How To Be MySelf? Do I Really Want To Know?

Asking “how to be mySelf” is much more intriguing a question than may initially appear to be on the surface. Which self are we really talking about?How To Be MySelf

Let’s spend a few moments and have some fun with this. It may require exploring things on a little deeper level in order to reap all of the benefits of this question and the resultant answer.





“The truth is: Belonging starts with self-acceptance. Your level of belonging, in fact, can never be greater than your level of self-acceptance, because believing that you’re enough is what gives you the courage to be authentic, vulnerable and imperfect.”

– Brené Brown —


How To Be MySelf? — Allowing Ourselves To Be

We are our own greatest enemy when we get in our own way because of fear. Fear holds us back from expressing our true selves in meaningful ways.

Over the years we have picked up a lot of insane ideas and beliefs that we hold on to because we think they will keep us safe. It is time to let this stuff go, see it for what it really is, and have the courage to be who we truly are in spite of these false images and perceptions.

Keeping stuff hidden from ourselves does us a big disservice. We are then unable to recognize that what we thought was so powerful and to be avoided at any cost, actually has no power other than what we give it through our focus and attention.

We must save ourselves from ourselves and allow ourselves to be. We can choose to feel good and be happy right this very moment. It is only a decision away.

The tendency will be to deny this and go with the flow of our old conditioning by default. This keeps us stuck and unable to move forward toward our true destiny.

Creating a New Routine

We have to let go and undo this old conditioning with a new paradigm based on our authentic selves. This takes time and patience because of the resistance we will experience upon trying anything new. It is possible to change, but it does get a bit messy before we experience a breakthrough and have that new routine in place.

It requires us to continually remind ourselves of the truth of who we really are. Repetition is the key here. The more we immerse ourselves in life-enhancing messages, the more our old conditioning will dissolve and our new paradigm of success will solidify.

We then will enjoy allowing ourselves to be, without feeling the need to add anything to the mix. Our total beingness is experienced in the present moment. With all these reminders we have convinced ourselves of the truth regardless of appearances to the contrary.

How to Be MySelf — Which self/Self are we talking about?

Without getting too mystical here, we do have a part of ourselves that operates on a different level or dimension so to speak. This Self is where all of our genius and creativeness lies.

When we are aware and consciously connected to this Self, we are able to effortlessly get things done as we are aligned with our true purpose in life.

Our other self has been conditioned by society and all of our past exposure to fall in line with “the way things are”. Many people don’t question this conditioning and find themselves “willing victims” of an apparently chaotic world.

When we do ask a few pertinent questions we are led to discover that things are not the way they seem to be. This allows us to break free from past conditioning and discover who we really are.

Upon discovering who we really are we are able to embrace our true Self, and allow our ego-based selves to fall by the wayside. It becomes evident that we have been living a lie.

We have spent so much time denying our true power and settling for less than we deserve. It’s not about earning the right to this power but allowing our intrinsic power to surface.

We are Deserving Right this Moment

Regardless of our present circumstances, whatever they may be, we are deserving of the best in all areas of our lives right this very moment. Once we truly understand this beyond a shadow of a doubt, we can then accept ourselves fully and we then can answer “how to be myself” in a way that makes sense to us and allows us to operate at peak performance in anything that we do.

This is not something we can fake. When we truly understand our worth, all of the brakes are off. We are then “willing” to be ourselves regardless of what anyone else thinks. Unleashing our power to be and to do also brings the realization that we have it all now. Anything that shows up along the way is nice but our joy and happiness in the present moment are consistent.

Challenges and so-called problems will still occur as part of the process of life but our ability to handle them is now at such a high level that we not only accept but welcome the challenge. We realize it is there to make us even stronger within.


How To Be MySelf? — The Answer WithinHow To Be MySelf

All of this reminds me of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz when at the end of the movie she misses getting on the air balloon and thinks she is stranded and will never get back to Kansas. Then one of her companions, I think it was the scarecrow, reminds her of the “ruby slippers” and that she always had to power to return home.

Our return to our true home is only a decision away as well.

We .can metaphorically click our ruby slippers together and return to our True Selves. The power has always been within us, but our focus has been elsewhere. All it takes is a bit of awareness to release this power in any direction we desire to go.

This is the same energy that is fueling our lives right this moment, and it just requires that we grab hold of the steering wheel and direct that energy. Being ourSelves in the present moment is all we ever wanted to Be.

Now for a bit of intuitive poetry to answer that question from deep within.

“How to be mySelf?”



The Gift of Being Ourselves

Let me just ask

How to be myself

And suddenly I am amazed

That I even require any help


Too many illusions

Have come into play

It has become evident

That I am in my own way


Looking for Truth

In all the wrong places

Has kept me separated

From any of its traces


Being mySelf

Is most definitely the Key

But first I must undo

The tangled mess that I see


Right this very moment

There’s no need to delay

he Light within is patiently waiting

For me to obey


Being my true Self

Is what sets me free

To move beyond limitation

And “allow” mySelf to Be.

Joseph William Stasaitis 5/23/2022


This is quite a gift we’ve been given. We just need to accept it in the present moment and appreciate ourselves for Who we truly Are. There really is no one else to Be.

In Peace and Love within the Light,

Joseph William

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6 thoughts on “How To Be MySelf? Do I Really Want To Know?”

  1. This post is really cool. Because this really makes me think about life again. how I become i. We must inevitably be grateful for this life we have received. Whatever we get. This post is simple but has a lot of great insight. Thanks so much for posting like this. I will definitely share this. Keep posting like this in the future.

  2. You had mentioned about operating on a different level or dimension but to me in order to operate in this fashion it has to do with a persons ego meaning your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your “self.”(an identity function, also called an identity relation, identity map or identity transformation). 

    I would also like to say that designers must bring to bear the fullest extent of their abilities, including creativity, knowledge, experience, judgment, ethics, and communication aspects of design that are within the control of the individual designer and integral to a comprehensive approach to design.

    • Thanks Troy. I appreciate your ideas and comments. The key is to tap our highest potential possible. All the best.

  3. Hi Joseph

    This is such an interesting article, thank you for sharing it – and for your beautiful penmanship with us too!

    I have recently completed a course called Lifestyle of Freedom at my church. It’s all around our identity as Christ followers. The course taught me that there is so much more to us and the lives we live. How “marvelously we have been created”; that we have purpose, power, and potential, plus we are so very deeply loved by our Creator. There is so much freedom available to us if we will only reach out and grasp it. That freedom is intricately linked to our understanding of ourselves. Just as you’ve written hear “how to be myself” and how to appreciate who we truly are.

    Blessings as always


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