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Clarity Vision — A New Way Of Seeing Things

Let’s talk about clarity vision. This is a way to eliminate the blockages to seeing things the way they are and not merely how we think they are.Clarity Vision

What we perceive is not necessarily the truth because we “project” based on our belief system which may not be one hundred percent accurate. We then get a distorted view of reality and make decisions and take action based on that distorted view and then wonder where all the chaos came from.

Defining Clarity Vision

Basically, this refers to reawakening our innate ability to see reality for what it is and not what we have been brainwashed to see. We are meant to perceive things clearly in all areas of our lives.

This includes our physical sight as well as using our wisdom, understanding, and comprehension to visualize our dreams, goals, and objectives. Without interference, we can operate at top efficiency so that we maximize our efforts.

We are then able to expand and extend our unique talents and abilities to accomplish our goals since we are aligned with our true desires and purpose. When we have our purpose in place the means to achieve our goals and desires effortlessly come to the surface. There is no guesswork.

We will still need to make changes along the way as we continue to grow and learn more, but it becomes much more of a pleasant experience as we are now confident that we are doing things for the right reasons.


The Blocks to Clarity Vision

Just as we wash our windshields so that we can see clearly while driving our auto, it is also important to clear away the debris from how we perceive things.

Happiness, joy, and overall success in life are more about undoing or clearing away the stuff that gets in our way to seeing things clearly so that we make accurate decisions based on truth and not an illusion. It’s basically time to clean house so to speak.

Now this process will most definitely generate some resistance because we are questioning the validity of the world we experience day to day. This is “sacred ground” to us and we are convinced that this is the way things are.

That is why this has to be an experiential process and not merely an intellectual one.

We are totally convinced that we have proof of what we experience and see and any other view is total nonsense. Over the years we have done such a good job of hypnotizing ourselves away from the truth that we will not give up our precious illusions without a fight.

In order to lessen this inner struggle it helps to make this a gradual process. Of course, there are cases where people instantly awaken due to some great insight, “aha” moment, tremendous life change, or painful experience.

Let’s go with the gradual approach.

A Few Ideas to Clear Things Up

  • Be grateful for where we are right this moment with the understanding that all of our successes and failures got us to this point and they need to be acknowledged
  • take the next step to clarity by defining our main purpose and goal
  • complete one step at a time no matter how small the step as the means are provided when we are ready
  • make corrections and changes along the way (these are opportunities to improve)
  • embrace the resistance and allow it to reveal thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that run our lives but have been out of the focus of our awareness
  • as things begin to clear acknowledge the progress made
  • celebrate those “aha” moments

Clarity Vision as a Way to Break Free

“Mindfulness is about love and loving life. When you cultivate this love, it gives you clarity and compassion for life, and your actions happen in accordance with that.”

— Jon Kabat-Zinn —


As we clear things up a bit by removing the obstacles and distractions in our path, we experience a newfound freedom similar to the awe and inquisitiveness we had as a child. Seeing things differently is the result of removing the cloud cover and allowing the sun to shine through.

In the field of educational science, there is a term called “self-efficacy”. It studies the level of confidence and faith that we have in ourselves. This affects our ability to learn as well as our level of success. With enhanced clarity of vision, we experience enhanced self-efficacy.

We are able to break free from the chains of self-imposed limitations. Regardless of the misinformation provided to us from many sources through the years, we still bought into it whether consciously or not. By taking responsibility we can make the changes necessary to regain our innate freedom.Clarity Vision

In addition, clarity vision encourages gamma wave thinking to kick in. This is multi-dimensional thinking where we contemplate solutions to problems and challenges in different regions of our brain and mind simultaneously. This is a form o creative thinking that allows us to view the problem from a number of different angles.

With this type of clarity, we are truly able to break free from our misperceptions and create the life that we truly desire.

Releasing the Power of Clarity Vision

“The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

— Helen Keller —


No matter what our circumstances or state of mind currently are, we have the power to generate the clarity that extends our vision in ways we never imagined. Again, this is something that needs to be experienced because it is the same power and energy that we are currently using to deceive ourselves.

Now again, I realize that we are not doing this on a conscious basis with the intention of making our lives stressful and miserable. But, when we are not experiencing joy and happiness there are a few errors to correct.

This gets back to taking responsibility for everything in our lives no matter how much we may resist this. We don’t have to agree or totally understand to take the next step.

Just realizing this is a big step in the right direction. Otherwise, we would be blissfully or not so blissfully traveling down roads we really don’t want to go.

When we gain enough clarity we have removed the cloud cover to our brilliance and we then allow the light to shine through. And it all begins with a decision to see things differently and the willingness to take the first step in a new direction.

I look forward that things clear up in amazing ways to reveal all that we most deserve because it is our divine birthright to be happy, peaceful, and joyful in all areas of our lives. There’s no better time than now.

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10 thoughts on “Clarity Vision — A New Way Of Seeing Things”

  1. This is such a lovely and reflective article! I almost feel at peace reading it. We are our own worst enemies, being doubtful and lacking confidence will pull us back.
    At the same time, it is hard to keep being positive unless you allow yourself to see the light, that aha moment!
    It’s like riding a wild stallion and finally taming it, resisting force, and allowing one to take control.
    Sometimes I feel like I am lost in my thoughts, and I have to find that inner light, inner energy to rise beyond my reservations and move forward.
    Inspiring myself to design my website and keep on going has taken a lot of faith, and I have had to prove the doubters and all the negative remarks that can hold me back.
    Thanks for sharing your insight to just allowing, and believing in oneself!
    Keep up the good work, as this will help others find meaning in one way or another.
    Kind regards.

    • Thanks so much Julia as I greatly appreciate your comments and insights. When we are true to ourselves we respect ourselves enough to refuse to accept the ordinary. Instead we choose we embrace our power in the present moment and make a series of small changes that over time will create the results we so desire. I can feel the power within you and I write this and I celebrate your awakening!

  2. As I get older, I am finding that my failures are becoming very heavy. Sometimes they outshine my successes to the point where I don’t even feel the need to celebrate. I appreciate you taking the time to right this article about clarity. I also appreciate your focus on finding gratitude and embracing our successes and failures as part of my journey to get me where I am today. I will move forward changing my mindset in hopes of gaining better clarity of where I am going with my life. Thanks you.

    • Thanks so much, Marlinda. Maintaining awareness of our current situation in a positive light can be challenging, but when we accept both our successes and failures we are empowered to make constructive changes. Staying focused on one thing and a time and ignoring distractions helps tremendously. All the Best. Joseph

  3. This is what we all need, clarity of vision- focus, purpose, well-defined goals, and looking at things for what they are. 

    In our daily lives, we can be productive every day, especially in our workplace, if we know how to single-handedly go over our tasks to-do or projects to be done and really focus on finishing them within their timeframe. 

    Nowadays, it’s so easy to get distracted, especially with social media.

    It will take a lot of discipline for us to get where we want to go or accomplish what we want if we have clarity of vision.


  4. What I have learned in life is people tend to live their lives based on what they are thought, the belief system is so interesting that we allow that to govern and control our lives especially when it comes to decision-making. But what is equally true is allowing ourselves to unlearn and relearn what is fact and not what is based on our belief system that may not be fact.

    • Thanks so much, Norman for your thoughts and insights. I agree that we must “unlearn” a lot to regain our intrinsic freedom. All the best.

  5. Hello there, this is good stuff on clarity and vision. One of the part I really like is where you talk about A Few Ideas to Clear Things Up. Those are some really good tips. Thank you for the information article.


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