How To Remain In The Present Moment

Although I have previously written a few articles about the present moment, today I want to get clear on how to Remain in the present moment once you get there. Trust me, most of the time we are not there.In the Present Moment

In both previous posts, How To Be In The Present Moment and Lost In The Now, I outlined a few ideas about how to get into the present moment and how to stay there, with this post I want to dig a little deeper so that it becomes very clear on not only how to regain our true presence and innocence, but keep it as well.

The Importance of Reminders and Thought Provokers

We are in such a “habitual spin” of being caught in the fluctuating space of past and future, that the present moment doesn’t really exist for us at all. Our thoughts flutter in at such a rate that we get caught up reacting to things both outside of and within ourselves.

Slowing down enough to actually experience what is going on right this very moment is not an option of which we are consciously aware. Although when questioned, we would absolutely state that we are actually present just by the mere fact that we are conscious of the thoughts in our head.

Well, let’s make a few things absolutely clear right now. We are NOT the thoughts in our mind, we are NOT the emotions which we feel, and we are NOT our experiences. There is a part of us which observed and observes all of this, which is separate from any habits and conditioning which we possess.

This very presence of which I speak is what we possess which can unlock the door to our freedom from the illusions of past and future. When we observe ourselves we are able to see, maybe for the first time, how we automatically react rather than observe, reflect, choose, and then act based on a logical conclusion.

To get to this point, we must set up a framework of ways to remind ourselves to stay present and observe rather than reacting to our thoughts, emotions, and perceptions. When we react, we get into blaming circumstances and people for what we experience. We fail to take responsibility.

Using reminders and thought provokers in our daily life will wake us up to the Present Moment, even if only for brief moments of time at first. Here are a few suggestions on how to easily remind yourself to break the trance and get into the moment:     Reminders

# 1) Place small objects or sticky notes around the house which will snap you back into being content with the present moment.

# 2) Make it a habit to set aside a few minutes a day to think, pause, and reflect on what is happening right now.

# 3) Spend some time in gratitude as it is impossible to be grateful for all we currently have without being present.

# 4) Make an intention to develop the habit of observing ourselves and tapping the power of the moment.

# 5) When you catch yourself focusing on the past or future, ask yourself, “Am I present now?”. This snaps you back.

Eventually it will be absolutely clear when you are present or just drifting off.

How To Remain In The Present Moment

Obviously once we are aware we are present there are so many distractions within and outside of ourselves to pull us away. The key thing to remember is that how we are programmed to think and feel is Not Our Fault. It is what it is and there is no need to figure out why or to have any worries or regrets.

But’s here’s the kicker. Even though our current makeup of emotions and thoughts are not our fault of how they got there, we Are Responsible for them since they are here. Once understood, we can never blame others or outside circumstances for how we think and feel and what happens to us. They most certainly are the trigger, but the essence of what occurs is all within us.      Taking responsibility

When we take responsibility for our thoughts and feelings, we find it easy to remain present because there is now nothing to resist, ignore, or refuse to accept. The present moment then becomes something to embrace and welcome instead of fearing what we may find.

Once we let go of fear and resistance it is much easier to drift to and remain in the present. It is now a place of joy and discovery, rather than fear and uncertainty. We are now aligned with our Observer Self and able to discern what is real and what is merely fabricated by our false perceptions and beliefs. At this point,many of our limiting beliefs merely dissolve away.

One last way which I use to stay engaged in the present is by focusing on my five (5) senses during the day. Reminding myself to actually see what I am looking at, and maybe even describe it to myself. Listen and hear the surrounding sounds with intention. Take the time to touch and feel something, smell something, and taste something, but do it with intention and presence.

Doing this will form the habit of remaining in the present moment. Acceptance and surrender to what is in front of us keeps us present. We either can deal with any situation now, or wait for the right time when the conditions are right. In the meantime we accept and experience things as they are. No need for fear and worry. Each situation deserves our full attention and focus, rather than being diluted by thinking of past or future situations which we are unable to deal with now.

Living Beyond The Illusion

When we stop lying to ourselves and stop resisting what is, we regain our full power to do something constructive in the present. It’s easy to pretend things are not what they are, but this dissipates our creative power to resolve any problems or challenges we face. We have to have a Starting Point.

Then from there we can make progress step-by-step by creating a viable solution. When we are in the present moment, we do not rely on our conscious thinking or memory to bring along a solution. We can do our research and homework, but in the nowness of the present moment we are able to access our intuition.   Beyond the Illusion

This part of ourselves is much smarter than our conscious mind no matter how many letters we have after our last name. We have gone beyond knowledge, information, and mere data to our true source of inspiration. It is at this point that all struggle and uncertainty leaves, and we are left with Wisdom.

So in order to remain in the present moment we must be courageous enough to take the Red Pill. It’s time to break free from the Matrix of Lies, False Promises, and Mistaken Assumptions. When we trust ourselves enough to Let Go and Just Be, things appear to magically fall in place, but it is all part of the Universal Design of the world in which we all inhabit.

Creating the habit of drifting to and remaining in the present moment has so many more advantages than just sorting out different areas of our lives. It enables us to experience our true essence of being alive, much like we did as a small child, without all the conditions we have placed in the way before we “allow” ourselves to be content and happy.

There is nowhere to go, and nothing to get. We can just relax and enjoy being alive. Any resistance brought up by the flutter of emotions and thought are allowed to move along freely without any need to label them this or that. Let’s just enjoy Being Ourselves and Being Alive.

For those who would like to have an “Internet Presence” as part of their Present Moment, Click Here.

Cherish the Now,


4 thoughts on “How To Remain In The Present Moment”

  1. Excellent information about staying in the present. I believe that staying focus is one of the keys that can lead to online success. It is like many who are now walking the path of success. They remained focus letting nothing distract them and in the end, success was theirs and so I believe that we need to do the seen in order to have success.

    • Thanks Norman. Yes all of our ability and skills are most effective in each action we take in the present moment. This is where we focus and amplify our power to get things done.

  2. Wow very intense. you rang true so many thoughts LOL That is part of my trouble staying in the present lol as soon as i see a good though”shiny Object” I am off and running with it.

    I am trying breathing exercises to calm my mind. i also use natural plant based medicine for some of those general body problems those of us cresting the hill at full speed experience.

    All in all this was very thought provoking. Thanks. I am going to try harder as i think you are on to something here!

    onward n upward

    • Thanks for your thoughts Dennis. When we are fully present we are most effective in anything we do. I practice staying present when cooking and doing ordinary tasks as well. I also do breathing exercises and take natural medicines.


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