Living In A Bubble – Time To Break Free

Living in a bubble is a metaphor for being asleep.  In our everyday lives, we operate within a realm of perception that seems very real to us.

But if we were to see beyond our filters, we would be utterly amazed. Just as Meg Ryan said to Tom Hanks in the movie, Joe Versus The Volcano,

“My father says almost the whole world’s asleep. Everybody you know, everybody you see, everybody you talk to. He says only a few people are awake. And they live in a state of constant total amazement”. Living in a Bubble

It is time for us all to wake up to the magnificence and brilliance of Who we really Are. It all begins with acceptance of not only our present circumstances but acceptance of the perfection which lies within our very Being.

In a previous post, a few of us took the Red Pill. Now let’s really see how far that rabbit hole goes.

Living In A Bubble — Strange Bedfellows

Whether Shakespeare had it right in The Tempest (2:2), “Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows” or the more modern version of alliances made in politics just to win a few more votes, it should be no surprise to us when we encounter less than desirable results due to our current associations.

And these associations are not only the folks with whom we hang out, but even more importantly I am referring to the thoughts which we allow to gain residence in our minds. We don’t get what we want, we get what we expect. And with thoughts about fear and weakness, it should be no surprise when we see a lot of that in our lives.

We do hang out with strange bedfellows indeed within the bubble of limitation and fear that we have constructed around ourselves. Just because it seems natural and the way things are, does not make it so. It’s the vicious circle of self-fulfilling prophecies which have us spinning in circles in a confused state. We only discover the complexity in the simplicity of life. All else is ignored.

The good news is that at some point we all break free of this either voluntarily or by much yelling and screaming as we resist the inevitable. When we bang against the Universe enough we gather sufficient pain and strife to push us through to the other side. But there is a much easier way. It is still very challenging and has its ups and downs, but for those of us who swallowed the Red Pill, it is quite an adventure indeed.

Living In A Bubble — The Adventure Begins

Each and every day is an adventure whether we realize it or not. The reason being is our Power of Choice. We make choices, both conscious and habitual, every moment of the day. Our bodies function automatically in order to keep us alive and do this job very well as long as we do not interfere. Through our sympathetic or autonomic nervous system, these choices take place which keeps us alive and functioning.  Living In A Bubble

In the very same way, we operate our lives on automatic, but because of many false data picked up along the way, we do not operate as efficiently as our body processes. We have learned to put roadblocks in our way, which take many forms of self-sabotage. But once we recognize this, and awaken to our present state, we are empowered to take the reins and make different choices.

The challenge is that the bubble in which we live provides so many inaccurate brain messages that we are convinced that things are just the way they are, and either cannot be changed or are extremely difficult to change. Well, our experiences and results will change automatically over time once we deal with what we can change Now, and that is those inaccurate brain messages providing so much false data to us.

When we truly come to terms with the reality that our power really does exist within our very own hands in the Present Moment (remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz realizing she just had to click those ruby slippers and any wish would be granted), all resistance will begin to dissolve, and we will then Embrace this Adventure fully for what it truly has to offer. And believe me, it really does have a lot to offer.

One of the keys to all this is that in order to make consistent progress, you have to choose to persist and make decisions and choices you would not normally make based on your current set of circumstances. Also, you must choose to think differently even when you are being bombarded by inaccurate brain messages and uncomfortable feelings. It is all part of this process and adventure of Expansion and Growth which we are on.

As mentioned numerous times before, taking the Red Pill is no easy ride. It requires courage, determination, perseverance, and a light-hearted spirit of having fun just being alive. But once you get used to the energy boost you get from actually facing your fears and doubts head-on, and experiencing new ways to get things done, you will never turn back, and the only regret will be not having started on this Path sooner.

Living In A Bubble — Maintaining A Steady Pace

In addition to jumping into the deep end, it is also vitally important to ignore failure and celebrate your wins no matter how big or small. By doing that you will be properly inspired to continue and eventually learn to have fun with all of this. Having weird thoughts and wacked-out feelings will no longer blow you away because you will absolutely “know” to your very core that you are not those thoughts and feelings.

At that point, there is no rush, and you will maintain a steady pace toward your goals while Becoming a person who is quite different than all the false data made you out to be. As your Authentic Self emerges, you will naturally begin to make decisions and choices which are beneficial to you and others. All the prior silliness and nonsense will simply fade away.  Living In A Bubble

This also means that by being content with the Present Moment, you are not driven to do more than needs to be done. You will be totally satisfied by getting things done today, and not attempting to do too much by doing tomorrow’s work as well. There is a fine balance between doing too little or too much, and when you are aligned with your authenticity you will naturally find that balance. A steady pace is the way to go.

Breaking Out of that Bubble

All of this progress and expansion leads to breaking out of your bubble of self-imposed limitations and struggle. The clouds begin to dissipate and recede, and the sunshine of progress and expansion begins to shine brightly. It becomes very apparent that that bubble was illusionary after all.

Here is one of my favorite quotes to illustrate this:

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” –– Marcel Proust —

A brand new Viewpoint will emerge, and this will be based on the expansion of your true abilities and gifts which you then naturally share with others, thereby bringing value to whom you contact and the world-at-large. What a refreshing shift from the ways things used to be.  We are no longer trapped within a bubble that we did not even realize was there, but it governed our very perceptions and robbed us of seeing and living the Truth. Yes, the Truth, which is living from our Beingness, and which allows us to be our Authentic Selves.

With that sort of lead weight off of our shoulders, we no longer look for happiness, as we have chosen to be happy right now. There is nowhere to go or nothing to get in order to earn this happiness; it has always been there for us to Re-discover. And yes, the Journey and Adventure continue, as it never ends. Stay Blessed and Enjoy!

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May you See with New Eyes,

Joseph William

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8 thoughts on “Living In A Bubble – Time To Break Free”

  1. The overall message is that of making a change and following your dreams. Being of those people who
    can say that they are satisfied. Not looking back and keeping going on. Not being stopped by the hindrance Stop putting all blame on suroundings but blaming yourself for not trying hard enough. Great overall read, very motivational.

  2. Hi, Joseph, I can relate to this one. Once upon a time, I thought all there was to life was working (hopefully in a job I loved) and saving up for retirement. In other words, slaving away for someone else or a company to help them accomplish their dreams at the expense of my own, on their time.

    My eyes weren’t necessarily closed, as I knew I had dreams and ambitions and knew I wanted to accomplish them, but the possibility of risk stopped me for years.

    Last July, I took that risk and soon after, discovered affiliate marketing while also selling my own products and even started investing in marketing and promotion. But even then, I still thought investing too much was too risky, so my results were truncated. 

    Now, I’m learning the true power of investment and that good investments will definitely give you a decent ROI, which in time works wonders. 

    Slowly, the clouds are disappearing and the sun is peeking through them. I can’t wait until the day comes where the clouds open for good. It’s coming, but it all started with realizing I was trapped in my own limitations. 

    • Thanks Todd.  What a wonderful testimonial to what I was talking about in this article.  You have broken free to a large degree and continue to expand.  Thanks again for sharing.  Much appreciated.

  3. Very interesting post! I like your references here to Shakespeare, Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks, Marcel Proust. I agree that we tend to live in bubbles. This post adds a level of perspective that I appreciate. Interesting first photo. I think photos are important in this post and you placed the perfect one here. This is a very positive and motivating post, well done!

  4. It is so amazing with what you have said. Like I often say if you ask the average working person if they love what they do they will say no but they are doing it because it pays the bills but many of them go from day to day frustrated because they hate what they do. It is time to get out of that bubble and seize the moment by stepping out in faith and going for it with an open mind that with this move you will begin to live your dreams.

    • Thhanks Norman for your comments and insights into this subject. As more people actually take a good look at themselves and their choices they will be more inspired to make a change of direction. All the best.


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