Do You Love What You Do?

Do you love what you do? This is a rather important question considering that life is so short and most definitely is NOT a dress rehearsal. Do You Love What You Do

Let’s spend a bit of time here exploring some ideas that may be helpful in recognizing when we are doing things without a sufficient level of awareness. We often find that when we do a little reflection on important issues, we are able to discover the real reasons for the decisions we make.


“Where there is love there is life.” — Mahatma Gandhi —




Do You Love What You Do? — Let’s Be Honest

We are all very good at spinning things around so that we are able to justify anything that we want. When fear is involved, recognized or not, we much rather stay put in an uncomfortable situation than risk things getting worse.

Although we are often not satisfied with our current circumstances, we are very good at finding ways to justify the situation. “That’s just the way it is.” “I have no control over this.” “I have to make a living.” “I am too old/young, whatever.”

This list can go on and on. The thing is not to ignore our challenges but to face them straight on. That is the only way we can get at the cause and stop dealing with the effects.

Let’s lose the excuses, and all the stuff that makes sense on the surface, and address our feelings honestly. Let’s keep it real simple. Do you love what you do? Yes or No?

Even tasks we don’t like to do can get done more harmoniously with a change of attitude. Then we get to feel good that we got it done and out of the way.


“Work is love made visible. And if you cannot work with love but only with distaste, it is better that you should leave your work and sit at the gate of the temple and take alms of those who work with joy.”

— Kahil Gibran —

A job we don’t like is an opportunity to do the best we can at whatever we are doing while taking constructive steps to locate a more enjoyable job. It’s all mindset.

There is nothing wrong with not liking what we are doing in any area of our lives as long as we are honest about it and stop blaming others and the universe. We can then position ourselves to make constructive change.

Blaming something outside ourselves for our circumstances keeps us stuck in the circumstances and a little honest reflection makes this apparent.

Loving What We Do is a Choice

Regardless of our present circumstances, what we do moment-to-moment is either a current choice made consciously or a prior choice that we previously made and now “react” on default. Our conditioning or current paradigm is set in place based on past experiences, beliefs, and how we perceive the world based on those experiences and beliefs.

The good thing about all of this is that the same power used to create our current circumstances can be used to create what we truly desire. In order to do this, we must release the resistance and fear of being who we really are. We are actually more afraid of living than dying.

Let’s now make a conscious choice to “accept” everything in our life right now as is, and then decide what we really want. Forget the problems, challenges, and roadblocks in the way. Once we are clear on what we truly want our “will” connects with the “Will” of the Universe and anything is possible.

This is not far-fetched at all but the reality of our lives once we clear away the rubbish from our minds and allow the cloud cover to dissipate so the Light can come shining through. This can only be experienced and not figured out.

Do You Love What You Do? — Moving Beyond the FearDo You Love What You Do

The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond them into the impossible.”

— Arthur C. Clarke —

In order to answer the question, do you love what you do, it is imperative to let go of our fear of being outstanding and great. Our power frightens us and we end up using that very power against ourselves.

It’s time for a change.

Once we realize the true nothingness of fear we easily move beyond it. Our erroneous thoughts about it are what keep it in place.

This does take a bit of time and practice to have an understanding of how all this works because of the conditioning and default programming that I had mentioned earlier. But the bonus is that when it does kick in we will be ever vigilant to catch ourselves slipping back into any fear state.

It will become obvious that we have used fear as a protection device thinking that we could avoid dealing with the actual cause of what is really bothering us. We are so very ingenious in finding ways not to face certain things in our lives whether they exist within or without.

When we do confront our issues we suddenly discover that the thoughts in our minds of what may or may not happen were more threatening than the actual event itself. This is not easy to see or comprehend when we are caught in the middle of an event or situation, and our belief system is in place.

We are actually convinced that what is not real or not really going on is the reality of the situation, and no so-called logical arguments will convince us differently. We perceive things as being just the way they are and that is it.

It’s well past time to move beyond the fear and see it for what it is; nothing at all and how truth is true. We can then proceed to discover and pursue what it is that we truly love to do and not settle for less. At this point, we value ourselves much too much to shortchange ourselves in any way.

If it’s not fun don’t do it. That will soon become our motto.

Spending a few minutes each day observing our thoughts and feelings will reveal much as our belief system will become apparent. It is not that it has been buried deep within, but we have just been distracted and looking in a different direction.

May we all choose to be happy now and pursue our dreams.

All the very Best,

Joseph William

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4 thoughts on “Do You Love What You Do?”

  1. This is a timely question, especially for me and I believe a lot of others may feel the same way. I use to enjoy my career during my early days when I started to practice. But lately, I do not feel satisfied with it, I feel I need to do more but I am even scared of this newfound direction. It’s not new anyway because the passion has always been deep inside. I believe one day I will find the courage to take a bold step.

    • Thanks for your thoughts, Bethel. Always follow your passion and that does not require any big life-changing step. One tiny step in that direction is sufficient and will lead to much inspiration and motivation to proceed. You are in the perfect place right here and now.  


      All the very Best.

  2. Agreeing with Bethel, Very timely question.
    DO I LOVE WHAT I DO? Honestly, at this time NO! I once loved my work, but going for over 14+ years of owning my own cleaning business, I’m learning and my body now, LIKE my work. And I completely can agree, if what you do is no longer FUN, don’t do it. I appreciate my business a whole lot, for I am able to have a bit of freedom on my day/time of work but with all the hard work, my hands and back are already hating me, making me not having FUN doing what I once love doing. So, your timely post, have just boost my encouragement to continue on this new journey (WA) that I have now started before my rest of body start to hate me even more. On my journey to do what I always wanted to do and putting all the “Buts” and rubbish of fear and pursue what I always know I can do. Thanks Mr. Joseph for your timely Post.


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