Prepping And Creating A Happiness Recipe

For all you professional and amateur chefs out there, here is a new recipe to consider. While it may not be the standard cuisine to which you are acquainted, the happiness recipe, once properly prepared, will provide an experience that is not only fulfilling but also long-lasting.  Happiness Recipe

As I have mentioned in previous articles, and which you undoubtedly have read elsewhere, happiness is not something to go searching for or something we need to earn. All those sorts of ideas and thoughts contribute to keeping it out of our reach. So let’s spend a bit of time now exploring exactly what this recipe is so we can get on with our prep work.

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.”

— Denis Waitley — 

A Happiness Recipe — What Exactly Are We Talking About?

Creating our very own recipe for happiness may seem far-fetched, but it is something that we had no problem creating as kids. Every day was a new adventure based on what would bring the most happiness and contentment to us. There was no settling for less or compromising our ideals. We learned that later as we grew up and become more “mature” and “politically correct”.

What we are talking about here is re-learning to think for ourselves. When we rediscover how to think, we can then make some progress. We must spend some dedicated time learning to “forget” many false data picked up along the way through many sources, some of which have the best of intentions, and others pursuing their own hidden agendas at our expense.

In order to create any type of recipe, we must use the correct ingredients which produce our desired effect. Whether we are creating a new French dish or one of our favorite desserts, without the proper mixture we will end up with a mess. Living our lives on false data also produces many results which are not conducive to our happiness.

Without beginning to question our view of how things work, and then sorting through our most cherished principles and beliefs, we can easily be led down many alleyways of life which bring us nothing but much distress and frustration.

So creating our happiness recipe has as much to do, and maybe even more, with eliminating many of the ingredients which just do not belong in our recipe. Once we do that, then the prep and creation work becomes a heck of a lot easier.

Happiness Recipe — Letting Go of our Favorite Treats

Similar to changing our diet and eliminating some of the foods which we no longer wish to consume, there will be some resistance to letting go of some of our most cherished assumptions, beliefs, and principles. Do not expect to find this easy to do, especially when we have lived within this mental and emotional framework the majority of our lives, and have totally bought into the belief that this is just how things are.

That’s why there are certain subjects that are very challenging to discuss with others, as we each have grown up with our own unique set of circumstances with many influences from a variety of sources. It’s not about being right or wrong; it simply is that we have learned to view the world in a different way than others.  Happiness Recipe

The only question we need to ask ourselves is, are we truly happy with the results we are getting. If not, it would pay us huge dividends to spend some time questioning ourselves thoroughly, and not let ourselves off the hook when our feelings get quite intense as the resistance kicks in. By digging deep and examining what we really believe about ourselves, other people, and the world at large, we will discover much information about ourselves, which up to this point we have chosen to keep hidden away in the dusty corners of our minds.

For a long time, we have chosen not to look into those corners where much valuable self-knowledge exists. Rather, we either pretended it wasn’t there or if we don’t look it will just go away. It is never quite that easy though.

So let’s bring some stuff to the surface by observing both our thoughts and emotions and then asking “Why” we think and feel this way. Keep asking why until you get some answers no matter how long it takes so that we can then flush away the false data, and hold on to the info which serves us.

By doing this, we will come to discover that some of our favorite treats really don’t taste that good at all. Then we will quite naturally let go of many of these, as we will no longer desire them. We will then pursue a diet of much more healthy alternatives which produce the results we most desire.

Creating Our Happiness Recipe

Once we have spent valuable time discovering and eliminating the ingredients which make our recipe taste bad, we can then get busy adding items that not only are flavorful to our taste buds, but very healthy as well. Once we have this in place, the prep work is a no-brainer. Things just naturally fall into place and produce good results.

In preparing our recipe we must start with a premise that will guide our subsequent actions. That premise is that happiness is not dependent on any outside factors, and is only to be found in the present moment. Gratitude for the present moment and being content right now is the foundational basis of true happiness.   Happiness Recipe

When we are dependent on any outside factors, whether it is a person, experience, or object, we have severely limited ourselves in so many ways. We have restricted the energy flow available to us, and we have settled for less by thinking we do not deserve happiness now.

When we believe that we must do something in order to earn some level of happiness or joy, we are barking up the wrong tree. We have blindfolded ourselves to our true potential which exists right this very moment. We have chosen to drive blindly through life bumping into all sorts of objects and barriers and taking many unnecessary detours.

Let’s Simplify Things

Here’s the Happiness Recipe in Four (4) simple Steps:

1) Prepare a Gratitude Journal

2) Remind yourself of what you are currently thinking and feeling

3) Replace the False Data with Life Enhancing thoughts

4) Choose to be Happy Now

You will be amazed at how much easier it is to choose happiness right now once you have consistently applied this process. The ever-present noise in your head will begin to decrease, and you will find yourself “choosing” not to react to thoughts that come up. You will no longer feel an obligation to honor thoughts that Are Not You. You will simply allow them to flow through and go their merry way.

It still may be a daily challenge to keep focused on choosing happiness, but you will have accomplished much by increasing your level of presence and observation. This will fuel your efforts as you continue to grow and expand into a more conscious state.

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Much joy and happiness,


Happiness Recipe

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  1. Always one of the best topics…food! A new recipe? Score! This is a very well-written post, kudos. Great way to keep the information flowing with a question, what exactly are we talking about? The paragraphs are very well spaced and the photos are in ideal locations. The reader always appreciates when matters a simplified. Great work, keep up the great recommendations!

  2. Joseph, tremendous article, you have a good grasp of what it takes to be happy, and an excellent way to present the information. I have personally struggled with these issues earlier in my life and finally discovered my path. Once learned, how do you maintain this attitude for the rest of your life, though?


  3. There is an old song that says life is what you make it, we are responsible for making our sunshine and we can do it by choice and by choosing to keep those memories alive, Your post is really great and will help so many people to think in this way. thank so such for sharing.


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