Living The Hero’s Journey — An Unforgettable Experience

Many may already be familiar with the Hero’s Journey from the writings of Joseph Campbell who was an American professor of comparative religion and mythology. But what I would like to discuss here is the actual living the Hero’s Journey and not just an intellectual understanding of it. Living the Hero's Journey -- the Battle within & without

It has a classic storyline with a structure that you can find in many stories shared throughout the world. The term, Hero’s Journey, was coined by Joseph Campbell in 1949, and basically covers an individual’s journey into the unknown, driven by some inner need or desire, facing roadblocks and struggles, and then turning that conflict into victory. Let’s discover how this applies to our very own lives.

— “Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.” —

— Joseph Campbell —

Discovering Our Bliss — Living The Hero’s Journey

There is something within each of us that is desperately trying to emerge and come to the surface. In many of my previous writings, I have termed this our “Inner Genius”. It is most definitely there, although it has been hidden by quite a few layers of cloud cover so that we barely even know it exists.

On occasion, we may surprise ourselves with an intuitive insight that leads to a solution to a problem we may be experiencing. It is like the idea came out of nowhere. But it is exactly within this apparent nowhere that our treasures are buried. With enough of these intuitive insights, we begin to pay attention and shift our focus a little bit.

And that is what it really takes. A shift of focus. For example, we may be in a crowded room getting caught up with on all of the frenzied activity and noise so that we are totally unaware of many things around us. A dear friend may even be close by and we don’t even notice. Although we are currently distracted by all this activity around us, we can still get an instant urge to do something different like look around and move about,  thereby changing our focus and being open to new experiences. At that point, it is likely that we will bump into our friend.

Now I know this is a very simplistic example, but the main point is that we are currently caught up in so many distractions in our lives that we ignore these intuitive messages even though they are constantly attempting to gain our attention. Those times when we slow down a bit, relax, and let go of any worry or concerns, are the opportunities for these ideas and insights are able to break through and emerge into our consciousness.

The more we pay attention to them, and begin to follow through on their advice and see some positive results, the more we are inclined to do what is necessary to “allow” our intuition to surface. At this point, we pay less attention to our worries and concerns and focus more on our true desires. We begin to feel better about ourselves as we discover and follow our bliss.

“We must let go of the life we have planned, to accept the one that is waiting for us. A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain.”

— Joseph Campbell —


Embracing and Living the Hero’s Journey

For those interested in Joseph Campbell’s work you can explore it in more detail, as he goes into his twelve (12) stages of the Hero’s Journey. I am not going to delve into them now, but they are quite interesting. I prefer to keep things a bit more simple, as we learn to embrace and live this journey both within and without.

This gives us the perfect opportunity to release our Inner Genius. Those who even consider walking down this path have placed themselves in an enviable position. Compared to others, they are way ahead of the game. Just being aware that this journey even exists is a revelation for many.

For those few folks, the ordinary is no longer acceptable and they are searching for more. Even though they may not even know what more is, they have a feeling inside that is driving them forward. This is real energy pulsating within them.

There are no coincidences in life. Serendipity happens for a reason. Rather than doubting its origin or good graces, embrace it and be grateful. There is magic in gratitude as it leads to more pleasant and beneficial occurrences.

It is important to honor our inner urges to do something new or out of the ordinary. This is the beginning of our journey. Once fully embraced the adventure has begun. Living the Hero's Journey - exploring the unknown



The Hero’s Journey is an Inside Job

All the work involved in living the hero’s journey takes place within ourselves. What we see is merely a reflection of what occurs within. At this point, it is not even important that we believe or embrace this concept. All that is required is a bit of a willingness to proceed.

It’s all about slowing ourselves down long enough to see what’s going on within ourselves. All the noise, distractions and utter chaos is not us. We are not our thoughts and feelings, although we can learn to rearrange things so that they respond to our directions, instead of being out of control little brats. Even though they want to run the show, we don’t have to allow it. Just say no.

It is the same with children. Even though they would never admit it, they do actually desire limits and boundaries and will respect us for giving it to them. It may not be apparent immediately that this is the case, but over time their gratitude is apparent.

All of our crazy thoughts and emotions are quite capable of dancing to a different tune and falling in line. We are the conductor of this symphony, and it is about time we rein things in and create a more harmonious melody.

The Meaning of the Myth

The myths that Joseph Campbell discusses in his writings are much more than stories or symbols. They are actually the search for true meaning in life that leads to the type of self-discovery that we all desire whether consciously or unconsciously.

This type of myth allows us to find our true essence so that we are able to live our lives in authentic ways. This is how we were meant to live, as we all have unique gifts to share based on our inner purpose and core values. That inner purpose is what drives us to extend and expand ourselves in making a positive difference in this wonderful world of ours.

These myths lead us to pay attention to the clues that unlock the door to our Inner Genius. When we spend time on a consistent basis to “pause & reflect”, we unlock the door to our inner kingdom where all our power resides.

No Longer a Stranger to our Genius

When our awareness increases sufficiently, we no longer feel lost in a strange land. We are no longer a stranger to our true potential and brilliance.

We have connected with that spark within ourselves, and as things begin to brighten, we can see clearly for the first time in ages. Our blindness to the Truth has dissipated sufficiently that we are driven to live the life we were meant to live.

This is a time for celebration as we can now share what we experienced with others, and let them know what is possible for themselves to experience. We have confronted our inner fears and demons and broken through the cloud cover, and are NOW truly living an authentic life.

Living the Heroe’s Journey on a moment-to-moment basis is a process of change that takes much persistence and effort, but is very much worth it. If getting started is a challenge, check out my article on Taking the Next Step and Getting Stuff Done. They may just give you the added incentive to begin.

Slow down a bit and pay attention to these clues and you may just be pleasantly surprised.

May you enjoy your Journey Within and Without,


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Living The Hero's Journey -- Online Marketing


16 thoughts on “Living The Hero’s Journey — An Unforgettable Experience”

  1. Hi Joseph, 

    Living The Hero’s Journey sound interesting and I sure would love to go through it. But I am not clear whether it is a book or a program or an ebook or what? Could u please explain that clearly? 

    I am into leadership and self-awareness is a huge part of leadership principles. Thus this topic interests me. Thanks for your free videos on getting stuff done. On the whole, I think reading self-awareness and self-help books can help a person make major changes in his lifestyle and consequently turn his life around for the better. Of course, a person must have the right attitude, to begin with.



    • Thanks for your comments. The Hero’s journey that I was speaking about is a personal journey within ourselves to discover our core values and heartfelt desires and goals. Joseph Campbell has several books, videos, and articles you can use to get you on your way. All the best.

  2. It’s very thoughtful of your o share this amazing article here but is always very good to have interesting articles like this to go through, reading about the heroes journey again is a very good experience for me and I must say Joseph Campbell has done a really great job in the writing. It’s good that you shared

  3. Life is indeed an interesting journey. It’s true that one faces many setbacks and most of them are because of not knowing how to control the thinking of the mind. Many face depression, high levels of stress, and anxiety because of forgetting that all good things come through hard work, consistent dedication, and laying a blind eye on distractions. True that unborn desires will keep knocking until one discovers true his/ her inner genius; self-discovery. nice fruitful article. 

  4. Great insight Joseph,

    And deep too, like the noise destruction and utter chaos part being not us but our thoughts. It’s what I’ve been going through and I started thinking more about whether it’s me causing that or not. I guess it’s time for me to slow down a bit and start thinking back, reflect, and refocus. Do you think it’s common for entrepreneurs to doubt?

    • Thanks, Riaz for your comments and thoughts. Doubt affects everyone at times and when pursuing a goal or dream as an entrepreneur it is very common. But it is at that exact point where we have the opportunity to make the most progress and increase our confidence and self-respect. Never quit and “know” you are progressing even when you do not see the outer results. They may be concealed but most definitely on their way. All the Best.

  5. You are so right that the hero’s journey is an inside job, and I think many people are not aware of it, they just follow recommendations talking about “hard work”, “no pain no gain” etc. but it’s not enough. Of course, we have to put a lot of work in if we want to build something, there are hours of studying, researching, learning new skills, and applying them in practice, but our mind needs to work on, as well. Without having the right mindset, success is impossible, in my opinion.
    I’ve been working on my mind for years and I finally have a feeling that I’m there where I need to be, I’m happy with myself, with my life and enjoy the process of creation without pushing.
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and the inspirational video.

    • Thanks, Lenka for your insights and thoughts. As you know from many years of self-discovery and growth that repetition and persistence is needed to make constructive change. All the Best and enjoy Your Journey.

  6. Wow, this article was really motivating and as a fan of motivating documentaries, this was perfect and also very inspiring, as an affiliate marketer, I must say that your number one recommendation is really top notch and I will also recommend it for anyone who wants to earn online and is ready to work 

  7. Reinforces the results we get when taking a shower and out of the blue comes a solution to a problem we’ve been trying to solve. The cloud has lifted and the distractions are minimal.


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