Retire In Portugal

Since I haven’t done a travel post for quite some time, I decided to share a few ideas about places to retire around the world. In this post I am going to exclusively concentrate on Portugal, and share some reasons why some folks may desire to retire in Portugal. My intention is to give you … Read more

How To Survive Retirement

I speak to so many baby boomers and other retired folks all the time, and they are either bored to death or having a tough time of it financially. These people do not know how to survive retirement, This has led to depression and even suicidal thoughts in some of the people I know.  When … Read more

Baby Boomer Emergency Retirement Plan

With this article right here, to start the New Year of 2019 off, I am going to review a few of my previous articles/posts related to Baby Boomers and the challenges of retirement. In the Baby Boomer Retirement Plan I am going to outline a few strategies for folks who are preparing to retire, or … Read more

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

Although there are some folks who have spent the time to plan their retirement and determine the amount needed to retire comfortably, unfortunately many people both retired and approaching retirement have failed to determine how much money they need to retire. How much money do I need to retire is a very helpful question to … Read more

Ways To Increase Your Pension

As more baby boomers continue to reach retirement age, many face quite real challenges in making ends meet. As I mentioned in a previous post, Creating A Retirement Income, there are ways to manage this issue. Having a clear picture of where you stand right now with your current benefits and income streams is critical. … Read more

Creating A Retirement Income

Unless you work for, or have worked for, a government entity during your career, there is a very high probability that you do not have a traditional pension. Your 401-K or other investments may or may not be sufficient to supplement your social security entering retirement. Creating a retirement income to supplement what is currently … Read more