Is Retirement A Myth?–Quite Possibly

Is Retirement A Myth

Is retirement a myth? Well, let’s discuss this a bit. This is a follow-up article on my previous one, “Why You Will Never Retire”. I want to add a little more insight into this whole concept of retirement. Retirement in and of itself is not a bad thing. It can be quite enjoyable given the … Read more

Stress Free Retirement Living

Stress Free Retirement Living

This article on stress-free retirement living applies to People of All Ages. The reason for this is that it is never too early to set up your retirement plan and goals. This in itself has a lot of side benefits. On the other hand, it is never too late to improve your current situation no … Read more

Republic North Macedonia

Republic North Macedonia

This is an area of the world, Republic North Macedonia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. It acquired its independence in 1991. After a twenty-seven (27) year dispute between Greece and Macedonia, an agreement was reached in 2018, and its official name changed to North Macedonia or officially the Republic of North Macedonia in late … Read more

Easter Island Trips — Many Surprises Await

Easter Island

As a territory of Chile, Easter Island is a volcanic Polynesian land mass. It was originally called Rapa Nui, while its Spanish name is Isla de Pascua . Easter Island trips provide many exciting sights and adventures. For example, there are archaeological sites with hundreds of statues and monuments called moai, which originate in the … Read more

Baby Boomers — Who Are They Really?

Baby Boomers

Technically the Baby Boomers are folks born between 1946 and 1964. Falling into this category myself, I do have a special affinity for this group of people. I recently discovered that the Baby Boomer demographic actually falls between the Silent Generation and Generation X. I never heard of the Silent Generation (born between 1928 and … Read more

Bissagos Archipelago — Where It Is & What To Do When You Get There

Bissagos Islands

This is a group of islands of which I had never previously heard. After doing some research, I thought you may have some interest in learning about them, as well as the folks who inhabit this area. Bissagos Archipelago are islands in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Guinea-Bissau, which is in West Africa … Read more

What To Do In Moldova — A Few Hidden Gems


Moldova is a country in Eastern Europe, and it is one of the hidden gems in terms of wine growing and pure natural beauty. It is also formerly part of the Soviet Union. It’s capital is Chișinău, which has a lot of Soviet-style architecture within the city. Let’s explore a bit of what to do … Read more

Empower Retirement — A Few Things To Consider

Empower Retirement

How do we empower retirement? Or maybe it is better said, how do we find ways to empower ourselves when retired to stay focused and energetic while contributing to the welfare of others as well as to society in general? When we are able to answer that question we not only will enjoy our retirement … Read more

Where Is Fernando de Noronha? — We Are About To Find Out

Fernando de Noronha

When I first asked myself where is Fernando de Noronha, I had no idea at all. In fact, I had never heard of this place. It is actually a volcanic archipelago off of Brazil’s northeast coast about two hundred and seventeen (217) miles or three hundred and fifty (350) kilometers. The main island is referred … Read more


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