Where is Liechtenstein? Not so easy to find…

Where Is Liechtenstein?

So where is Liechtenstein exactly? Located between Switzerland and Austria, this tiny German-speaking principality gets less than ten (10%) percent of the tourists that its neighbor Switzerland receives. But this little find in the Upper Rhine valley of the European Alps has plenty to see and offer. With its alpine villages and landscapes, medieval castles, … Read more

Tourism Bhutan — A Very Special Experience

Tourism Bhutan

Tourism Bhutan is a review of this most mysterious part of the world. Although many have heard of this country few realize all the remarkable aspects to this Buddhist Kingdom. Located on the eastern part of the Himalayas, you will discover many stunning landscapes, monasteries, and fortresses also called dzongs.  Officially known as the Kingdom … Read more

Where Is The Country Of Georgia?

Where Is The Country Of Georgia

Where is the country of Georgia? Well now, we are not talking about the state of Georgia in the United States. This is a former Soviet-occupied country situated right where Asia and Europe come together. It is one of the world’s last virgin landscapes with numerous national parks, the Caucasus Mountains, and Black Sea beaches. … Read more

Nepal Culture Facts

Nepal Culture Facts

While reviewing Nepal culture facts, I found some very interesting and fascinating information. Encompassing approximately one hundred and twenty-five separate ethnic groups, its culture is expressed through a variety of mediums such as music, dance, cuisine, arts and crafts, celebrations and festivals, literature, languages, philosophy, religion, and folklore. Located in South Asia, it is quite … Read more

Republic North Macedonia

Republic North Macedonia

This is an area of the world, Republic North Macedonia, which was formerly part of Yugoslavia. It acquired its independence in 1991. After a twenty-seven (27) year dispute between Greece and Macedonia, an agreement was reached in 2018, and its official name changed to North Macedonia or officially the Republic of North Macedonia in late … Read more

Tajikistan Tourism


This is a quite an interesting place in Central Asia. Tajikistan tourism is really taking off. For the last few years Uzbekistan was the place to be, but now Tajikistan has emerged as the main destination in this part of the world. You will find many modern skyscrapers encompassing the downtown area of its capital … Read more