Trust YourSelf More – Learning to Survive without the Easter Bunny Or Santa Claus!

Childhood myths are certainly fun, and I am most appreciative to have enjoyed the fun times on Christmas and Easter. But there does come a time to trust Yourself more, and let go of anything outside of yourself as the determiner of your fate or fortune.  Santa Claus

Learning to survive without the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus can be quite a challenge for some, since we have been indoctrinated over the years to rely on experts for advice and counseling. These people can be helpful for sure, but the challenge arises when we trust without questioning these so-called experts.  Easter Bunny


Hypnotized By Credentials

Whether it is in the fields of medicine, education, religion, politics, carpentry, engineering, or any other field of which you can think, we often take suggestions and advice from these people and institutions without doing our own due diligence, or at least obtaining a second or third opinion.

There are very talented and qualified people in all of these fields, but it is important to determine just how qualified a person is. We should not automatically accept a person’s skill and effectiveness just because he or she may have a few letters after their last name. After all a C- still gets you your degree, and when it comes to brain surgery, I would suggest a second opinion.   Credentials

A certain red flag is when someone overly promotes their credentials and does their best to sound impressive. Many of these folks may have a few letters after their name, but I would not feel comfortable with them until they went back to school and got the rest of the alphabet.

Again, there are mostly very well qualified people out there in many professions, but having grown up around my uncle who was I doctor, I got to observe the good, not so good, and some from whom you could not distance yourself enough.


Trust Yourself More

When we were children, we not only enjoyed the antics of Santa Claus, his elves, and reindeer, as well as the adventures of the Easter Bunny, but we had a “knowingness” about our abilities, where we did not doubt ourselves, and we actually welcomed the unknown and the uncertainty which comes with it.   Childhood Memories

Of course, as we grew up many of us lost a lot of our self-assuredness as it was battered out of us by the many experts in education and other fields, as well as friends, relatives, and of course television programming. This made it nearly impossible not to pick up many false assumptions along the way.

We know we are making progress when we are able to trust ourselves at least as much as we did when we were learning to walk. Although we have no idea of how many times we stumbled and fell along the way to gaining our balance and walking effectively, but we certainly trusted ourselves enough not to quit.  Learning to Walk

Actually, it would be rather embarrassing today if our confidence and self-esteem at that time was so low that we did actually quit, and were now relegated to crawling around instead of walking, skipping, and prancing about. Of course I jest, but there is much to be deciphered from this, and utilizing that same determination and effort today in creating our ideal life, as we did when we learned to walk.


Paying Attention To The Little Things

You will be able to trust yourself more when you pay attention to all the small stuff you do in life effectively day-to-day without even thinking. These are ingrained habits which allow us to get things done each day at work, around the house, and in-between.

Just because we take these things for granted does not mean there is not much to learn from them. These seemingly insignificant tasks can lead us to uncovering the keys to accomplishing anything which we truly desire in life.

Picking up a cup of tea or coffee demonstrates our “knowingness” that we can do it, our confidence in doing it, and our determination to continue even if we dropped the cup the first time. Even if it broke, we would “know” we could get another cup and fill it. No big deal and no thought of giving up.

Taking some time to pause and reflect on this seemingly simple task will reveal many valuable life lessons which can be used to propel ourselves in areas which now may be a challenge. When we “apply” thought to this, we eliminate many limits to our potential. We expose the lies and falsehoods about our true capabilities.

So finishing up here, we can surely not only survive but thrive and prosper without the assistance of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. When we trust ourselves enough to honor our own unique skills and abilities, we no longer doubt our creative potential. It is at this point that We Know That We Know.


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6 thoughts on “Trust YourSelf More – Learning to Survive without the Easter Bunny Or Santa Claus!”

  1. Great article on trusting yourself more… this is something we should all do more, especially in the online world!
    I love your analogy of Santa Claus and the Easter bunny, very relatable 🙂

  2. Well said and thanks so much for this insightful post. to make it in what every field of choice we must trust ourselves and have that self-confidence. When we take a look at the many successful people in the world one of the key ingredient that you will find that all of them have in common is trusting themselves and having that self-confidence. Without this, we are just sitting on the wall just and passing time.

  3. What a wonderful and inspiring post, thanks so much for sharing! It is so true that as we “grow up” we lose that self-confidence we had as a child. I love how you point out that so-called experts should be thought of as everyone else and not just take their word for whatever they are saying. I certainly know some “experts” that I wouldn’t give the time of day to! We all need to trust ourselves more and to be confident in our inner voice. It really never fails us. Thanks again for pointing out to all of us a great way to live!


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