Red Pill Or Blue Pill — A Matter Of Choice

“The Matrix” is one of my favorite movies for a number of reasons. It is a metaphor for so much which we are currently experiencing and have experienced in this wonderful world of ours. In any event, when Morpheus offers Neo the choice between the red pill or blue pill, it is evident that our destiny is a matter of choice and within our own hands.  The Matrix

Agent Smith is there to balance things out and provide the challenges along the way. We all have a few Agent Smiths in our life who are there to get in our way, and it is just a matter of how we choose to handle those situations.

Wakie Wakie

Once we have experienced enough of the ups and downs in our current existence, we may decide to explore a little further in order to figure things out a bit.  Is there some meaning to all this or not?

Another of my favorite movies is the “Crocodile Dundee” series with Paul Hogen as Mick Dundee. In the second movie, Crocodile Dundee II, Luis Guzman, who plays Jose, is working as a hit man for the main drug dealer, is sent to take care of Dundee. It doesn’t actually work out as planned, as after a failed attempt to take out Dundee, Jose awakens hanging from his feet over a skyscraper balcony looking at the ground below from several hundred feet in the air.  Hanging Out

Now this would tend to give one a much different perspective on life and existence in general. Sometimes that’s what it takes to bring us to our senses so to speak, and awaken us to whom we truly are and why we are here in the first place. Because without discovering that, we will continue to go through the motions in life without any clear direction. And all the money, toys, and good times will not be able to sufficiently fill the void within ourselves.

So where do we go from here? Total honesty and one hundred (100%) percent responsibility of everything that has occurred and is occurring in our lives right now is a good place to start. The time for make believe is over, and the choice is ours where we go from here.

The Red Pill or Blue Pill?

Just getting to this point of making a conscious decision as to which way to go is a major accomplishment for many. Awareness is most definitely the key to set ourselves free from the enslavement of habitual thought.

Making a decision like this is not so much a matter of courage, as it is gaining enough knowledge and eliminating enough doubt. At that point we have all our cards on the table with which to view things as they really are, and also as we desire them to be. And maybe for the first time we realize that it is possible to break free from a prison which we did not even know existed until now.  Red or Blue

Without getting too esoteric with all of this, it is important to see what is possible once we eliminate the doubt which has been holding us back from who we really Are, and who we are capable of Being. This is way beyond all the” feel good” positive thinking stuff, and brings you face-to-face with how things really are so we can then acknowledge what works and what doesn’t work.

There is a difference in being tenacious in going after what we desire, and banging our head up against the wall getting the same results time and again. Learning to discern that difference makes the path more enjoyable to travel with less frustration and pain.

Taking the Blue Pill is choosing to stay within our comfort zone and let things play out as they may. On the other hand, taking the Red Pill is making a commitment to see how far that rabbit hole really does go. It is a never-ending journey into Self, and a willingness to make new discoveries regardless of the uncertainty of what we will encounter along the way.

The Train is Leaving

No choice is still a choice. Regardless, the train is leaving the depot. Of course, you can wait for another train, or just jump on board now. It’s like those first few fearful steps toward the edge of the pool or diving board. Although there may be apprehension and resistance, once that final step into the pool is taken, we want to get out and do it again.

All of us are awakening at our own individual pace, and our destination is a certainty. Nobody gets left behind in the long run. The only question is how long do you want it to take? These are words of encouragement to speed up the process.  Train Departing

So once you make the jump or take the Red Pill, now what? Well, be open to a lot of new experiences coming your way at a sometimes frantic pace. Even though it may not seem so at times, you can handle it. Each choice and decision opens up new horizons for you to embrace. You can handle each part of the journey because you are growing and expanding, and you are not the same person you were when you began.

You will begin to see all the ups and downs, successes and failures as part of the process and nothing to be feared. At some point you will even welcome them. Your new motto will be, “Bring it On”.

Let’s Begin

When doing something you have not done before, start slow. Small steps are the way to go. You need those small successes to keep you on track.

Even though you have jumped on board the train by taking the Red Pill, that does not mean you have to accomplish everything at once, or reach total enlightenment or anything like that. If you do, more power to you, but enjoy the journey wherever you are on the Path.

You will find yourself much less resistant to trying new things, and more open to different viewpoints. Being able to embrace all viewpoints doesn’t mean that you to agree or accept them, but you are willing to look for similarities and not only differences.

A part of this whole process is our ability to develop and maintain strong boundaries, which gives us the wherewithal to say “no” when we desire to do so. Nothing is more energy draining than doing things out of obligation or to avoid any negative reactions. Learning to say no will in itself tremendously speed up this whole process of self-discovery, and empower us to make conscious decisions which are win-win for all involved.

A Never Ending Journey

By taking the Red Pill we have chosen to travel down a path which is endless. We have now embraced the fullness of life with no guarantees, but many rewards and surprises. We have no need for certainty because we know that our journey entails discoveries that can only be made by letting go of all imaginary supports.

We have come to the realization that the only safeguards which exist are our ability to create and produce results. We are now in charge of our destiny, and not merely drifting about. Any fear which remains is embraced as part of the process of expansion and growth.

Where this will eventually take us no one knows for sure. Each day is a blessing with many adventures and learning experiences. We enjoy the fact of just being alive, and grateful for all we have. We have found the only true security there is, and that is the Security of the Present Moment.

For those willing to take the Red Pill here is an opportunity to create an Online Business which offers a Lifetime of Expansion and Growth!

May you choose wisely,


6 thoughts on “Red Pill Or Blue Pill — A Matter Of Choice”

  1. I took the red pill and I am in the endless rabbit hole, and I do not regret it. In life we have many decisions to make. In order for us to progress forward and be truly happy with ourselves, we have to overcome many hurdles.

    I have just finished a book called 5 second rule by Mel Robbins. It is such a great book and basically it is with in us to make the change. We just have to act now and don’t be afraid out the outcome and keep pushing forward. She is right. Great article, it reminds me why I am exploring my new career path.

  2. Joseph, great article. That metaphor has long been one of my go-to scenarios when I get stuck. Do I want to take the red pill or the blue pill? One is action, the other is paralysis. And it’s never a cut and dried choice. It’s more do I want to stir the red pill into some orange juice, or do I want to wash the blue pill down with milk and cookies! And remember… there IS no spoon.


  3. Hello my friend, someone once said that on the other side of fear is success. We can no let the fear of the unknown keep us in our comfort zone because comfort zone is a dream killer we must sake of fear and take a leap of faith no matter how small because every mile begins with the first step. Success is all about taking a leap of faith no matter how small. Success is possible but we must first make a decision to want it and then move towards it step by step.

    • Hi Norman, Very well said. No step is too small. Anything we can do to get moving in the direction of our dreams is important and means something both to ourselves as well as all the people with whom we touch in some way. Thanks again for your wonderful insights.


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