs, alcohol, overeating, or anything else that will allow the person to hide from their gifts.

Some more Common Traits

Some of the more common traits are that an intuitive person is very discerning and is able to detect things that may go unnoticed by others. For example, walking into a room this person can get a “feel” for things rather quickly and be able to see through the surface of what is being expressed.

They are able to pick up the authenticity of another person regardless of what is being said and displayed. This is because intuitive folks are extremely sensitive and are able to detect things on an emotional level.

Also, thoughts seem to come out of nowhere that may not at first make sense, but over time often prove to have validity. Messages also are received in the dream state as well.

Ideas and insights often arrive when these people least expect them. They have an innate love of nature and enjoy spending time taking walks when some of their “aha” moments arrive.

Also, things tend to fall into place in some mysterious ways. People may call this synchronicity but these folks are tuned in and actually attract these messages from the Universe.

What to do with these Traits of an Intuitive Person

Once again, it is important to state that we are all intuitive. It is just that some people are more naturally that way, while others have spent time developing these traits.

That is the important message here. We can all benefit from our intuitive natures and it is in our best interest to develop these traits.

It is just a matter of returning to who we really are beyond all the conditioning and learning we have picked up over time much of which does not serve us very well. This journey will lead to discovering our authentic selves so that we can discover our true purpose in life.

When this occurs things will never be the same. It is like arriving at the point where we are truly open to learning about ourselves and life in a way that will contribute greatly to our joy and happiness as well as bring many benefits to others and the world in general.

By paying attention to our intuitive urges on a regular basis, we not only gain valuable insights, but also eliminate the fear and resistance to becoming who we really are, and open the floodgates to our inspired actions. We accentuate the positive traits and eliminate the fear-based traits.

Living our Personal DreamTraits Of An Intuitive Person

The traits of an intuitive person provide so much more than just coming up with innovative ideas and insights. We discover who we really are, and proceed to live our personal dream based on our very own authentic values and attributes.

Ordinary is no longer acceptable as we engage in life fully, and make a positive difference in the world. By combining our intuition with our logical and reasoning factors we have multiplied our power and effectiveness in getting stuff done.

Our goals and dreams are based on these authentic values rather than chasing only the “symbols” of success. We are intuitively led to do the right thing at the right time in the right way.

We still make mistakes but we welcome them as part of the process of getting stuff done. We eagerly learn from our mistakes, make a few adjustments, and then proceed along our way to our destiny. The journey becomes the gift we seek.

An added bonus to developing our intuition is being able to use it to solve everyday challenges and problems.

At times it is helpful to access the guidance of an intuitive personal life coach.

As I have mentioned previously in other of my writings I use intuitive poetry to bypass the clutter and noise of the conscious mind and unearth ideas and insights from the subconscious part of ourselves.

Let’s take an example of how this works by posing a question.

“How can I best use my intuition to solve a problem?”

Now let’s create a poetic response to this question.

Intuitive Traits To Treasure

Thinking things through

In a logical way

Eliminates the nonsense

That gets in the way


It sets the stage

For more innovative thought

With kernels of knowledge

Too precious to be bought


Stating the problem

In its most simple terms

Ignites our intuition

And allows us to learn


Beyond simple logic

Emerges the truth

Solving any problem

Our genius no longer mute


Slow down just a bit

To prepare the way

All roadblocks removed

We now have something genuine to say


Let’s rejoice for our gifts

That have always been there

We have unlocked our treasure chest

By eliminating our fear.

Joseph William Stasaitis 4/27/2022


Let’s rejoice in the gift of our intuition as it is truly a present we can cherish right this very moment. When we are guided by our intuitive insight we bypass the roadblocks and go directly to the source of any difficulty or problem. By asking the right questions the answers are revealed.

Also, we may ask why intuitive poetry is helpful. Well, because it heals our mind of limiting beliefs that have held us back from our brilliance and the discovery of our Genius Self.

Our intuition provides our “Marching Orders” so that we act decisively at the right time and in the right way. This type of efficient action produces our desired results.

May we all embrace our Genius Selves,

Joseph William

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